I Called Her, “Edan”


AngelicView: I love this NDE – for many reasons. First of all, I love to read about people who have traveled through space during their NDE. I feel as if we have all traveled through space at one time – but we just don’t remember it. Somehow it feels kind of like “home”. Also, as he is traveling through space, he realizes that the celestial objects (planets, for example) are living beings. They are alive. Every NDE which involved travel through space has said this.

When he comes back to his body after this space travel, in which he had encountered an “Eden-like” planet similar to Earth but closer to the center of the galaxy, he wonders how he could help Earth in it’s sorry state of affairs. In the end, he decides that what he can do – is love. I make many of my daily decisions based on that. If I’m not sure what to do or how to handle a situation, I go with love – because I know you can’t go wrong when you live your life with love. And I think that’s what many of these NDE’s are trying to tell us – over and over again. And perhaps this is how we change the world – one person at a time.

Thanks to Gregg for sharing your story.

In synopsis…My experience happened through a very serious, multiple injury hang-gliding accident. I had flown into and repelled by a very massive air column moving upwards that tossed me uphill and backwards into the mountain at a very high rate of speed. It tore off my left tibia and fibula at mid-shin…snapped and separated my right femur at mid-thigh…and broke my back in two places…in the lowest lumbar vertebra.

I was conscious throughout impact…dazed and confused in its aftermath I felt the deep reality I was now in and then found myself outside of my body…Everything was different. It took me some moments passing to realize what had just happened, why did I now feel better than I ever remember feeling…why did I now feel more complete than I before in my now broken…and presumably dead body there on the mountain? Was I now dead?

This concept felt strange beings I had not felt so much life in me as I did just now. “Greetings and welcome home”, the sky called to me, as it pulled me higher into it. All was energy and magnificent in essence, tones and colors. I was deeply humbled by everything’s beauty and purity.

When I reached just outside of Earth…the pulling stopped. I then said my good bye to her, and turned towards the wondrous frontiers that lay there in the body of outer space. I found I could move as fast as I could think, going where ever I wished…and from that point…an incredible journey and lesson began for me.

Outer space…so vast…extremely alive and conscious. I was moving through its tissues at the speed of my thought power…which seemed slow compared to the distance all things were from one another in this huge, rushing like a river Universe I was now penetrating through. Everything glowed, vibrated, and emitted its own sounds. I was now digital compared to the analog I was on Earth’s surface.

Stars with planets started moving by, then I noticed a planet who did not glow, vibrate, or release sound…curious I thought, as this was blowing my new concept of parameters all individual things had. When I noticed a large spiritual life form rocketing through space in the distance. And saw it rush into this planet and remain…it now glowed, vibrated…and greeted its surroundings which included me.

Had I just witnessed the birth of a Planet? This understanding made the glow around me a little brighter, and at the same time made all of me feel a little stronger. This process happened throughout my journey each time I would understand what was being shown. I thought I was going where I wanted…but soon to find out where I was wanting to go…was where something else wanted me to go, too…

My next encounter was an orangish/red planet that had appeared to move into my line of projection…which caught me off guard thinking…I’m sure that planet didn’t move, so my direction must have been changed by ? I greeted this planet, it welcomed me to come to it…and I did.

There I met three other human forms…and was informed that we had all incarnated in the past together…and were once a family. The truth, knowledge, and wisdom they all contained made them look multitudes of light years ahead of me. They showed me basic Universal laws that exist between the physical and spiritual planes, the properties of the Law of Attraction, the responsibilities one has over ones own space in this matrix of existence since everything is truly interconnected…and what ever you do, really does effect All eventually.

This was beyond euphoria…this was all far beyond what I had been taught on Earth in its school system…and made much more sense to me than what my religious studies had ever shown. My stay with these wonderful folks was quite short, but the realities they brought to my conscious were immense.

I was told that there was more happening for me to see…and to prepare to leave them.   Again I felt the upwards pull which left me just outside this like it had before on Earth.   I surveyed the sharp distance around me, looking for what ever it was I was supposed to be looking for…when I saw a large, transparent and rather egg shaped entity approaching me…and it said…”I’m here to show you more”.

It beamed me into it…and took off in literally a flash of light. It was reaching unbelievable velocities  as we Streaked through space that was becoming brighter with fantastically rising strengths of energy and conscious the farther we went. “Where are we going?” I asked. “To within the center of the milky way”, it replied…we are almost there.

Another planet moved into our line of fire…just like the other had…so I knew this was where we were going…and it looked very similar to Earth…I called her, Edan. Indeed, she truly was purely of the garden state. Here the living vessel I was in took me to her surface…and left me standing alone on top of a mesa, with a beautiful valley before me.


My thoughts went to Earth…seeing she must have been at one point in her life as this planet was currently. There was nothing threatening this fantastic orb within the Milky-Way’s center. I knew what was raping Earth to death…my species…and seeing I have lived other lives on her…I too was responsible for adding my share of hurt to her worsening condition.

There on this planet I realized the cancer that’s eating Earth was mankind’s world of Technologies, consumption without care for the host. The greed and false powers of negative corruptions to control everything and everybody. What could I do to help her now…I’m way out here…just a grain in the sand of the beach of forever. But that’s just it, I am a piece of this incredible living Universe, so there must be something I can do?

Then the pull embraced me again…lifting me from the surface to just outside of this gorgeous planet of life and love. I looked at myself now…my glow was much bigger.    Wow…I wonder how fast I can move now? Accelerating faster, faster, faster…the stars all became lines of light…faster, faster, faster…the visual in front of me was like the distance funneled into a hole when I burst into a new realm and perspective. The space and size of things quadrupled…making my motion through it appear to slow down…but I knew I was still gaining speed.

Then suddenly, it happened again…another planet moved into my direction, and there was no mistaking this one…it was Earth! “How did I get here so fast?” I wondered, and began slowing down. Not very far outside of Earth I paused. A Huge voice…felt as big as space itself asked me in an extremely gentle voice…Do you wish to return?

After seeing all this Incredible, totally magnificent plane of existence is real!!! No way. It then reminded me of my wanting to help Earth…and  there was something I could do. There is? I wondered…what can I do…I am so small? Yes, it said…tell people about what you’ve just been shown. That looked easy from here…but how much time has passed? I asked…no response.

There was much to consider…and there was no doubt in my mind, that going back, incarnating again and applying these new concepts into my life if possible, would be a very good idea. I didn’t just jump on this offer…my elation was turning into reluctance. I didn’t want to leave this consciousness.

How was I going to remember all this? Especially if they are teaching kids like they were when I left. May God’s will be done…but this concerned me a lot. I said…OK…I’ll return, and will try to accomplish what you ask of me.

Re-entry was extraordinary to me…and something I never want to forget. My body had surprisingly lived, and I was delighted to see it had. Though it was in Very Bad Condition…I could take it from there…or so I thought.

Anyways…I’m back. This end of it has been physical/mental torture like I’ve never dreamed of. I’ve seen the good, bad, and ugly while trying to make sense of my life here…but knowing the answer  will always abide in love…that’s where I go to search, and what I want my essence to become. All of me.

AngelicView: And now, instead of your beautiful message being buried in a pile of stories, it’s getting out to the world.

27 thoughts on “I Called Her, “Edan”

  1. I love the detail of the memories of the experience.

    I think each of us would have many different experiences depending upon our vibration, belief system and what we existed as before we this life, when having a NDE.

    It brings back memories of my first plant medicine experience with huachuma (san pedro) and what I had happen to me. Oh, and last night I have a distinct memory of being out and about exploring some place (flying/floating) there.. memories are gone… but I know it wasn’t the standard dream during it.

    I wonder if Edan may have been the new earth? =)

    • Ah! There is so much information out there, so hard to keep up on who said what but… I think Tolec said that there is another planet to which people who still wished to experience 3D would go to and it is pristine. Then Dolores Cannon says there’s another planet to go to – isn’t she the one that called it planet B? Also, Jim Self said that they will go to another planet. 😉

  2. I think you probably have a broader view than I, with these planets. Thanks for the info! =)

    I know that Dolores says that those who don’t choose to move to the new earth, or who can’t meet the vibrational level, will still be in the third dimension. I just read through Jum Self’s article which was interesting as it says the third dimension is going completely. But as you mention, Tolec says there’s another planet for this situation… Hmmm!

    On another level, you and I have probably already made a few planets 😉 (or taken part in the process of…)

    • Yes! Jim Self means, I believe, that the 3rd Dimension is going away on Earth.

      And, as far as us making a few planets – yes! Are you psychic? I am working on a piece right now that talks about that very thing. 😉

  3. I think the loss of the third on Earth directly relates to the Earth developing it’s mental auric body as mentioned in my entry here, http://laron-transients.blogspot.com.au/2012/08/a-conscious-earth.html . Just like we can develop additional bodies through Alchemy in the astral or simply through spiritual /vibrational development.

    I have been told I am very psychic and intuitive by so many psychics\mediums, but… I don’t see that my self. My skill is healing. After I posted that, I realised it may sound a bit silly an I was wondering to my self “why did I just say that??’.. but it’s great it makes sense to you.

  4. I can’t turn on comments for that page either, only new stuff now. =)

    I also don’t normally go for channelled stuff. Like I stay away from any channelled books as a general rule. However, it connected up with so many other things and made a whole lot of sense.

    I just finished the video. Shocking seeing my self.

    E.T. jokes have never been the same after reading Dolores material… since I am probably an E.T. 😉

  5. What a wonderful experience, every word of it rings true in a way that uplifts and inspires me. It illustrates the reality of our interconnected existence in a loving Universe, a truth many of us need to hear about and reconnect to in these times! Thanks to Greg and to you for sharing! ❤

  6. Amazing experience… and I was travelling with you as your description was so vivid.. I came via Wendy’s reblog..
    I have not had a NDE.. but I have had an OBE where I was once taken out into space and viewed Earth.. An experience that is still very vivid today..
    Many thanks for sharing.. and my sincere thoughts are with you for the strength your recovery from your injuries must have taken.

    Blessings Sue

      • I have only read this post about your NDE.. above, I would love to read of your OBE if you could direct me. 🙂
        My own experience has happened several times but I would often fight it and break it and return into my body..
        It was at a time I was at the height of my own spiritual awakening, I was a practising medium within the spiritualist churches and would run a circle of development for opening up awareness.. I was also exploring trance states . And sat within a physical circle for many many years witnessing amazing spiritual phenomena 🙂

        Often a certain feeling would overwhelm me.. where by a hum in the distance would get louder and louder over taking my mind kind of.. And my body would appear paralysed.. The only thing I could move was my head.. ( this would happen often when dropping off to sleep ) I thought at first it was like a nightmare/dream but a lucid one.. as the sensations I feared..
        But then one day I allowed myself to go with it.. And I felt sucked out from the top of my head.. It appeared my body then went through the wall up out over the top of my house and I was looking down back flying just above roof level..

        Another time when I allowed this to happen I was sucked further up into space.. And in that instant knew so much more than my now brain could ever begin to put into words.. But I was shown the Earth in a different time.. It was a bubbling volcanic type of atmosphere, even the oceans were a cauldron of churning boiling steam..

        Other times I have been taken to a wondrous place.. Almost fantasy like with colours not of this earth that I couldn’t even explain.. And images that would seem Magical, and Dream like.. yet so real were they..
        Its hard to explain… And I do not speak of it often.. ( its not happened for a while.. The last experience I did blog about.. Which I had in dream state.. that I tried to capture in a painting I did.. I will try to find the link and post it for you.. 🙂
        Sorry to have gone on.. ❤

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    • I’m glad you liked it Jennifer. If you go to the top of the article where my comment is (in red color), and then hover over Gregg’s name, you’ll see that it’s a link. The link will be to the original source of the article. If you want to contact them, you have to do it through them. 🙂

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