Our Spirit Assistants


(Re-blogged from 2012)

AngelicView: I have been looking for this particular NDE to share with you. I remembered reading it a long time ago, and didn’t remember where to find it. Well, today’s the day my friends. This is very special!
It’s not what happened during Linda Stewart’s NDE that was so unusual – it’s what happened after it. Here’s the story from after her NDE:

A curious manifestation after my near-death experience was that I began seeing a white glow and glint of lights around people and objects. Because I had had so many physical anomalies during my illness, I assumed the “lights” were another, optical side effect of the illness. I was later shown that the lights were far more than that.

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“In the Great Divine Cosmic Plan These are Times of Great Opportunity”

AngelicView: STE (Spiritually Transformative Event). It’s actually a rather large excerpt out of the story. Things were not going well in this man’s life and he was contemplating suicide when this event happened. I’m cutting out the first part of this story – not because it’s not important, but to cut down the length of reading for people who don’t have as much time. If you’d like to read it in it’s entirety, just click on the source link. Thanks to Carlos for sharing your amazing experience.

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Derren Brown: Apocalypse

AngelicView: This was done in Australia. They took a young man of 22 years who was irresponsible, uncaring, took advantage of people, and just basically had a low self-esteem, and they made him believe that the world was ending. This is Brilliantly done! He was absolutely convinced of it. Wait ’til you see how they did it!

In the end, he has discovered how much he values the life he has, how much he loves the people in it, and his own worthiness. 

This is very much how I view life here on Earth! We come here and have some struggles. But then when we’re done with it, we realize that it was only an illusion and that we were never really in any danger. And then we party big-time and give hugs to those who were also actors in the Earth life.


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Induced After Death Communication: A New Discovery for Spirit Contact

AngelicView: I think this is amazing! This doctor at the VA Hospital accidentally discovered how he can help someone have an ADC (After Death Communication). He was helping patients with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) using a new technique involving eye movements that mimic the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) portion of the sleep cycle. What he found when he did this kind of therapy was that if the patient did an extra set of eye movements beyond the normal set, they would have an ADC.

Of course, this doc was astounded. Then he started having them do these extra eye movements on purpose. He found that almost every time, the person would have communication with a spirit – most generally the spirit who triggered the PTSD in the first place. The spirit would reassure the patient that they were in a great place and were doing very well there – and the PTSD would be cured!

Since that time, Dr. Allan Botkin has taught his technique to more practitioners who are having similar results and curing more PTSD sufferers.

Video Description: “Just when I begin to wonder if I’ve seen it all, something like this comes along to get me excited again. Dr. Allan Botkin has discovered a new way to communicate with our loved ones in spirit. He calls it Induced After Death Communication (IADC) and the experience allows people to communicate directly with people in spirit, ask them questions, and even feel their hugs. Al Botkin has already proven that IADCs are a beneficial therapy technique for grief and trauma. And I believe Al Botkin or someone else will discover new and amazing uses and benefits to this IADC method of spirit contact well beyond what we can even imagine thus far.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

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We Swim in a Sea of Our Own Thoughts and Dreams


By AngelicView

My information comes from my studies of NDE’s. This is an opinion piece based upon my studies, and you should decide for yourself what your own beliefs are.

We Manifest Our Thoughts

That’s right. Let’s say right now you are thinking about a big, pink teddy bear. Somewhere in another dimension a big, pink teddy bear appears. You just made it, quite literally, from your thought alone. You might call that other dimension a “Realm”, a “Universe”, or just simply another “dimension”.

Now Let’s Give that Thought Some Density

Imagine “density” as a particular place on an infinite sliding scale. The lower you go on that sliding scale is more negative. The higher you go is more positive. Lower density is more thick and gunky and gooey. Higher is more light and fluffy and bright.

So, we’re thinking about the big, pink teddy bear, right? Now imagine that it develops some giant razor-like teeth and it comes at you and it’s going to eat your face off! Scary, right? Well, right now you’re giggling, but if it really happened you’d be scared.

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Do Atheists Really go to Hell?


By AngelicView

Hell no! 😀

But let’s back up a little bit. First of all, my information comes from my research of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences). And according to NDE research, a place called “Hell” doesn’t really exist. (See “Does Hell Really Exist?“)

Here are some examples of beautiful, profound, and spiritually intense NDE’s on AngelicView in which the experiencer was an atheist:

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Does Our Soul Plan Life’s Challenges Before Birth?


AngelicView: Um – yes! Although I have written articles on this subject, I highly recommend this video anyway if you are interested in the subject. Robert Schwartz is the Author of “Your Soul’s Plan”, a very popular book (although I have not yet read this one, I have heard of it over and over). In this interview with Bob Olson, Robert has gone into much more detail that I have in my articles. Among other things, they discuss:

  1. Why do bad accidents happen (like, when someone becomes a paraplegic, for example)?
  2. Were our pets planned?
  3. What about Free Will and the Law of Attraction?
  4. Could I have prevented my loved one’s death?
  5. Why do some people die young?

I have watched the first video all the way through and completely agreed with everything he said, based on my own studies. I have included the second video of another interview with the same man that expands on the first.

Does our Soul Plan our Life’s Challenges Before Birth?

Video Description: In this interview, I talk with Robert Schwartz, author of Your Soul’s Plan, about how our souls plan our challenges in life on purpose. If you’ve ever wondered why bad things happen to good people, Robert Schwartz shares with us his conclusions about that topic based on years of research. This video conversation offers hope and understanding about the challenges we meet in life, and it might even leave you with a sense of inner peace and acceptance in the face of your challenges — or at least help you believe there is meaning to your suffering and that you’re not merely a victim of unlucky circumstances. I’m excited to present this conversation to you, so I hope you won’t miss it.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

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Teal Scott: How Can It Be?

AngelicView: Yes! Yes! Yes! And Yes!  (Okay, I’ll calm down now). Many thanks to Teal Scott for this wonderful article. 🙂



How can spiritual teachers say that everything (even our deepest pain) comes to bless us? Why do we worry if we know it creates bad things for us? And how can it be that spiritual teachers can simultaneously say that we are all one, while at the same time saying that we create our own individual realities where no one can impose themselves upon us? It is because of how the physical dimension was designed!
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I Was Back “Home” in the Sea of Tranquility

AngelicView: A very detailed story and great example of a FDE (Fear Death Experience). This happens when a person is sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are about to die. Their spirit pops out of their body. This happened as this guy had been rock-climbing and fell from a high ledge. He was surprised (probably not a strong enough word for it) when he landed fairly softly and without much injury.Beautiful6

It all started when I was alone at Christmas time again and I was due to go to Nepal to climb in the Himalaya and so I wanted to break in my new pair of high altitude climbing boots. I decided to drive to Hadrian’s Wall and walk along the low path below the crags that I had climbed on for many years. I was in a dark mood and not at all feeling pleasant or cheerful.

I left the car in the high car park and walked below Peel Crag admiring the many climbing routes that adorned it before reaching the gap between it and the next climbing crag (Crag Lough) which was by far the highest and longest in the area.

As I continued on my way below Crag Lough, I started to think about some of the strange events that I had experienced but got distracted by a group of climbers on Hadrian’s Buttress. I became annoyed that they seemed to be enjoying themselves whilst I was in such a negative frame of mind. Given that I was hooked on rock climbing it should be no surprise to learn that I suddenly found myself stuck at the crux of a route, some sixty feet above the ground on a small ledge on a route later identified as Jezebel Direct, a Very Severe climb of some 70 feet. How I got there was and still is beyond my comprehension but there I was stuck just below the top unable to move in any direction and to cap it all, it started to rain heavy again.

I had no idea how long I had been perched on that ledge but my body was starting to shake with the intense cold. The rain began to pulsate down the rock face in tiny rivulets, finding its way down inside my sleeves, past my neck, through my clothes and down to the boots. 

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Nothing Left Untouched

AngelicView: This is what we call a “Spiritually Transformative Event” (STE). An STE is an experience that does not fit neatly into a category of NDE or OBE. It’s something that happens to a person that’s paranormal in nature (I don’t like that word “paranormal”, because of the negative associations with it. But it is what it is…) Angel6that transforms their beliefs and their life.

I had been sent home from the hospital after a cardiac event with diagnosed pneumonia.  I was resting propped up on pillows but I couldn’t breathe.  I am not sure whether I lost consciousness or I was just in a deep sleep but I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful woman sitting on the edge of my bed, illuminated in softly glowing light.  I could see her clearly and she seems real.  For just a split second I wondered who she was but this thought was just a fragment because having her at my bedside seemed completely natural, normal and unsurprising.  There was no sense of alarm.  I just knew I didn’t know exactly who she was. 

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The “Space” Between Thoughts

A Meditation Experience

By “Victor”

Prior to the experience I had on Christmas day 2010, I had been practicing a certain form of meditation whereby my focus was on concentrating on what I call the “space” that is between my thoughts. What I was trying to accomplish was staying in that space with an attempt to reach a state of mindlessness. After many hours of practicing this, one day (prior to the experience), during one of my sessions I felt a very strong wave of energy go through my entire body. The first time that this happened it scared me, and as it was happening I immediately resisted the feeling and bounced back out of the deep state that I had reached during the meditation. After thinking about the experience I did not know what to make of it and I thought that I might have been at the threshold of death it self. Weeks later it happened again and I began to become very curious about what would happen if I did not resist the energy that was overtaking me. I began to work up the courage in preparation for the next time that this happens to surrender to the feeling without any resistance. On Christmas day 2010, I was experiencing some difficulties with my family and we were not speaking to each other.

I was single with no children and feeling very alone at that time. You might say that I was willing to explore where this state would take me because at the time I felt alone in the world and other than my belief in God, I was feeling very lonely (particularly because of the holidays) and unloved. This I guess helped me to have the courage to not resist this should it happen to me again. On the day that my experience happened I was laying down and I began to focus on my meditation when I felt what I would describe as walking through a door that led from being in a conscious state that included various attachments to what I would call a pure state of only awareness. Upon entering this state I remember having the feeling of being awe struck at the shear feeling of what I can only say is far beyond words. Trying to describe it would be pointless and very misleading to anyone who has not experienced this for themselves.

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The “Butterfly People” of Joplin Missouri

AngelicView: I heard a story from a friend of mine who volunteered to help rebuild houses in Joplin, Missouri, about the “Butterfly People” who were seen by children during the storm. These children said that these people saved their lives.

I was interested in what my friend said, so I went online and Googled “Butterfly People”. Take a look at some of these stories… and have kleenex handy!

The stories about butterfly people coursed through Joplin, passing one by one and then by the many, tales describing what children reported seeing on that Sunday night in May as the tornado bore down. The children said the butterfly people protected them. These stories, tales of guardian angels, could be dismissed as a child’s fanciful imagination. But the stories have taken hold here. And as the months have slipped by, the adrenaline fading along with some of the terror, the stories have assumed a new, maybe even more important role. To understand why, you have to understand what this town of 50,000 went through — and what it still faces. The tornado killed 161 people. It shredded entire neighborhoods. More than 900 homes were lost. Big box stores collapsed. The destruction was complete, the landscape rendered foreign. The tornado unleashed stories about death and unlikely survival: A teenager sucked from an SUV, a toddler plucked from his mother’s arms, houses that exploded in 200-mph winds as families huddled in bathtubs and closets. For months, just about any place people gathered, the stories spilled out, including stories about the butterfly people. Read more:…

My favorite story is of a 2 ½-year-old little girl who with her father was caught in the tornado in their vehicle. Afterward, when she was encouraged to tell of her experience (the point being to keep children from internalizing the moment and becoming fearful and developing long-term anxiety), she told this amazing story: She said she and her dad and the “butterfly people” were in the car and…At this point she was interrupted and told that only she and her daddy were in the car. But she insisted: “No, Daddy” There were
butterfly people in the car with us!” Is that not awesome?! This small child would not have known what an angel was or how to describe one, but she knew about butterflies! It was adequate to describe a miracle!

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No Storm Lasts Forever

AngelicView: Lilou Mace, on her Juicy Living Tour, has interviewed Dr. Terry Gordon.

I have watched it and I have to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed it! Dr. Gordon’s son had been in a terrible accident, and as he was on a flight out to the hospital, Dr. Gordon had an STE (Spiritually Transformative Event) in which he says God talked to him. Find out what God said… and… the rest of the story (as Paul Harvey used to say). 

Video Description: In his soon to be published book by Hay House No Storm Lasts Forever, Terry shares with us from personal experience how a so-called tragedy in one’s life can actually be a blessing in disguise.

“When adversity comes our way, it is how we respond to that difficulty that determines who we are. Our life experiences become calamities only if we make the conscious decision to make tragedies out of them. We might just as easily choose to view them as opportunities for personal growth.”

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“Oneness” Explained

Explained by who, you ask? Well, me! Yes, I am going to try to make this very complex subject very simple.

First off, I’ll explain why I am feeling a need to explain the idea of Oneness (or Unity Consciousness). I am seeing a fear arise in the collective of humanity around it. There is no need to fear it.

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, we were all swimming within the consciousness of the Source (God/Creator/All That Is). If you think of the Creator as a human for this example, think of us as being the cells that make up His Body. And then continuing with the thought of Him as being human, imagine that he cut off his own arm and threw it into Space. That arm was then pulled apart in the Fabric of Space into it’s individual cells. All those cells (us) were set free to explore.

Now, those spirits (us/cells of God) created and learned. They (with the help of God) created the universe(s). They became creator gods. They then created more spirits by using the God light within themselves. Then those spirits created and learned. And they created more spirits. And on down the line. I don’t know how far up it goes, or how many creator gods there are. Probably an un-count-able number. But this has been the natural evolution of Life.

Unity Consciousness is also a natural part of life. It is actually less natural to live like we do – stuck in our own thoughts and our own bodies, and not able to be also in other’s thoughts and bodies.

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Heaven is for Everyone

Something I saw on You Tube tonight made me very angry. In fact, I had to calm down before I could even write this post.

Someone is hurting, and he is someone I like to call “friend”. And tonight what I saw him going through ripped my heart out. Now, for his privacy, I won’t share the video here. But I will describe the part that upset me so much.

First of all, his daughter passed away last winter. And my heart goes out to him for his loss. How can a friend tell another, “I wish I could take away some of that pain and agony for you”? “I wish I could do something to help heal your heart”? You can’t. They’re just words. But I really mean it (name removed).

But this is the part of the video that really got me in a mess. He says (through his tears), “I failed my daughter… when she came to live with me I tried to tell her about Christ and… she said… she looked at me so sweetly and she said, ‘Daddy, you know I don’t believe in that’. Well I had just got her… and I didn’t want to push her away. Now I’ve gotta live with that guilt.”

With all the respect in the world – and you might hate me after this – but I have to say it.

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Drake… Who?



Well well guys and gals – it looks as though there is a LOT going on here on Planet Earth right now. I feel as though we are on the very edge of that alleged “tipping point” – and going over.

Let me start by admitting that I did not listen to Drake’s latest video. But I have read other peoples’ synopsis’ of it. One of my thoughts about the voting is this: if this “vote” he is talking about is going to affect the human beings of the entire Earth – then why would the vote be put to only the people who know of Drake? My parents, as one example, don’t have a clue who Drake is and they wouldn’t be there voting. And the same goes for Billions of people here on Earth. 

Here’s what Sunfire (John Kettler’s Blog Partner) has to say about it:  “For one, it wont be with the continued opression over us by the Cabal, the ET/ED’s …regardless of what is done here on the Surface, the ET/EDs have their own plans. For two, they have already lost, and there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop it. The ET/EDs wont let them whether people vote or not get their war to wipe out the population either. Best advice like I told (name removed), grab some popcorn and remove your self emotionally from this whole thing, don’t let your fear response be triggered and look at the whole thing like your watching a documentary. See how it all unfolds and go from there.”

Also, I’d like to direct your attention to Steve Beckow’s article entitled, “I’ve Placed My Bet” (here: Steve’s feelings on this subject completely mirror my own.

I have no feeling either way on Drake. I don’t feel he is a “good guy” and I don’t feel he is a “bad guy”. He’s just a guy. A guy I have no face to go with the name, and no hard evidence to show for any of his thinking. 

To be honest, I do feel inspired when I listen to him, because I feel like FINALLY someone is talking about what we need to do! Someone may be doing something! But I don’t know for sure if it’s all talk or if someone is actually doing something. 

It’s all good, though. It’s all good. 🙂

What NOT to Fear?

by AngelicView

Well, everything! The insistence I am feeling from Spirit and from other people I connect with through blogs and articles, forums and facebook, is that we should be pretty much done with the “releasing” aspect of emptying ourselves of unwanted baggage and fears by now. I think most of us are pretty much there.

In his book “The Ascension Papers” by Zingdad (and Friends), Zingdad says to his higher self, “But what about REAL fears? I mean real things that can happen. Like being robbed, mugged, or raped. Or losing my job. Or having my partner leave me or be unfaithful. Or something happening to my kids. Or getting swine flu… And what about AIDS, cancer or a heart attack? Or being maimed in a car crash? These are surely very real fears and not just neuroses of the mind.”

We’ll get to his higher-self’s answer in a bit. But for now I’d like to tell you about what’s been happening with me. I had a series of very serious incidents happen to me all right about the same time in which I lost a lot of money. (Well, pretty much all of it). It was an injury (a herniated disc), a robbery (of all my money and everything I had that was worth any money), and an illness (pneumonia) that all manifested within such close proximity to each other that I was looking at foreclosure of my home.

Now I know that a lot of people have been in this situation and it’s pretty rough. I have lived here for fifteen years. Soon after I had been hired on as a Registered Nurse, I bought this house for my husband and I. Then we had a baby, and so it’s the only home my daughter has ever known. Each and every room has little precious memories for us. Every bush and flower planted in the yard. Even some scrapes and handprints and dents.

There have been some bad times here, too. For example, one of them might have been the time when my husband decided to leave me. I grieved in this house for a good few years after he left. But over time I had the realization that no matter what happens, I am going to be okay. I didn’t know why I would be okay. But I knew I would. And so I made some changes here and there. Some landscaping and some paint and made the home more to my own liking.

So when the word “forclosure” came up, I would guess you would think I would be really scared. But I wasn’t. I knew everything would be okay. If we had to move then it would probably have to be to an apartment, and I was mentally listing off the things that we would take with us and what we would leave behind. Since we’d be moving to a much smaller space we would have to leave most of our belongings behind. But what I learned was that this house is jam-packed full of crap that we really don’t need. The worst of what we’d have to leave would be our sweet dog, who is now 8 years old.

My daughter was terribly upset by the news. But I knew that she would be okay, too. I am not the only one who has angels and guides watching over me and helping me every inch of the way, everyone does! In addition, we plan out the major points in our lives before we incarnate. So I knew in my heart that if it’s meant to be that we are to move, then it will be that way. Even though I didn’t know what we were going to do or where we were going to go I knew in my heart that there are no such things as coincidences and everything has a purpose.

So see? There is nothing to be afraid of.

Spirit tells me that things will fall into place and not to worry. And I truly was not that worried about it. I knew we would be okay.

So back to my great friend Zingdad. Here is what Joy-Divine, his higher-self, says to him about fears. “My answer is simple. You are the creator of your own reality. If you choose to create that you are NOT the creator of your own reality, then that is what you will experience. Then things will happen to you and you will feel like a victim. Which is right because you are creating that and… you always get EXACTLY what you create. If, however, you choose to know that you are the creator of your own reality, then you will become the CONSCIOUS creator of your own reality. Then you will be in a position to decide that you won’t be mugged… The point is, when you are ready to claim for yourself your own creator status, then you cease to be a victim of anyone or anything. And then there is obviously NOTHING to fear… you can choose… to see yourself as the creator-being that you really are. If you do, then you may choose to use your creator status to re-create yourself and your reality as you desire.”

Thank you, Zingdad!

And so I think the end of my forclosure story is going to be a good one. I am going in on Tuesday to sign an agreement with my lender to modify the mortgage. And so we were going to be okay all along, just like I thought. 🙂