Inner Senses: Life in Death



AngelicView: Here is an amazing NDE story from a woman called Jo. She had an ordinary life, until her Spirit Form decided it wanted to be out of body a few times. After that, there was no going back to “ordinary life”. From her website (titled, “Inner Sensing“) :

“1983 was a pivotal year. Up until then I was an average wife, mom and Corporate America executive. Suddenly, that year, I was thrust into three spontaneous out-of-body projections and a subsequent near-death-experience. The obe’s (as I later learned they were called) were completely foreign and terrifying. I had no idea what was happening to me. All I knew was that periodically I would suddenly become aware of myself hovering in the corner of the ceiling as I looked down upon my sleeping body. As an intelligent, fairly accomplished adult, I could only surmise that perhaps I was in the initial stages of some form of mental illness.

Later that year, after having experienced three out of body projections, I had a near death experience. As you might guess, it changed my life forever. Never again could I settle for a mundane, strictly physical existence. During the NDE I had been shown that, ideally, consciousness is capable of depths of experience far beyond that of common linear physicality.

As a result of what I learned during the NDE, the next fifteen years were spent exploring and actively challenging the boundaries of consciousness. I pursued metaphysical adventure with a zest. The resulting out of body projections, precognition, telepathy, shared dreams, and so much more, added enormous richness and dimension to my life…

One of the clear messages received during the NDE was that we each have the inherent capability to access largely untapped dimensions of guidance and insight. These inner dimensions and senses are our biological heritage. They marry intuition and intellect in a manner that enriches life exponentially. It is simply a matter of changing focus and developing these new inner sense muscles.”

(AV) I encourage you to visit her website to read her other stories – and she says she’ll be adding more as time goes on.

Below I will post her NDE story (as posted on NDERF) and below that I will post a few questions that were submitted to her (including one from myself) with her answers. I thank you so much, Jo, for sharing your story with us all for our greater learning and understanding.

° ♥ °

Since childhood I have had a propensity toward sudden, extreme loss of blood pressure. The condition is commonly known as vasovagal syncope and it normally results in a brief fainting spell. As I grew older my body decided to dress it up a bit by adding volatile vomiting and seizures to the mix. This condition was the impetus for the NDE.

On the day of the near death experience I had just gotten into bed for the evening. My husband stood in the bathroom brushing his teeth, preparing to retire to bed. Suddenly a huge wave of nausea rose in me, I began to vomit, and the world went dark.

When I recovered consciousness I was only vaguely aware of moving out of a dim corridor and becoming nestled inside of a brilliant white light.

As my awareness increased it became apparent that this white light was a ‘knowing’ light. It seemed to be in love with me, amused at me, and intimately knowledgeable of every nuance of my being.

Holy smokes!” I thought, “What in the world is going on?” Okay. Admittedly I cleaned up the thought for you. But imagine my absolute puzzlement when one minute I’m lying down in my bed, the next minute I am floating around inside of a beautiful, aware white light.

It was 1983. Out of bodies and near death experiences were not in my vernacular. I had, three times within the last eight months, found myself hovering by the ceiling as I watched myself sleep. Now here I am, cushioned within this white light. Suddenly it hit me with a grave certainty.Angel 8Oh my gosh, I am dead.” It seemed impossible. I was thirty-five years old. Yet I knew it was true.

Things began to happen very rapidly at that point. Time became simultaneous so that I was able to experience a number of strings of events at the same time. It would be impossible to relay it all but here are some of the highlights.

Perhaps the most striking initial realization was the absolute AWE, ecstasy and peace that I felt. Never had I imagined that such a feeling of perfection, balance and love existed. It is indescribable, as language is too small to contain an adequate description. In the feeblest of attempts, imagine that absolute peak orgasmic moment when you want to sing out because the pleasure is so intense. Almost too intense to bear. Every part of your being dances with joy. Now stretch that moment of ecstasy out so that every moment is equally filled with love, ultimate pleasure and an absolute sense of the perfection of All.

As I rejoiced in this poetic sensation that the Light was emanating, a channel of communication was occurring. There was no physical voice. Light and I were exchanging thoughts. Not just thoughts, but thoughts that were accompanied by a full range of emotion and depth. It was as if I was experiencing what Light was relaying to me, just as if it had been me having the thought. There was no room for miscommunication because I experienced Light’s information directly. Again, it is difficult to explain. It was a telepathic communion. That is the best I can do.

In one strand I was aware that Light knew me better than I knew myself. Despite any of my foibles, eccentricities, poor decisions and plain old humanness, it loved me to the core. It found the seriousness with which I viewed myself amusing. It seemed to be certain that in the end, all of my problems, hurts, inflicted hurts, and my life in general would be redemptive in the sense that it would ultimately end in love.

In another strand of thought it seemed as if huge amounts of information about the true nature of reality was being introduced. My mind kept seeing, and attempting to absorb, data that was contained on scrolls. A scroll would unroll and the data implant itself in me. Some of it I could comprehend. Much of it was totally above my head. Gibberish. What was clear to me was the overriding message that humans, as units of consciousness, are capable of experiencing reality in ways far beyond what we typically do.

As the data flowed into me I was stunned and completely intrigued with what little of it I could understand. I could not wait to dive in and begin to unravel the information. A huge sense ofAngelGuide purpose and contentment filled me up. Death wasn’t such a bad thing after all! Cool.

Just as I was settling in to my new state of being, an actual voice…deep and male…spoke. “Do you want to go back?”, it asked.

Back, I thought? Back to physical existence? NO! Overwhelmingly, no. I do not want to leave. Those were my immediate thoughts.

As strange as it sounds, the idea of leaving this most joyful realm was incomprehensible. Even though I had a wonderful life with two children and a cherished husband, the thought of being torn away from this absolute perfection was in no way enticing.

Again came the voice. “If you want to go back, concentrate on that sound,” it said.

Sound, I thought. What sound? Curiosity got the best of me and I attempted to locate the sound. As my concentration shifted away from my environment, I heard a faint voice saying my name. It sounded like it was coming from the far end of a very long tunnel.

Straining to hear the noise, I suddenly realized that it was my husband Ed. He was calling for me. I felt an emotional pull towards him, and as quickly as the blink of an eye I was whisked back to my body. 

The next thing I knew I was becoming conscious in my own body, in my own bed. Ed was standing over me, screaming my name. Feeling absolutely lethargic, I muttered a few words to him about the experience and fell asleep.

° ♥ °


Question: do you think that having this experience made you more religious or spiritual, or were you already, or what impact did it have?

Answer: Before this NDE I was not particularly spiritual or religious. During and afterwards, I definitely “saw the Light”. (:

While in the Light I was bombarded, peacefully, with lots of information that needed to be sorted thru. Knowledge that ultimately reshaped my view of the intent of the human experience. Yet while still couched within Light, I clearly felt that this Light is the energy source of all, that it is the foundation from which we emerge, and that Light as the source energy is composed of Love.

It is difficult to articulate how our source energy is Love, but that is how it felt to me. So, yes…the NDE totally altered my worldview.

Question: (This is the one I submitted.) I have read thousands of NDE stories, and one thing that kind of stands out for me as being a commonality among many is that the person who is on the other side of the veil is so happy and wouldn’t dream of coming back – but then it seems they are “forced” or “tricked” into coming back. In your case, I’d say you were “tricked” into coming back because that being asked you to focus on a sound, and you did – but just out of curiosity! Not because you wanted to come back.

So my question is, what do you make of this? I know it can’t be a malevolent force of some kind – who could possibly be a “bad guy” amidst all that Love? Why, in your opinion, do you think some people seem to come back against their true will?

Answer: My personal belief is that it is impossible for anything to happen against our will. I’ll take it a step further and state that I also have come to believe that we each choose, usually subconsciously, the timing of our death.

There are probably a host of reasons that people come back. Perhaps they have more to accomplish, or realize during the NDE that there is further spiritual growth they can attain in the physical realm. In my case, for example, spiritual comprehension was unleashed. I also realized that humans can live a multi-dimensional existance and my return to physical life has allowed me to achieve some degree of success in that arena. The NDE was definitely life altering and changed the course of my physical life.

Because the environment during the NDE is so ultimately perfect, it would be extremely difficult to choose to leave it. I cannot imagine anyone having the strength to pull away, even when that is the best choice for spiritual growth. A triggering mechanism to help pull focus away from the NDE is likely the only way anyone would be capable of returning to their earth life. I suspect that some portion of me signaled that I wasn’t ready to die yet, therefore I was provided with a path to return. I am very grateful.

Question:  I would like to find the meaning of my life, because I don’t feel to fit in any area of my life… and I have the sensation I’m wasting it but I don’t know what to do. I don’t know, maybe someone who has been on the other side can guess what could I do, or maybe not but why not trying? 🙂

Answer: My first observation will be to assure you that because you exist, you have meaning and are fulfilling your purpose. It is that simple. Your unique composition and energy cannot be duplicated by anyone else. Relax into yourself and take it for granted that if you can clear out the cobwebs of doubt, your natural impulses will lead you into the best direction for growth and fulfillment.

No one outside of yourself has your answers. You DO have all of your own answers. Bypass the ego thru mediatation, reading, dream study and so forth. Take time, maybe 30 minutes a day or so, to just chill and put your mind into a brain wave stage that is just pre-sleep. Meditative. Do not establish expectations. Allow thoughts and images to occur spontaneously. Keep written records.These actions will help you access your own psyche (sub and unconscious) in order to glean impulses, insights and guidance especially tailored to your natural talents and inclinations.

Best of luck to you. You are a seeker. Trust that you have not only questions, but answers.

(AV) If you would like to comment on her NDE story or submit a question for her, please visit her website here. Again, thank you so much, Jo, for sharing your experience! 😀



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