Trinfinity Academy is Now Free!



AngelicView: Bentinho Massaro was true to his word when he told us that he was going to make Trinfinity Academy, the course set for Enlightenment and Empowerment which was developed by Bentinho and his wonderful team, FREE for all. (Yes, this used to be a paid member only course.)

Apparently, they will be revamping the website to make a new design that will reflect this change. But the Academy can now be accessed for free. So there is no need to create an account or sign in. Just start clicking and go!

I haven’t started anything there yet but I’ve snooped around a bit. The course starts with an Introduction and then you can move to the right or left into the “Enlightenment” or “Empowerment” headings. Under each heading is written material and videos with additional links to more information. There are also Sound Cloud (sound only) portions and Webinar portions at the site.

If you like Bentinho and his teachings, I think you’re probably going to love this course he and his team has put together! Here’s the link:

Trinfinity Academy

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