Pennies From Heaven (Part 3) Beautiful Gardens


AngelicView: It’s been a while since I worked on this “Pennies From Heaven” series. Just after I finished Part 2, and was researching for Part 3 my computer crashed and took all my notes with it.

A penny all by itself isn’t worth very much – so goes the premise – but they add up in value when put together with other pennies. In the same sense, if there was one account of an NDE no one would think much of it. But the thousands and thousands of NDE’s put together make for a big revelation.

One thing that has always been a fascination of mine is when people seem to be describing the same or similar places on the other side of the veil. Could they actually be visiting the same place? I think it’s possible. But I also think that there are many, many layers of vibratory states which direct people to a certain realm or density. It’s kind of hard to explain, but let me try.

Let’s give a vibratory state a number – just for illustration purposes. Let’s say that my vibe is 885. Now, let’s say that your vibe is 887. Now, we both die (sorry). Imagine that both you and I go to a beautiful garden – the same garden. But because your vibratory rate is 2 points higher than mine, it’s going to look slightly different to you, and you will not be able to see me there. To me (even though my vibe is 2 points lower than yours’) it’s still a fabulously beautiful garden. But again, it will look slightly different to me and I will not be able to see you there. Now, let’s say that a third person has a vibratory rate at 445 and they die and go to a garden. It might be the same exact garden. However, to them it’s going to look – while still beautiful – not stunningly beautiful, perhaps. And they won’t be able to see either you or I there. Finally, let’s say that someone else dies who’s vibe is at 120. They might be in a field with a flower or two. But it’s possible that they might be walking in the same place as you and I.

The first two parts in this series are “Pennies From Heaven (Part 1) The Library” and “Pennies From Heaven (Part 2) Cities“.

In this part we’ll examine people who have seen beautiful garden(s) in their NDE’s. After each account excerpt there will be an arrow pointing to the right (⇒). If you click on that it will take you to the source of their account so you can read more, if you’d like.

As we were walking up the stairs I noticed that the left side of the wall was still basement wall but the right side of the wall disappeared and in its place was a beautiful garden full of long grass and wild flowers. I could hear birds singing and there were butterflies flying. I could see little children playing and chasing little lambs and I could hear their laughter. It looked so much fun. I asked if I could go play with the kids and was told no there was no time today for that I have had you too long as it is. He told me to me a good girl and made me promise to tell the world about what I saw and if I did than when my time comes I will be able to walk in the garden with him. 


All of a sudden I’m in this beautiful place….such a beautiful landscape…the colors were so vivid….it was full of trees and flowers and the smell from the flowers….. I saw people walking in this garden and a white building in the middle of this wonderful place. ⇒

Then, suddenly, I found myself in a beautiful garden.  The closest description I can give is that it looked a bit like “Tellytubbyland” — but with higher hills.  

I recall seeing a beautiful garden with a white fence around it. I remember thinking that the colors in the garden were so much more vivid here then at home. 

Arriving at the light I saw the most beautiful garden that anyone can imagine. It had many flowers of bright colors. A stream flowed through the garden.  I heard the water and the sound of many birds singing the loveliest song which can be experienced. 


As I passed through the tunnel, I came to the end and saw the most beautiful garden ever. The colors on the other side are of the brightest colors, which our most florescent colors on this earth are muddy to the brightness and vividness of the colors that are in Heaven. (This is a great one and is on AngelicView – titled, “Jesus and Wheel of the Ancient Ones.)

Below me there was a beautiful garden with flowers of every color and a stream running through it.  I heard gorgeous music that was so soothing it was like being rocked and cared for like I was a little child again. 

The next thing I recall is sitting on a massive stone talking to a man. There was a waterfall in front of us and beautiful scenery. I would probably call it a beautiful garden however everything was natural. 


Everything was totally black for a minute or so…..then I found myself in the most vibrantly beautiful rose garden that anyone could ever imagine!  The foliage was vibrant, glossy green and the rose blossoms were absolutely enormous and sooo exquisite in both color and fragrance. I was very peaceful in my own mind, not really thinking of anything except the overwhelming peace and glorious beauty of the beautiful, seemingly endless garden of perfection. 

When I slipped into unconsciousness on the Sunday afternoon in hospital I had a vivid dream or vision of my mother (whom I thought was still alive) standing opposite me on a gravel path in a beautiful garden filled with the most colorful flowers who told me that she was okay now and that I was going to be fine. I found out two days later that she had passed away that Sunday afternoon 60 miles away in her home. 

It was really beautiful, with gardens and fountains and small, countryside hills. The people appeared in Greek or Roman dress, very comfortable with white robes and sandal type shoes. A pocket of females were conversing near a majestic water fountain that also displayed Greek decor, with Seraphim, ivy and fruit. 

Then I flowed down into the park and found myself in a garden with wide paths and flowers and an abundance of green growing things and trees. It was beautiful beyond all measure. A gentle floral scent filled the air. (This one is on AngelicView and titled, “My Journey With the Light“.)

3 thoughts on “Pennies From Heaven (Part 3) Beautiful Gardens

  1. In this seemingly solid world we know that it is merely a quantum soup that creates a perceived reality. We know through NDE experiences that consciousness is retained and therefore existence continues for the ‘personality’ . However, there is a greater reality that is yet to be understood.

  2. I wonder if this is the garden I go to in mediation.

    I don’t mediate often, but I have a mediation/hypnosis CD I used to listen too. How ever my thoughts slow when hypnotized so that I get frustrated with how close the instructions are together. Last time, I was interrupted by the next section arriving so many times (in the middle of visualizing my Life Between Life Plans) that it knocked me out of hypnosis. I went from relaxed, to annoyed, to so fed up that I promised try in return during non-guided mediation and never use the CD again.

    Anyway, the CD leads to a garden. I can still picture it in my head. I wonder if during mediation we can visit the same places as the NDE, only our vibration would be much lower. Perhaps those who have been in the garden a while, have learned how to see spirits of all vibratory states. They see us pop up, and in one glance can see if we are mediating or having a NDE.

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