Beyond Our Sight

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AngelicView: This short independent documentary (“documentary” always sounds boring, right? I don’t think it was boring, though 😉  ) which chronicles a few people’s very interesting NDE’s, touches on Mediums, and has some science thrown in, too. (One is a scientist who had an NDE and became a medium as a result.)

I’m going to throw in a BONUS video below that. That one is Carol Lynn Vengroff’s story of her NDE and what she learned from it. This was one of the many things shared on the AngelicView Facebook Group and Carol’s super story is here on AngelicView, titled “My Ever After Chronicles“.

Both of these come highly recommended from me, if you are interested in the subject.

Video Description: Can we survive death ? What is the nature of our consciousness ?
“Beyond Our Sight” is an independant documentary that talks
about near-death experiences, human consciousness,
and the possibility of communication with other dimensions.


Video Description: Near-death experiencer Carol Lynn Vengroff talks to South Bay IANDS about her experience on the “other side” as outlined in her book “My Ever After Chronicles.

2 thoughts on “Beyond Our Sight

  1. Thanks again AV. I have scheduled this for a re-post on

    I think this sort of thing is getting a bit of attention lately after that scientific study that took four years to complete which is coming up on a few sites out there who are reporting on it.

    • Thanks for the share Laron – I appreciate it.

      I am so glad that these phenomenon is being studied more now in scientific circles. It won’t be long now before the scientific community is on-board with more studies. Science and Spirituality will come together – sooner than later, I believe 🙂

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