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My Ever After Chronicles (Part 2)

AngelicView: I am very pleased to announce that IANDS (International Association for Near Death Studies) has just published a brand new video featuring Carol Vengroff as the interviewee. Her NDE can be found in Part 1 of this series and was originally posted on NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation).

She was 12 years old when she had her NDE, and she felt as if she had frozen to death in her home when the power went out on one cold winter night. She met up with her grandfather, who in real (3d) life she had never met. But there she knew exactly who he was. Carol also met Jesus and had nice conversations with him. She explains that Jesus is just one of the masters there – and just one of the ones who have walked the Earth. Jesus, however, is the one that she was the most excited to see.

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Scott De Tamble on Life Between Lives

AngelicView: I really enjoyed this talk given by Scott De Tamble for an IANDS group (International Association for Near Death Studies). Scott studied Regressive Hypnosis under Michael Newton, author of “Journey of Souls” and “Destiny of Souls“.

On Scott’s website, titled “Light Between Lives“, he has written information on spirit guides, soul restoration, soul mates and soul groups, the council of elders, and the library and life selection, among other things including a transcript of a ‘life between lives’ hypnosis session.

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Life Before Life: The Pre-Birth Experience

AngelicView: There are a lot of fancy-shmancy documentaries out there on all of these subjects. They do contain cool pictures and music to go along with the stories. However, what I have found is that sometimes they end up being not as interesting as just someone standing at a podium and telling their stories. The reason why is that (I think) in order to fit in all those little video cuts / pictures / songs and put it all together in a documentary, they have to cut out a lot of the story. I want to hear the whole story, with all the details. Don’t leave anything out! 😉

So here is a video of a conference done at IANDS (International Association for Near-Death Studies), and this portion of that conference is about Pre-Birth studies.

This couple speaks, and tells us the story that five out of their nine children were known to them before they were born.

Sometimes pre-birth memories or revelations can come by NDE’s or OBE’s, sometimes it’s like a vision or a dream, other times people might have hypnosis to remember their own life before birth. (I know that most of my readers already know this – but for those who don’t – life is a continuum. We were always in existence, we came here, and then we’ll go back to where we came from after our body dies.)

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