“Entanglement” ~Akiane Kramarik

Entanglement Akiane

“Entanglement” Akiane Kramarik

AngelicView: This amazing painting by Akiane Kramarik was just finished (posted online August 27th) called “Entanglement”. She also posted a video about it. Tears came to my eyes as I watched and listened to her video.

I am a painter, too. No… I’m not ‘a painter’. I paint.  I do it just for fun. I can’t even imagine having her talent. Genius. You all know that she’s only about 20 (or maybe 21?) and she’s had this painting ability that reached saint-hood status around the age of eight.

So anyways, here’s this painting and this video that she made about it. I really want everyone to hear what she says, so I’m going to do a transcript of the video for those people who cannot watch the video, cannot hear, or do not have the seven and a half minutes of time. It’s just that mind-blowing (to me). I hope it is to you, too.

(See written transcript below the video.)


It’s three in the morning now and I had this very strange dream last night. It was really vivid, too. The most unusual colors I rarely ever use… like red oxide, lots of bronze, golds, some silvers, too.

The vision that I had is really hard to describe. But the moment I start painting it’ll become clearer to me. So let’s just wait and see how it will all unfold in the end.

All I’m feeling is this bronze fog… and this intense buzzing feeling. Each and every brush stroke is making a different sound. I may not be able to duplicate the sound. Actually, I can not duplicate it. But I can with colors in a rough way.

I don’t see sharp light… just translucent luminosity.

I just felt like I needed to place a strange form. It feels so light.

With more lines added… I’m smelling something strange. At this point I’m starting to get headaches from this intense fragrance.

All intertwined with sound and color… the more I paint, the more I’m journeying into this world. These forms are interacting and pulling me into this unexplainable synchronicity of sensations.

It is not just this macro world with these giant forces of the universe… but, at the same time, the same thing is happening on a molecular level. It feels like I’m in the middle of this time and space explosion.

…I just need to add a few more touches… it’s almost completed… I feel relaxed…

It’s just the way I saw it. The creation of an intricate time and space tapestry.

Wow, I really thought I was going to finish this in a day or so. But it’s been a week already. I always miscalculate time.

In this painting I felt like I was part of this macro and micro world at the same time. In some measures I felt like… like the vital movements of the universe have been… have been finally captured.

I always enjoy signing, but, for this particular painting…  it can be done even without my signature. But, for now… I’ll sign “From All of Us“… because we are all part of the same amazing, transforming universe.






13 thoughts on ““Entanglement” ~Akiane Kramarik

  1. My first visceral response was that I was looking at ‘the grid’, the energy field that surrounds every soul…macro and micro…holding all that is, with the potential to form all that can be. Many thanks for this beautiful sharing of her vision! Mary McGinnis

    • Yes! I was there just today.

      You know, I felt called to do some Googling on Akiane today and eventually ran across this – what I have in this post. Synchronistic-ly, it was just posted three days ago 😉

  2. I’ve been a fan of hers since she was a child and it’s been a very interesting journey. She is describing the changes and the physical symptoms we are feeling with the constant sounds that ring in the ears as the frequency modulates . Brilliant .

  3. Akiane is an incredibly gifted artist. She is evidence that there is something more – to me the reincarnation explanation fits best. She was brought up in an atheist household – her mother was from the former Soviet Bloc where they’d suppressed the church and her father was a lapsed Catholic. Yet from an early age she was having dreams and visions of Jesus and heaven.

    That cannot possibly be explained by upbringing. It seems hard to believe that it could be in the genes. She must have brought a developed psychic awareness into this life. I wonder what her past life history is. Maybe she was a contemplative monk or nun who painted in the monastery while having spiritual experiences and is now bringing that to a wider audience?

  4. I just learned something from this painting –the light and the dark so beautiful forming something and yet nothing at the same time.

    Whenever we see talent or Gift in another individual and feel bad about a seeming lack in our own gifts it means we are being invited to remember that these individuals are connected to us and are there to not only share divine gift, but to be enjoyed as if it were our own gift. As if God Himself created that person and gift for us personally. Because He did. And that each human being is there to be enjoyed for all that they provide.

    Everything is a give and take, light and dark, provide and receive. If we’ve ever felt like we didn’t have gifts to offer, we should remember that in that moment it is a perfect time to RECEIVE the Gifts God is surrounding us with.❤

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