NDE’s During Childbirth

AngelicView: I find it very interesting how many women have an NDE during childbirth. Different people have differing explanations as to why this might happen. One explanation might be the immense amount of pain the woman is going through. Another, declared by Dolores Cannon, says that the amount of high vibratory frequencies of the child coming in is what causes it. For me, from the “nurse” perspective, childbirth is many times the most life-threatening thing a woman might go through in her whole life.

Many times, though, a woman leaves her body and is watching ‘herself’, below, pushing the baby out. Sometimes, she sees the baby’s spirit enter the body. 

     ~It was too late for a c section so they did a quick forceps delivery and apparently I was ‘dead’ at the time. 

I clearly remember floating above and watching them work on my son to get him breathing, cleaning him up and passing him from relative to relative while they worked on me, and I kept asking people to hand me my baby but nobody answered me.  (Source)

~I traveled thru space at great speed, once I had lost the fear of going with it.  I saw a light and I went into it.  It was wondrous light that engulfed everything,  there was total knowledge and love.  I saw my life from my addiction point of view flash before my eyes, repeated behaviors etc….   I went back and saw myself in the womb. 

I was then told to  ‘remember’ I was then flicked thru future decisions and happenings.   I was then given a chance to view the universe’s and given the opportunity to be one with it and have the knowledge of the truth.  This went into stuff like time is simultaneous, everything happens at the same time, there is no then and future.  The universe is not just one but infinite, wondrous and continuing to evolve.  We are just one dimension, there are many plains if you like.  Just like ants are not aware of us, we are not aware of higher, evolved states of being.   The greatest part was the full feeling and knowledge that in the end all there is is love.     We become one with everything and everything becomes one with us.  We are here to experience this life to the fullest and must be in the NOW to do that, get rid of distractions, being addictions, destructive behaviors etc…    We are here to be our best selves which includes being what we can for others.   

I no longer fear, in comparison I look forward to death.   I was not wanting to come back, however I had 2 young children that I could not leave with my husband and I would have killed my unborn child.

I have never written this down before, I suppose I should, I hope that this gives you an idea.

This all happened during childbirth. (Source)

~This was a “natural” childbirth with no anesthesia. 

Suddenly I found my mind floating outside of my body.  It stopped just above and behind the nurse on my right.  I could see the back of the nurse and beyond her the delivery table and other hospital personnel gathered around the table.  I remember seeing the back of the cap the nurse wore that covered her hair — like a shower cap — and the ties on the back of her gown.  It was interesting that the nurse blocked my view of the face of the body on the delivery table.  I was not the least bit afraid; in fact, I was absolutely intrigued by the experience as it unfolded.  I had no sense of time, so I have no idea how much time elapsed when the scene before me started to go black.  It was like the old TV picture tubes from many years ago:  When you turned the TV off, the picture contracted to a little dot of extremely bright light in the middle of the black screen before it went completely dark.

When the blackness folded into that little brilliant dot of light, I heard someone calling me very clearly by my first name.  Other than that voice there was total silence.  I do not know if the voice was masculine or feminine, but it was a comforting voice with a strange, echoing, hollow sound — like it was coming from very far away.  I remember that I was surprised to hear my given name.  (In those days hospital staffers always called maternity patients by their married name — Mrs. “Whatever.”)  I felt as if I were floating further away, but was being pulled back or called back.  In an instant, I was back into my body on the delivery table. A short time later, I delivered a lovely little girl. (Source)

~Preeclampsia during childbirth. My experience started with a terrible pain in my chest, followed by a sinking, falling feeling.  Then I found myself floating near the ceiling – level with the clock – and I was looking down and seeing my physical body being tended by three medical staff.  I then went down a blue flume-like tube with a bright light at the bottom.  As I was floating through this tube, I could hear snippets of conversations from my past.   On exiting the tube, I was surrounded by the most wonderful music – similar to pan-pipes.  This music was everywhere and the feeling was so peaceful and pain-free.  I asked, “Where am I?” and was told “The Halls of Music.”  There seemed to be a lot of people, and they were all exuding so much love.  I went outside to the most wonderful blue sky and green grass.  There was a bridge.  I asked to cross it, but I could not – there was some kind of invisible barrier.  Someone I felt I knew appeared on the other side of the bridge, (I still do not know for certain who it was, but I think it was my grandfather) and he said, “It is not time yet, you still have work to do.”  I wanted so much to stay, but in next to no time I was back in my body and in immense pain again.  Even though this happened nearly 30 years ago, I still remember it vividly. (Source)

~I was in labor.  It was very difficult.  At that point in time it was a natural childbirth and I was stuck in the part of labor that is called transition and had been that way for a very long time.  My husband was in the room with me and I was in agony begging for any kind of drug and told him I was dying.  We had been to Lamaze classes and had been taught to expect this and to just breath and it would be O.K.  So he did not go get anyone while I begged –  The next thing I knew I was sort of floating I distinctly remember seeing the clock on the wall.  Then the next thing I remember was being somewhere “else” and I was in absolutely no pain.  It was kind of a weird void landscape almost as if it were foggy and yet it was light.  Then, I remember a wonderful kindly man who asked me to sit down and talk to him.  There was some sort of bench.  The man filled me with a sense of awe and I loved him.  He then proceeded to tell me something like – sounds hokey – the secrets of the universe and the meaning of my life past present and future that I was dead (which seemed fine to me)  and why I needed to go back.  It all made perfect sense.  I agreed that I had to go back and yet I didn’t want to leave the man and the place and I cried and begged not to go back.  (Now I am wondering about the box I checked that it was entirely pleasant, but it was, it was the thought of leaving that upset me)  And then the next thing I knew with what seemed like the force of slamming into a cement wall I was in my body, in agony being shaken by my husband screaming ‘wake up you are delirious and making no sense”  I asked what he meant by no sense and he sad I had been murmuring about “some old man”.  It seemed to me that I had been in the place forever and yet it seemed like half a second – the experience had a timeless quality to it.  A kind of weird footnote to this story is that at some point during my labor (there is no way to know whether this was when I was having this experience my mother jumped out of her seat in the waiting room and went to the nurses and told them she had to get to me because she was convinced that I was dying.  She said this feeling just came over her.  (She is an atheist science loving skeptic). (Source)

~(AngelicView: This one is described as an OBE). It was the day before my 37th birthday.  Noelle was coming into the world.  I had had a bad experience with my son’s birth eight years before, so this time, I decided to go completely natural.  It was a little frightening, because the doctor had not arrived.  The nurse and my husband had to deliver her.  I was lying on my left side and the pushing urge took over.  Suddenly I was behind myself, looking at the event taking place.  No more fear–no pain.  Just peace.  I didn’t even seem surprised that I was there.  Then I saw an amazing pure white light coming from inside my lower back.  The light was so bright that it would have hurt my eyes, but it didn’t.  It was really indescribable but felt like love on the highest level I have ever experienced.  I remember wondering what it was.  Immediately I could see it was shaped like a baby–my baby!  The entire experience lasted only a short time, and I was back in my body just as she was born.  I believe I was very privileged to witness my daughter’s soul entering her body. (Source)


10 thoughts on “NDE’s During Childbirth

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  2. I had a similar experience when my second son was born via c – section. Everything seemed fine until I closed my eyes and all of a sudden I was falling in this dark tube with what seemed to be pictures of people-i dont remember any specific person- all around me. Tgen the calm came. I was so at peace. I remember thinking that oh this is what dying is and it is not bad. I remember thinking my husband will take care of my boys and everything would be fine. Then the next thing I know is that my eyes flew open at the sound of my son’s cry. It truly disturbed me. I asked my dr about it and he said that nothing happened during the birth. I will never forget that day for as long as I live.

    • Wow! Thanks for sharing your story, Stacey! It’s really amazing how many people have an NDE-like event during childbirth. I wonder what the explanation is for that, as I’m sure there must be a reason. 🙂

  3. Lovely stories, when my first was born I too had an unusual experience. Not sure if it was to pethidine. It was not a nice one though the pain was so extreme I felt like I was dying things that happened in the delivery room just kept repeating like groundhog day I was convinced I was in hell at this point pain was all throughout my body, at one point I could see small needles taking the room away then ripping through my body until everything went black then the room reappeared again, I could also hear a clock very loudly. Eventually I remembered I was giving birth and was fine again however the pethidine had caused a dip in my daughters heart rate, she was fine after. But that experience frightened me for weeks after.

    • Wow! That sounds pretty awful! I hadn’t heard of that medication so I looked it up. It seems it is not used in the United States. I supposed it could have been a combination between the pain and the medication that caused that. Either way, I’m so very glad that you and your daughter made it through okay 🙂

  4. Doesn’t “near death experience” mean that the person is not actually dead? So, if they are not dead, then how could they go to another dimension?

    • Our body and our self are two separate things. Our bodies are mortal, I’m pretty certain our self is immortal. I bet our spirit could leave our body for years, while our body is kept alive by machine, maybe we’re gone for good or maybe reenter, that’s happened once in a blue moon, eg someone catatonic/comatose coming back after 20 years.
      I’ve seen another dimension, I was definitely alive, I could have walked right into it, I wanted to, but was afraid I might not be able to come back through. And a few minutes later the entrance (hole?) disappeared, so I’m thinking I would have been stuck in another time (it looked like the past, 1930’s possibly 1940’s). I’ve had an NDE and I’ve seen another dimension, they are NOT the same thing.

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