Follow The Light and You Can’t Be Wrong


AngelicView: This young man, named Geddy, has had an experience during his sleep that tops many Near Death Experiences (NDE’s). Whether you call it an NDE, and OBE, or a Lucid Dream doesn’t really matter. The fact is that he learned seemingly first-hand some of the secrets of Life which went on to change his life and his view of life, and he made this video to tell us about it.

I did have some trouble hearing him until I plugged in my headphones and turned up the volume – then no problems at all.

He begins by introducing himself and tells us what his religious/philosophical background is. Then he tells us that he had never had any kind of supernatural experience before this one. He says that he doesn’t go to sleep in order to lucid dream or prophesize, or for any other reason than to rest and rejuvenate his body.

If you are short on time and would like to skip to the part where he talks about his experience (which I would call a Spontaneous OBE or SOBE) then skip to the 9 minute mark.

“All of my hardships in life will only make me wiser in judgement, sharper in understanding, stronger in spirit, and more conscious of the working hand of the creator in all things. Every time I was lied to, rejected, abused, neglected, betrayed, ridiculed, mocked, harassed, and otherwise left to die, the thing that has kept me going all these years is the existential love of ultimate purpose to endure for the highest good imaginable. That mission lives on in me and no church, corporation, politician, family member, co-worker, or man on the street will ever have to power to have me relinquish it. To advance to my greatest potential conceivable, my goal is to possess the intellectual curiosity of a thousand children with the idealistic ambition of ten-thousand teenagers and the meticulous wisdom of a million centenarians; to make the most of all things for you are only here on Earth for a time and eternity rests on the chances and growth you experience during this life.

In the end, between this life and the next, we will all be soaring through the vast dark tunnel at the speed of light to find our destination. Follow the light and you can’t be wrong. Love for God and grace will bring you there. Trust me, I’ve been there and seen it. Prepare now for that time.”

(AV) Just one more note – I don’t agree with one of the things he says in this video. I’m not going to give my opinion here, though, because I bet most of you will already know when he says it, alarm bells may go off for you.

I cannot get his video to embed. It’s possible that it may be related to his own You Tube privacy settings, I’m not sure. So click the link just below to watch 🙂

Link to Video


One thought on “Follow The Light and You Can’t Be Wrong

  1. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented:
    There are some important ideas in this video. It got me thinking, and I will write a post about it soon. What stuck out most is that people’s death bed regret is that they played it safe instead of following their dreams.

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