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By Kevin Williams, Near-Death Researcher

In Dr. Melvin Morse’s book, Parting Visions, the following angel encounter is documented:

In my own research I have found angels to be an integral part of visions of all kinds. At least 50 percent of the children in my studies see “guardian angels” as a part of their near-death experience. I have also found that guardian angels lend their help at other times of crisis, when a person needs answers to bolster his or her flagging spirit.

Angels are reported under a variety of circumstances. Another report comes from Dr. Frank Oski, a professor of pediatrics under whom I trained at Johns Hopkins University. Oski is not a new-age guru. Rather he is a demanding pediatrician with an encyclopedic knowledge of medicine who insisted that his students come to the hospital having read the latest medical-journal articles. Yet to my great surprise Dr. Oski has been touched by the same mystical light described by people down through the ages who have had visions, including near-death experiences.

As a medical student Oski was enthusiastic about the potential of modern medicine, but frustrated by the fact that children die of congenital defects that are beyond anyone’s control. One night he went to bed pondering the fate of a dying patient. Although he was doing his best, the child was not improving. He felt powerless to help and went to sleep wondering why this child had to die. About an hour after falling asleep Oski was awakened by a bright light, one that shone in his room like a private sun. Oski could make out the form of a woman in the glow of the intense light. She had wings on her back and was approximately twenty years old.

In a quiet and reassuring voice the woman explained to the speechless Oski why it was that children had to die:

“The angel (I don’t know what else to call her) said that life is an endless cycle of improvements and that humans are not perfect yet. She said that most people have this secret revealed to them when they die, but that handicapped children often know this and endure their problems without complaining because they know that their burdens will pass. Some of these children, she said, have even been given the challenge of teaching the rest of us how to love. It stretches our own humanity to love a child who is less than perfect,” said the angel. “And that is an important lesson for us.”

“Oski has been courageous enough to talk freely about his experience. He has even written about it for a major pediatric journal. In that article he wrote, “I will make no attempt to convince you as to the reality of my story. But I would merely ask that you keep an open mind on the mysteries of life which occur to you on a daily basis.”


"Hope is the thing with feathers"

“Hope is the thing with feathers”

On November 16, 1993, in a middle class home in Clear Lake, Texas, Deborah Powell’s house was broken into by burglars while her youngest daughter Sarah was there alone from school. Deborah came home and found her daughter hog-tied, her hands tied to her feet and having amnesia. Although she couldn’t remember what happened to her, she was deeply depressed and because of her amnesia, she had to relearn everything all over again.

One month after the crime, Sarah fell down and had what appeared to be a seizure. Sarah was diagnosed with having severe post-traumatic stress disorder and it was during her seizures that the terrifying details of the crime would enter her memory. When the burglars entered the home, Sarah became hysterical. One of the burglars attempted to smother her with a pillow. Fighting for her life, she noticed a tattoo on the burglar who was trying to kill her. When he realized she had seen his tattoo, he became enraged and struck her in the head. It was at this point that she died and had a near-death experience.

“After I left my body, I found myself waking up underneath a tree in a place that seemed to be the best place that anyone could possibly be. It’s the place I call heaven. It is definitely the place where I want to spend eternity. As I began to look around, I saw a figure approaching me and it turned out to be a good friend of mine. He had passed away four days before. Brian walked up to me and simply explained to me what was happening to me. He said I was going to be okay and that I was going to be spared for a certain reason. I had something to do. He said he had someone to introduce to me. Shortly after, someone else walked up. It was a tall man in a white suit and white top hat who spoke in a British accent.

“He said, ‘I am going to be with you for a long time. I’ve known you all your life and I’ve been your guardian angel all of your life.’

“He said he didn’t want me to be afraid because of what was happening to me. I wasn’t dying. I would have to go back. Then he told me that I was brought there to rest to gain the courage and energy to go on and finish what I’m supposed to finish.

A sketch of Sarah's attacker.“It seemed like everything then started to kind of fade out and then I was back in my room before I knew it. When I woke up again, my dog was licking me in the face and I didn’t know where I was or who I was or how I got there or why I was tied up.”

Something occurred while in the presence of her psychologist who was making regular visits to Sarah’s home to help her regain her memory.

“My psychologist was trying to calm me down because no one could. I was to the point where I wasn’t even trying to listen to anybody. I was just rocking back and forth and trying to sing to myself. While I was talking to her, a light appeared. It appeared as a circular shape and then came down as a long oval. That was George.

“Immediately, I just stopped crying and Sharon (her psychologist) just seemed to be amazed. She said, “How come you calmed down so quickly?” And I said, “He says I am going to be ok and he is going to take care of me now.”

The guardian angel Sarah met during her near-death experience, who became affectionately known as George, helped in Sarah’s emotional healing and reached out to touch the lives of Sarah’s family and friends.

“I told my mother to sit down. I said I have an angel and he is going to be with me awhile to help us get through this. He says he has been with me a long time since I was a baby. He says that when I was a little kid, I used to laugh at him because he had this big hat that he had to push out of his eyes.”

Sarh Powell's guardian angel.When Sarah’s mother heard this she started to cry. There was time when Sarah was two or three years old when Sarah would laugh a lot in her room. Her mother would peek in the room and ask what Sarah was laughing at. Sarah would say, “the man with the big hat comes and makes me laugh all the time.” Sarah’s mother even keeps drawings that Sarah created of this “man” who made her laugh as a child.

At this point in her healing, Sarah would frequently receive visitations from George. Sarah would actually be able to see and converse with George even though family members could not see or hear him. Sarah was even able to have George heal her friend who had suffered constantly with various illnesses throughout her life. When Sarah was fully recovered, George prepared her for his departure. George had a message he wanted to leave with Sarah to share with others and he wanted her to write it down. The following is the message:

“You must see that everyone within your reach hears about what happened to you. All of it. You must open their eyes and give them hope. Dedicate your soul to healing people simply by talking and letting everyone know how the world is changing. You’ll begin to get responses. Ideas will come. Solutions to problems will appear and the people will send you letters supporting you. Some people will be negative, but these are the people who will be harder to reach. Don’t let them discourage you. You have proven to be strong and your family as well. I know you can get through this and when you do, you’ll come out even stronger than before. Through your mouth, they will hear, because you are a child – a child of God and a child who can bring hope to God’s people. Please stay peaceful and one with God.” – Sarah Powell’s Guardian Angel

After receiving this message, George went away and could not be seen by Sarah again. Sarah has this to say about guardian angels:

“I think everybody has their own personal guardian angel. It’s really amazing to think that there’s someone just for me – someone that God sent just for me. That’s what I always think whenever I feel down.”


8 thoughts on “Angelic Views

  1. Angels seem to me only a Western Archetype? True? How does one access Angels and finally I wish to know from anyone that is in contact with Angels, What the point of WINGS?>>>>>

    • The sites that I read on this type of information are all “western” sites, because I only speak English. If one was to search other sites in other languages, it’s very possible that they would come up with the same type of information. Also, on and on, there are places you can look and find a small data base of experiences from other cultures. But keep in mind, that these are North American sites. 😉

      As far as the wings go… people see what they see. In the story “The Butterfly People of Joplin Missouri“, people saw them as (you guessed it!) Butterflies! Some people see wings and some do not. 🙂

      Finally, I am not in contact with Angels, but I feel they are all around me all the time.

  2. Nice post, I like that comment “life is an endless cycle of improvements.” Swedenborg stated that after we die we will enter an eternal journey of continual perfection, being perfected in stages. In this case “hell” is the state of going backwards. He saw in his visions that all angels and demons originate from the human race.

    As for why children suffer, there is another case of an angel saving the life of a disabled child, and it was caught on video tape. See The light was caught on both a cell phone and security cameras. From that, I concluded, the most important thing in life is learning how to love.

  3. I find angels much easier to talk to then God. I cannot envision God in a human form, but if I try I can imagine an angel smiling or waving at me, when I think of angels. I know you have a strong connection to Jesus, and likely turn to him when I would angels. Despite being born Christian I haven’t been able to pray to Jesus since I was a child. I figured if Jesus is God, then just praying to God is enough. For unknown reasons I have struggled with the concept of Jesus, whereas God is no issue.

    So I love Angels, even if I don’t talk to them much. They are spiritual beings that managed to cross religious borderlines. I can have major issues with Christian teachings (including the Bible) and still pray to God and Angels.

    Sorry, I haven’t been commenting much lately. Hope all is well.

      • Sorry, I sometimes accidentally click Unfollow. I do not know how I manage to keep on doing this, but it happens often. I was just checking my reader wondering why none of your posts were showing up. I just checked your blog so obviously you updated. It has happened for other blogs before, I don’t know if I’ve made the mistake on yours before. It will likely happen again.

        So every now and then you might get a message that I started following you again… maybe you have before.

  4. I’ve heard some theories that the “wings” aren’t wings at all…that it’s a field of vibrating energy behind these beings. We just perceive them as wings–in other words, that’s the best way for observers to describe what they saw. Makes sense to me…

    And thanks so much for sharing all these stories with us, AngelicView! They (and you) are awesome! 🙂


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