“The Earth is Nothing More Than a Dirty Ole Bus Stop Along the Eternal Journey” ~Clint Walker

AngelicView: “Gunslinger” Clint Walker (from “The Dirty Dozen”, and several other movies) had an NDE when a ski pole punctured his heart. But his story begins way before that.

Clint says that he has always had a “still, small voice” in his head that gives him advice when he is in danger. One such example of that was when he was shooting a scene in “Cheyenne” and he was bound hand and foot with piano wire over a fire. The voice told him that the wire was about to snap! They assured him that the wire was plenty strong and that he didn’t need to be untied, but he insisted. They untied his hands and then the line did break – and he would have fallen into the fire.

One day when he was skiing on Mammoth Mountain in California, he was given poles that were too short, and the voice in his head told him not to use those poles.  This time he did not heed the voice, as he didn’t want to answer questions about why he left his poles laying at the top of the mountain. So Clint decided to go ahead and ski with them.

The next he knew he had hit a bump and lost his grip on his poles (which had become embedded in the snow) and he landed on it. It impaled him through his sternum and punctured his heart. He then leaned back which caused the pole to dislodge from his body and saw that he was bleeding badly. But that’s not all he saw! Clint says he saw what looked like “smoke rings” emanating from the hole in his chest. (I don’t know, but that could have been steam from the liquids inside his body hitting the cold air.) Clint knew he was in trouble and was going to attempt to ski down the mountain for help when his knees gave out.

Then he was out of his body and traveling away from the Earth. He says at that time he was more aware of everything around him than any other time in his life.

“I thought, why, the Earth is nothing more than a dirty little ole bus stop along the eternal journey.”

At that time was when he realized that what he really thought was important wasn’t that important – like being a big star. It’s more important to enjoy a sunrise, or spend time with family and good friends.

Suddenly it hit home with him that he hadn’t done what he came to do and he asked God if he could come back and “take another crack at it”. Then things faded away and he woke up in a hospital, on a gurney. He had been pronounced dead after the doctors attempted surgery.

But then a Cardiologist happened to be there (he had only been at the hospital to visit someone and was going out “the back way” to get to his car faster when he passed by the gurney) and he looked closer at him and said, “I don’t think this man is dead!”

Clint says that the Cardiologist took out some kind of tool and started cutting trying to get at his heart. Clint was unable to open his eyes but was able to speak and said, “do you really have to do that???”

When Clint got better, the doctors admitted to him that they really couldn’t take credit for him still being alive.

Clint says that he will never again ignore that still, small voice in his head. I’m sure that he’ll also find the time to do what he now knows is important for his soul growth.

All the information (above) was taken from this video:


5 thoughts on ““The Earth is Nothing More Than a Dirty Ole Bus Stop Along the Eternal Journey” ~Clint Walker

  1. he is still alive and 87 years old. I remember him well, as this giant gorgeous cowboy who had an aura of gentleness about him, and a beautiful deep voice!! Considered a real hunk then…eye candy now!

  2. One of my favorite posts here, dear. A lot of folks might leave out such a colloquial account, but that’s precisely why I think it’s so zen. Thank you for this blog. Pax et lux. Brett

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