“In the Great Divine Cosmic Plan These are Times of Great Opportunity”

AngelicView: STE (Spiritually Transformative Event). It’s actually a rather large excerpt out of the story. Things were not going well in this man’s life and he was contemplating suicide when this event happened. I’m cutting out the first part of this story – not because it’s not important, but to cut down the length of reading for people who don’t have as much time. If you’d like to read it in it’s entirety, just click on the source link. Thanks to Carlos for sharing your amazing experience.

Oh, and just as a side note – he talks about the malleability of time after his NDE, and I have experienced this, too! One time in particular, I knew I was going to be late for work so I was driving the speed limit and not stressing about it – because I was already late. When I got to work I was on time – not late at all! Spooky~Cool 😀

A cocoon had formed around me, I could feel it at different times before this, but this time it was as if I could almost touch it.

I was sensing it all from inside of the body, but then when everything stopped I found myself watching the body from above it, as if I was observing it from the ceiling of the apartment. I saw the body just sitting there, like a piece of stone place on the floor. Nothing was moving. I knew that I, or the body rather, had entered into a suspended state at best.

The body was dead. But this is just the way it was. I had no thoughts or feelings about it. It was just a body, neither alive nor dead.

Next thing I remember was “feeling” a “buzz” arising from this Peace, a familiar vibration, a “Presence”. The same Presence I felt or sensed while reading the book the days before. I had no doubt this was Christ. I call him Yeshua.

I could see Him, but not as an image or a shape the way we know shapes or forms, I could feel Its Light radiating everywhere.

It approached me slowly, and I could feel It was so entirely magnificent!

I knew the entire universe was under His complete command. No one will ever convince me otherwise. Is not a matter of belief for me.. There simply is no other Truth.

Without words and without sound this Presence whose essence I knew very well from before time existed and Who knew ALL about me, and knew EVERYTHING about every thing, asked me if I really wanted to die.. I thought: “I just want to go Home”, you can not lie to One who knows you so intimately! And this was the truth, I did not want to die.

In response I felt a “pull” or a “tug” to my right, and turning my attention there, I “saw” Christ as the most indescribable, radiant, powerful, ever Divine Light Essence coming through an immense Golden Portal surrounded by infinity, and I instantly knew it was the “Portal of death”. Christ was on the other side and I could feel Him inviting me to come to Him to where He was.

At that point I made a pause and kind of wondered what would happen if I went through that Portal, but then I realized that Christ, or Jesus was on the other side, but He was also extending His Self through and pass the Portal to reach me, and He was ok! The moment I realized that, I suddenly and swiftly went pass the Portal onto the Other Side. This was the most exhilarating aspect of the entire experience, because I had gone through Death and was still alive!! I cannot die!!!! I am immortal!!! Death is nothing but a grand illusion! YAY!!!.. I knew it!!!

The complete expansiveness of sheer JOY I felt at that moment cannot be put to words! Carlos was “dead” but I was more alive than ever!! Carlos never existed! the earth and the universe never existed! People and things are just baseless illusions! If they do not exist eternally, they are not real.. but I AM! I am Innocent!! I cannot die! The whole of Heaven was loudly celebrating and rejoicing with me on my arrival! I was back!!! I could “hear” heavenly bells, trumpets, angelic choirs, laughter and all kinds of happy, joyful sounds of infinite gladness for which we have no name here on earth because those things do not exist here.

I felt the unspeakable, all encompassing, unconditional Love of God for me. It felt really “personal” and because of its unconditional character is almost incomprehensible. To the point where I thought: “All this Love for me? Who am I? I am just a boy who grew up in a middle-lower class family, in a regular neighborhood, went to a regular school. I have no accomplishments. Never done anything remarkably special. I’m just a regular guy, a normal human. What I have done to deserve this? Is ALL this LOVE really for me?”. The moment I finished that thought I was instantly “swallowed up” by this amazing Love. “I” was completely GONE! There was nothing but Love. No me, no God… just eternal, incomprehensible, indescribable, total, complete, absolute LOVE.

Oh, there is this thing is too but I just don’t know where it fits in a chronological sequence because there is NO sequence, the moment I “died” I encountered an “automatic” choice. I could either come back to the same body, or I could choose a different one. This is part of the Perfect Common Natural Order of things, the same Perfect Common Natural Order that is My very Essence also, and so for Me it did not came as a surprise or a disappointment or anything like that.

Very quickly I assessed the situation and it just made sense to return to the same body and use it to “finish my business” here. It is amazing how incredibly practical the Soul is! To take a different body meant to “build” a personality and a psychological, physical and emotional state and frame-work all over again from scratch. This involves re-creating many experiences of suffering and pain at all levels for myself. But those things were still perfectly “useful” for the Soul’s purpose of liberating the mind from the fear of death, which is at the very core of all the fears we know and experience here and we as Souls (and as people) want to heal/erase.

I “saw” or remembered rather, that each unloving thought we ever had, not only from this incarnation, but from previous lifetimes as well, leave like a “wave” in the “fabric of Reality”. Similar to the wake a boat or a ship leaves behind as it crosses the ocean. This does not change reality in any way, it is just not natural, it does not correspond with our own Nature as we were Created, as the very Love that we truly are. So our own Nature, our Divine Will is to correct those meaningless thoughts. That’s why we come back over and over again.

I understand that to be the true meaning of Compassion.

Another important point I’ve learned is that the Soul does not ever come into this realm of time and space, what seems to come here is just a tiny aspect of infinite Mind that still believes in separation, which is the source of all our fears. Including of course the fear of death, which is nothing but an effect of our belief in separation from all Life, from God, from Our One Self and from All there Is.

So, my experience of Heaven was rather “short” for what I recall. I did go straight “back to business” by creating my “future life experiences” before coming back into the body.

I remember using “Archetypes”, “Patterns” and so on for different things in order to “build” the blueprint for my present/future life experience/s.

The ‘past’ I already had so I built on what was already there and had already experienced.

Family, personality, gender, mind set, nationality, historical time, I choose all those things. Furthermore, I would say that every single thought, emotion, feeling, sensation, choice, outcome, everything, and I mean EVERY THING we go through, even things we are not even remotely consciously aware of, it’s all planned.

And to take things even further, I understand that all our life experiences, happen instantaneously and all at once. Here things only seem to occur in linear sequence but in Truth, our entire lives take place in the “blink of an eye”. In other words, what is going to happen tomorrow, it has already happened. We always experience our past. Crazy, eh?

In any case, because I was so eager to free the mind from illusions and the need to come back I really loaded the “blueprint” with life lessons, tough ones. One of the reasons I wanted to come back to the same body is because in the great scheme of things, in the Great Divine Cosmic Plan these are times of great opportunity to free one’s mind/soul. Somehow the year 2000 has a lot to do with it, it marks the end of a Cosmic Cycle, so I really wanted to take full advantage of it.

Because part of the “Blueprint” includes the collective as well as the individual, each time we, as individuals heal a fearful thought or belief the whole of Humanity becomes “elevated” together with us. We are truly one.

I often try to remember to send a silent blessing whenever I see someone suffering, no matter for what reason, because I KNOW he or she is healing his/her mind as well as my mind and the mind of the collective.

This is not meant to glorify or justify suffering, is just that with my NDE I learned that the Soul is at work underneath the suffering I see. They are learning a valuable lesson, and therefore so do I. The same is true whenever I heal.

 Now, once I was done with the building of the Blueprint I was left with just a few lessons for my “next” and final life time.. that one will be a breeze! (laughing!)     

In any case, once I was finished with the preparations, I sensed a Presence by my “right side”. It was a Soul who had completely mastered the “Art” of building a blueprint and had the “Function” of helping other Souls with this task.

And when I say “another Soul” or “another Presence this does NOT imply separation in any way, shape or form. It is not different or separate, is just “distinct” but the same. There is no duality in Reality.

As I finished this Soul telepathically said: “It is a heavy load.” To which I responded: ” I will remember is not true.” All this was transmitted with utmost Respect, Gratitude, Trust and Love. There was a very real sense of us honoring each other as One. And so off I went to what I could describe as a Holding Chamber that seemed to put some sort of an invisible buffer around me.

I guess I willingly forgot what I was intending to do, because suddenly and without any signs of what was about to happen I felt a terrible “pull downwards”. It was the pull of terror. The terrors of being completely alone, helpless and entirely destitute. Which are, needless to say the 2 greatest lessons I am here to learn how to heal.

This 2 main terrors of aloneness and destitution were felt together with the pull downwards. I felt as if I was in the eye of a furious whirlwind of fast really fast images (of future experiences) accompanied by a deafening noise, as if under an enormous, gigantic waterfall. That was my NDE experience of being in a tunnel.

And then suddenly, I was back in the body, which felt like a lousy, loud internal THUMP!

I was so very disappointed and sad!! But I recuperated very quickly thanks to the blessings of Acceptance and the fresh memory of who I am in Truth. I was remembering it was not real. And yet now I was suddenly sitting in a completely darkened room again. Alone. I sat there for a while ’till it was time to go to bed again.

This most amazing experience was followed by about 4 weeks of “being here but not of here”. I experienced all the stages of human development all the way up to complete enlightenment. I was guided in every step. Whatever question I had was either instantly answered or, in the absence of an answer I would receive immediate understanding of the lack of need for the question to begin with.

My mind was completely empty. If I needed a thought, it was given. Directions as to what to do was always there. If I needed something I would either effortlessly find it or it would be given to me. My words or my silence were perfect in all circumstances. I didn’t know anything and yet I understood how God/Spirit, Nature and the Cosmos worked and operated.    

I would attract wild animals like a magnet, they loved being around me (even raccoons!) and I knew they were God’s messengers reminding me of how Loved I am, and that I was NOT alone. I saw how this world is made of the same symbols I used to build the Blueprint and I could “decode” everything around me. Including predicting earthquakes. I also knew that “the earth was trembling” in response to “the arrival of the Prodigal Son” in me.

Heaven would speak to me through nature. I recognized Holiness in myself and in everything and everyone. All things were the Buddha. I was Buddha and felt like a constant, quiet springing of sheer joy in me!

I received spontaneous healings for hunger, bodily pains and strains, or when feeling cold.. No matter what, I would never tire and if I were to lose my strength all I had to do was ask and I would feel fresh and stronger than a giant beam of reinforced iron before I even had a chance to notice.

I once saw a man completely collapse on the street and just by prayer he would be up on his feet within 2 minutes and walking straighter than he was before the collapse.

One day I started to worry because I was going to be late for my only client that week. I kept checking the clocks on the subway, I was an hour behind and had no chance to call to inform my client. I kept “sensing” that everything was going to be alright. But how!?? Hopefully my client would be late too!

When I finally arrived at the office and spoke to the person at the reception, she told me I was actually an hour earlier and not an hour late! There were 2 hours I still don’t know what happened to them, and can not account for the time difference. I am still today entirely sure I left the house by the time I had to be at the office!

Everything, and I mean everything was upside down and backwards compared to how things were before the NDE. For once I was AWAKE!, and I thought I had gone completely mad. All was PERFECT and pure. I was PERFECT and pure and innocent yet my mind was fighting it at times. It could not reconcile the total contrast of experiences so I decided to go see my Teacher, a highly accomplished Lama to tell him of my dilemma. On my way to the temple I kept being guided on how to get there while avoiding noisy or busy streets, which I found very unsupportive of the profound silence and stillness and sometimes sheer Bliss I was living in.

On my way, I found an orange by the curb and was guided to pick it up and so I did. It was not a real fruit, but one of those hollow oranges you see sometimes used as decorations. It did not matter, I had been told to pick it up but never to put it down and so I took it with me.

When I arrived at the temple and after telling the Lama what was going on, I presented it to him as an offering, since I had nothing else to offer to him. When he held it in his hand he started laughing loudly and told me this was an most wonderful omen. It was a representation of the Perfection of Wisdom and kindly advised me to keep resting in the Innermost nature of my Mind and to come back to see him for further guidance. But I never did, I had other plans I did not know about.

Slowly the perfect state started to dissipate and the hard lessons started to come my way. I intended this. This is what I was here for.       

There was one more time when Yeshua appeared to me. I was lying down in bed when , from a picture of Him on the wall, the same familiar “hum” started growing ’till the whole room was filled with His Presence.

I felt a sudden, sharp pain in my left sole. I thought “If You could take the nails on the cross I can certainly accept this.” The moment I said that in my mind, a flush of electricity went down the leg and I “heard” the first Question: “Would you seek God and nothing but God” as I “saw” an image of myself turning my back on a city skyline to face the Stars… Internally I said: “Yes!”

The same process of sharp pain, acceptance and a current going down my leg happened twice more. The other two questions were: “Would you accept Christ as your only Identity?” and, “Would you bring everyone to Heaven with you?” (to this I saw an image of regarding everyone as an innocent Child of God). Of course I said “Yes! to those questions as well.

I immediately saw “365” flashing in deep blue and gold numbers flashing on my forehead and His Presence then just dissolved.

I thought I had a full year to fulfill my promise and as time went by I realized how difficult this was for me to do.

A whole year went by and I thought I had failed miserably. Now I was in real trouble! I had the most sublime of all possible experiences a human being could possibly hope for, offered to me purely by the Grace Of God yet I felt I was falling back and back and back further and further away from what I desired to do…

As the thought of miserably betraying God and Yeshua and myself and everything I held dear an sacred became more and more intense my mom came to visit me from Argentina for my birthday.

On February 8th of the year 2000 she gave me as a gift a golden cross with a star where normally you’d see a crucified body hanging. That visit was the very last time me and my mom saw each other.

That same day my girlfriend at the time gave me a book, she apologized in advance saying that she had never seen that book before but it felt good to buy it for me. The book is called A Course in Miracles and prior to that day I had seen it only once at a book-store but decided it was not for me.

When I opened it the very first thing I saw was the same identical star on the cover as the one that was on the cross my mom gave me.

The second thing I saw once I opened it, was the same 365 number I had seen in my Vision. That’s when I dawn on me what the real Plan was.

The Course comes with “Workbook Lessons”, 365 of them, one for each day of the year. It is by practicing the lessons in forgiveness that I get to fulfill my 3 promises.

The book is renown for having been “scribed” by a woman who “heard” a Voice that identified itself a Jesus of Nazareth. It is basically a practice in mind training, so the thoughts of fear can be “forgiven” and replaced by loving thoughts instead. Just as I saw on the pattern of the Universe caused by unloving thoughts during my NDE.

Everything in that book corresponds exactly with not only my NDE, but also with nearly all theTheWorldIsChanging experiences I had immediately after and even before I ‘died’. Some of them are described in uncanny, identical details to what I experienced.

Long before all this happened a client had mentioned a Course in Miracles group that met once a week just a block from where I had my office. I ended up completing 3 years + of post secondary education and training that the people holding this weekly meetings offered on Transpersonal Psychology based on the principles and tenets of the Course.

There are many more pre and post NDE details, uncanny serendipities, mystical experiences and unexplainable Miracles happening in my life. All to help me go pass and learn the lessons offered through bouts of alcoholism and other addictions, a sometimes terrible temper, suicidal thoughts, homelessness, illness, sexual abuse, depression. family separation, inner conflict and so on.

I am not ashamed or regret any of this, although I had become very very angry with God and with my Soul at times of excruciating emotional pain. For this way I can truly relate to most people experiences and can hold a clear, ample, insightful space and words of unconditional Love and acceptance for those who are sent my way for me to help.

II can now, post NDE also get through the worst experiences so much more faster than I ever did! Whereas before I would be stuck in a rut for months and months at a time, now in maybe a few days or even only an hour or just in a few minutes I am back on my feet again feeling joyous, optimistic and strong again.

As I communicated to the Guide and Helper I met and joined with during my NDE, I DO now remember none of this seeming harsh calamities are true. They are just lessons I want to learn and nothing else. Thank God!

• I was feeling suicidal. I seriously contemplated terminating my life here on earth, but somehow knew that death was not the answer I was so desperately looking for. I strongly suspected I would have to come back. My mother was still alive and the mere thought of her suffering after my death was unbearable, so I decided to find a real answer to my suffering.

In a very real way, it was my mother who saved my life.

• This type of direct experience is so extraordinary that ordinary communication can never be sufficient. Words are symbols of symbols twice removed from the Truth. To translate such an experience in words is not difficult, is impossible!

• Although I would not call it consciousness, I’d describe it as full sensory and extra sensory awareness…..I/it was BOUNDLESS! I had no psychological or sensory buffer or barriers to the experience in the way we generally have here on earth.

• I heard things but I wouldn’t call it voices because they had no sound, even though the communication was crystal clear and I could tell by the vibrational signature who was ‘talking’. There was no sense of doubt, confusion, ambivalence or any of those ‘muddy’ things we experience here. With ‘Mother Mary”, she never spoke and yet there was no other possibility except to say it WAS Her. And even when I say ‘Her’, is not a matter of gender. Again, it was more of a distinctly identifiable vibrational tone or ‘signature’ rather than a ‘voice’ or a ‘sound’ per se. The mind has to necessarily ‘translate’, or ‘decode’ this things so the consciousness can make some sense of it all. 

When I encounter what we know or consider God, IT never spoke and yet it transmitted or communicated the most amazing, all encompassing Love one could ever possibly imagine, and was even beyond that. In the case of Yeshua or with the Guide is like they had a thought and you had it as well at the same time and vise versa. There is no separation, you are aware of all there is all at once without any confusion whatsoever.

• I remembered everything about who I was during my time on earth but I also realized that it was not me and that the events were not truly Real either.

• I had seen scenes of the future but I ‘made them fuzzy’ and not identifiable to the conscious mind while setting the blue print of future experiences.

Now I know Who I am. Now I know much better the difference between illusions and the Truth. Now I know what Love and Compassion really is. Now I know that events here can change our concept of who we are but it cannot change the eternal reality of Who we are. Before I used to put more value in others than in myself and now that has changed. Now I know the difference in value between form and content. Now I am more honest and kind to myself and to others. Now the approval of others does not count nearly as much. Now I know I love you even if I don’t know you and even if I get mad at you, those things don’t really change anything. Now I am way quicker in remembering the Truth. Now I have way more real trust and patience and generosity that I ever experienced before. Now I remember that I am loved even when people forget that they love me. Now I know I am safe,  infinitely loved, cared for, safe, valued and valuable, even when I have little food, no money or have to live outdoors for a bit. Now I know I am never ever alone. Now I appreciate others way more than I did before. Now I cry more often but I feel better about myself and appreciative of those around me. Now I know God and I are one. Now I know that is true for everyone. Now I am better at remembering that everything and everyone is perfect just as they are at any given moment. Now I am way more humble and more selfless than I ever was.

7 thoughts on ““In the Great Divine Cosmic Plan These are Times of Great Opportunity”

  1. This is a beautiful rendition of his near-death experience and consequent transformation. Those of us whom have had one or more close calls with going to ‘the other side’, do come back different and have a testimony of immortal soul life, beyond our temporary stay here on creation’s Mother Earth. It’s good when these experiences are shared because it is incredible finding out that there is life after death and it is the home we all yearn for in our dreams.
    I hope all those whom are at home today enjoying Christmas, do appreciate how loved they are, just for being alive! Happy Holidays!

  2. For the past 12 months or so I have become awakened to the fact that if u have less time for a particular task the more time you give it and the more relaxed you are so you do not focus on the time the task in hand actually takes less time the task actually takes. Freeing up more time for other stuff.

  3. A few days late, but Happy Holidays. Soon to be a New Year. I am just hoping for the holidays to be over, so that I can relax. Why do we have to fill all vacations with travel, or stress. Wouldn’t it be good to take a vacation to relax?

    I will admit to being on Disability. My illness slows me down, and makes me forgetful. Not the best worker. My family always is pushing me to apply for jobs, but during the Interview, my slow answers to questions ends up with me not hired. I am busy with helping with my young Nephew as a unpaid Nanny, and a small part time job.

    I’d have to get Government help to get a job, but my Therapist tells me I am unlikely to have any more spending money with that job…

    I got sidetracked. I was trying to explain why the Holidays are actually busier for me then non-holidays because I do not have Full-Time employment. Yet, I got talking about an issue on my mind. Sigh… I have become like my Mom indeed. Talkative.

  4. I know this comment is a few years late, but I just found your blog.

    I am so glad you shared this man’s experience. I experienced something similar and also too see the symbolic double negation of the truth of all things. It really can’t be put into words. I have never found anyone who I could relate to in this way before. It is healing for me. So thank you again for sharing. 🙂

    When my experience first began, I too had just wanted to return Home since I was about 7 years old. I went on with my life, having been given an angel that enforced me by a strict fear of personal harm. By the time she released that fear, I realized I had to work through that desire to go home. I was given a vision of myself lying at the feet of God and Heavenly Father in pain. I knew it meant that I had to complete my work to return and they would watch over me as I passed through and healed the suffering of this life.

    That’s when it began. I woke one morning and my spirit knew instinctively that I could Speak Eternal Truth. I kept trying to make sense of it on an earthly level, and I was told I was schizophrenic and put on drugs, because it was gibberish to other human beings. It waz all archetypal and symbolic. But I had a spirit guide who said I wasn’t crazy and would be fine. Sure enough, after a psychologist told my husband I would likely be ‘gone/crazy’ for the rest of my life, that no one comes out of this level of ‘looney’, two months later I was sane again. I prayed probably 40 times or more a day during that time. During that period I laid my hands on myself and instantly did some physical healing, and had these intense feelings like I WAS Jesus Christ and that I needed to be out loving and caring and healing others. But my task was to heal myself. It was so hard to feel so much intense love and be only capable of loving myself into wellness. It made sense and yet felt excruciatingly wrong at the same time.

    Since then ( which was 2009), I’ve had an intense learning to see what the real meaning of all things around me are in TRUTH of the harmony of Heavenly culture. Again, can’t be put into words fully, but I know it is my calling to be a Truth Healer, and bridge the gap between the complete love and light of our God, and where we exist now. I was given the intelligence of God to see things through His eyes, then was given to see through human eyes. The gap is closing. ❤

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