He Heard the Call


Why do I keep posting these NDE’s?


To remind us of who we are.

Okay, so this guy had what one would think would be a pretty traumatic death. He died in a burning structure (a barn?). But what he reveals for us is that it wasn’t as traumatic as one might think. One thing we might remember about our biological bodies is that it has two soul components. One is the part that is “me” and that part leaves the body – often before any trauma ensues – and watches from a distance while the other component that is still in the physical body and may even seem to be thrashing about. Personally, I think that people who don’t fight death when they know it’s imminent are the ones who don’t suffer trauma and the ones who fight the process are the ones that will hang about in the physical body the longest, and therefore suffer more.

This NDE is amazing in that the experiencer seems to be one of those volunteers to come and help Earth to evolve.

His description does not follow a linear time-frame. I’ll just print it as-is.

It was a rural party / celebration. An accidental fire / wildfire ensued. Panic, lots of people were frightened. Smoke, lots of smoke. Other than myself, no one was injured. Even all of the livestock and animals survived unscathed. I got lost, turned around, trying to rescue some of the ranch livestock. I got trapped behind oncoming flames and smoke. I collapsed, passed out.

Next thing I knew, I was in an operating room where people were working on my body. It’s like I was there, but I wasn’t there. I died, or at least they said I’d died – I was clinically dead.  And then I was alone, briefly – no people were in the room (they’d given up on me.) Then two friends were allowed to enter the room, and that’s when I … well, I left and was no longer aware of the hospital room or my friends. What happened after that seemed – at least to me – to last for days, or even weeks. But then suddenly I began to spontaneously breathe on my own again, with an erratic heart rate. My two friends screamed out for help; then right away there were lots of people working on me again.

I was told it was a “miracle” – that I shouldn’t have lived (not sure how I feel about that statement.)  I know that there was a period that I hadn’t been in this world, but that I was asked to “return.” It was my choice (THEY said –  and I wasn’t like THEM. You would do anything THEY asked.)  It wasn’t like it was a question, even if that’s the way THEY put it.  I wasn’t forced to decide as I did – even though I know I would always have agreed with whatever THEY asked. About what happened, what was asked of me, that’s something for another time, I think. (AngelicView: No time like the present! 😉 )

The place where I went wasn’t here, wasn’t this universe (or if even the word “universe” applies.) Everything there was made up of light, light that was light but wasn’t light. I’ve never found adequate words for what to call it, except for “HOME.” I just knew it was HOME, my real HOME. The place I’d been living – where I was born and grew up – that was no longer “home.”  It was only where I’d come from, where I’d been. And when I did return back to HERE, I felt totally out of place. This wasn’t where I belonged anymore – it was only where I’m meant to be, just for a time. THEY promised that when I’m done, or when I’ve done all I can do, then I could go HOME again.


To express what HOME was like has been impossible for me to do. Everything in HOME is connected. It is all One.  It’s Light.  And light is love, or what beings here call “love”, I think. Peace. It is all at peace, except when they showed me the grey-things, in the “void.” I never remember asking, but I must have. It was light and grey, light and shadow or absence of light, or just less light. All creatures / beings are of light, but some have more light, some less. I’m not sure if where I was was heaven, but I was at peace – I was loved, and I was HOME. Yet I was shown grey places, places where only one being, if any, exists inside each one. I was afraid of the grey places, and grey beings. They meant me no harm that I could tell. But they were sad, and all alone. I remember thinking, “I cannot become grey!”

 Much of what I knew when I was HOME was taken from me when I returned, or at least it faded somehow. At times bits and pieces seem to return. While I was HOME, I was more alive and at peace than I have ever been here.

[Earth] is a grey place, with less life, less light than HOME had.

From what I seem to remember, despite the trauma that I now know my body endured – to me, dying was easy.

One minute you’re breathing, and the next, you’re not. It was that simple – to simply give up, to release life. I remember being frightened of the fire and smoke, being confused, and then being more and more at peace. As a kid, it never occurred to me if I was ready for death or not. I don’t remember ever really thinking about it. It’s just something that happened, suddenly, and without any warning. The emotions I had, the powerful ones, didn’t happen until AFTER the experience was over, and I was back HERE.



~I passed from a grey earth-bound existence to one made up entirely of light – light that was brighter than the Sun. Light so white it seemed impossible. The transition wasn’t painful, or frightening, but kind of exciting! Wonderful, and freeing!

~There are no words to describe [the light] – incredibly white – but the light was actually made of all colors, like a rainbow, yet is was white light – again, I have no words to describe it.  It was light, yet it was all life, too.

~When I was HOME, those around me, along with myself, we encountered THEM. All I knew was that THEY were ancient, and I was like a small child to them, or so I felt. They “appeared” like us, but instinctively you knew they weren’t. They were also kind of sad. THEY told us how special we were. How it was becoming our time. THEY were like teachers, or guardians, or elders. Again, I have no words. I keep thinking they were angels, but having never met an angel, I had nothing to compare them to.

~[He was shown] Scenes from the world’s future.  
This isn’t something I want to talk about. I was told what was expected of me, why it was important for me to return. I was shown “some things” and others were “hidden” temporarily. I’m not some kind of prophet, nor was I expected to give anyone warnings. I was asked to “help,” nothing more, if I could. It was as if I’ve become a “tool.” THEY told me if I failed, another or others would be sent. I can be replaced, but I wasn’t meant to feel replaceable. THEY didn’t make little of my volunteering, but THEY also wanted me to be at peace if I was unable to accomplish what I was sent to do. I think THEY were being kind, but now that I’m back, and thinking like a human again, I sometimes wonder if THEY lacked belief in my ability to do what they asked of me. When I think of HOME, I know this cannot be true. THEY would never ask something you’re incapable of, nor would THEY attempt to bring you harm, or pain of any kind. Something important / vital is coming. THEY felt that those who wanted to help should be allowed to do so, if it was their choice. I’m not sure if I can be of any help, but I did agree to return. I’m no one special. Not in any way superior to anyone else HERE. I’ve tried to do what I was asked to, yet I constantly feel as if I’ve failed. Just before I returned, THEY told me “none will believe” or “no one will believe you.”  Words, English words, didn’t always fit in with the way THEY communicated. At times I feel THEY were warning me, sometimes I feel it was an admonishment to try and prevent me from doing foolish things, other times I have no idea why THEY told me that.

~When I returned, I was – altered. It’s like the old me (the one before the NDE) was someone else. There is this NEW part of me now, like someone who’d never existed before, and yet there is also this feelings that “part of me” is ancient, as if THEY put something inside of me that had never been there before. The NEW thing and the ANCIENT thing feel the same; but whatever it is, it wasn’t part of who I was before I died. Or if it has always been a part of me, then it would have been sleeping while I lived before, and would be something newly awakened.

~[On Earth] It’s biological instinct / animal instinct to do all with yourself as the center of your existence. HOME teaches that it’s the connections that give us our strength and that it’s in giving and in sharing that we become our true potential. Pain is part of life. It’s essential. You should not run from it, or fear it.  Without pain, how would you know love is real? That breath really comes? That hot and cold exist? So much we see as reality HERE will fade, and what we didn’t want to believe in or see HERE, will become reality in HOME.  Writing this is so frustrating. My words don’t give me satisfaction in conveying what I really wish I could describe.  I’m not sure any words in English could ever do that, or even in any human language.

~I’m no one’s shepherd, nor did I return to save mankind. Each being must be their own judge and savior. Again, things were shown to me, and things were asked of me, yet in the end I’m responsible only for myself. All I have of value is what I can GIVE. If that giving brings more LIGHT, then I’ve succeeded. To alter the life choices of others, or to attempt to do so, is to assume responsibility for others as well. To live by example is one thing, and it is LIGHT. To direct others is another, and can turn grey. I will choose only to share and to give, and I pray I never just take, except what is given freely by others of like mind.


14 thoughts on “He Heard the Call

  1. Light, often equates to knowledge and to share knowledge or inner truth brings a spark of light that can ignite others to investigate. This initself is a service that as a cascading affect as each ember ignites into a flame. It is the primary reason for the task of everyone who has this experience to share it with others. It seldom requires the person to become evangelical or become suddenly a guru of sorts. In many ways that could easily become a distortion that creates confusion. In our own lives mostly we are asked to live here and now in peace and kindness toward others. Life and interactions provide challenges and at times like many people like this person it is required to exist in discomfit due to the injuries yet still retain that peaceful knowing aspect. Holding steady throughout all the storms of life that candle of truth.

    • Beautifully said and so true! So many times people have come back and said that they were supposed to share their story. That was their purpose – was to tell people. 🙂

  2. Ultimately, what the story here? What is he suppose to show us? What did the so call angel show him? Can he explain on it?

    • Well, this is a Near Death Experience. It is the story of someone’s experience. What he is being shown is up to him and his readers to decide. It’s open to your own interpretation, in other words. 🙂

  3. I’m glad that you wrote about your experience it is peaceful to me and it makes me feel that there is something out there greater than what there is here I believe in Jesus Christ the son of God I believe there’s Angels the Bible says it thank you for putting this out there for people to read it touched my heart I pray for you and wish lots of blessings in your life I thank God for taking you where you were taken and came back it’s words of inspiration thank you so much.

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