Reflections on God and the Afterlife: The Groundbreaking New Evidence for God and Near-Death Experience by Jeffrey Long and Paul Perry

Tricia Barker

godandtheafterlifeGod and the Afterlife: The Groundbreaking New Evidence for God and Near-Death Experience by Jeffrey Long and Paul Perry is a fantastic book if you are even somewhat curious about conclusions that can be drawn from examining over 3,000 different accounts of near death experiences.

For some reason, I only recently discovered the NDERF website .  This website allows NDEers to submit their own accounts of their experience and requires them to answer specific questions.  These particular questions allowed the researchers to compare and contrast various experiences and helped in the formation of this book.  I can certainly see how it would be both a long project and an inspiring one to examine so many of these accounts, and I’m grateful to the authors for examining this topic in such great depth.  I will have to create another post for some of my favorite moments in the book, but I…

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5 thoughts on “Reflections on God and the Afterlife: The Groundbreaking New Evidence for God and Near-Death Experience by Jeffrey Long and Paul Perry

  1. Have you delved into Dr Kenneth Ring’s Omega Project. Studies of the NDE-OBE in 10,s of thousands of cases. Dr Elizabeth Kubler Ross was also involved. Dr Ring’s conclusions are summarized quite well on this website.
    Two of my several NDE “events” are in one of his studies .The questions raised in both Dr Ring’s studies and Dr John Mack, of Harvard Psychiatry on the “abduction phenomena” are pointing at the same phenomena we experience in these happenstance brushes with death.
    I also think Dr Joseph Chilton Pierce, “Crack in the Cosmic Egg” is relevant to the looming human crises.
    Our circumstance can be a razor thin line between dimensions. I think that is a large part of the unresolvable “ptsd” in folks who have experienced that separation, however brief, into and out of body. Living in two or even several dimensions at the same time. Makes it difficult sometimes to function in a social construct which considers the resulting behaviour “abnormal’ and requiring chemistry.
    The question is metaphysical and hints at the inherent power of the human mind. Threads of the Shamanic: some of our Hunter-gatherer ancestors understood that power . The dominant civilization and culture has separated us from what was common knowledge. I suspect that could be intentional. Dr Ring believes that hints at an evolutionary event unfolding within us.

    • Hi Ronald! Yes, I absolutely love that website you have linked to! I think I have read every word on it and recommend it to everyone! However, I can’t say that I’ve delved into the Omega Project any deeper than that. I think it would definitely be something I’d love to learn more about.

      Since you have mentioned Dr. John Mack’s research into the abduction phenomena and Dr. Pierce’s “Crack in the Cosmic Egg”, I see I have some additional studying to do!

      I always love to learn new things and, in turn, share some of the most interesting things I learn with the people who come to visit AngelicView. I really appreciate your suggestions.

      I am enjoying watching this evolutionary event unfolding within the humans of the world – however creeping ever so slowly!

      Have a beautiful day ❤

  2. Something told me to stop and say hello to you. I ended listening to this audiobook very quickly. Jeffery Long’s other book is now on my wishlist, but I have spent enough money on books this month that I need to wait until November. I have audible and have been returning books that I thought I would like, but didn’t end up liking, so much that I now need to chat with customer service to get refunds for books I cannot manage to finish. If I finish a book I give it 5 stars. This book was finished in 1-2 days and have 5 stars. I have an interesting collection of audiobooks… as you can imagine from my interests.

    • That’s awesome PNF – I’m so glad you liked it so much. I really respect his research and have used many of his case studies for the stories here. I’m glad you stopped by to say hello and update me on that 🙂

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