Children Rescued by Guardian Angels

AngelicView: I love-love-love this story!

This school is taken hostage by a pair and the teachers and school children are piled into one classroom. A bomb goes off in the room and… well, you’ll see. The kids are now young adults and they have come forward to tell their stories on what they saw and perceived on that day.



4 thoughts on “Children Rescued by Guardian Angels

  1. A remarkable testimony of angelic intervention, what many people never realise if they have never been near a bomb blast is that the percussion wave goes right through your body even at a good 100 yard distance. To be in close proximity of a few yards that percussion wave is enough to stop your heart or turn your vitals to mush. No way can anyone survive a blast like that

    • Thank you, Frank. I didn’t know that. I can picture several “other-dimensional beings” surrounding the bomb in the center of the room and guarding the kids and teachers with their bodies.

    • That question is a very easy one to answer. Your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides are all around you all the time. They can see you but you just cannot see them. They may not answer your inquiries in words that you can hear with your ears, but they do answer in other ways – if you pay close attention 🙂

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