My Ever After Chronicles (Part 2)

AngelicView: I am very pleased to announce that IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies) has just published a brand new video featuring Carol Vengroff as the interviewee. Her NDE can be found in Part 1 of this series and was originally posted on NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation).

She was 12 years old when she had her NDE, and she felt as if she had frozen to death in her home when the power went out on one cold winter night. She met up with her grandfather, who in real (3d) life she had never met. But there she knew exactly who he was. Carol also met Jesus and had nice conversations with him. She explains that Jesus is just one of the masters there – and just one of the ones who have walked the Earth. Jesus, however, is the one that she was the most excited to see.

Carol relates to what “evil” is and why it exists. She discusses the Vatican and Pope Francis briefly. Then at the end of the video, Carol tells us that she has been guided to start a Facebook Page called Heaven101 where people are invited to ask questions about heaven or the near-death experience – or anything that falls into that type of category where she might have some higher knowledge – and then she will personally answer those questions on the page. Here is an example of a question and her answer that was posted today:

Question: Is the Bible a perfect doctrine from past, present and future or just stories and opinions written by men who wanted to control humanity?

Answer: About the Bible, the answer is YES to your question. I feel, and this is on a soul level, that the Bible is more than we realize. First of all, there are many missing books that are now coming “to light” and tell a very different account. Though many of the stories are taken from narratives that were passed down orally, and some are said to be parables, I suspect most have origins based on true events. They are all a way to explain the un-explainable to mankind. I believe that much of the intent of the original message has been lost in translation and yes, in some cases, certain key words and phrases were chosen over other possible interpretations . I also believe if we go to the Bible in earnest prayer and use our heart/spiritual discernment, there will be answers. On a soul level, we all know the truth. I believe our hearts, our spirits hold the true answers because….. we all came from “heaven”. This is what my “Heaven 101” project is about. Connecting to our true self, our light within, connecting to GOD. I suspect you are doing this already. By the time we are three or four years old, most of us start to forget who we really are. Our hearts, our lights, our spirits slowly get dimmed with layer upon layer of religious mandates, cultural indoctrination’s, social rules, family influences…etc What I encountered when I returned from my NDE, was frustration with aligning what I experienced in Heaven, with what I read in the Bible and was told in church & Sunday School. At point in my life, I am at peace with all this. I now understand . I would be happy to talk to you in depth about this if and when you would like to know why this is my truth. Again, thank you for asking this very important question. Sending you love, light and gratitude. Carol

(AV) Carol has teamed up with an author and news anchor, Kelly Lang, to publish these questions and answers in a new book in the future by the same title (“Heaven 101”).

So I went to her Facebook Page and quickly realized that I had already “liked” it previously! I had no idea it was her that ran the page. What a great synchronicity is that? So, just so you know, I may follow up with this story line and post in future posts on AngelicView some of the more intriguing and enlightening questions and answers as they roll in. But if you’d like to follow her on Facebook, then just click the link provided above.

Now, on to the video:


2 thoughts on “My Ever After Chronicles (Part 2)

  1. That was such an interesting story! Also I can relate to her experiences about Jesus. I always had this feeling that I had a past life with him and that’s why he has always felt so close to me, but not really in any Christian way. In a spiritual way. I also love the “Spiritual” computer surfer”-description from the first part. Ha, sounds like me. 🙂

    • So glad you liked it CoL. Carol tells me she feels the same way. (She is the author.) After sending her a link to her two stories on AngelicView – this was her reply:

      ” Hi Shannon! Thank you for your amazing post on Angelicview, for your support and for how YOU are showing up . Thank you for enlightening hearts and encouraging the light beings that we are, to ask questions, explore and re-connect to the family that we have always been. Our efforts to share our truths, have begun in earnest by working (playing) together, and assisting each other, and getting the information out to the world. One by one, we are starting to wake up and remember who we really are, and why we are here at this time. The transformation is happening. So many of us, at long last, have places to come to that resonate within and ring true. Keep up the excellent job you are doing and let me know how I can assist. I am here for you. Sending you love, light, gratitude, blessings and hugs. C”

      I am so glad she is happy with my sharing of her story.

      I, too, feel some kind of strong connection to Jesus. I even have felt that he has personally visited me before.

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