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AngelicView has a Group on Facebook that is for sharing and discussing things like near death experiences, out of body experiences, extra terrestrials, hypnosis, or anything that anyone wants to post or discuss that they find interesting, have questions about, or has transformed their life.

I have not been using the group to post stories that are found on AngelicView – they are either personal stories or ones that are found on the ‘net elsewhere.

We have some great stories posted there right now and have some amazing and insightful discussions going on.

If you are on Facebook and would like to join our group, then please click the link below and ask to join. Looking forward to seeing you there.

NDE’s and OBE’s with AngelicView


2 thoughts on “AngelicView Facebook Group

  1. I had my NDE last Sept. It was not like yours which I have learned is not unusual. Archangel Michael saved my life after 3 days in a coma and on life support. But I relate to you in that I was sent back to help other’s here on Earth. To teach them things as well as learn. It is a mission and like you I don’t remember the details of the job I do as an Angel but there are many more like me and we are learning to serve a higher purpose. I am open to the Angels that God sent to protect me and serve me. Especially Archangel Michael. After my NDE I sometimes hear him inside my mind guiding me. Giving me strength. It was not easy coming back. I still have days where I am very emotional. Doctor’s told me very few people survive what I did let alone make a full recovery. I enjoyed your experience very much and it helped me know I am on the right path. Thank you for that.

  2. Wonderful story! I recently heard an interview with you, and enjoyed your message, especially the descriptions of angels. I had a profound NDE while in college and watched as the angels sent healing energy through the surgeons and into my body. I was told by the light to go into the teaching field when I returned to my body, and I believe that angels occasionally work through me in the classroom. I’ve just now started writing about my experience. I hope to keep up with your story. I’ll join the Facebook group. Thank you for writing about your experience.

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