F*ck The Law of Attraction – Teal


AngelicView: I am posting this in the video and the written form. I’ll post the written form first and the video down below for those who would like to watch/listen.

There is a lot of internet discussion going on about this video by Teal Swan.

She says that the Law of Attraction is real – but there’s more to it then people realize.

For example, things happen in your life that were part of your Life Plan (you know – that plan you made before you came to Earth for an incarnation?). So if you wanted to be a millionaire, but your Life Plan says that you are going to be a poor person, then using the Law of Attraction to fight against your Contract is not going to work.

Another example: Sometimes things happen for your greater good and you are just not aware. Let’s say that you are brutally beaten by your boyfriend, for example. You might think you brought this terrible beating on via “Law of Attraction”, but really it was orchestrated for you so you would leave the Son of a B.

Remember that there are more points than yours’ to the Law of Attraction. The Other Side will use it to keep you on your Life Path. Our Other Dimensional Helpers are always pulling strings for our greatest good. And they are a lot better at it than we are  😉

Teal Swan:

The primary law governing this universe is the law of attraction. Essentially, the law of attraction is a law like gravity on planet earth. It is the state whereby things that are of like frequency are TealScottdrawn together like a magnet. Like attracts like. 

I often call the law of attraction the law of mirroring because the way mirrors work are similar to the idea that created it in the first place. The consciousness we call source created the law of attraction time space reality as a learning hologram that would facilitate expansion. It accomplishes this through the law of attraction in that everything that is within you vibrationally is reflected externally in the world. You can only experience things that are a vibrational match to you. For example, a person who has low self-esteem, attracts circumstances, people, places, events etc. that are a match to the vibration of low self esteem. The idea is that by becoming conscious in this way, we give rise to stronger desire and by following that desire, alter our vibration into something else, and when that new thing is reflected, the process begins all over again. Coming into a law of attraction based reality is the PHD course of self awareness and the expansion which is why so many beings experience enlightenment here.

Having experienced the law of attraction and become conscious of the law of attraction, we are now in the process (as a collective species) of desiring a new law into existence, which will most likely create another time space reality governed by a different law. And why are we beginning to desire and therefore create a new universal law? Because quite frankly, we are experiencing the contrast of the law of attraction itself and for those of us who are experiencing the contrast of the law of attraction, we have one sentiment… Fuck the law of attraction.

The primary example of why is that if you were abused when you were young and couldn’t resolve it when it occurred, you grow up being a match to trauma. So all you attract is more traumatizing experiences. Why is this shitty? The very person who needs tenderness and love the most is in fact the most repetitively hated and hurt. Even though it is fair from a law of attraction standpoint because the universe is simply reflecting what is, it is not fair from so many other perspectives. The law of attraction causes downward spirals worse than any other law we’ve ever seen and people die every day because of not being able to get away from the cycle of being a match to things that are painful, which causes more pain, which increases the point of attraction to things that resonate at the same frequency as pain, which causes more pain which increases the point of attraction to things that resonate at the frequency of more pain, which causes more pain (need I go further?)

There are several reasons I could give for why the law of attraction itself sucks. I’ll let you think about that on your own time. But mostly I want to bring up the fact that people becoming aware of the law of attraction has created its own special little nightmare. Regardless of the fact that the law of attraction is a reality, our awareness of it and then serious lack of understanding about its complexity makes for a social atmosphere in the spiritual community that is enough to cause someone to run for the hills screaming.

For example, people who do not understand the law of attraction well enough, use the law of attraction to justify spiritual bypassing. For more information about how they do this, watch my video on YouTube titled “Spiritual Bypassing”. Spiritual bypassing hurts people. End of story. But the thing that bothers me the most, the thing I’m going to destroy in this episode of Ask Teal is the blame assumption that people make as a result of misunderstanding the law of attraction.

Law of Attraction

What is the blame assumption? It’s the assumption that because the world functions like a mirror, if anything unwanted is happening to someone, it must be because something about them is not healed or is out of alignment. Just look at the pressure inherent in this belief that if we are doing everything right relative to our thoughts and emotions, that the only thing we will ever experience in our lives is sunshine and roses. So if we attract anything less than that, we’re doing something WRONG. Look at the blaming and shaming that happens when someone manifests something negative in their life. We instantly turn towards them and say, “what did you do to create that?” Yes the law of attraction is a reality, but thinking or acting as if someone is at fault for attracting a rape of a divorce or a car crash is so cruel. And this is what those of us who are conscious of the law of attraction in an elementary way do to each other.

I think it is a good idea to consider over the course of your healing process that something within you is reflecting externally as whatever unwanted experience you are in. This approach not only puts the power back in your hands, but it also helps expansion and learning and awareness so much. But make no mistake. There are times when this approach to understanding what is happening in your reality is nothing short of primitive. This is especially true if you keep doing everything you can think of to try to improve your vibration relative to a circumstance and the circumstance does not get better, but may in fact even get worse. You may spiral at that point into a torture chamber of what the hell you are doing wrong. You may think that if you were doing something right, this wouldn’t be happening. It’s at this point that you need to hold up a mental stop sign for yourself and get something.

When we are aware of the law of attraction, we tell ourselves the story that if we’re using our minds and emotions correctly, anything unwanted shouldn’t be happening. And if it is happening, there is something inside us that needs to be changed or healed right away. And that if we heal it, the unwanted circumstance will immediately change or go away. We RESIST what is happening if we judge it as an unwanted experience. We live in a society that makes anything but sunshine, gumdrops and roses not ok. It is that resistance to the circumstance that is causing us to suffer. What we do not get is that the law of attraction is more complex than that.

When we come into this life, we become two points of perspective. We have two vibrational things going on at all points in time. We are simultaneously our physical perspective that we call by our name. And also we are the eternal perspective that observes through the physical perspective. We often call this aspect our higher self or soul. Guess what? The law of attraction is responding to both aspects of us. You (as a temporal being in this physical body) are essentially co-creating with you (as an eternal being that exists vibrationally). We experience things in our external reality that are a point of attraction for both aspect of us in our day to day life. Sometimes, the circumstance that our higher self is attracting is perfectly in alignment with what we desire because its perspective is different while at the same time, our temporal self judges it as a bad or mistake manifestation. We understand this relative to our incarnation. We can grasp that the higher self perspective may intentionally attract a difficult childhood so that we can get the ball rolling on expansion quickly because that will enable our intention for this life. So even though no one wants a difficult childhood experience on a temporal level, you may ultimately want it because it is the venue through which your desire for this life will manifest.

I’ll tell you a story to highlight what I mean. I had attracted a situation in my life where I was embroiled in a super contentious court battle. Understanding the law of attraction, the first place I wet with that experience was “It must be a match to something unhealed within me, so all I have to do to get out of the experience, is to find and heal or improve the aspect of me that is a match to this court case and the court case will end and my life will go back to peace. I had already judged that if everything was right within me that this court case shouldn’t be happening. Feel the resistance in that? Yet every time I found something that was a point of attraction to the court case, the circumstances of the court case got worse and I was embroiled in it more and more. Then, one day the court case took a turn whereby I was provided the opportunity to stand up and defend myself, something I was never able to do in childhood. It was so healing. Long story short, I finally got that it wasn’t a mistake I was making vibrationally that kept lining me up with this court case. The court case was a perfect match to my actual desires. It was the venue through which they would manifest. I just couldn’t see it from my temporal perspective because I had decided how my life SHOULD look and a court case didn’t fit into that. The court case fit into the category of unwanted.

But what if ‘not good’ is a judgment that is false. What if the unwanted experience is in fact just an ugly package containing the very thing we have been asking for? Then, you can see that nothing has gone wrong if it is in your life. Perhaps instead of changing your vibration so it isn’t part of your experience, you are instead meant to have the experience. And from your higher self perspective it is a GOOD manifestation even though from your temporal perspective it is a BAD manifestation. Perhaps doing the work to alter your vibration enough to allow for your temporal perspective to finally see how the situation is exactly what you have been unconsciously or consciously asking for. This is in fact what Karma is really about. When we are talking about Karma, we are talking about the things that are a point of attraction to our eternal self perspective.

The sentiment ‘everything that is happening is supposed to be happening’ can be a cop out that prevents us from becoming conscious and deliberately creating. On the other hand, the obsessive control over our reality that comes with trying to use the law of attraction to our advantage to deliberately create can be nothing more than resistance. It too can prevent us from being conscious. Conscious of the fact that there might just be more to the situation we find ourselves in than meets the eye. And so, it may just be a good decision to consider that the unwanted circumstance you are in may be no fault of your own, because instead, it may be a perfect match to what you have been wanting all along. A point of attraction to your higher self perspective. You just don’t see it yet. This may just be the way to find alignment with the situation so as to see that very truth.

Stop using your awareness of the law of attraction to beat yourself up. Stop using it to tell yourself that there is something not right or not good or not in alignment about you. Stop using it to add self blame to already painful and unwanted circumstances of your life. Stop telling yourself that if you were in alignment, the painful circumstance in your life wouldn’t be happening. Stop using your point of attraction to reinforce the belief that there is something wrong with you. You can’t know it shouldn’t be happening. Perhaps if you are experiencing something unwanted, nothing has gone wrong. You are simply resisting it and trying to make it go away because you just can’t see how it is right and in alignment yet.

So until we find ourselves in a new time space reality that operates according to a different law, know that the law of attraction is simple but it isn’t as simple as your mind has made it out to be. What is happening is supposed to be happening because, it is happening. So the question to ask yourself is, how do I jump on board with what is happening instead of resist what is happening by trying to get the situation to go away?


8 thoughts on “F*ck The Law of Attraction – Teal

  1. I did not care for this video’s energy, nor the titile “Fuck the Law of Attraction”…. I do agree with alot of Teals videos… but this is not one I choose to resonate with…. 🙂 and I feel/sense her anger from her past conditioning that has alot of forgiveness issues yet to deal with. I know because I’ve been there too.. and I’ve let go with Love.. and I understand her perspective.. And I know she is free as she chooses to be… when we truly Love outself unconditionally, we then Love others unconditionally.. … much love, xoxo Creigh

  2. I was of the same belief before Teal’s video. I found many who did not agree with me but silently i searched and meditated more on it and confirmed. It is true we are ‘free’ to co create but how much do our contracts allow us….if it is a very important lesson, that is.
    I agree with sighwilly that Teal had a very nasty past in mind control/satanism and she might have deep issues in that regard.

  3. Hey Sweetie!
    You and Teal are both correct and here’s why:

    “This is part of a reptilian anti-higher consciousness programme taking place on earth. They are interfering with our Akashic records which is where the records of all our lives are stored and with devastating consequences. As a result they cause added karma and prevent us from ascending. They cause reincarnation to occur far more than it should, untold suffering for those it’s done to. Consciousness is reduced and spiritual lessons lost. It’s about stealing lives from our timeline, stealing lives that we then have to repeat, lives that no one should want to do ever again.” ~Susan Reed “The Body Snatchers”

    And we (you, me, Lida, William, etc.) came here to put a stop to this b*llshit. Remember? 😉

      • Shannon, my dear sister, if only you knew…
        There’s so, so much to tell you. An enormous amount of stuff. Far, far more than what we knew just two years ago. I have hundreds and hundreds of pages of notes. Enough to write a very thick book. I’ve been extremely busy.
        But… how are we doing? Believe it or not, the divine plan is on track. Back in 2012, we (all of us) overlooked some critical clues which pointed to now. If we had interpreted them correctly in 2012, we would’ve known that we had four or five more years to go. (The original, initial plan for Earth failed and we had to implement “Plan B.”)
        How much time is left? Well, I don’t really know and to be honest with you, I don’t want to know. I prefer to remain in the dark and allow everything to flow organically to the finish. It certainly seems like we’re almost done, though, doesn’t it?
        And the story of this world… the REAL story, the true story… wow… “bizarre” doesn’t even come close to describing it, Shannon. It’s a huge and epic saga. When it’s over, you’re gonna be tickled and fascinated to learn where you were placed in it. Hee, hee, hee… 😉

          • Oh, I can imagine that many books are gonna be written about this loony bin. And maybe a part of our tasks will be to write one but, right now, thinking about something like that makes me feel really, really tired. It’s already been a long road. All of us need some well-deserved rest.
            About your place in this story… I kid you not, my dear, when all is revealed, when all is made known and you discover yourself again and you see how your puzzle piece was placed into the grand scheme of things, there will be a gigantic grin on your face that will last for a very long time. The things we didn’t know, Shannon, well, it’s like I said-it’s an epic saga and you played an important role in it. 😉

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