The Fall and Rise of Our Civilization

futuristic civilization

AngelicView: What should I say about this? First off – I love Bentinho Massaro and I am very familiar with his teachings. He has tons of videos on You Tube, and I have seen nearly all of them.

This series, “The Fall and Rise of Our Civilization”, is his newest series. I have to admit, I have probably watched just over half of it. All the videos (4) are about two and a half hours long. I do intend to watch the series in it’s entirety, when I can get the time.

I do know that Bentinho has stated in the past his intention to create communities of people who are generally loving and peaceful, and want to live in a way that is compassionate to each other and the earth we live on. In the fourth video, Bentinho says that he wants to make his teachings in Trinfinity Academy free. Yes, all free! He has other means to make money and has the possibility in the near future to make a LOT of money. This is very exciting to me and makes me feel as though his vision to make these wonderful communities might actually come to fruition. If anyone can do it, I feel that he can.

So below I will post this series, for anyone who might be interested in watching.

Part 1

Video Description:  In this first part of the series, Bentinho will re-inspire us to look deep into our inner Being to connect to the One Infinite Intelligence which we are able to purely channel through us.

To know yourself profoundly, both as the unique individual soul that you are and the purpose that you have in mind for this bodily life, and as the Infinite Creator itself, will grant you access to a purity and power nothing in this world can ever oppose.

Part 2

Video Description:  “Mechanics of True Service to Others” 50-minute interview with Bentinho Massaro recorded in the Bahamas on “Balance and Acceleration,” “True Service to Others” and “Shepherding Consciousness,” followed by a LIVE discussion and commentary by some of Bentinho’s inner circle friends and facilitators.


Part 3

Video Desription:  “Waking Up From Mass Disempowerment”  Bentinho discloses some of the key topics of corruption and mental, emotional and physical pollution and manipulation that are still going on at this time on this planet. It is important that we wake up to how disempowered we are still allowing our civilization to be, and hence, how much we are still willing to be controlled by an elite few, most of whom have self-serving intentions.

The elite few self-serving entities/organizations on this planet realize that the ground beneath their feet is being abruptly taken away from them by the natural evolution of an awakening humanity who is more and more willing to take back its rightful and powerful place on this planet.

This meeting will shine a light on some of these key areas of corruption and control, investigate the root causes that sustain the remnant of this old-paradigm, and suggests powerful ways in which we can take back our inner and outer empowerment.


Part 4

Time for Action

8 thoughts on “The Fall and Rise of Our Civilization

  1. Ah, Bentinho. I am torn about him. I loved listening to his weekly videos years ago, but now that I have studied many other sources, I realize that some of his metaphors were from Channelers like Bashar, and his views on the Universe were in some books from before he was born. Yet, I have only heard him site one source book in his videos. I am particular about citing sources. I had thought Bentinho had come up with his views all by himself. Now I do not know what to think of him.

      • Bashar is a good source. He has been a Channeler for 33 years, and one of the names that put Channeling on the map.

        I just wish when Bentinho uses the metaphors that Bashar does, that he would site that he got this from Bashar, and maybe explain why listening to a Channeler is not bad at some point in the conversation for those against Channeling.

        I Love Bashar (wish he didn’t charge so much for his videos.) There are a few concepts of his I have trouble accepting, but overall he has a good message.

        • I’m not much into channeling. It just seems to me that it’s hard to trust the information you might receive since your really don’t even know the source. But, that’s not to say that I’ve never listened to a channeler before. I have listened to Bashar (what’s available for free online). I just take it all with a big grain of salt! lol

  2. Hi.. I love your group.. and I am a mbr of Bentinho’s group.. and not new to self-discovery. I was raised by my Science of Mind Minister grandmother since age 2yrs..  I have watched all of this series by Bentinho… and he is asking for donations fo whatever amounts to thousands of dallars.  This way it can be a write off like churches do…. I found his videos. right after completing a fire-walk seminar with 10,000 people, and Tony Robbins the leader..  I’m at the place in my awareness now.. where I am simply following my own Higher-Self guidance.. I’ve been doing this for years.. and I step away.. at times, and check other offerings.. and always go back to my inner calling…  Bentinho has alot of energy… and so do many other teachers out there in the world… and just taking in alot of information is powerless… unless acted upon and lived, otherwise its just intellectual information.. I enjoy the open sharing practiced in Bentinho’s facebook group.. its one of the most active..  And I’m a mbr of 30+ groups.. and each one is awesome and contributes to the whole consciousness of expansion…                     With Love…   Creighton And you may want to check out a group I put together a few months ago… called Agelessness.

  3. Hello AngelicView,
    I am finally watching these. I wrote out my fears about Bentinho (related to him so heavily using Bashar’s teachings) in a comment and deleted them. This is as far as I am willing to reveal my concerns about Bentinho.

    • Do you mean you have more concerns about him?

      I never know about people, either. I just go with what resonates and leave the rest behind.

      I think somewhere in the Bible it says something about “you will know them by their fruits”, or something like that. To me, that means that discernment of someone’s character and teachings can only get you so far. Eventually, they will either produce results, or they won’t.

      Same thing with Presidential candidates. They all lie and deceive. Eventually, maybe one will actually BE great and make great changes for our country. See what I’m saying?

      So I think spiritual teachers are the same way.

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