Pennies From Heaven (Part 1) The Library

The Akashic Records

By AngelicView

A penny all by itself isn’t worth very much. But if we save them up, after a while we find that we have a lot of pennies – and they add up.

Similarly, when you read a certain idea in an NDE (Near Death Experience) story, it adds a penny to your bank of ideas. Then, if you go back and research (and I’ve done hours and hours of research on this one) you might find that those little droplets of information might add up to a complete whole dollar – or more.

Since we only get tiny little glimpses and bits of a view of Heaven from NDE’s – like a penny – I think it’s pretty cool when I can do research on a certain facet and come up with more of a whole picture.

This article series will take a look at “places” in Heaven. When I talk about places, I mean buildings or structures. After each story, I’m going to put this symbol: “⇒”, and if you click on that symbol it will be a link to that person’s NDE story. I hope you enjoy….


The most talked-about place on the other side of the veil is hands-down… the Library.

Donald: As we moved on I realized the area around us had changed and I was aware of a glowing building, for lack of better words, and as we moved I was aware that I thought it must be a library because people were reading and learning. 

Dr. George Ritchie: Next we walked through a library the size of the whole University of Richmond. I gazed into rooms lined floor to ceiling with documents on parchment, clay, leather, metal, paper. ‘Here,’ the thought occurred to me, ‘are assembled the important books of the universe.’ Immediately I knew this was impossible. How could books be written somewhere beyond the Earth! But the thought persisted, although my mind rejected it. ‘The key works of the universe,’ the phrase kept recurring as we roamed the domed reading rooms crowded with silent scholars. Then abruptly, at the door to one of the smaller rooms, almost an annex: ‘Here is the central thought of this Earth.’ 

Sam: I went into this room bathed in gold white light that reminded me of a library. There was this entity (who I believe was my God) sitting at a large table that looked like an architecture table. I was below the table looking up at this entity. He looked down at me and said. “What are you doing here? When I want you I will come and get you. Now go back.” Then he stuck out his foot and kicked me in the head. His foot had a sandal on it that looked to be made out of an old tire. The next thing I remember then is looking eye ball to eye ball at the doctor. 

Betty Eadie: I was taken to a large room similar to a library. As I looked around it seemed to be a repository of knowledge, but I couldn’t see any books. Then I noticed ideas coming into my mind, knowledge filling me on subjects that I had not thought about for some time – or in some cases not at all. Then I realized that this was a library of the mind. By simply reflecting on a topic, as I had earlier in Christ’s presence, all knowledge on that topic came to me. I could learn about anybody in history – or even in the spirit world – in full detail. 

Diane Goble (“Anyone Can See the Light“): I suddenly found myself in front of a tall cone-shaped building; so tall, it seemed to go on forever. I was told this was the Hall of Knowledge. I entered the building and flew, spiraling upwards, through what appeared to be shelves of books, like in a library, many millions of books, and I flew through them all. When I reached the top, I burst through it into a kaleidoscope of colors and, at the same time, my head popped out of the water. I was down river about 10 yards from the raft. 

Rachel: I was “shown” a place or can I say a presence. This is very difficult for me to describe. It was a vast intelligence. A place where all that has ever been known, all things that are known now, and all things that will ever be known was present. Like a huge library of truth and knowledge. These were things known by man but so much more unknown to man. It was vast, endless. I thought to myself ” no human could stand in front of this, we are too small, unable to comprehend this “. But I am here, I see this. I felt humbled beyond words. 

Alan: At first I was taken up through the tunnel into a place of learning (library) into the glorious light at the one end of this almost infinite tunnel. While in the light I experienced great feelings of elation, love and peace. Here I was shown great events that were to come to planet earth, sometime in the future. (AV: But he could not bring those details back with him. He was shown a tsunami and a hurricane which he says could have been Katrina.

Edgar Cayce: As I pass on [through the tunnel], there is more light and movement in what appear to be normal cities and towns. With the growth of movement I become conscious of sounds, at first indistinct rumblings, then music, laughter, and singing of birds. There is more and more light, the colors become very beautiful, and there is the sound of wonderful music. The houses are left behind; ahead there is only a blending of sound and color. Quite suddenly I come upon a Hall of Records. It is a hall without walls, without ceiling, but I am conscious of seeing an old man who hands me a large book (which he calls the ‘Book of Life’), a record of the individual for whom I seek information. 

Jean (“The City of God“): I was shown a library…filled with gold covered books. These are the lives of people on earth where their life plan is laid out and what they hope to achieve through certain key experiences. From what I was shown, people have free choice as to how to get to these preset key experiences. They can take a meandering path of experiences or a more direct route, but there are certain events that are preset and will happen…no matter what. Each of those key events are benchmarks and one’s reactions to them will show how much they have learned and what more needs to be done, or learned. 

Ethel: They showed me a huge area that sort of reminded me of a library. They told me that it was one of the learning areas, where people were waiting to see where they would be sent. I understood they were preparing to come back here to earth. 

Karen Brannon: I was in a library in an ethereal temple or atrium, similar to ancient Greek or Roman villas. Everything was airy and light. I had the impression that there were other souls studying in the next room. I gathered all this information instantaneous. While I was getting the information of the library and school at the temple, I was aware of a very tall Master or Spiritual Guide with long white robe, and long white hair and beard. 

William: There were stars all around, a groaning sound, I was cold, I also felt absolute bliss. I had a body, but it didn’t have definition, a hand but no fingers, legs and feet, but no toes. Somehow I was drawn to this area where I could see life forms of all kinds, some even looked like elephants. They kept passing in front of me until a dark haired, human being stopped in front of me and introduced himself as my entrance into the records of all time, everything that has ever happened, or is going to happen. The library of all existing knowledge for all of Gods creatures. He shared all kinds of information with me, and even let me see other lifetimes I will be experiencing. 

Jill: I continued on to a library of sorts. (I’ve since been to this library three times). There were small groups of people or spirits (?) in individual rooms called “pods”. In these rooms the spirits or people, were planning their next life or reincarnation. I continued on with a (person, spirit, being ?) who was dressed in a monk gown. We went into the library where he proceeded to show me where the volumes of books were located that contained information on my various lives. He started to open a huge book called “The Book of Knowledge”, when a higher up in the chain of beings came forth. He informed the individual with whom I was with, that I knew too much. And that he was to stop, and not open this book. The monk said that he wanted to show me where I came from, as well as three other members of my family. The picture was of a galaxy. And, he did point out were we came from. All different locations in fact. 

G. Bryan: It was then that the “being” spoke to me (through a voice directly inside my head). It asked me if I would be willing to provide it some assistance. Before I had finished forming the thought “certainly” in my head both of us were transported to a dimensionlessly vast library (or so it appeared to me at the time). . The “being” spoke to me again, giving me a list of the things it wanted me to do research on in the library.

The “being” departed and I went into the library and began the required research, . But not by going from book to book as you might expect. I went into the building and sat in a smallish room in front of a computer terminal which responded to my thoughts. Information on whatever topic I was looking under would appear and scroll past at the perfect (for me) reading speed. 

Damien Spaulding: I navigated around for a second or two at the speed of thought and realized in the distance there was an open library. A library in the sky without walls … In a blink of an eye, I was within the confines of this learning area and I came to the understanding that this area contained all of the answers of the universe. I was so elated! I opened myself to the knowledge gate and answers began to play through my mind like the pictures in the movie The Lawnmower Man. I saw pictures and diagrams of our entire universe being created and all the fabrics within it. I began to see wisdom and knowledge of man and spirit. I even saw Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and understood holes in the theory because true spirituality had the real answers (They were big). I began to truly understand everything and it was bliss. I wanted to take all of the knowledge I could back with me, but I knew that this knowledge was knowledge of the spirit and could not be taken back into my little material brain. I would have to stay dead and be with God in order to keep it forever and I wanted that. I was enjoying myself so greatly. I wanted to stay for a long time. 

Penny: We eventually arrived in a large room that looked like a library. This room was huge — coliseum scale — with bookcases and books everywhere – floor to ceiling. I had a sense that this library “room” essentially went on forever, with unending nooks and crannies. As my grandfather talked to me we were able to “float” up to higher levels in the great library. As we “floated” along, my grandfather was pulling volumes off of shelves and skimming text. I was astounded by this because I *knew* my grandpa could not read. I began asking him questions and he told me that all things would be revealed to me in time, but this was not my time. 

(Continued in Part 2)






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