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F*ck The Law of Attraction – Teal


AngelicView: I am posting this in the video and the written form. I’ll post the written form first and the video down below for those who would like to watch/listen.

There is a lot of internet discussion going on about this video by Teal Swan.

She says that the Law of Attraction is real – but there’s more to it then people realize.

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“I Was Overwhelmed by My Own Power of Mind”


AngelicView: This is an STE (Spiritually Transformative Event) from a woman who was very ill with a genetic illness that lead to other health conditions. An STE could be an NDE (Near-Death Experience) or an OBE (Out of Body Experience) in this case. It’s hard to say in most cases of STE’s what really happened. But the take-away for that person is that the experience completely transforms their life and/or their views on life. That is what it did for Malla.

I glanced up on the large clock on the wall beside me. 02.45. I must have dozed off.

Days and nights seemed to blend into each other as my need for sleep grew more and more inevitable. Pain had become my only friend. I really had no expectations left of recovery. I was done. Out of sheer exhaustion, I whispered, ‘Father, I can’t do this anymore.’ In my heart, I made this final exclamation to both, God and my earthly father.  I closed my eyes and sunk into a deep sleep.

For a long time it felt as though I was floating. The pain started to release its grip on my weary body. ‘Thank you God’, I whispered as I drifted away on the bed of painlessness. Finally, I was free.  The dark comfortable sleep slowly began to release its grip on my consciousness and images started to form inside mind’s eye.  They were pleasant, soothing images of tranquil environments. I saw small waves gently caress a shore and a small yellow bird sitting on the branches of a beautiful blooming pine tree. 

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I Command the Universe

AngelicView:  I’d like to share with you today this NDE in which the experiecer tells us that she is one of the Beings that helped to Create the Solar System that we now find ourselves living in. (I imagine that many of us may be in the collective of the group who helped to birth our Solar System, and many other Cosmic Places). 

Find out her interesting way of using the Law of Attraction, knowing as she does, that she helped to create the Universe from which the Law is spawned.

I found myself floating, like in a cloud.  There were no buildings, no structures, just light and love. I was so wonderfully well!  All of my pain and worries just melted away. I was being bathed in love.  All of a sudden, I noticed movement to my left.  It was a light coming towards me. As I looked at it, I noticed that this light was a being, a Being of Light!  As this Being of Light was approaching me I started experiencing all kinds of images in my mind.  At first I thought he/she was communicating with me telepathically but then I realized, all these images were memories, my memories.  I was remembering who I really am.  (It was like an amnesiac who regains his/her memory).  I had total recall of who I really was.  I was this old, old being, who had always existed.  I was wise and loving.  I remember knowing everything.  Not so much from an intellectual point of view.  I knew what it was like to be a flower, to be an animal, to be an insect.  All the knowledge of the universe was inside my being. I no longer felt as a separate individual.  I felt as if I was part of a collective consciousness.  I sense billions and billions of beings and we were all One.  The feeling of oneness on the other side is amazing!

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Bentinho Massaro: Law of Attraction vs Non-Duality


AngelicView: Let me tell you, I love this guy! Well, maybe not in the way you think 😉

I love his mind and his heart – his teachings. I have more on this site by Bentinho Massaro. I’ll see if I can dig them up for you in case you are interested. But first – just a few explanations about what you are about to hear in this approximately 15 minute video.


Law of Attraction” means what you focus on in life comes to you – you create your own reality by envisioning what you want, matching the vibration of that, and then letting the Universe bring it to you.

Non-Duality” is the concept that there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” – all just “is”.

Given these two different concepts, it seems that they can contradict each other. But Bentinho explains to us that they really do not. Both can exist in harmony with each other.

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The NDE and the Law of Attraction


AngelicView: This wonderful article with links was put together by an anonymous contributor to NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) who describes him or her self as “D”. I added in some extras. The original article can be found here.

The Near Death Experience Talks about the Law of Attraction

Another thing supportive of the law of attraction is how consistently time is viewed as an illusion.

I shot out of my body at an incredible speed enveloped in a golden light. Suddenly I was in a void. The void was microscopic and infinitely huge at the same time. It was the most soothing color of brown or gray. I’ve never seen a color like it on earth. I felt completely at home and comforted–both peaceful and ecstatic at the same time.  

Then I heard a voice that was louder than anything I’d ever heard before. It was so loud it should have hurt my ear drums. But it didn’t. It was soothing. It said, “EVERYTHING IS NOW.” And with those words came a sudden understanding so huge, so great, so infinite. I understood everything all at once…

And not only that, but every possible outcome for every possible situation that could ever happen is happening at the same time. At this very moment. At every moment. ~Linda U 

A key tenet of the law of attraction is that we should assume the feeling of our desire fulfilled and live it now. Even Jesus taught it:

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer,  believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (ESV)

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If We Create Our Own Reality, How Do You Explain Suffering?

By Teal Scott

TealScott2Suffering is the biggest issue for those of us who are trying to align with the spiritual truth of  “you create your own reality” and “the purpose of your life is joy”. And who blames us? Who the hell could say that the child who was kidnapped and raped created their own reality and live with themselves? How could we say that life is about joy when people are losing their loved ones to cancer or war?

Our entire reality is being arranged around us like a 360 degree mirror reflection of our thoughts. Our senses perceive this reflection and translate it into a physical experience for us. And so, you can think of it like a learning hologram. When we are born, we know we create our own reality by virtue of what we are paying attention to. This is why it is so easy for babies to ignore you. But pretty soon, we get more flack for ignoring things we do not want to pay attention to than we do for paying attention to them, and the minute we pay attention to them, they begin to manifest in our reality. And we feel like victims. We forget that we create our own reality. 

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Teal Scott: How Can It Be?

AngelicView: Yes! Yes! Yes! And Yes!  (Okay, I’ll calm down now). Many thanks to Teal Scott for this wonderful article. 🙂



How can spiritual teachers say that everything (even our deepest pain) comes to bless us? Why do we worry if we know it creates bad things for us? And how can it be that spiritual teachers can simultaneously say that we are all one, while at the same time saying that we create our own individual realities where no one can impose themselves upon us? It is because of how the physical dimension was designed!
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Deliberate Attraction Series

AngelicView: Lilou Mace Interviews Michael Losier, the author of the Best-Selling Book, “Law of Attraction”.  Thanks to one of my lovely Facebook friends for bringing this series to my attention. 🙂

In these interviews published in 2010, Michael helps Lilou attract to her life the “Juicy Living Tour”, and as we all know, she did do that in 2011!

I think this is something we all need to become masters of – like, now 😉 and I had so much fun watching these videos and applying them to my life. I found myself laughing and clapping along with Lilou!

Some of these videos are longer and some are shorter, so just sit back and take one video a day, if you like, to improve your use of the Law of Attraction.

Video #1 

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