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Our Spirit Assistants


(Re-blogged from 2012)

AngelicView: I have been looking for this particular NDE to share with you. I remembered reading it a long time ago, and didn’t remember where to find it. Well, today’s the day my friends. This is very special!
It’s not what happened during Linda Stewart’s NDE that was so unusual – it’s what happened after it. Here’s the story from after her NDE:

A curious manifestation after my near-death experience was that I began seeing a white glow and glint of lights around people and objects. Because I had had so many physical anomalies during my illness, I assumed the “lights” were another, optical side effect of the illness. I was later shown that the lights were far more than that.

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Healed by Angels… Part 2

River of Life

AngelicView: The beginnings of Tricia Barker’s NDE (on AngelicView titled, “Healed by Angels – Through Surgeons“) was amazing in itself. However, as many of you noticed, it ended in a cliff-hanger! Here are the last sentences:

As the angels continued to work on me, my physical body shimmered with light and energy.  After a few more moments, the machine signaled that my heart had stopped.  I no longer wanted to look at my physical body since it was technically dead, so I sped through the walls of the hospital, pausing only because I caught sight of my stepdad standing at a vending machine….

Lucky for us, Tricia has decided to share the rest… of the story… (who remembers Paul Harvey’s “The rest… of the story…” newscasts? I used to listen to them every day on the radio in between my college classes and my 2-4 jobs!)

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A Place of Total Harmonic Perfection


AngelicView: I found this Near-Death Experience today on the website near-death.com. If you are interested in the subject of NDE’s and you’ve never seen this website, I highly recommend a visit there. One thing I love about the site is that there are so many links within each article that you can click from one mind-blowing thing to another all the live-long day!

While I try not to plagiarize (*word used loosely*) from his (Kevin Williams) site too often, sometimes I run across something that I just have to share with my AngelicView friends. This NDE is one such article. 

This is John Star’s NDE (which happened while swimming in Lake Michigan) and is included in Kevin Williams’ book, “Nothing Better Than Death“. (All proceeds from this book go directly to IANDS – International Association for Near Death Studies.)  All images were added by me.


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All the Tragedy of Human Destiny Reflected There


AngelicView: These Near-Death Experience accounts can be found on the web by the thousands. What I try to do is to go through them – one by one – to pick out the best of them to share with you. When I say the “best”, what I mean is the ones that are the most interesting, most detailed, and/or the best view possible of the other side of the veil we can get from this side. This NDE contains all three elements. Plus it’s a veridical NDE, too. (Meaning, things are observed that can be verified later.)

Translated to English. Many thanks to Celso for sharing your experience 🙂

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Healed By Angels – Through Surgeons


AngelicView: I was lucky to have been found by this wonderful young woman through the AngelicView Facebook Group (linked here). She was involved in a car accident which led to her NDE. I encourage you to visit her Word Press Site, as she relates many of her learnings from her experience there which can be applied in everyday life.

As a nurse, the most valuable lesson I have gotten from her experience was the fact that Angels (or Extra-Dimensional Helpers, as I call them) worked through the surgeons to heal her broken back as a result of her accident. They worked through the doctors… whether they believed in them or not, whether they were aware of them or not, whether they called on them or not. Personally, I believe that Angels can work through me – perhaps even more efficiently – if I believe in them, if I am aware of them, and if I call on them.

Thanks Tricia, for allowing me to share an excerpt of your experience here on AngelicView.

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This is the You You Were Always Meant to Be


AngelicView: I pulled this exceptional NDE account out of the archives from 2012.

This is the You You Were Always Meant to Be

I was in a roll over accident on a busy major highway, on my way home from a two day shopping trip. Traveling with my dog, after the car had rolled and was upside down, I screamed and panicked for my dogs safety. Not knowing that I had been injured my only concern was for my dog, I heard him climb over broken glass and run out onto the highway.   

As the paramedics worked on me on the ground I kept pleading for someone to find him.  I did not care what happened to me, I just knew if they let me up I could call him back, then I would go to the hospital if they wanted. But all I could think of was – let me up to find my dog.  Of course they ignored my pleas, and of at that time I had no idea I was so near death.  Loading me into the ambulance I then knew my chances of getting up to get my dog were now gone.  My heart was in a frenzied panic.  Above me were the can lights of the truck.  I remember looking up and out of the clear blue I found myself pleading to God, for he had made my dog, if he was out there, he was the only thing that could make circumstances that would keep my dog safe until someone could find him. 

 With great suddenness, the light from that can light came down over my face, into my face and down the length of my body.  As it traveled, it became feeling and that feeling was one of peace.  Also as it traveled the length of my body it pushed the panic ahead of it, and that panic exited the bottoms of my feet.  It traveled the few feet between the gurney and the back of the truck.  I saw that the back truck door was open about three inches and all of that feeling left, went out into the soft blueness of the sky that I could see on the other side of the door.  If by cue, as soon as that feeling left the opening of the door, I heard it close and click shut, someone on the outside pounding as they do to let the driver know he is clear to go. In that very instant I knew that all was well, my dog, myself, everything.  Something in my head told me to just observe and relax, I was being taken care of, all was good.

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How To Know if Your Spirit Guides are Guiding You


“Angels Among Us” by Simon Dewey

AngelicView: We can’t see wind, but we know it’s there because of the leaf which tosses to and fro, and bumbles across the yard. We can’t see our Spirit Guides, either (or at least most of us can’t), but there are ways in which we can tell that they are there – if we’re paying attention.

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Things That Make You Go Hmmm……


AngelicView: I have spent the last two hours searching for this NDE because I wanted to share it with you. I knew it existed… out there… in the NDE-world, but finding it was a bit of a challenge. Once I read it again, I remembered the reason why I didn’t post it when I read it the first time, years ago. It seems very disjointed and if you don’t know what you are looking at – you might get very confused.

I don’t like to generally post a lot of my feelings about what the meaning of the NDE’s are that I post – I like to pretty much leave that up to the reader. In this case, though, I think I will provide my own insights into this NDE. I will post my comments in blue italics, okay? Okay. Let’s get started.

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“It Was an Awakening to a Reality I Couldn’t Imagine”


AngelicView: Love this NDE loaded with goodies – including his realizations about life on Earth and reincarnation. You may be particularly interested in what he says about the Earth’s and Humanity’s future.  Thanks so much to Duane for sharing your NDE.


What started out as a minor health annoyance took a turn for the worse. The doctor handling my case called in a doctor from the Stanford Medical Center. After a thorough examination, my doctor was optimistic. He said they were developing a new breakthrough operation for what, until now, had been an untreatable condition. Stanford University was  about to do another test case operation and my doctor felt I might be an excellent candidate for the new procedure. The surgery could offer significant relief if all went well. And if the surgery didn’t work, my prognosis wasn’t good anyway. To my wife and I, there was no question as to our decision.  Without the surgery, where would I be?

More testing began. I was poked and prodded everywhere and relieved of bodily fluids I didn’t know I had. In spite of what the doctors had initially said, once all the tests were completed it seemed the prognosis wasn’t so bright after all. The doctors felt my condition had deteriorated too far for me to survive the operation. Apparently, my medical situation led to an extreme vulnerability to heart attacks and strokes.  There was a distinct possibility that I would die on the operating table.

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Quotes from Anita Moorjani, “Dying to be Me”

Anita Moorjani

Anita Moorjani

AngelicView: If you’re not familiar with Anita Moorjani’s book, “Dying to be Me”, you can read the bulk of her story here on AngelicView. Here is a brief run-down of what happened:

In February of 2006, Anita Moorjani was on her deathbed. Having suffered from cancer for several years, she was in a coma with malignant tumours throughout her body. Doctors told her husband and mother that she had only hours to live. After 30 hours of coma, Anita emerged from an out-of-body experience in which she felt she had experienced the afterlife and gained a new understanding of what it means to be human. Medical records show that Anita was miraculously found cancer free within three weeks of this experience.

AV: I just wanted to share some life-changing quotes with you that I found on GoodReads.

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Lessons of the Heart


By AngelicView

Here we are – the last weekend in May – and it’s the weekend that the Carnival comes to my town.

When I was young, it was the most looked-forward-to weekend of my life! I marched in the parade, I ran the town (free) with my friends. I rode all the rides. I ate that yummy carnival food. I stayed out late. I flirted and I smooched. I had the time of my life!

Now, it’s the most painful weekend besides Christmas. Hear me out here – because I just know there’s a big lesson to be learned here.

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“I Was Overwhelmed by My Own Power of Mind”


AngelicView: This is an STE (Spiritually Transformative Event) from a woman who was very ill with a genetic illness that lead to other health conditions. An STE could be an NDE (Near-Death Experience) or an OBE (Out of Body Experience) in this case. It’s hard to say in most cases of STE’s what really happened. But the take-away for that person is that the experience completely transforms their life and/or their views on life. That is what it did for Malla.

I glanced up on the large clock on the wall beside me. 02.45. I must have dozed off.

Days and nights seemed to blend into each other as my need for sleep grew more and more inevitable. Pain had become my only friend. I really had no expectations left of recovery. I was done. Out of sheer exhaustion, I whispered, ‘Father, I can’t do this anymore.’ In my heart, I made this final exclamation to both, God and my earthly father.  I closed my eyes and sunk into a deep sleep.

For a long time it felt as though I was floating. The pain started to release its grip on my weary body. ‘Thank you God’, I whispered as I drifted away on the bed of painlessness. Finally, I was free.  The dark comfortable sleep slowly began to release its grip on my consciousness and images started to form inside mind’s eye.  They were pleasant, soothing images of tranquil environments. I saw small waves gently caress a shore and a small yellow bird sitting on the branches of a beautiful blooming pine tree. 

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Pennies From Heaven (Part 3) Beautiful Gardens


AngelicView: It’s been a while since I worked on this “Pennies From Heaven” series. Just after I finished Part 2, and was researching for Part 3 my computer crashed and took all my notes with it.

A penny all by itself isn’t worth very much – so goes the premise – but they add up in value when put together with other pennies. In the same sense, if there was one account of an NDE no one would think much of it. But the thousands and thousands of NDE’s put together make for a big revelation.

One thing that has always been a fascination of mine is when people seem to be describing the same or similar places on the other side of the veil. Could they actually be visiting the same place? I think it’s possible. But I also think that there are many, many layers of vibratory states which direct people to a certain realm or density. It’s kind of hard to explain, but let me try.

Let’s give a vibratory state a number – just for illustration purposes. Let’s say that my vibe is 885. Now, let’s say that your vibe is 887. Now, we both die (sorry). Imagine that both you and I go to a beautiful garden – the same garden. But because your vibratory rate is 2 points higher than mine, it’s going to look slightly different to you, and you will not be able to see me there. To me (even though my vibe is 2 points lower than yours’) it’s still a fabulously beautiful garden. But again, it will look slightly different to me and I will not be able to see you there. Now, let’s say that a third person has a vibratory rate at 445 and they die and go to a garden. It might be the same exact garden. However, to them it’s going to look – while still beautiful – not stunningly beautiful, perhaps. And they won’t be able to see either you or I there. Finally, let’s say that someone else dies who’s vibe is at 120. They might be in a field with a flower or two. But it’s possible that they might be walking in the same place as you and I.

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Application of Impossible Things

AngelicView: These are some excerpts from the book, “Application of Impossible Things”, in which the author is describing her NDE. She was a soldier and her vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb. (I have since learned that she was not a soldier, but an archaeologist who was in Iraq to manage construction contracts.)

The most fascinating part of this story, in my opinion, is towards the end when she is able to manipulate details of the injuries to the body in order to make the body livable and less damaged.

I had just closed my eyes, hand propping up my head, elbow on the door handle. It was the end of a long day of construction site visits and now only a few minutes out from base. I’d long ago quit paying attention to what was passing by outside the window and had lost track of how far we were from the rest of our security convoy. This personal security team seemed to travel with a half kilometer or more of road between wagons, and I hadn’t seen the Iraqi police escort for a while. Not knowing the two security men in the front seats well, I hadn’t chatted with them. Some men prefer to rivet their attention on the environment; they weren’t talking with each other, so I felt they might not welcome questions or comments from me. The team was running on closed mic, a stupifyingly dull way to travel in the back seat of an armored Land Cruiser, cut out of the chatter of hyper-aware security men informed by multiple sets of alert senses. As a passenger, I’d hit the familiar point of being artificially lulled into boredom. 

I was in the truck, head on hand, half asleep, and then I was not [the roadside bomb went off]. I’ll call this instantaneous movement blinking from one place to another, for lack of a better word.  

In this new environment, I stood on an oval dais looking rather intrepid in my bloody and torn fatigues, slouching a bit, dirty and darkly tan, addressing thousands of white-robed beings or personalities. They were arrayed up and all around me as if I stood in the center of a huge stadium, the dais on which I stood being perhaps twenty feet in diameter.  

The personalities were non-physical in essence, taking on form if they intended to do that for a particular purpose. I perceived the way they looked according to what I preferred for my purposes. At the time, since I had been abruptly transferred from the physical plane, it was simpler to perceive them in a human form, wearing glowing white robes.  

Most of these thousands were familiar to me, and all were my equal regardless of their admiration for my latest silly feat on earth. (How intrepid is it, really, to choose to get blown up?) I knew the Gathering to be a meeting of many groups representing a wide variety of interests and responsibilities pertaining not only directly to earth and physical universe energies but to dimensions and issues beyond. 

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What Near-Death Experiences Teach Us

Screenshot from video

Screenshot from video

AngelicView: This was a really great presentation by David Sunfellow incorporating many of my favorite NDE stories – and some new ones, too. Wonderful for people who are new to NDE’s and for those who have been studying them for years.

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“It Was God Who Rescued Me From Myself” (Suicide NDE)

girl over chalkboard with funny picture

AngelicView: Jayne was 19 years old when she tried to commit suicide. Her life seemed hopeless to her. Here is what she says about her life:

I was a street kid in Kings Cross Sydney. I was not wanted by my parents. I came from a home where there was a lot of domestic violence and child neglect and abuse. I was working as a nude model which I hated so I took drugs to overcome my inhibitions. I became promiscuous. I hated myself and my life. I had nothing to live for. I could see no future except drug addiction and maybe even prostitution.

Fortunately for her, God wasn’t giving up on her. He (and she) had big plans for her life that were not being fulfilled. So many people fall into the world of drugs and cannot get themselves out. This would not be the case for Jayne. Here’s what she says about it:

 I felt I had been kicked out of heaven. That God didn’t want me. I believed the being that sent me back was shocked to ‘see’ me therefore I had not been monitored… I later came to believe that it was God who rescued me from myself and that He was monitoring me and wanted me to know my true identity and purpose and that He loved me unconditionally.

She not only got off the drugs and out of the nude modeling world, she excelled in life – probably more than she had ever imagined in this life – but exactly how she had planned for her life. Her Other-Dimensional Helpers, as I call them, were not going to have it any other way.

Thank you, Jayne, for sharing your story with us 🙂

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“It Was Like Being at Home With the Whole of the Family of Creation”

Screenshot 2015-02-28 at 2.35.58 AM

AngelicView: Ana Cecilia had severe Streptococcal infection in fluids around her heart that stemmed from a previous recent heart surgery only ten months after giving birth. They performed surgery to remove some of the infected fluids from around her heart and lungs. But what set the wheels of her NDE in motion was a badly-fitted ventilator tube that cut her off from air-flow. Terrible? Yes! For her family and friends. But not for her. For Ana Cecilia, this was the best experience of her life. I find it interesting that her “tunnel” was actually a tree where she entered into the trunk of the tree and floated upward – inside of it – and was able to see different levels or different areas of Creation. After that, she had an experience where she saw two Angels at her bedside.  Thank you, Ana Cecilia, for sharing your story with the world.

My body hangs onto life in spite of being weak, infected, recently operated on, and deprived of oxygen, to maintain life. My body isn’t easily overcome and makes the final force to manage to survive.

They tried the procedure once more, and weren’t able to free the tube, maybe because it was badly positioned. Then the dizziness started and I began to lose consciousness and the body began to surrender. I stopped breathing and almost immediately my heart stopped. Then, I left.

Suddenly I opened my eyes and I felt totally liberated, I saw myself in a hospital gown, and the doctors around my body trying to resuscitate me. I saw  how they were busily moving from one place to another, each time smaller and more distant. The sensation was strange because I felt myself complete integral and without doubt I saw my inert body front of me. I floated alone. And no-one tried to hold down my painful legs and arms. The relief was enormous. I couldn’t control that which had happened, I let go. Then, there began the most wonderful journey.

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Dancing Past the Dark ~ Are You Afraid of Death?


AngelicView: Nancy Evans Bush, author of “Dancing Past the Dark”, had a DNDE (Distressing Near Death Experience) during childbirth which she describes as “terrifying”. She now writes on whether or not she is afraid of death. You can find the description of her experience in “Dancing Past the Dark – Part 2“. This post comes directly from her blog.

Months have gone by since my last post. Months, since I confidently promised a conclusion to my answer to Tomas’s question, “Are you afraid of death”? It’s been months.

People wonder (with reason) whether anyone who has had a distressing NDE will be terribly afraid of death. Because the usual response is an uncompromising  “yes,” I was really, seriously trying to figure out my answer. In the first responding post I talked about my realization that there are ways in which we are all afraid, because we’re hardwired to repel death. In the second part I went over why I am not afraid of the hell that most people mean when they ask the question, “Are you afraid of death?” Part three was to be my personal answer. I said it would have something to do with Carl Jung. But it’s been months. Why? 

Am I afraid of death? I don’t know.

The not-knowing dumped me into a royal case of writer’s block, which had begun to feel permanent. However, perhaps astrological lineups have changed; for whatever reason, today I seem ready to tackle an answer.

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What Does the NDE Say About Abortion?

Baby Angel 3

AngelicView: I have done a lot of research on this subject and I hope I am able to put together a coherent article for you. I am aware that this is a controversial subject and I do realize that this subject, in particular, can get a few tail-feathers ruffled. But I think it’s really important for the evolution of mankind to face these things with eyes open, and not from what we’ve been told for so many years. So for those of you who are (like me) students of the Near Death Experience, let’s have a look at what these people say they learned about the subject.

How can one get information on something like abortion during an NDE? Well, some women have had an NDE while they were having an abortion. Other women have had an abortion in the past, and when it came time for their life review they were afraid of judgement based upon their decision to abort. Other times, it’s just a “knowing” that comes about from reconnecting with the spirit world.

One facet that people have found over and over is that the soul purportedly doesn’t enter the body of the fetus until around the time of birth. This has been reported by NDE’rs, people who have had pre-birth memories, psychics and psychic mediums, and people who have had regressive hypnosis. Remember that during the life review in an NDE, the experiencer is taken through their entire life from when they entered the baby’s body all the way through until the time of death.

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“I Was Brought Into the Folds of Heaven”


AngelicView: I don’t feel as if I can possibly say enough how much I truly appreciate… from the bottom of my heart… all the wonderful stories people have shared with me, you, or just on the internet… of their experiences. Being able to read them and pass them along has been truly life-changing for me. In fact, in way… they have saved my life. In the real sense, I think they have saved my physical life so that I haven’t gone and offed myself. And in a “quality-of-life” sense, they have made my life better and more fulfilled than ever before. I know that if they affect me this way, they probably do many, many others, as well.

This Near-Death Experience account is beyond awesome. Rachel was 12 years old at the time and was swimming at a YMCA pool with her brother and they were having fun in the middle of the deep pool waters playfully fighting over rights to a boogie board (a small foam “board” to aid in swimming) when both of them tired out. At that same time, the lifeguard at the pool had just went for a quick bathroom break. This spells “disaster”… or maybe it spells “a life-changing experience”.

Thank you to Rachel for sharing your experience 🙂

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Wisp Me Away ~ A Secret Place ~ A Sweet Escape


“There’s a place that I go,
That nobody knows.
Where the rivers flow,
And I call it “home”.

“And there’s no more lies.
In the darkness, there’s light.
And nobody cries.
There’s only butterflies.”

~Natasha Bedingfield “Pocketful of Sunshine”

AngelicView: In this epic experience, Leonard takes us through a few experiences that he had with the other side of the veil, including an OBE/NDE during surgery at the age of eight from a burst appendix where his life hung in the balance, harassed by some other-dimensional beings, being taken to a room with a model of the Earth and being told the future, and much more. During his life review, Leonard discovers the situation surrounding his birth – and he explains it to us in great detail. He stated that he believes he had an NDE during childbirth, but I would like to propose that it may have been the normal situation of when the spirit enters and leaves the infant body at will until just around the time the baby’s body is born (which is described in many cases, including regressive hypnosis accounts). Either way, this is a very fascinating story and not to be missed. Thanks, Leonard, for sharing your story 🙂

(These are excerpts from his account. If you want to read the whole account, please click on the source link.)

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“This is an Extension of You, Instantly Realized and Formed”


AngelicView: Thanks to Richard for sharing his NDE. Richard, I’d love to hear more about what you’ve learned. If you see this posted here – contact me, if you’d like 🙂

I was eight years old and growing up in the suburbs of Los Angeles, in the San Gabriel Valley in a town called El Monte.

I was riding my bike one day with my best friend, Felix, along a busy street. I was on the right side of the road, going with the flow of traffic. My friend was on the opposite side, riding in the same direction. I needed to cross the street to join him, so I looked over my shoulder to watch for oncoming cars. Because of the curve in the road, I couldn’t see much more than 100 feet. The speed limit on this road was 40mph, but people often drove much faster than that, so I knew that I didn’t have enough sight distance to safely cross.

I realized that Felix would be able to see further than I could, so I called out to him, “Hey! See any cars coming?” He looked back, shook his head and said, “All clear!”. I veered sharply to the left to cross.The last thing I remember was the sound of screeching tires, looking over my shoulder and seeing the front end of a 1962 Chevy Impala not more than ten feet away. Blue-grey smoke was coming up from the sides as the brakes locked up the tires.

The next thing I remember was the sensation of floating about 20 feet up in the air. I looked down and saw some kid laying in the middle of the road. He looked familiar. He was laying there spread-eagled, left leg was at a funny angle, his clothes were ripped and bloody, he wasn’t breathing. I felt a strange sense of calm and detachment, as if the horrible scene below me really wasn’t important. I watched as several people ran up to the boy. One of them started breathing into his mouth. I could hear him speaking with two voices.

“That’s odd”, I thought to myself. Continue reading

“I Have Missed You in My Life. My Life is Yours.”

AngelicView: This fantastic NDE was posted in an NDE Facebook Group. It needs to come with a warning – you may shed some tears due to the resonance in your heart and your own longing for Home. Thank you, Scott, for sharing your story with us 🙂

In 2007, while on a camping trip, I had a widow-maker heart attack. I coded several times, the last time sent me home while in the Cath Lab in Springfield, MO. Here is the account of my experience when I died.

There was darkness and then I felt a soft jolt. What was that? I tried to open my eyes. They were shut, I couldn’t open them. My first thought was wow that was fast – those Doctors fixed me fast. I could sense my family was close to the hospital maybe even there now, yet I couldn’t see them, only what seemed like a dimly lit room. I thought I was in a recovery room or area. I felt alone and cold. I remember having a thought, those guys need to cover me upDude, I thought, your eyes are shut. The last thing I remember was telling the doctor I was going to take a nap. He had ordered a bunch of stuff that sounded like it involved needles and that’s going to hurt… I’m outta here! I must still be sleeping. I looked around and I knew at that moment, I had died.

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Non-Western NDE’s

AngelicView: I see this question asked all the time: Why are there no NDE’s that are not American or at least non-English-speaking NDE’s? While there may be websites in other non-English-speaking countries which collect Near Death Experience accounts, I don’t know of them. Perhaps they are not there – or maybe they are there and I just don’t know about them because I do not speak that language. All NDE’s that you see here are going to be in English because that’s the language I speak. Luckily for us, NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) has a team of volunteers that translate NDE’s that are submitted to them in different languages besides English.

Some people are just curious about how a non-western NDE might differ from those we read about here. The answer is – not usually very much. So tonight I thought I would share with you some examples of some of those. Each person’s name and country will also be a link that you can click on to go to the source of the account.

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“As much of Heaven is Visible as We have Eyes to See.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Screenshot 2014-11-08 at 3.26.12 AM

AngelicView: She was experiencing a lot of adversity in her life when her depression and anxiety grew to a point where it was too much for her. That’s when her life changed forever, after what I believe was an experience facilitated by her “Other-Dimensional Helpers”. Wait ’til you see the changes in her!

Thanks ever so much to Sara for sharing your experience 🙂

I had officially hit rock bottom in my life.  My prosperous career had ended abruptly due to an accident that caused a debilitating back injury and I was wallowing in the depths of fear and victimhood.  The doctor told me that my back would require surgery if I ever wanted to have a normal life again but I had no means to pay for it.  Angry bouts of pre-cancerous skin tumors had begun to pop up all over my body.  I lived through my days lying in bed in and out of consciousness with the drapes drawn, with daytime reality TV playing in the background.  I existed in a debilitating mental state with my emotions fluctuating between depression, anxiety sadness, anger and futility. Thoughts of ending it all began to enter into my mind.  I over-medicated daily with a cocktail combination of pain meds, antidepressants, anti-anxiety pills, and alcohol in an attempt to try to numb out all the physical and emotional pain I was feeling. 

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I Command the Universe

AngelicView:  I’d like to share with you today this NDE in which the experiecer tells us that she is one of the Beings that helped to Create the Solar System that we now find ourselves living in. (I imagine that many of us may be in the collective of the group who helped to birth our Solar System, and many other Cosmic Places). 

Find out her interesting way of using the Law of Attraction, knowing as she does, that she helped to create the Universe from which the Law is spawned.

I found myself floating, like in a cloud.  There were no buildings, no structures, just light and love. I was so wonderfully well!  All of my pain and worries just melted away. I was being bathed in love.  All of a sudden, I noticed movement to my left.  It was a light coming towards me. As I looked at it, I noticed that this light was a being, a Being of Light!  As this Being of Light was approaching me I started experiencing all kinds of images in my mind.  At first I thought he/she was communicating with me telepathically but then I realized, all these images were memories, my memories.  I was remembering who I really am.  (It was like an amnesiac who regains his/her memory).  I had total recall of who I really was.  I was this old, old being, who had always existed.  I was wise and loving.  I remember knowing everything.  Not so much from an intellectual point of view.  I knew what it was like to be a flower, to be an animal, to be an insect.  All the knowledge of the universe was inside my being. I no longer felt as a separate individual.  I felt as if I was part of a collective consciousness.  I sense billions and billions of beings and we were all One.  The feeling of oneness on the other side is amazing!

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“This is why you’re going back. You have a mission.”

“Angel of Light” by ForeverFallen16 on DeviantArt

AngelicView: This wonderful NDE was posted to NDERF today and I think you’ll enjoy it. First of all, I love what her deceased mother-in-law tells her when she expresses that she was sorry she didn’t get to meet her grandchildren. Second, learn a bit about what her job was in the world she came from before coming to planet Earth. And finally, learn what her mission is – and I think many of us are on similar missions.

Thank you so much Anna, for sharing your NDE 🙂

The gush of blood that all of a sudden turned into an endless river, as far as my perception was concerned, soon turned into a sudden process of feeling very very cold, I felt I was freezing, as if life itself was leaving me. I was shivering uncontrollably on a surgical bed and the very dedicated doctors and nurses were trying their best to cover me with blankets, to keep talking to me. My doctor had left after a long lasting difficult labor. She’d seen my son born 4,600gr, 56cm tall, she’d seen me smile and feed him and she’d left the staff with instructions to check and see whether I’d be fine, considering there was no usual bleeding during the labor, just the placenta and the baby.

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Dr. Alan Hugenot: Science of the Afterlife

AngelicView: Dr. Eben Alexander isn’t the only Doc who has experienced an NDE. Here we have Physicist Dr. Alan Hugenot being interviewed about his Afterlife Experience and what he has taken from it – much of it from a science perspective.

He had a part in “Beyond Our Sight“, but I was glad to see a full interview of just him.

Alan Hugenot was 21 years old in 1970, when he had a near-fatal motorcycle accident. He had a serious head injury, and was unconscious for 8 hours. 

“I went directly into the presence of a brilliant white Light, which radiated a feeling of warmth and unconditional love.  It was a consciousness without form. It was like being Home – I had known this Light Being for thousands of years.  This was the best place I’ve ever been. There was no pain, no anguish, no worries. It was more real than life here – this life is the illusion.” 

The Light told him that as a physics student, Alan was too concerned abouthow things work. “The purpose of life is to understand why, not just how.  Figure it out with your heart, not just your mind.”

Then the Light told Alan he had to return. He was not finished with what he had to do on earth. Alan did not want to come back, but had no choice. “There are things we came here to do. We can’t stay there until we’re finished with what we have to do here.”

Alan says he was profoundly influenced by his NDE, becoming less competitive and materialistic. He went on to earn a Doctorate of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and became a nationally recognized expert in applied physics & engineering science. 

Alan has spent over 40 years collating research onconsciousness  survival and  the afterlife, including NDE’s, reincarnation, past life regression therapy, after-death communications and the supporting theories of quantum mechanics. His research is collected in his new book, The Death Experience: What It Is Like When You Diewhich “provides the lay reader with the underlying principles of physics, postulating a scientific basis for, and location of, the afterlife.”

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Recreating The Love of an NDE


“Dancing in Heaven” by Aprillight – DeviantArt


“Think of stepping on the shore and finding it heaven, of touching a hand and finding it God’s, of breathing new air and finding it celestial, of waking up in glory and finding it home.” – Don Wyrtzen

AngelicView: How often does a Near Death Experiencer wish they could again feel the kind of love and bliss they felt during their NDE? And those who have not had an NDE wish they could experience that kind of feeling?  This NDE’r has given me permission to share his ideas on how to recreate that experience.

Joe has been in two near-fatal car accidents – one which left him temporarily paralyzed. Here is a link to his website if you’d like to go there and read about his amazing experiences. Take it away Joe!


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The Sphere of Universal Communion: Journey of Two Souls

By William Douglas Horden

(Pictures added by AngelicView)

I was fully awake when my heart stopped beating and my last breath passed my lips.

In the Spring of 2003, a genetic time bomb went off and my body’s time came to an end.  The moment of death was upon me at age fifty-three and I found it a curious thing indeed.  People around me grew quite excited but an untroubled calm came over me, carrying me further and further away from the scene, as if moving me to an invisible but familiar place just sideways to where my body lay.  The sirens of the ambulance were soft and melodic, the questions of the emergency room doctors sounded like a different language.

Minutes after they placed me on the emergency room table and fit an oxygen mask over my face, I felt my heart stop beating and I sighed my last breath.  There was the briefest pause while my personality puzzled that I did not gasp for breath nor seem concerned that my body had just died—and then it was suddenly cradled in my higher soul and I was catapulted, for that is the only word for it, catapulted, wide awake, out of my body and into the Sphere of Universal Communion.

My whole life, it turned out, had been practice for the moment of dying:  my higher soul stepped forward, speaking reassuringly about how it had been through this so many times before.  While my lower soul, this lifetime’s personality, went mute in the face of the vast Unknown, my higher soul catapulted into It with one last sigh of joy and gratitude, What a glorious Creation!

I was fully awake when I entered the Sphere of Universal Communion.

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LOVE Like You’ll Never be Hurt, and LIVE Like It’s Heaven on Earth


AngelicView: Here is an NDE I think you’ll like. This woman says the same thing that I think – that the reason she has had her NDE and has come back to Earth is because she has touched Divine Love, and she can now be a bridge to bring it back here. This revelation did not come to her immediately after her NDE, though, it took some tough synchronicities to bring it about. Thanks ever so much to Nichole for sharing your NDE. 🙂

I had gone in for a common routine surgery. I am not sure what happened during the surgery as I was knocked out, all I know is suddenly I was running in a grassy field toward a giant sun. I remembered looking down at my legs and they were short to the ground, I was a child again. There was another child holding my hand and running beside me. It was a little blonde hair boy with blue eyes.

The most amazing part was a pure feeling of the most intense love I can barely describe. It was just wave after wave of pure love. It was within me, it was around me, it was EVERYTHING. It felt like heartbeats of love, one wave of love after another. Yet there was love in the interim as well, then the wave would come with even more and more. It was endless, eternal and complete. I had no fear whatsoever, I had no feeling other than LOVE. I had no thought other than reaching the LIGHT. I felt pure happiness and joy.  It was the most beautiful feeling that words could never even come close to describing.  The closest thing I can think of to relate it to on this earth would be the moment I brought my child into this world. That moment of pure unconditional love that I’m sure most mothers and some fathers have felt. Still that is only but a very small fraction of what I am trying to explain. Words seem so small and insignificant in comparison to the experience.  Continue reading

Reincarnation, The “Interlife”, Universal Consciousness, and The Holographic Soul

From New Dawn Magazine

Written by Ian Lawton

Modern studies repeatedly suggest that a significant proportion of people in the Western world now believe in reincarnation.


Although this phenomenon can be traced back to various esoteric movements that flourished from the second half of the 19th century, it gained significant ground with the explosion of popular interest in Eastern spiritual approaches in the 60s. And it was reinforced by a proliferation of therapists offering to regress people into their past lives.

Yet now the tide seems to be turning again.

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Beyond Our Sight

Screenshot 2014-10-08 at 2.40.18 AM

AngelicView: This short independent documentary (“documentary” always sounds boring, right? I don’t think it was boring, though 😉  ) which chronicles a few people’s very interesting NDE’s, touches on Mediums, and has some science thrown in, too. (One is a scientist who had an NDE and became a medium as a result.)

I’m going to throw in a BONUS video below that. That one is Carol Lynn Vengroff’s story of her NDE and what she learned from it. This was one of the many things shared on the AngelicView Facebook Group and Carol’s super story is here on AngelicView, titled “My Ever After Chronicles“.

Both of these come highly recommended from me, if you are interested in the subject.

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Swedenborg and Life

AngelicView: Emanuel Swedenborg was a scientist (of the natural sciences – anatomy, physiology, and psychology) who lived from 1688 to 1772. According to the story, later on in his life he experienced a religious crisis and began having communications – along with out of body experiences – with spiritual beings. Swedenborg wrote books with the information he gleaned from these connections with the entities and with the other side and the information has very direct confirmations with persons who have experienced NDE’s (Near Death Experiences). But the volumes of information in these books by Swedenborg goes into so much more detail than a short story of someone’s NDE.

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Soulmates – from an NDE Perspective

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”
Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

Written by Jody Long (NDERF – Near Death Experience Research Foundation)

We never thought we would be talking about soulmates.  We heard of them, but never expected to be in a soulmate relation.  Now we recognize we are soulmates, and are eager to see how our experiences compared with others.  There is surprisingly little on the Internet.  We then started asking people what they thought a soulmate was; the answers were quite varied.  Answers from others suggest the common understanding of a soulmate is the other half of a perceived ideal relationship.  Naturally, this is a highly subjective impression that doesn’t provide much direction.  We will present a remarkable new understanding of SoulMates… and show how ALL of us are involved.

A lame definition of soulmate can be found in Webster’s dictionary as “a person temperamentally suited to another.”  This definition fails to capture the passion one would expect with a fantasy other, or the expected special significance of a soulmate relation.  A better definition results from combining the concept of the component words “soul” and “mate” to come up with “a spiritual companion.”  A more detailed discussion of how we came up with a soulmate definition will be presented later.

The following is a discussion of soulmate understandings from historical concepts (karmic, dharmic and twin flame).  We will later present how NDE truths reveal a new understanding of soulmates.

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“Life is a Stage Play” ~Rich Kelley

“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” ~William Shakespeare

AngelicView: I really enjoyed listening to Rich’s rendition on how everything works around here. He says that the Earth doesn’t really exist and that it’s really just our imaginations. Much of what he says really ties in with what Tom Campbell, Physicist and OBE expert, says. Also, his world view reminds me of the video series “Apocalypse“, which is posted here on AngelicView. (***Update: Revamped and Re-Posted 😉  )  I very much enjoyed how Rich explained “good” and “evil”.

Video Description: Rich Kelley sends us his Near-death experience that occurred at the age of 15 in a drowning incident. He was overcome with a profound sense of peace and calmness came over him.

Rich goes into depth of his thoughts on what life really is about.
Is life really just a stage play we create before we come to earth?
Do we choose the cast and characters?

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“The Earth is Nothing More Than a Dirty Ole Bus Stop Along the Eternal Journey” ~Clint Walker

AngelicView: “Gunslinger” Clint Walker (from “The Dirty Dozen”, and several other movies) had an NDE when a ski pole punctured his heart. But his story begins way before that.

Clint says that he has always had a “still, small voice” in his head that gives him advice when he is in danger. One such example of that was when he was shooting a scene in “Cheyenne” and he was bound hand and foot with piano wire over a fire. The voice told him that the wire was about to snap! They assured him that the wire was plenty strong and that he didn’t need to be untied, but he insisted. They untied his hands and then the line did break – and he would have fallen into the fire.

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“Erfy”… We Are One


AngelicView: I enjoyed reading this NDE tonight and thought you might, too. The experiencer tells us that his story varies from others – but it might be more common than he might think. For example, he says that there were evil, malevolent beings within the tunnel, and a lot of people would agree with him. Another interesting characteristic of his story is that he arrived on another planet – which is probably more common than he thinks. I love how he describes the colors on the other planet. He also has some interesting psychic experiences afterward. Thanks to Don for sharing his experience.

I had an after-life experience at age 5.

At the time, I believed people only died when they were old and God wanted them to.

I believed that heaven was in the clouds, surrounded by a large fence with a gate and St. Peter sitting behind a desk checking to see if you came in or not.  And that you probably received a notice by mail telling you it was time to pack your suitcase to come to heaven, at which point you might report to an escalator for the ride up. 

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He Heard the Call


Why do I keep posting these NDE’s?


To remind us of who we are.

Okay, so this guy had what one would think would be a pretty traumatic death. He died in a burning structure (a barn?). But what he reveals for us is that it wasn’t as traumatic as one might think. One thing we might remember about our biological bodies is that it has two soul components. One is the part that is “me” and that part leaves the body – often before any trauma ensues – and watches from a distance while the other component that is still in the physical body and may even seem to be thrashing about. Personally, I think that people who don’t fight death when they know it’s imminent are the ones who don’t suffer trauma and the ones who fight the process are the ones that will hang about in the physical body the longest, and therefore suffer more.

This NDE is amazing in that the experiencer seems to be one of those volunteers to come and help Earth to evolve.

His description does not follow a linear time-frame. I’ll just print it as-is.

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Why Do Some People Have NDE’s and Others Don’t?

By AngelicView

This question has come up probably four or five times in the last couple of weeks, so I thought I’d write a short article letting you know my thoughts on the question.

It’s possible that many people who were near or at death (or in a coma, etc.) did have a near death experience and just didn’t remember it. It’s not that the experience isn’t memorable – it’s something that you would remember for the rest of your life. I think that if you did have the experience and didn’t remember it in your conscious mind, then there must be a reason. One reason could be that it is only meant for your subconscious mind.

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My Task is to be Worthy of the Gift

Moon in Gratitude

AngelicView: This NDE is from a man who’s experience was brought on by Pneumonic Tuberculosis when he was 27 years old. At least, that is how it looks to us here on Earth. He had been sick for six weeks with this illness. But to me, it seems that his higher self or spirit guides may have manifested this illness as a wake-up call for him. See, he had been unhappy with his life and only had complaints up until this point. He wasn’t fulfilling his mission or goals that he had set out for himself prior to incarnation. Thanks to Leonard for sharing your experience so that many other people can learn from it.

I had been sick for six weeks and was in a lot of emotional pain. I was exhausted after nightly nocturnal sweats where I was losing a large amount of water each night and had lost about 40 pounds. I was a very unhappy person and didn’t like my life. I wanted to die and was praying for death for a few days before the incident. I was actually complaining to God that the service was terrible in that I was begging for death and felt that I was being ignored.

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Some People are Here on Earth Only to Benefit Someone Else’s Evolution


AngelicView: I think this is one of the most un-selfish things for a spirit/soul to do – to come to Earth for an incarnation only to benefit the evolution of another. This NDE (Near Death Experience) is one such case. Gary says that he was given the option to stay on Earth or go on, and the choice he made wouldn’t affect him at all. But if he decided to leave Earth, it would mean the mission failure of someone else.

I was taken in to surgery for routine spinal reconstruction after sever injury. I was prepped, made small talk with anesthesiologist, nurses and surgeon. Was given an IV, then gas. Counted backward to ten and then was out. At some point, while still unconscious, I heard the surgeon telling the staff to get me going again “What happened? Why does he not have a pulse? Is he getting oxygen? Where is his pulse? Get him going again.” 

Then….I got up off the arena operating table and stepped around my surgeon to his left, looking over his shoulder, at my draped body and the opening in the surgical drape surrounding my incision, running down my lower back to my coccyx. A nurse was handing the anesthesiologist a syringe with what I heard was adrenaline. He injected it into the IV over my left arm. I saw the monitor and it was flat lined. Then things got busy.  

But…at that moment…all of the drama and apparent life saving activity became unimportant. I walked toward the Operating Room Door and I stopped. I looked back over my right shoulder, saw the staff preparing more aggressive instrumentation to get “the body” to respond and I felt bored by their activity.  Continue reading

Infant NDE’s are Remembered for a Lifetime


AngelicView: According to Harvard Scientists, long-term memory is impossible before the age of one, when the brain is developed enough to hold a memory for longer amounts of time. This article from Harvard titled, “Long-Term Memory Kicks in After Age One: Human Brain Not Sufficiently Developed“, might upset some people who remember their NDE’s from infant-hood – or even from before they were born. Here is an excerpt from that article:

In subsequent months [after birth], cells in the frontal lobe of the brain and in the hippocampus, two regions necessary for long-term memories to form, undergo a spurt of growth. The hippocampus, a small S-shaped area deep in the brain, sends long extensions of its nerve cells to the front of the brain, and cells in the frontal cortex reach out to the hippocampus. “These circuits must be mature before long-term memories can be recorded and retrieved,” Kagan maintains.

(AV) What this proves to me is not that the Harvard Scientists are wrong, but that memories (and consciousness for that matter) are not stored only within the brain. Because of the life review process demonstrated in the vast majority of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences), we know that life from birth until death is reviewed and therefore those memories are definitely not stored in the brain. However, the recall of memories from infancy while within a human body are not normally possible – unless they are supposed to be recalled.

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Follow The Light and You Can’t Be Wrong


AngelicView: This young man, named Geddy, has had an experience during his sleep that tops many Near Death Experiences (NDE’s). Whether you call it an NDE, and OBE, or a Lucid Dream doesn’t really matter. The fact is that he learned seemingly first-hand some of the secrets of Life which went on to change his life and his view of life, and he made this video to tell us about it.

I did have some trouble hearing him until I plugged in my headphones and turned up the volume – then no problems at all.

He begins by introducing himself and tells us what his religious/philosophical background is. Then he tells us that he had never had any kind of supernatural experience before this one. He says that he doesn’t go to sleep in order to lucid dream or prophesize, or for any other reason than to rest and rejuvenate his body.

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NDE’s During Childbirth

AngelicView: I find it very interesting how many women have an NDE during childbirth. Different people have differing explanations as to why this might happen. One explanation might be the immense amount of pain the woman is going through. Another, declared by Dolores Cannon, says that the amount of high vibratory frequencies of the child coming in is what causes it. For me, from the “nurse” perspective, childbirth is many times the most life-threatening thing a woman might go through in her whole life.

Many times, though, a woman leaves her body and is watching ‘herself’, below, pushing the baby out. Sometimes, she sees the baby’s spirit enter the body. 

     ~It was too late for a c section so they did a quick forceps delivery and apparently I was ‘dead’ at the time. 

I clearly remember floating above and watching them work on my son to get him breathing, cleaning him up and passing him from relative to relative while they worked on me, and I kept asking people to hand me my baby but nobody answered me.  (Source)

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Eliana’s Angel Diaries

AngelicView:  Here is a case where a baby has had two NDE’s, and when she’s 2 1/2 years old begins to talk about them. Lucky for us, her mother has written down what she has said, word for word in a diary.

I promised to write about Eliana’s “talks” about Heaven.

It is hard to do this objectively, so I will try to literally write down the words she said together with a little context. 

I have been keeping a diary, so it will be easy to quote her verbatim. 

Keep in mind that Eliana hardly has been to church the first years of her life. She had to be isolated in order to prevent getting sick…. 

Here is my first diary entry.

Eliana is 2.5 years old. She just started talking. Being bilingual she has a slight speech delay. Amazingly because she is bilingual NOT because of (AngelicView: In spite of?) her “catastrophic” stroke.

Since I quote her literally her sentences are 75% in English and about 25% in Dutch. 

August 10 2012. 

A few months ago , while taking a shower together Eliana blurts out. 

“The doctor didn’t take my “ouwie” away, but God did!” 

“I was really, really dood (dead) and sick.

The ghost brought me naar jou (to you)

I was in de hemel (in heaven) toen (when) ik (I) was ziekie (sick).

I had “ouwie” on my arm.

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The Collective Message Inherent in Exceptional Human Experiences


AngelicView: Rhea White was the author of this article. She had had an NDE when her vehicle had a head-on collision with a truck during a snowstorm. There are not many details about the NDE itself. Here is a short excerpt as posted on Ahhh-thelight.com:

Rhea was driving and having a time of it keeping the car moving forward.

          Stuart suggested she let him try, so they switched places.  They had just about  crested the hill when a big, lumbering coal truck came barreling from the opposite direction and hit their car head-on.  Rhea’s friend, who had only moments before taken the driver’s seat, was killed instantly, and his body pushed her through the windshield, where she ended up on the accident-exposed engine with eleven broken bones.  It was then she had the experience that changed her life. 

          How impossibly strange to experience such a terrifying, tragic, agonizing moment as simultaneously the most wondrous thrill of one’s life!  Yet it was just these excruciating circumstances that precipitated her into a subsequently life-changing near-death experience [NDE] in which she felt herself being held in “the everlasting arms” that went on forever.  She knew — and  knew-that-she-knew — she wasn’t dead!  As if that wasn’t convincing enough, an authoritative Voice said to her,


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Near Death Experiences are Actually True Life Experiences




Author, Teacher, Retreat Leader at SilentStay, Napa, California and Assisi, Italy

(Pictures added by AngelicView)

If the near death experiences being shared by many are really to believed, they are actually true life experiences, because what they are describing is our true life in eternity. The vast love and acceptance they are finding upon leaving the confines of body and personality describe a life experience of coming home, coming to the true life which this earthly experience is only a small part of.

Before proceeding, this article is not meant to be a convincer, e.g., whether to believe in NDEs or not. If the stories of people floating above operating tables describing conversations and events happening while their minds are unconscious, people finding relatives in heaven, which they had no previous earthly knowledge of, and the endless examples of people going through a tunnel of light into a realm so different yet so familiar, a realm of love more real then real does not convince people of life after death, maybe there is no convincing. Sorry: Calling all these deeply-felt, life-changing experiences only a chemical reaction in the mind upon nearing death just does not pass the brain or heart test for me.

One of my favorite stories is of a woman in a Seattle hospital who died and on her way through the hospital ceiling while passing into another realm, noticed on the hospital roof an old shoe. Upon her return from heaven and recovering in her room, investigators checked out her story, and sure enough there is an old shoe exactly where she said on the roof! Are we to believe she somehow had been exploring the hospital roof before her accident and near death experience?

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Fly! Fly Away Home!

AngelicView: When Carmen found out that her unborn baby had Trisomy 18 – a condition that is incompatible with life – she and her husband made the decision to terminate the pregnancy. What followed was miraculous, in that she was able to observe her baby’s spirit leave her body and return home. Thanks, Carmen, for sharing your story 🙂

In December 2008 my partner and I were ecstatic to find out I was pregnant. I had never had a child before.

At around 10 weeks I went in for a standard CVS procedure to check for chromosome defects.  It took over a week to get the results that our fetus has a Trisomy 18.  Since this defect causes late term miscarriage or death of the baby within a few days after birth, we decided to terminate the pregnancy.  Because I was at the start of the 2nd trimester, the doctor said I need a D&E abortion with general anesthesia.  This entails going to the GYN doctor the day before and have laminaria (sp?) seaweed sticks inserted into the cervix to open it up in preparation for the procedure the next day.

As my partner and I walked out of the doctor’s office and down the hallway towards the elevator, I had the psychedelic sensation of the floor feeling like it was giving way beneath my feet.  It felt like walking on 1 foot high memory foam. I was telling this to my partner and as we got to the elevator I turned towards him and fainted.  He says that I, “wilted like a flower.” Continue reading

Inner Senses: Life in Death



AngelicView: Here is an amazing NDE story from a woman called Jo. She had an ordinary life, until her Spirit Form decided it wanted to be out of body a few times. After that, there was no going back to “ordinary life”. From her website (titled, “Inner Sensing“) :

“1983 was a pivotal year. Up until then I was an average wife, mom and Corporate America executive. Suddenly, that year, I was thrust into three spontaneous out-of-body projections and a subsequent near-death-experience. The obe’s (as I later learned they were called) were completely foreign and terrifying. I had no idea what was happening to me. All I knew was that periodically I would suddenly become aware of myself hovering in the corner of the ceiling as I looked down upon my sleeping body. As an intelligent, fairly accomplished adult, I could only surmise that perhaps I was in the initial stages of some form of mental illness.

Later that year, after having experienced three out of body projections, I had a near death experience. As you might guess, it changed my life forever. Never again could I settle for a mundane, strictly physical existence. During the NDE I had been shown that, ideally, consciousness is capable of depths of experience far beyond that of common linear physicality.

As a result of what I learned during the NDE, the next fifteen years were spent exploring and actively challenging the boundaries of consciousness. I pursued metaphysical adventure with a zest. The resulting out of body projections, precognition, telepathy, shared dreams, and so much more, added enormous richness and dimension to my life…

One of the clear messages received during the NDE was that we each have the inherent capability to access largely untapped dimensions of guidance and insight. These inner dimensions and senses are our biological heritage. They marry intuition and intellect in a manner that enriches life exponentially. It is simply a matter of changing focus and developing these new inner sense muscles.”

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Our Father Who Art in Heaven, “Howard” Be Thy Name

AngelicView: I love this NDE for the imagery it provokes. Jill was lucky in that she got to meet her Spirit Guide. There are some points that are characteristic of most NDE’s, but with some other rather unusual aspects, as well. 

I can also relate to how this motorcycle accident happened, as I also had a hard time “leaning” into the curve and nearly got thrown from the bike before. Thanks so much to Jill for sharing your experience. 🙂

It was Halloween, 1971.  I was on the back of a motorcycle, heading out towards McDonald’s for lunch with a young man.  All he had going for him was that he owned a motorcycle. 

I was new to bike riding.  The leaning thing was counterintuitive to me – lean the direction the bike was leaning.  I learned the hard way not to lean the wrong direction. 

We came around a curve when the bike seemed to lean too much to the left.  I found out later we had hit an oil slick.  My instinct was to lean to the right.  This was probably a good thing because otherwise I would have been pinned under the bike in oncoming traffic.  I remember flying through the air and seeing the guardrail coming up awfully  fast.  After that, everything went black and I could hear a high-pitched bell-like white noise. 

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Image Credit: Head Like an Orange

AngelicView: Here is the NDE (Near Death Experience) of a woman who – before this happened to her – had not believed in an afterlife at all. Perhaps consequently, it is very non-religious, but no less fascinating and profound than any of them. It changed her life and as she puts it, “My higher entity…she has been putting up with my crap for lifetimes.” 

This experience established her belief in God. Her explanation: “God is everything. Energy. The fabric of everything.” But still – religion was not her thing. She says, “I do not get wrapped up in organized religion. God is the fabric of existence, the rest does not matter.”

Take a trip with Sue to her place in “heaven”, Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

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Swimming in the Very Essences of Love

AngelicView: A suicide NDE with remarkable spiritual and universal insights.

The fact of the matter is that I died, I remember feeling my heart slow down until it stopped, at that moment my eyes closed. Not more then what seemed a second later I could see again. It was as if I had stepped through my eyelids.

I sat up and was in awe at how clear everything appeared. I had worn glasses or contacts my entire life so I was amazed at the sharpness of the room around me and the vividness of the colors. I could perceive an energy surrounding everything. The books, desk, furniture of the room all seemed to a slight glow that radiated from them. No sooner had I noticed this then I realized I could see 360 degrees around me. I didn’t need to turn my head I just looked and I saw. There behind me lay my body and at that moment I realized I had died.

At the moment of realization I saw a light come from the doorway.  As I stared into it, the room seemed to be blown away and I was in another realm. At first all I perceived was a vast area that I knew somehow extended into infinity. The area was lighted but the source of the illumination I couldn’t see. The entire universe was of the richest deepest dark purple I had ever seen. At that moment I realized that all of my senses were heightened, I could hear silence.  There was no noise but I was hearing something. Perhaps it was the “existence” of this universe it was alive. I was breathing but not, instead of air I felt a living force flowing through me. I felt as though I was swimming in the very Essences of Love. 

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My Ever After Chronicles (Part 2)

AngelicView: I am very pleased to announce that IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies) has just published a brand new video featuring Carol Vengroff as the interviewee. Her NDE can be found in Part 1 of this series and was originally posted on NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation).

She was 12 years old when she had her NDE, and she felt as if she had frozen to death in her home when the power went out on one cold winter night. She met up with her grandfather, who in real (3d) life she had never met. But there she knew exactly who he was. Carol also met Jesus and had nice conversations with him. She explains that Jesus is just one of the masters there – and just one of the ones who have walked the Earth. Jesus, however, is the one that she was the most excited to see.

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My Ever After Chronicles (Part 1)

AngelicView: I originally posted this story in January of 2013. I am re-posting it now so that you can read it, because I am working on Part 2 – or an update to her story – and something that YOU can do, if you are so lead.

All NDE’s are meant to be shared, and this one is no exception. These experiences are (in my opinion) to be shared with the world. Her book is called, “My Ever After Chronicles” and can be found here.


I froze to death, at twelve years old.

It was around 3AM , January 6th, 1963.  My family had just returned from holiday vacation to a frigid house that had no heat or electricity or water due to an ice storm earlier that evening.  The temperature inside  the house was below freezing.  We went to icy cold beds thinking we would deal with the situation in the morning. We were all exhausted from the all night drive.

My body temperature plummeted and hypothermia set in. I was totally numb.  Then my spirit (essence) left my body. I traveled up past my body, up through the ceiling of my room and through the roof of our house.  I kept going.  I traveled through time and space and voids towards a light. 

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“Being Dead Was By Far the Most Enjoyable Experience I’ve Ever Had”


AngelicView: This is a very good example of a “veridical” NDE.

1. Truthful; veracious: veridical testimony.
2. Coinciding with future events or apparently unknowable present realities: a veridical hallucination.
In this context it is the second definition that fits. Veridical NDE’s are ones when the experiencer is able to see or know things that happened while they were “dead”, and these things are able to be verified later. This is only one example, as there are many many veridical NDE’s out there.
Glen was going in to surgery when suddenly he had an anaphylactic allergic reaction.
Thanks so much to Glen for sharing your experience.

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I Had to Live

AngelicView: Here is an example of a suicide NDE. I have noted that sometimes the suicide NDE stories are more profound than others. Perhaps that is our higher-self’s way of showing us a grander picture of life – to inspire us to live on.

 I Died.


Let me make this perfectly plain. I killed myself. I died.  

I did not “almost” die. I did not “only think” I died.  

The part of me that animates my body was detached from it. There was no power to make that body function. We call that dead.  

I know I was dead.  

There was a feeling, an awareness, of something like a tiny “click”, a pull like a cork, a release like the tension taken off a spring, as I “died”. The body let go of me or I let go of it.  

I knew I was “dead”. If you have ever handled a dead body you know something you can’t describe is gone from it. If you have seen anyone die you know the difference between a live body and a dead one. I have done both those things.  

I was dead.  

That’s a bold statement but I stand by it. I knew I had succeeded in killing myself. I hear you asking, “OK, if you were dead how did you know you were dead?”  

The answer is what I have been trying to share with each person I think this experience might help. It is, to me, the point of sharing this story.  

I did not “die”. You will not “die”.  

My body was dead. “I” was still alive. I knew it then, and know it now, as a truth.  

My body stopped working. The self I am did not.  

I lived.  


It was quiet; Complete silence. There was no apartment noise, no neighbor noise, no traffic noise, not even body noises – nothing. I liked that, it was so peaceful.

There was darkness all around me. In that darkness I was even more aware of the complete peace of the silence. It confused me that I was aware. I knew silence, dark and the meaning of the words. I knew they were words to describe something. I knew I was thinking them.  

I also knew that “I” was “moving” through that dark peace. I felt no air over skin, I saw no markers, I heard no sound of passing but I felt I was going somewhere.  

I continued on for what seemed a very short time in elapsed time. I had a million thoughts as I went. Having time for so many thoughts made it seem like it should have been a longer time.  

That I had thoughts confused me. I tried to understand what was happening to me. “I” was still “me”. I was, apparently, alive. I could not see myself. I could not raise my hand to look at it, but I was something – I still felt like “myself”.  

I was still thinking and feeling – but not in a body. I was moving without legs. I couldn’t see any part of myself so I assumed I had no legs, no hands, no arms, no feet or anything you would normally look at to see if it was there. I felt surprise and wonder. I knew the meaning of those thoughts, too.  

I floated “higher” or further. I lack a better word for the sensation or the direction. Still, I knew I was moving to someplace. There are no words that describe it well. I moved toward some other place from where I was. I was drawn there, not going there. It was not my power that moved me.  

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David Thaler vs The “God Helmet” and Polygraph Test

Dave Thaler had a near death experience during a heart attack in his sleep.

Dave: I was raised a God-fearing Christian, and we’ve been programmed from birth to believe this and that and it’s like we walk around with a little security blanket. And the near death experience to me is somebody rips up your security blanket. Everything you believe to be true, is no longer. Dave Thaler of the old, died that day.

I was being raised up higher and higher, and I could eventually see the curvature of the Earth. I started to panic and there was this communication. It said, “You can come home if you want.” I said, “What do you mean? I can’t come home right now, I still have things to take care of, I still have my mother on Earth. If I decide to come now, what will happen?”

“If you decide to come home now, it will be found through autopsy that you died of a heart attack. You have two choices: you can either come home or return to your body. If you return to your body, it will heal very rapidly.”

After my experience I spent roughly two years searching different religions, doctrines, and I could find nothing that came remotely close to the feeling and sensation I had in my experience. I tried Buddhism; I went to Hindu temples. None, didn’t feel what I now knew to be true. Nothing came close to what I was experiencing, and what I was experiencing was connection with everything. So I moved my religious search to a more scientific search.


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The Universe Made Perfect and Beautiful Sense

AngelicView: This is a profound STE (Spiritually Transformative Event). What is an STE, you ask? Well, it could be an OBE, an NDE, a dream… really any kind of spiritual event that transformed the experiencer’s thoughts or way of life. Sometimes, it’s what they call the experiences that don’t really fit into a category. And many times, they’re my favorite ones.

In this case, the person feels as if he was in a lucid dream (when you’re dreaming and you know you’re dreaming, and so you can control your actions or events in the dream) when he said the words, “I just want to die. I just want to die.” Well, it seems as if the Universe gave him this experience because it seems to go into an NDE-like experience from there.SpiritMagic

The experience began as a dream. My dreams have always been vivid and some have been lucid. I had been having lucid dreams before my NDE, though at the time I didn’t know what they were. (It’s also worth mentioning that I had no idea what an NDE was. I had never heard of them and had never heard of the term OBE. I was 11 years old and had grown up with no exposure to these subjects.) 

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You Will Be a Catalyst for Change


AngelicView: This beautifully woven NDE account has many lessons for us all. The message she received specifically from a Being was to share her experience with others. “You will be a catalyst for change, for love.” This is ever-so-common among NDE’s. It’s almost as if people have NDE’s just to come back and tell us all about what’s on ‘the other side’. Ya think?

In her NDE, Lynnclaire was told (and also remembered when she returned) what her mission in life was. And it had to do with “the Light” that a person sees in a near-death experience. Here is what Kevin Williams, NDE Researcher, says about it:

From the very beginning, despite her religious upbringing, Lynnclaire courageously refused to give this Pattern of Light the ambiguous label of “God”. She prefers to simply call it “The Pattern” and describes it as an all-connecting pattern of Light – a three-dimensional mandala representative of time and space, and the energy generating matter. Because she experienced The Pattern as pure Love, she has always maintained this to be the reason why Love is all that matters. In simple terms, The Pattern is a knot; but not just any knot. The Pattern is the simplest and most profound knot…”

Lucky for us, Lynnclaire was able to get “the Pattern” under the radar of scientists. This is what Kevin Williams says about that:

“While Lynnclaire was still investigating The Pattern, she met Nechung Kuten of Tibet who is the spiritual advisor to His Holiness the Dalai Lama. He told her The Pattern is a “terma” – a Tibetan word for “a hidden treasure meant to be disclosed to the world at this time.” Following his advice, Lynnclaire published her NDE testimony and then took this geometric Pattern to the world of science. Nechung Kunten knew scientists would have the knowledge to confirm what the Pattern might be – a viable candidate as “the Source of all creation” leading to a possible solution to the Theory of Everything – the unifying principle of the realm of quantum physics. So without denying her otherworldly experience, Lynnclaire placed The Pattern’s geometric structure into the hands of such scientists as a gift to humanity and the world.”

Kevin Williams has written an entire article about this scientific investigation. That article can be found here: “The Science of Life Discovered From Lynnclaire Dennis’ Near-Death Experience

Please also visit her website for more information.

The following is her amazing NDE account.

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From But One Piece of Clay, Many Forms Can Be Made

AngelicView: This super NDE is chock-full of great information about our existence, both here and on the other side of the veil. She says that she came back with super-lucid dreams, spontaneous OBE’s, premonitions, intuitive perceptions of the thoughts of other people, and five times the feeling of having had a bi-location experience. What she didn’t come back with, though, was what she felt was the most important. In her words:

In my mind there remains a footprint of something that will be of help to many, but I don’t know how to explain it in words. Perhaps there is another way to convey it?


I think I have something in my mind that could help humanity and I can’t remember what it is.


I would like someone to help me experience the “all knowingness” again, to remember with clarity what I experienced and thus help humanity.

It seems our Creator is trying to keep this a secret, as many NDE’ers have reported that they couldn’t remember the most important thing – that one thing that would help humanity. Perhaps he/she/it wants us to discover this thing on our own.

Be assured, though, that this NDE has much wisdom and guidance within. Thanks to Hafur for sharing her NDE.

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“Snails and Swiss Chocolate: An Account of My NDE”


AngelicView: This brilliantly-written NDE story comes to us from a member of our NDE and OBE Facebook Discussion Group and while everything written there is confidential, the author was happy to share her experience with the rest of us. 

Sometimes an experiencer might feel frustrated when reading NDE account after account where the person saw things such as Crystal Cities, deceased family members, magical Libraries, or any “thing” else, because many experiences contain, well – no “things”. And they go no “where”. Those experiences cannot be expressed in human terms in much of any “way”. But I think that sometimes these types of experiences actually go deeper and transcend all “things”. Thanks so much to Elle, for “effing” the “ineffable”. 

Q: How do you describe Swiss dark chocolate to a snail?

A: The same way you explain the internet to a caveman whose vocab consists of 4 words: hunt, mate, shit, eat.

That is how implausible the task of describing a Near Death Experience feels.

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Pennies from Heaven (Part 2) Cities

(Continued from Part 1)

By AngelicView

Today we’ll continue on with the series, “Pennies from Heaven”, from Part One where we talked about numerous people reporting having been to a Library of sorts on the other side of the veil. In Part Two we will see examples where people report having seen or been to a City. Some call them “Cities of Light”, some “Crystal Cities”, and others will call their city “Golden”. One called his city simply, “Beautiful”.

Remember, I will put this symbol: “⇒” at the end of each story so that if you’d like you can click on it and read that person’s whole story. Some of them are long and detailed while others of them are shorter and less detailed – but made it here because they have mentioned a City of some kind.

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Pennies From Heaven (Part 1) The Library

The Akashic Records

By AngelicView

A penny all by itself isn’t worth very much. But if we save them up, after a while we find that we have a lot of pennies – and they add up.

Similarly, when you read a certain idea in an NDE (Near Death Experience) story, it adds a penny to your bank of ideas. Then, if you go back and research (and I’ve done hours and hours of research on this one) you might find that those little droplets of information might add up to a complete whole dollar – or more.

Since we only get tiny little glimpses and bits of a view of Heaven from NDE’s – like a penny – I think it’s pretty cool when I can do research on a certain facet and come up with more of a whole picture.

This article series will take a look at “places” in Heaven. When I talk about places, I mean buildings or structures. After each story, I’m going to put this symbol: “⇒”, and if you click on that symbol it will be a link to that person’s NDE story. I hope you enjoy….

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Anyone Can See the Light – A Trillion Times Brighter than the Brightest Sun Imaginable

AngelicView: Dr. Dianne Morrissey (now passed on for her final time – 1949-2009) was 28 years old when she was electrocuted and had her NDE (Near Death Experience). She learned many things through her NDE – one being the fact that “I” (and “you”, too) have three facets. The body lives in one dimension, the soul (which is that part of “me” that has consciousness and contains the memories while in this life) that lives in another dimension (the astral), and the third being the spirit (the higher self) which resides in yet another dimension.

She saw the silver cord that we have all heard of – but is rarely found in an NDE. After her experience, she wrote a book called, “Anyone Can See the Light“, which gives an account of her NDE and gives the reader tips on having an OBE (Out of Body Experience). It can still be purchased on Amazon. 

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New NDE & OBE Discussion Group


By AngelicView

I have created a new NDE and OBE Discussion Group on Facebook for anyone who would like to join. Here is the description:

Hello, and welcome! I created this group to initiate and encourage discussion of NDE’s and OBE’s – or a Spiritually Transformative Event of any kind. It is a “closed group” – so that means that whatever is discussed here (either posts or comments) will NOT be seen by all of your Facebook Friends and Family. I hope that by being a closed group, this will encourage much discussion.

Please feel free to post your own experiences of NDE’s or OBE’s, hypnosis, visions, ET visitations, or any event that transformed your life. I encourage asking questions and posting opinions.

If this group seems popular and takes off well, then I will keep it going. If not, I’ll just note that the need is not there at this time and probably just shut it down. We’ll give it a month or so and see how it goes. I’ll start us off by posting some articles from my site – AngelicView.

Thanks for being here! Let’s discuss…

I have joined a few NDE discussion groups on Facebook and here’s my problem with them – they are generally “open” groups. When you join an “open” group, what happens is that all your posts and comments are also displayed for all of your personal Facebook Friends and Family to read. In my opinion, that stagnates any discussion of them or question and answers. So that’s why I created this group.

If you would like to join, just click this link → NDE’s & OBE’s with AngelicView and request to join. I will not deny any requests.

Let’s see it it takes off or not – see you there! (or not) ❤


A Cosmic Game of High Karmic Value


While on a hiking & camping trip, John Scott picked about a half dozen mushrooms and ate them without realizing that they were hallucinogenic mushrooms. What resulted from that mistake was his NDE, which would go on to change his life forever. This is not considered simply a drug-induced hallucination because the amount of mushroom he consumed was over-the-top as far as dose, and the experience had the other normal NDE signatures such as leaving the body and traveling through a tunnel to a light, etc. However, I would assume that the experience in it’s entirety had some of each (both NDE and a hallucinogenic experience) because he said that it lasted for three days, and I doubt he was actually “dead” for three days.

I have had the pleasure of being a part of a conversation with John Scott over the last few days in which I and others asked him many questions. I found his information to make a lot of sense to me and I highly resonated with what he has said.

The video below is an interview that Lisa Harrison did with him in June of 2012. I think the information is still just as valid today as it was the day it was done. I have made notes which I will post for you below. This is a two hour interview and they very briefly cover so many subjects. I’m sure if you have a burning question for him, I could pass it along to him for you and get back with you with the answer. Or you can join the Facebook Group Near Death Experiences, and ask him yourself there.

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Go Beyond the Veil with Diane Goble

AngelicView: Diane was rafting with a group of people when they hit a particularly dangerous rapids and she was thrown from the raft. A man reached down from the raft and grabbed onto her arm but she was still caught between a rock face, some waterfalls, and the raft. That begun her NDE (Near Death Experience).

I will paste an excerpt from her story below, but you should know that she has a lot more information on her website including eBooks and a blog you might enjoy. One thing in particular that my readers might appreciate is her extensive work in putting together reference links on a variety of topics that can be found all across the internet. I know I bookmarked a few of those links.

Thanks, Diane, for sharing your story with the world. Let’s peek beyond the veil…

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Nathan Wheeler: Truth Me Free

** Part 9b (Wait… he calls it #9b – Part 1)

*** Before you get started on this series, you should know that Nathan stopped making videos for it just short of actually describing his NDE.  It’s a very interesting story, and very entertaining. But I (AngelicView) don’t believe it to be real. 

 AngelicView: I just have to say that I do not identify with the Christian Religion. Since this is my blog, it might be surprising that I am posting this series. Well, the 1st 7 or 8 videos weren’t about Christianity, they were just about his fantastic experiences. It turned into something about religion later. I am continuing to post his series here because I started it and I know that many of you are enjoying it.



If you have some extra time on your hands, I think Nathan Wheeler’s story may be one that you’ll really enjoy. There are about an average of 10,000 of us following along in his series “My NDE Testimonial”. At the time of this post, he is currently up to Part 7c. It’s kind of a long story how Part 7 got split up into three parts, but the next one will be Part 8. To those of us that are following along with his testimonial, I think we are all so very fond of him and think of him as our friend. He has a heart-warming personality, he’s witty and smart, and very humerous to boot!

Now, before you go thinking that all these videos are all about his NDE – no. What we’re really experiencing through his excellent story-telling skills is his life story. And let me tell you, it’s all very riveting! I don’t want to give away too much with this introduction because he tells it the best. But just briefly, Nathan says he has been psychic to a degree since childhood. He tells us of his adventures throughout his life and leading up to his NDE.

Nathan’s has a heart condition (which we call a “dysrhythmia”) where his heart beat is very irregular, and it’s irregular to the point where it stops at times. He had dizziness and fainting spells from it and it took a couple of years before he was finally diagnosed and had a pacemaker implanted. The pacemaker will now “pace” his heart for him if it stops for a set length of time. But just before that is when his heart stopped for long enough for him to leave his body and experience heaven.

Nathan is a very busy man with a full-time job and he is very hard on himself to get these videos “just right” before he releases the next one. He says the Angel in his NDE encouraged him to tell his story and this is the format he chose to do it with. If you leave a question for him on his You Tube channel or on his Facebook page, you can be pretty sure he’ll answer you. And while we do try not to bug him about it – we all can’t wait for the next video to come out! 😉

You may want to bookmark this page and I will post the next video in the series as they come out, or you can go directly to his You Tube Channel or follow him on Facebook.

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Pets in the Afterlife


AngelicView: This is a 3min and 51sec video which contains quotes from various people who have submitted their NDE to NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) and who have mentioned seeing their pets there.

Video Description: Most of us have had pets throughout our lives. They
were our friends, companions who we cherished in
life. They gave us joy and happiness and asked
nothing in return but to be loved..

Do animals have spirits and do they go
on after death?

Some claim they do and have been reunited with
them after having a Near Death Experience.


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“We Are God-Man Who Came to Earth to Create in Matter”


AngelicView: This NDE comes from Leonard, who experienced Life After Death (LAD) from a heart attack. He was given much knowledge during his NDE to share with us. I love his gusto and excitement while describing his experience! 😉

I felt myself getting out of my body. Once outside, I saw the hospital staff working around my body to revive it. I’ve been very surprised of my paranormal powers in this different from! First I had 360 degree vision, I could see above, below, on my right, on my left, behind, I could see EVERYWHERE at the same time!

Secondly, I could zoom on a particular point. Also I travelled at the speed of thought, I just needed to think about a place or somebody and I was instantly there! I could go through walls, I went through matter, and it was VERY EXCITING!

I heard people thought. Even before they opened their mouth, I knew what they were about to say! Because I heard their thought! Besides, it was quite a cacophony in the room, but I just had to focus on one person and then, I just heard this person! Well, that’s it for extraordinary powers you have when out of the body! I strolled about, I visited my mother at her home, I went into deep universe, I climbed very high in space and the sight was WONDERFUL!

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A Circle Within A Circle Wrapped in A Circle

***Update: I would like to call your attention to Lou Famoso’s page on Near-Death.com. Kevin Williams (the webmaster) has added a LOT of very interesting and intriguing information after Lou’s NDE story. I encourage you to visit his page to see the updates.


Path of the Light - Orit Martin

“Path of Light” Orit Martin

AngelicView: As NDE’s go, I feel like this is a very important one, and one that should be read and re-read.  It is by Lou Famoso, and it contains world prophecy.  This is just a small portion of the entire story, so if you would like to read the whole story click the “source” link at the bottom.

Instantly I recognized a brilliant glowing ball of gold headed my way. It grew larger as it grew nearer and when it reached about the size of a beach ball, just above and in front of me it radiated brilliantly and transformed into an indescribable Being of pure LIGHT, now levitated right in front of me. It was larger then the tallest person I had ever seen, wider then two of me but so evenly proportioned as to be of Magnificent Stature. It’s features were outlined as if made with a fine ink quill. Hair, face, robe all Golden and flowing as would an electric charge perhaps even a nuclear charge. 

This was energy personified and as it’s form took on a more solid shape, all that was behind It did as well.

Other figures appeared in front and behind the Being and myself. Soon there was activity all about, above and below, on every side, more beings, each of different brightness, sizes, and hues. Structures and landscapes sprung from everywhere all in a crystalline state, all inhabited by these lesser light beings, some winged, most not, Some fully formed, others not, yet even others that appeared only as glowing Orbs of light and color, bouncing as would bubbles in a glass of carbonated water.

I could stand it no longer, every emotion I had ever known was welling up in me 10 fold. Just when I thought to speak, to question, the Being spoke to me. It’s voice was as a chorus of voices, not male not female, not loud not soft, not deep but perfect and all encompassing. 

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Our Spirit Assistants



This is very special!
It’s not what happened during Linda Stewart’s NDE that was so unusual – it’s what happened after it. Here’s the story from after her NDE:

A curious manifestation after my near-death experience was that I began seeing a white glow and glint of lights around people and objects. Because I had had so many physical anomalies during my illness, I assumed the “lights” were another, optical side effect of the illness. I was later shown that the lights were far more than that.

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An Eyelid Slowly Awakens to Dawn

AngelicVIew: This was an NDE favorite in the earlier days of AngelicView, and I often quote it. This is just an excerpt – click the link at the bottom if you want to read the rest. What is posted here is about half-way through her experience until the end and the beginning isn’t included here.

***Update: At the very bottom of the post I am posting a You Tube video of her talking about her NDE at an IANDS conference. (And it is good! Grab some tissues and sit down and enjoy 😉  )


Your own frequency, tone, mathematical equation and vibration says it all, and you can’t tinker with that.  You just ARE who you are.  I learned that we are here to learn how to Love, Divinely.  And to become Masters of ourselves.  To nail down our own lower natures and to Raise up within ourselves our own Highest Self.  We are all working toward Oneness again.

We were traveling upward, I suppose.  My own vibration was changing.  There was a big change in frequency.  Like I was tuning into a different radio station on a grand scale.  I was out in the Universe, and I was being given a kind of show.  Like having an astronomy teacher speak on the beauty of the Universe while laying under the stars at night.  But I was out there amidst them.  And this part seems to have been made foggy for me since my return, but I remember vaguely that during this scene, I saw something like holographic words and numbers move in front of me past the stars… and it felt like I was being downloaded with information.  I felt at that time that I understood EVERYTHING.  That I felt the full truth of Laws and Order in the Universe.  One thing that I held onto was the beautiful MATH of the Universe.  I remember coming to understand that there was an supreme and perfect kind of MATH that was in and of ALL things that existed.  I remember being told something about Einstein!  I was so excited.  It was such a pleasant experience.  I was also shown how there is a kind of clock-work in the sky.  How the stars themselves actually hold a sort of map or mathematical Key to everything that is!  “You are written in the stars,” I was told!  EVERYTHING is!  I recall how THRILLING this part of my NDE was for me.

I was also told that this map in the stars.. the keys that are hidden there have been known for a long time, and that these things have been sorely corrupted and turned into things of ill purpose in most cases on our planet.

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Forgotten Knowledge

AngelicView: Oh, how we’ve forgotten so much! We have forgotten who we are, where we came from, what our plans were, where we’ll go from here!


Birth is choosing to fall sleep and crossing through a veil of consciousness that causes us to forget the knowledge of where we came from and who we really are. This knowledge can only be remembered only at a much deeper level of consciousness. But trying to remember this knowledge is like trying to remember a dream during your deepest period of REM sleep.

In the spirit world, all the knowledge that exists is already known to us. After death, we awaken, regain our forgotten knowledge and once again become our true selves. ~Kevin Williams

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Show Me the Way


By AngelicView

 Every night I say a prayer in the hope that there’s a heaven
And every day I’m more confused as the saints turn into sinners
All the heroes and legends I knew as a child have fallen to idols of clay
And I feel this empty place inside so afraid that I’ve lost my faith 


I’d wager to bet that most everybody has been there before – Rock Bottom.

For you it may have been because of a divorce, a death of someone close to you, a loss of a great job, a drug addiction, a mental or physical illness, or perhaps just a series of unfortunate events.

It’s the lowest of the low, and if you haven’t seen it yet in this life then I suppose you are lucky.

For those who have been there before, you may have prayed or even cried out to God to help you. The story like was told in the last post “A Diamond in the Flesh” would have been just the ticket to get you up off the floor and give you hope and courage – knowing that you now have the clarity of vision to move back on up and out of your dark place.

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We Were Confidently Sent to This Planet to Learn One Thing – Love!


“Hope Girl” by Akiane Kramarik

AngelicView: I have posted Christian Andreason’s NDE here before (it was called “Love is the WAY”), but I have reviewed the original post and I see that there has been more information and teachings added to it since I posted it a couple of years ago. There is no need to seek it out, because I’m going to post the information for you nearly in it’s entirety. And you’re going to Love It! ❤

Christian is actually a musician, and he had his NDE while in the dentist’s office. Before his routine surgical dental procedure, he had had a back injury. For that injury he had been prescribed pain killers and probably muscle relaxers, as well. He did not let the dentist know that he had taken all these medications, so the anesthesia enhanced the side-effects from the medications, which bottomed-out his blood pressure and stopped his breathing. The dentist, not knowing that Christian had taken that type of medication before-hand, didn’t know what was causing the breathing impairment – for which he could have given medications to counter-act the effects.

What resulted was a profound NDE and many changed lives from the teachings of one Christian Andreason.


During a brief amount of time, my spirit traveled through what I know and now call, “the Heavenly Realm.” During the experience, all time stopped … and two minutes of Earth time turned into what seemed to be days, weeks and even months. I saw an uncountable amount of wonderful places that were not of this world and many spiritual truths were Lovingly and generously revealed to me with mind-bending answers.

Almost the whole time I was guided mostly by a being that appeared in the form of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Following us were three other guides who all appeared as men. All were robed with a beautiful glistening white, diamond-like material. I could also distinguish that they had Light coming from underneath their garments. I knew that this Light was their true bodies. The moment they came into my awareness, I recognized these beings as having been some of my closest friends that have been with me for all time. They were very kind to me and very caring about my feelings.

There are no secrets in Heaven, so information that might have been considered embarrassing was treated with tremendous sensitivity. And even in moments where I might have cried knowing that someone knew my deepest darkest secrets, wonderful warm laughter was often exchanged between us instead. No matter any unpleasantness they may have known about me, I knew that I was eternally and unconditionally Loved! For many years, after my experience, I have continued to stay in contact with these dear ones through dreams and meditations. During my experience it was revealed to me that they had made many appearances to me during my life, particularly during difficult times in my childhood and adolescence, only I was not consciously aware of them or their presence at the time.

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Dying to Be Me (Part 3)

AngelicView: Part 3 of “Dying to Be Me” is an interview with Anita Moorjani by Bob Olson from Afterlife TV. Her NDE is one of the most profound that has been shared on the web. Her NDE can be read on AngelicView here: “Dying to Be Me (Part 1)” and a Q&A Interview from NDERF can be read on AngelicView here: “Dying to Be Me (Part 2)“.

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This Grand Illusion of Physical Reality

AngelicView: In this NDE, Robyn had an intuition that the baby she was carrying was not meant to be born. During her abortion, she died from too much anesthesia. She was so surprised when she got to the other side of the veil, at how real 3D human life seemed – knowing it had been just an illusion.


I went into this abortion clinic in Austin, under the strong impression that the baby growing inside of me was not meant to be born. How on Earth I knew that being the peaceful, ultra-sensitive, loving girl I was is a mystery. Never in a million years would anyone have guessed me as someone who would abort unless it was dire. In my unique case, the baby had detached from my uterine wall and was barely hanging on. Apparently all the stress caused spikes in my blood pressure and tonsillitis in the first month, making my body inhospitable. My decision to have the baby removed was a certain decision… and later I would find out why. 

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