Caravan to Midnight – “The ‘Greater’ Bosnian Pyramids

Bosnian Pyramid

AngelicView: John B. Wells says that the pyramids at Giza are ‘great’, but the pyramids at Bosnia are ‘greater’. What? You didn’t know there were pyramids in Bosnia that are bigger and older than the Great Pyramids at Giza? Well, hang on for an interesting discussion then!

John B. Wells starts with commentary on news stories, and while that was interesting to listen to and does pertain to the discussion of the pyramids, I don’t think it’s imperative to listen to that part if you want to get right to the meat. Here are some notes that I took:

♦ These are the largest pyramids on the planet (discovered in 2005 by Dr. Sam Osmanagich, who is the person in this interview).

♦ Their true North orientation is more precise than the Pyramids at Giza.

♦ 3-4 feet under the soil, there are concrete blocks that are better quality than the concrete blocks we can make today.

♦ They are approximately 34,000 years old. (Older than the Great Pyramids at Giza.)

♦ There is a huge underground network with tunnels, chambers, lakes, and huge ceramic blocks weighing in the tens of tons displaying a very developed technological culture.

• Who built them?

• For what purpose?

• Do the pyramids “talk” to each other?

• What does it all say about the evolution of humans? (I think it says a lot.)

*If you want to get right to the interview with  Dr. Sam Osmanagich, then skip to the 28 minute mark.“>


12 thoughts on “Caravan to Midnight – “The ‘Greater’ Bosnian Pyramids

  1. Amazing how fast the tentacles of the machinery reaches here. And how much they invest in something they consider a hoax…hm… sure… Tptb would surely hate it, if people got a clear picture about our true history and we found out what purpose these pyramids really served. Here is a great article from another amazing researcher shedding more light on our ancient history: Thank you Shannon for all the wonderful posts! Much love to you! ❤

  2. Love these forgotten pyramids around the world. Especially find the ones in China to be of great interest in what they may reveal. Very interested to hear what you uncover from this one here in bosnia as I have been hearing about it for years now.

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