Living With A Star and Space Weather


AngelicView: Did you know that weather exists out in space? Do you know how it can affect you? Sometimes I’ll say within a group of people (who I won’t name), “Wow! There was a giant CME blast today! Good thing it wasn’t Earth directed or we’d be in big trouble!” And the people around me look at me as if I’m speaking a foreign language – because to them, I am. They just haven’t heard of space weather.

Did you know that the space weather – caused by the activity on the sun – has the potential to take out our satellites and our power grid? And these things cannot be fixed within a short period of time – it would take years. Imagine for a minute living for years without power. And the thing is… is that scientists know how to protect our power grid from being zapped by our sun – but they cannot force the power companies to implement this fairly easy task. But our lawmakers can force the power companies to protect our grid. We, as the people of planet Earth, just need to put the pressure on them to address it and the first step is to educate ourselves on the subject.

If you don’t know about space weather and are not sure how it can affect your/my/our lives, then you might want to watch this TEDx talk by Ryan McGranaghan.

Video Description: Full title: Living with a star (and how it will change everything you thought you knew about weather)

The connection between the Sun and the Earth is a complex one, describing a relationship between us and our star that is both life-sustaining as well as life-threatening. This relationship is colloquially known as space weather. Aerospace engineer Ryan McGranaghan takes you into outer space to look at the beauty and power of space weather, what it means for our technologically-dependent lifestyles, and the fascinating field of research surrounding it. Ryan envisions a time when we can protect our space-faring lifestyles with forecasts of space weather just like tomorrow’s chance of rain here on Earth.

Ryan is a Ph.D. student at the University of Colorado Boulder who uses elements of space physics and aerospace engineering to study the weather in space.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at“>

4 thoughts on “Living With A Star and Space Weather

  1. I suspect that if many people actually thought about it all they would be terrified . As human beings we seldom give thought to the fragility of our existence.

  2. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented:
    With the amount a disconnection that occurs when we just forget our phones, a massive year long wipe out due to a space weather seems horrible. It would be a major K.O. to society. How would I listen to my favorite teachers, let along do anything else. Would it take a full year to restore energy? What about heat, and cooking? Light and paying for food?

    Even Kryon mentions the possibility of such a energy problem. Yet, I am hoping for a gentler transformation of the world. Let the learning through suffering be behind us, as we feel protected by the great Source.

    So if a massive energy loss occurs, it will be for our highest growth, and we will be protected. Faith. It can be difficult. Yet, I have faith I will survive.

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