Infant NDE’s are Remembered for a Lifetime


AngelicView: According to Harvard Scientists, long-term memory is impossible before the age of one, when the brain is developed enough to hold a memory for longer amounts of time. This article from Harvard titled, “Long-Term Memory Kicks in After Age One: Human Brain Not Sufficiently Developed“, might upset some people who remember their NDE’s from infant-hood – or even from before they were born. Here is an excerpt from that article:

In subsequent months [after birth], cells in the frontal lobe of the brain and in the hippocampus, two regions necessary for long-term memories to form, undergo a spurt of growth. The hippocampus, a small S-shaped area deep in the brain, sends long extensions of its nerve cells to the front of the brain, and cells in the frontal cortex reach out to the hippocampus. “These circuits must be mature before long-term memories can be recorded and retrieved,” Kagan maintains.

(AV) What this proves to me is not that the Harvard Scientists are wrong, but that memories (and consciousness for that matter) are not stored only within the brain. Because of the life review process demonstrated in the vast majority of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences), we know that life from birth until death is reviewed and therefore those memories are definitely not stored in the brain. However, the recall of memories from infancy while within a human body are not normally possible – unless they are supposed to be recalled.

This is one example of probably hundreds of recorded NDE’s that are recalled by adult people where the experience happened to them when they were an infant. This woman was not over a year old when her NDE happened. Instead, she was only six weeks old. Thanks to Olivia for sharing her story.

I remember nothing until just before it happened. I opened my eyes and just in front of me and above, I saw little lights moving from left to right like they were following each other. I remember being curious about them, but watching them made me even sleepier than ever. I closed my eyes again, but then looked up higher because I heard a voice. I saw the underneath part of a chin, a babushka (scarf) tied there. It was white with big black dots on it. I thought ‘Mom’ was holding me is all I can tell you. I closed my eyes again then tried to watch those moving lights again. Only my entire body felt spent, weak, drained. I could not fight it anymore and closed my eyes.

I felt a very quick ‘whoosh!’ and suddenly I was floating at the top of the car ceiling in the backseat behind my Dad’s head!! I saw his silhouette shape, his back to me- I saw the very bright dashboard lights. I saw over in the passenger seat, ‘Mom’ with that scarf on her head. It was night time out. I realized I was floating and I looked down at my ‘floating’ self, but there was NO BODY there. I could ‘FEEL’ Everything around me- FEEL IT!! From my Dad was tremendous fear that he was fighting so he could drive. From ‘Mom’ I felt some fear but her focus was on Dad and not wanting HIM to be upset. Then I saw THROUGH the seats of the car. It was an early 50s model car, the seats split, yes, but no room to see between them. Split, so people could push them forward to let kids in the back seat.

But I saw right through them, saw a bundle on my ‘Mom’s’ lap. It was me, but I did not know it at the time. My head was toward the driver, my feet pointing at the passenger door. I heard my ‘Mom’ say something in a very anxious fear, voice, saw her looking down at the bundle in her lap. Dad turned the wheel to the right and I saw him lean over to the bundle– That’s when I felt another ‘whoosh’ sensation. Everything went black in that instant, and in the same instant I felt HEAVY, weak, tired, drained again. I opened my eyes and saw my Dad’s up-side-down face staring in to mine. Then… I remember nothing more of this. I carried this– for lack of a better word, VIDEO, in me and eventually dismissed it, not knowing what it was.

Then, in the late 1970s as a young adult I was visiting my oldest sister (9 yrs older than I) at her house one day. As usual, we talked of all kinds of things. She asked me if she ever told me about how I ‘almost’ died when I was a baby. Surprised, I said NO! Tell me! Here is what she told me: Mom had gotten the FLU and was in bed recovering from it. She had given it to me and I was very very ill. My Dad came home from work and went in to check on me. I was listless, big dark circles under my eyes, eyes sunken in, feverish, not eating, not crying. He immediately told her (my sister)to get me dressed, he needed her to hold me while he drove me to the hospital. THAT is when I interrupted her and told her WHAT she was wearing, the babushka on her head, and the design. She dismissed what I said and continued to tell me: While she was holding me on the way to the hospital, I was barely breathing. I closed my eyes and she felt me get heavier. She suddenly felt I had died and said to Dad, “Dad!! I think she’s GONE!!” Dad pulled the car over and leaned over to check me, he was so scared. That’s when I opened my eyes and Dad let out a huge sigh of relief. He got me to the hospital and the doctors told him that it was nothing short of a miracle that I was still alive. This was only the FIRST TIME I had a NDE!!! There is so much I need to tell SOME ONE who will believe me. My entire life I have had profound experiences, but who do I tell??  There are truly only 2 reasons why I could remember anything at that age.

  1. I was suppose to remember it, meaning I believe God had a definite purpose for it. It would play an extremely important part in how I would grow up to be. He already knew I would have to get through my childhood, which was not going to be easy. So much was going to happen and I would need to be strong. He was going to show me things, that I may not understand at first or even for quite awhile!

Only later in life would it make sense to me.

  1. I believe I did stop breathing and I left my body– which was forever imprinted on me. Such an occurrence… is major! How could a person not store such things, when you actually know what it’s like when you die and the eternal part of you, your soul, is freed? To be weightless and peaceful and so aware of every detail around you! It seems so unreal– but it happened.  The frustrating part is, you want to tell people, you want them to know it as you know it. Because if they do, they would not be afraid to go when their time comes. Or when a loved one dies and the heartache is too much, they can gain great peace within, knowing that the truest part of them did not die, but lived on! Just not in this realm.

(AV) Finally, this quote (below) comes from P.M.H. Atwater in regards to childhood NDE’s. If you click on her name at the end of the quote, it will take you to a web-based PDF (no download necessary) of a paper of hers on the study of NDE’s in children.

In reconsidering near-death states, I now regard adult episodes as a “growth event”, an opportunity for the experiencer to make “course corrections” in his or her life; a second chance. With childhood episodes, I now regard them as an “evolutionary event”, part of a quantum leap in the development and growth of humankind as a species; a second birth. P.M.H. Atwater

2 thoughts on “Infant NDE’s are Remembered for a Lifetime

  1. Shannon: I haven’t commented in a long time, but I still read your blog devoutly. It soothes my soul.

    I’m setting up a coaching site again this time via a wordpress blog – what email program do you use? I like the way it picks up part of the post. Do you do that? Thanks Judi


    • Hey Judi! Glad you’re still with me 🙂

      I really like Word Press – I think it’s real easy to make it work and looks nice, too. I didn’t do anything to set up the email – Word Press does that all by itself. You just have to make sure you go into your settings and make “sign up via email” an option for people. 🙂

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