Drawing Heaven ~ Part 2

"Life Maze" by Akiane Kramarik

“Life Maze” by Akiane Kramarik

By AngelicView

My original “Drawing Heaven” article focused completely on Akiane Kramarik, back in 2012. While her artwork is out-of-this-world stunning, there are other artists out there, too, who make attempts to Draw Heaven based on their near-death experiences. So in this article, I’m going to show some of them, too. I’ll save Akiane’s newer works for the end πŸ™‚

*Disclaimer – I am not trying to steal anyone’s artwork. I am only trying to share it with my readers. Every heading will reflect the name of the artist and will also serve as a link to the website where I found the art and information. If you see your art here and you do not want it here, please contact me and I will promptly remove it from AngelicView. Thank you. And thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

Orit Martin

Ms. Martin’s artwork really speaks to me. I originally found her artwork on Near Death Experience Research Foundation’s (NDERF’s) website, so I assume it’s post NDE. Here are Ms. Martin’s welcoming words on her website:

My paintings stem from a journey of the soul searching for spiritual light and are an attempt to open windows for other dimensions of purity, refinement and holiness.

"Path of Light" Orit Martin

“Path of Light” Orit Martin

"Awakening" Orit Martin

“Awakening” by Orit Martin

"The Secret" by Orit Martin

“The Secret” by Orit Martin

There are many more wonderful artworks in her gallery. Just click on the heading to go to her website.

Pip Taylor

According to this article, Pip Taylor was a terrible artist before her NDE. She tried to draw faces and they didn’t look right at all. In the article, it shows one of her “before” drawings. But after her NDE, she became a really awesome artist. While I didn’t find any instances of her Drawing Heaven, I did want to share a couple of her drawings here.

Pip TaylorPip Taylor 2Pip Taylor 1Β Darlene Jamman

Darlene made this video of her paintings of Heaven at the IANDS conference in 2014.


Akiane Kramarik

Akiane has not claimed to have had an NDE – that I know of. Many people have asked her where her visions have come from and she does not answer (I’m sure she’s a very busy young woman). However, on her Wikipedia page, it says that “God spoke to her at the age of four”. Interesting to take note that her parents were atheists at the time and she didn’t know about God or anything spiritual, according to herself and her parents. Here are some of her most recent works (in addition to the image at the top of this post). Please visit her gallery for more.

"The Island" Akiane Kramarik, age 17

“The Island” by Akiane Kramarik, age 17

Β “When I was young, I often returned to one special place.

There the roots were intertwined along with all the creatures on the island. In the distance, stood a transparent pyramid. I cannot remember its purpose. The giants (a cross between: animal, plant and spirit, reaching to some forty feet tall) gifted me with a transparent seedling for growing, nurturing and teaching. During my last visit, I replanted it right on the arch by the waterfall.” ~Akiane Kramarik

"Regeneration" by Akiane Kramarik

“Regeneration” by Akiane Kramarik, age 18

"Unveiled" by Akiane Kramarik, age 18

“Unveiled” by Akiane Kramarik, age 18

Infinite Perspective - Akiane

“Infinite Perspective” by Akiane Kramarik, age 13

“Each and every one of us is part of the infinite perspective seeing reality through our own individual awareness.

Without one of our views there wouldn’t be absolute fulfillment and completeness” ~Akiane Kramarik

9 thoughts on “Drawing Heaven ~ Part 2

  1. Every visit to this site is inspirational and expansive…as if we were meant to find these guideposts along our journey, leading us to the truths we seek! Much love to all the seekers, and infinite gratitude to the way showers….let us all never stop realizing the co creative power that is gifted to us, however we choose to use it.

  2. The Near Death Experience creates one of the most intriguing conundrums of our time. As does past life memories. The stories and art work are powerful enough to rank as first class evidence, there is only one piece missing that being the in between times and the identity of the ‘Elders’ who shepherd souls to this world and sometimes escort them out. We are approaching a moment when a new spiritual reality could be born perhaps one based on evidence rather than faith or hear say.

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