David Thaler vs The “God Helmet” and Polygraph Test

Dave Thaler had a near death experience during a heart attack in his sleep.

Dave: I was raised a God-fearing Christian, and we’ve been programmed from birth to believe this and that and it’s like we walk around with a little security blanket. And the near death experience to me is somebody rips up your security blanket. Everything you believe to be true, is no longer. Dave Thaler of the old, died that day.

I was being raised up higher and higher, and I could eventually see the curvature of the Earth. I started to panic and there was this communication. It said, “You can come home if you want.” I said, “What do you mean? I can’t come home right now, I still have things to take care of, I still have my mother on Earth. If I decide to come now, what will happen?”

“If you decide to come home now, it will be found through autopsy that you died of a heart attack. You have two choices: you can either come home or return to your body. If you return to your body, it will heal very rapidly.”

After my experience I spent roughly two years searching different religions, doctrines, and I could find nothing that came remotely close to the feeling and sensation I had in my experience. I tried Buddhism; I went to Hindu temples. None, didn’t feel what I now knew to be true. Nothing came close to what I was experiencing, and what I was experiencing was connection with everything. So I moved my religious search to a more scientific search.


There are common themes here among many NDEs:

– One’s prior beliefs or understandings seen as so puny compared to the truth of what was learned; and not just religious beliefs but also atheist beliefs

– Connection to everything. Many say that they now have much greater love/compassion than they did before. One man said, “I now love everybody.” And experiencers tend to mean that much more than people who say things like that out of their idealism or beliefs alone.

– Rapid healing, “miraculous” circumstances when the path of that person is meant to stay alive. “If it’s not your time, you don’t have to worry about dying. And in fact, once you’ve had a taste of what ‘death’ really is, you look forward to that time when you can go back home. Not prematurely, but after your purpose on Earth is finished.”

AngelicView: Thanks to my friend, Ned, for the above ↑ write-up 🙂

Just below ↓ is a written transcript (thanks to NDE Accounts .com) and below that ⇓ is the video of which the transcript is written. Thanks to all who helped get this story out. (I lightly edited it for easier readability.)

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My name’s Dave Thaler. I work for a woman, she’s a widower. She owns 116 acres on the farm. I’m a jack-of-all-trades here and I just make sure that she’s comfortable and the farm gets taken care of.

Horses to me are so in the moment. There’s no past, there’s no future. Horses are very connected to what I would consider the spiritual element of who we are as people. I was raised a god-fearing Christian. We’ve been programmed from children to believe this and believe that and it’s like we walk around with little security blankets and to me the near-death experience was like somebody rips out your security blanket. It’s like everything you believed to be true is now no longer. It’s like losing your foundation. Dave Thaler of the old died that day.

It was a normal day, I decided to go to bed a little early about 10 o’clock. After I went to bed something happened. The next thing I remember I was outside my body – looking down on my body lying on the bed. I just had this beautiful sense of freedom not being in that body saying, “Oh I’m finally away from that body!” and the next thing I realize is I’m being drawn up and now I’m outside my apartment. I’m feeling this incredible sense of peace and freedom. I’m looking around and everything has such a clear clarity to it. I’m realizing that wherever I focus my intent – that’s where I go. I’m looking around and I see this beautiful oak tree and I wonder what it’s like to be an oak tree and in that instant I became the oak tree. To me it seemed like I’d lived the life of that oak tree. And then I seen a blade of grass so I said, “I wonder what it’s like to be a blade of grass?” and in that instant I became a blade of grass. And then I see a young couple on the park bench and in that instance I just got this clear and concise sense being meshed in this pure love that everything is as it’s supposed to be.

We are all connected, we are all here, we are all performing one function, we are all relying on each other. I’m going higher and higher and higher and I’m being raised up and I get to a point where all of a sudden I feel like I’m going… You can see the curvature of the earth and when I started to panic all of a sudden there was this communication and it said, “It’s okay Dave, you can come home if you want.” And I said, “What do you mean you’re telling me that I died I can’t come home right now I still have work to do down here I still got my mom down on Mother Earth.” and then I said, “Well, if I decide to come what happened to me?” and it was an instant communication back, “Well if you decide to come home it will be found through autopsy that you died of a heart attack.” And it said “You have two choices you can either continue on into your death cycle and come home or you can return to your body. If you choose to go back to your body your body will heal very quickly and there will be no adverse effects from the heart attack.

And in that instant of that thought I was back in my body – and it wasn’t a gentle thing, either. I was slammed! My roommate at the time comes screaming into my bedroom saying, “What’s wrong, whats wrong?” and he called 911. They came. They were quite adamant about me going to the hospital – I refused it, I refuse it, I refuse it and I said, “I am NOT going to the hospital.” so I said, “No, I’ll be fine.” And I was.

After my experience I spent two years searching different religions and different doctrines and I could find nothing that could even remotely come close to the feeling and sensation than I had in my experience. I tried Buddhism, I went to a Hindu temple once. You know I tried this – nope didn’t feel like this, tried that – didn’t feel like that. You know nothing could ever come close to what I was experiencing. What I was experiencing was the connection with everything, so I moved my search more from a religious search into a more scientific search.

Today I’m off to the airport to fly to Louisiana to meet Dr Jeffery Long and I’m pumped! He’s the founder of the Near-Death Experience Research Foundation and he’s one of the leading Near-death experience researchers in the world. He’s read my experience and he’s agreed to meet with me.

Dr Long: I have studied thousands of near-death experiences. I have studied them with the appropriate scholarly scrutiny of looking for consistency, looking for inconsistency, looking for patterns, looking for what near-death experience is telling us.

Dave: One of the first aspects of my experience that I’m trying to come to terms with is whether it’s real or it wasn’t real because to me the experience felt so real it’s like living in normal life.

jeff long

Dr Long: Your journey’s been a journey that thousands of other people have taken. Near-death experiences have been reported as far back as 2000 years ago at the time of Plato all across the world near-death experiences are strikingly similar. People are having a close brush with death and nearly die. They’re so physically compromised that they’re unconscious and may even be clinically dead but at that time they’re unconscious, amazingly, they have the experience part of near-death experience. Consciousness rises above the body and typically from that vantage point over their physical body they can see and often hear ongoing earthly events. Near-death experiencers may pass into or through a tunnel often at the end of the tunnel there’s a light that’s described as a mystical, brilliant quality. Following that there may be what’s called a life review. They may see portions or even all of their prior life. They may encounter what’s called a boundary for they have to make that decision about whether they want to return to their earthly body or not. A basic scientific principle is that what as real is consistently observed and I’m here to tell you that concept of a connection, unity of everyone and everything [is] overwhelmingly consistently observed in near-death experiences.

Dave:  You’re making me feel a lot better.  It was a great sense of relief to hear other people have experienced something similar to me because a near-death experience [is] such a personal thing – you tend to keep it to yourself, you tend not to tell anybody, you tend to basically try to come to terms with the experience on your own so to hear that others experienced what I experienced was very comforting. Some experts believe that as many as a million Americans have had some kind of near-death experience.

My research helped me track down Cloe from Texas who agrees to meet and share her story.  I had what’s called a near death experience but actually it was a death experience because I died, I drowned. Can you tell me a little bit about your experience because I know that you also became…

cloe solis

Cloe: I knew that we were all interconnected, yeah, I was swimming with my sister of the north shore of Hawaii. I didn’t pay attention, I looked in toward the shore and my sister and I were both taken under. She was taken about a few hundred yards down the beach and I was taken further out into the ocean. I eventually I heard a voice say to breath and I knew that if I took in air that meant that I was gonna die and for some reason I knew that everything was gonna be okay so I took in the water and it hurt very very badly I just remember total darkness, total black. Once I was in the blackness I realized I’m still alive and that’s when it just opened up the ocean I saw right through the ocean. I remember that it was very sparkly it was very clear and it was amazingly beautiful. This is when I knew that this is all interconnected everything is interconnected.  It was such an impactful event that it has defined my life. It’s just who I am you know and always will be until the day I actually die again.

Dave: It’s very hard now for me to relate to other people because I feel that connection that you do that nobody else feels.

Cloe: It seems like they’re missing out on something because they classify it as superstition, you know, and I find that very, very unfortunate but I wish we would take it more seriously. I wish the scientific community would take it more seriously.

Dave:  Cloe helped me realize I’m on the right path looking for verification of our near-death experiences but many scientists remain skeptical. They think near-death experiences are the product of simple brain chemistry. There are a lot of theories abound right now about what exactly happens in a near death state. Some people say that its oxygen deprivation, some people say its drug induced and some people say it’s the result of neurons firing in one last frenzy. Could all these amazing journeys out of the body simply be hallucinations in our dying brains? and if so could they be replicated by science?

Dave:  I head to Sudbury Ontario to meet with Neuroscientist Michael Persinger. His experiments are controversial but he feels he can replicate what happens in the brain during a near death experience.

Michael: First of all you had a near death experience didn’t you?

Dave:  Yes I did.

michael persinger

Michael: Well, actually in many respects you are a significant of significant importance to science both your experience and you because by looking at your brain we’ll be able to understand more about
what the near-death experience is and moreover something significant to you. Today we’ll give you a chance to experience the unknown again perhaps.

Dave:  He took me downstairs, showed me the room, showed me where the experiment was going to be held. This is the chamber where you’ll be sitting. You’ll be sitting right there you’ll be blindfolded. The next thing I find I’m sitting in the room and he’s hooking me up and putting the electrodes in my head and stuff like that.

Michael: As a Neuroscientist I know that all experiences is associated to brain activity. Doctor Persinger believes that during a near death experience the separation between the right and left hemisphere of our brains is broken-down something he hopes to recreate with the help of electromagnets and his specially designed helmet.  Okay, so here we go just relax. What we do is use electromagnetic fields to imitate what happens in the near-death experience. At the correct synchronization when the two hemispheres come together you suddenly feel that other you and the experience is you’ve left yourself and you have technically speaking.  Dave just relax I’m coming in,  Okay just relax..  See what we got here so it says that you felt like you were somewhere else?

Dave:  I felt like I was there but I wasn’t there it was just a pure state of like nothingness. It was a fascinating experience you know I seemed to lose track of myself and I lost track of time and I lost track of everything it was a toll sense of peace a total sense of I wouldn’t say it was anywhere remotely close to what I experienced in my near death experience but it was the beginning.

Dave:  There are lots of approaches and lots of ways of looking at the near-death experience scientifically but if I can relate it to my own experience I haven’t found any sort of satisfactory explanation from the scientific community yet.

Dr Long: One of my favorite near-death experiences has been called “Maria’s Shoe” associated with an intensive care unit in a Seattle hospital. One of the patients coded which means her heart stopped but as part of that experience that patient had a near death experience. Her consciousness separated from her body and from that vantage point she described her own resuscitation efforts and her point of consciousness went outside of the walls of the hospital where she clearly saw and described a shoe sitting on the ledge of the hospital outside the window, outside of where she could have seen it and remarkably the exact description that that lady described of a shoe was exactly right. No way could this lady have known that unless she was actually seeing it with her own consciousness. Near death experiences are in a word two words medically inexplicable.

Dave: For those of us who have had a near-death experience we don’t need evidence that what we saw or felt was real but many refuse to believe some even feel we are embellishing or making our stories up. Dr long has come up with an interesting idea that might help silent some of the skeptics.

Dr Long:  If you were to do a lie detector test that might be some evidence that we could then provide and share with the world and say hey this is unique because nobody’s ever done this before
and certainly I think there’s a lot of people that would be fascinated with what the results would be.

After the meeting with doctor Jeffery Long long I thought long and hard about his idea about taking a polygraph test and I’ve tracked down one and the top FBI polygraph experts and he’s agreed to meet with me and we’re gonna do a polygraph test.

Kendall: So, Mr Thalor you’re here today to take a polygraph tests is that correct? That is correct. Okay

Kendall: To be honest with you I tell most people that come in to talk to me if you tell me you’re not a bit nervous you probably ought to leave now because you already lied to me okay? So, if you’re a little bit nervous today about taking this polygraph test please know it’s completely normal. I worked for the FBI for 13 years I spent my whole career in Washington DC. I ended up at headquarters and eventually as a unit chief in charge of the entire FBI’s polygraph program. If you’re here to tell the truth that’s the best news you can hear because you’ll pass the test on the other hand David if you’re gonna lie to me today it’s the worst news you can hear because I know what I’m doing. You’re not going to find anybody more qualified to run these tests and if you’re lying to me you’re going to fail the test today. You understand?
Dave: I do
Kendall: What I’d like to do at this point is hook you up to the polygraph test, attach the components and lets ask the questions and see if we can verify your story.
Dave: Sounds good.
Kendall: The test is about to begin please remain still. Are you often called Dave?
Dave: Yes.
Kendall: Are you 49 years of age?
Dave: Yes.
Kendall: Regarding your near-death experience do you intend to answer truthfully each question about that? Yes. Are you lying when you say you viewed your body from above?
Dave: No.
Kendall: Are you lying when you say that you were in the upper atmosphere when you heard that communication?
Dave: No.
Kendall Are you making up that story about having an out-of-body experience?
Dave: No

Kendall Okay David, that concludes a collection of the polygraph charts. Well, what I’m gonna do now is remove the components from you ask if you’ll step outside for about five minutes or so give me a chance to evaluate the charts and then I’ll come get you when I’m ready is that okay?

Dave: Sounds good.

Kendall I don’t make any decisions or opinions when I hear somebody story I let the polygraph do its work. David I’ve had an opportunity to look at the results of the test and actually the polygraph itself has an algorithm that scores the charts as well but anyway I’ve taken a look at everything it’s been very interesting talking to you today but based on the reactions to the questions that I asked you about this out-of-body experience it’s my professional opinion to tell you that I believe you’re telling the truth.

Dave:Thank you.

Dave: I feel validation I know a lot of other people have a hard time understanding what I experienced but I know at my core what I experienced so the results for me are not surprising. I’ve had a good basic understanding and a good base to start my continual search. I’ve met the leading near-death experience researcher doctor Jeffrey long I’ve met one of the predominant neuroscientists in the world and I experience The God Helmet and I met one of the best polygraph experts in the world.

It’s very important to grab life life is so short. I would tell the world that the near-death experience is a real experience. It’s a profound, humbling experience to anybody that has one.
When there’s so many different elements and so many different qualities about ourselves that we need to explore.

Video Description: Dave Thaler takes us on a journey of his own Near Death Experience but also looks for explanations to his NDE through scientific methods.

Dave challenges the God Helmet which claims to recreate a Near-Death experience like state as well as takes on one of the worlds renowned polygraph experts.

Cloe Solis also talks briefly about her drowning near death experience.

Video References

• Dr Jeffery Long: http://www.nderf.org
• Michael Persinger: http://persingerpublications.com/

Video Credits: Supernatural Investigator ( VisionTV- Produced by Partners In Motion http://www.partnersinmotion.com/index…


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