A Circle Within A Circle Wrapped in A Circle

***Update: I would like to call your attention to Lou Famoso’s page on Near-Death.com. Kevin Williams (the webmaster) has added a LOT of very interesting and intriguing information after Lou’s NDE story. I encourage you to visit his page to see the updates.


Path of the Light - Orit Martin

“Path of Light” Orit Martin

AngelicView: As NDE’s go, I feel like this is a very important one, and one that should be read and re-read.  It is by Lou Famoso, and it contains world prophecy.  This is just a small portion of the entire story, so if you would like to read the whole story click the “source” link at the bottom.

Instantly I recognized a brilliant glowing ball of gold headed my way. It grew larger as it grew nearer and when it reached about the size of a beach ball, just above and in front of me it radiated brilliantly and transformed into an indescribable Being of pure LIGHT, now levitated right in front of me. It was larger then the tallest person I had ever seen, wider then two of me but so evenly proportioned as to be of Magnificent Stature. It’s features were outlined as if made with a fine ink quill. Hair, face, robe all Golden and flowing as would an electric charge perhaps even a nuclear charge. 

This was energy personified and as it’s form took on a more solid shape, all that was behind It did as well.

Other figures appeared in front and behind the Being and myself. Soon there was activity all about, above and below, on every side, more beings, each of different brightness, sizes, and hues. Structures and landscapes sprung from everywhere all in a crystalline state, all inhabited by these lesser light beings, some winged, most not, Some fully formed, others not, yet even others that appeared only as glowing Orbs of light and color, bouncing as would bubbles in a glass of carbonated water.

I could stand it no longer, every emotion I had ever known was welling up in me 10 fold. Just when I thought to speak, to question, the Being spoke to me. It’s voice was as a chorus of voices, not male not female, not loud not soft, not deep but perfect and all encompassing. 


As I looked at the two gigantic, magnificent beings dressed in Brilliant capes just off to It’s side, IT said,” that is Michael and Gabriel. Michael has chosen you as his and Gabriel shall teach you the ways.” I looked past them to another Large Being, so beautiful but darker in contrast, as was the sprawling robe it wore. This being had eyes that pleased but pierced with it’s gaze, and the Light Being said “that is He who has been cast out. You who I have given choice may go with any of these of your choosing.” I thought as I had a choice, and Michael had already chosen me then I would chose Him. He appeared so strong and mighty, as did the others, but in his eyes seemed a fire that was drawing and captivating to me. Gabriel’s eyes were softer and gave more in an understanding manner and I thought “Oh how absolutely Beautiful are these Beings”. I then looked to The Being before me and It’s eyes were full of Love and warmth, authorities and compelling. He seemed to have approved of my choice, Then said to me “You will be my soldier and you will go with Michael for a while. Gabriel will come to you at times. I will send others to you and your fruit shall not fall far from the tree in the time of the Gathering.”

Just then I saw 5 Orbs of Light. They seemed to be playing, swirling round and about the Being and myself. They had appeared from the outlying landscape and I noticed they were all the same size and shape but of different hues as subtle as shades of rose petals, save one which had a bluish hue. Two of the pinkish ones seemed exactly alike, the other two were yet deeper in shades of red and orange, and before I could ask, IT spoke and said “They, like all here are of you, who are of me, but these will come to you and you will care for them more. They will fly apart but come together at the time of the Gathering.” I thought The Being might be telling me these were my children but I was only 21 and not only had never been married but had no plans to. I didn’t understand how all this was of me and me of HE when a magnificent crystal serving platter appeared and it shimmered the colors of many rainbows. In an instant it shattered into thousands of pieces, each piece brilliant in its own right. Ever so slowly now all the pieces began to rejoin themselves to once again form the original serving platter once again and I now knew what this Being of Light was showing me, we pieces are the platter. I was just one of those thousands of pieces, as were all those I was seeing here and those back in the “World”.


Now my mind was still trying to ponder The Gathering. As I thought what could this mean, The Being answered, “Here you will see the signs that bring forth the Gathering”, and with that I saw frames appear like screens on a TV set. When I looked into the screens, the visions would gather up, pop off in an image, and enter my mind. I felt as if I was being pushed back with it’s impact. They were only glimpses but they were so realistic, as if happening right there in front of me in the now. I could not turn away and then it seemed that I had become a part of each of these visions. There were scenes of men in uniform killing other men in uniforms, I recognized some of the insignias and some were from the USA. There were also thousands of them not in uniforms killing even more thousands not in uniform. It was like looking at toy figures moving on their own, mowing down other figures, different countries, different Nations, different Religions, different weapons, different Decades, but always resulting in hundreds of thousands dead and dying. I wanted out of there, I could feel the pain these people were suffering. I asked the Being why was this, and how long was this to go on, and The Being said “Man will prey on man, Until Man will pray for man”.

The next vision was of floods, many of them spilling across the Earth on different continents in different seasons and I am again walking among it, feeling the force and taking in the smell of Death. Hundreds of Lives and acres upon acres of crops were lost as well as hundreds of stock and wild animals floating away into the abyss. Then I was watching Volcanoes from around the world erupting, first one then another. The molten Lava burying whole towns and villages and the people and animals within them. I gazed among the ruins and saw little left of what once stood there. The last vision I saw in the screen were of Earthquakes destroying sections of almost every continent. One was a massive one in America, most others were in Europe and the Orient. Again thousands are killed, structures are crumpled, the landscape leveled and I turned again to the Being and He said “There will not only be more of what you have seen but there will come a time when it will all happen at the same time and it will come the same time of mans greatest sins”.

With that Michael beckons me to go with him and I am now part of the Universe. Novas, Suns, Planets, all that I looked at from the Earth, not so long ago, or was it?

We traveled toward the begidsnning of it all, the inner portions of the Universe. Kazillions of planets around Kazillions of Suns and the closer to the center we approached the more concentrated the number of Galaxies. It is like the Plate you saw, the largest part, after it shattered was at the center and those parts that shattered first were sent the farthest from the center, So is everything in the Universe. All is but a circle within a circle wrapped in a circle. Each level, each dimension is but a layer of the original which is without end. I watched as millions of Orbs systematically entered the many Planets before me. They appeared as Bees flitting from flower to flower, pollinating each, one after another. Michael took me closer and I could now see that so many of these Planets had life on them and the Orbs were joining with the creatures of these Planets. Not every Creature was the same on every Planet but they all had some commonalities, a head, a body, extremities and the Light Beings would animate them for a time. We headed away from the center now and Michael said that Gabriel would have more to explain to me and that He, Michael, wanted me to know that He was pleased with the many times He had called on me to do His bidding and that I performed my duties well. His parting words were “You will never again be made to forget”!


I was journeying back to where I knew Earth would be and watched as Comets and Asteroids casually passed by me or I passed them. The colors of the gaseous cloud formations were striking. I started looking at these infant galaxies as one would cloud formations back on Earth, imagining what shape they were taking on, This one a boat, this a bird with wings, this a scarf floating in the breeze, till I recognized what was the Constellation ORION and I knew I was getting close to my destination. While drifting through ORION, I noticed two Blazing Celestial Bodies racing parallel to it’s center, looking as Twin Arrows exiting from an Archers Bow and headed straight for the “Blue Marble” of home. Immediately a vision of Millions of people crying because of the devastation of portions of New York City came to me. I became aware of a strange feeling I had not known previously, and I thought that might be because this was the city I had grown up in. (AngelicView: some theorize that these “twin arrows” may have been the planes that hit the two buildings in NYC on 9/11). I saw a huge Earthquake, a magnitude of 8.6 in someplace named EUREKA. A ham operator or radio announcer was directing thousands of people migrating from areas of frequent disasters to places of safety. A space station appeared to be falling from the heavens because of an internal explosion. Missiles were being simultaneously fired into space from several Nations. I thought the Light Being had shown me all there was to see but these were different, stronger and there was no pre-screening as before. Gabriel appeared beside me, I thought because I had felt shaky, but it was to explain the now sprawling Galactic View of my Galaxy.

The Sun was expanding and spewing off Huge ecto-plasma balls, more then it has ever done in it’s past, and in the very direction the Planets would orbit through. I could not take my eyes from the Earth and as I watched what effect these eruptions would have on the Earth, A large Mass passed me, larger then any of the Planets known to me, and as it passes, I see the Earth wobble wildly as would a top toward the end of its spin. The rotation stopped and slowly started again but it was tilted now and I was drawn in closer like the zoom of a lens. The ash clouds that had engulfed the Earth thinned, and like a tack welded piece of metal being dismantled, I could see the Ocean bodies starting to rise, first the Pacific, along the “Ring of Fire”, then the others, synchronistical. As the waters shifted upon the landmasses, the landmasses started to sink under the waters added pressure upon it. When the pressures equaled out to the spin of the changing axis, the Earth no longer looked as it did moments before.

…the Earth no longer looked as it did moments before. It was newer, cleaner, more beautiful with darker Greens and lighter Blues. Some of the new landmasses looked similar to a few of the other Planets I had recently visited with Michael. People were upon this Earth and appeared happier and more content although seemingly living like the Native populations of old. Cities, built by the Ancient Ones, that were buried beneath the Oceans were now being populated by the surviving people in this new world. I saw Tribes joining tribes and small Nations forming, but it was what I didn’t see that made my heart burst, there were no more wars, true peace and happiness had finally befallen on mankind. Gabriel now tells me that this is His message that I must take back, to let others know that there is little to fear, for the Earth will go on forever, as did all the Planets I had visited. I am to tell the world to look to ORION, and they will know when the new world will come upon them. I ask Him “What of the others there on Earth, during the change?” Gabriel tells me that all will be lifted, some will be lifted higher then others and no longer enjoy the physical plane, while some will be left on the Earth to replenish and rebuild the physical, they too will be of a higher elevation then any that are living there now!

I was now before the Light Being of Gold again, those 5 orbs were still darting about. I wanted to stay and explore this realm with all the other light beings but I was told I could not. I was brought here to go back to tell the others who would be coming after me, that if they would spread the Love they brought with them to the physical world they would know their Creator eagerly awaits them. The Being told me that should I ever have questions of the heart or mind, that He will answer them, if I only look within myself, for that is where He will dwell. From this time forward I need only think it to be so and it will be so for I would forever know the truth. I was told there was much work left undone and that He had set a road of rocks before me that I must sweep away for passage. Many will be set before me that I may help in my presence, and more I will not, but that I must not set aside wrongly, for a soul should not be lost within my heart. I asked how I would know and before I received an answer I was being whisked away through that darkened tunnel like a dust bunny in a vacuum, with about as much control as a runaway freight train.

I know there is a sense and purpose for us as beings and those few selected are as watchers and helpers for the rest that will be around them when the end times finally come whether it is THE END TIME or the end time of another being on their way through life’s journey.

“I have five children from Three wives, I was told they would come to me near the end times, and they all just met for the first time in their lives on Jan.1,1999.” Lou Famoso


Link to Lou Famoso’s Website


3 thoughts on “A Circle Within A Circle Wrapped in A Circle

  1. These things are beginning to happen. Natural disasters have increased, and as the polar caps melt there will be many floods. Yet, if almost all humanity is going to be destoried, what work needs to be done? We’d be doomed either way.

    If these things come to pass, I hope it is in far future. I don’t want to go through the end of the world, and I don’t want my Nephews/Niece to face this suffering either. Yet, looking at the world today, it seems like it is not far off.

    At least in this NDE, doomsday isn’t the end. I don’t see how anything could survive the events mentioned, considering a single meteor killed the dinosaurs. An energy impact that effects the Earth’s rotation, as much as seen in this NDE, would be even more extreme.

    • Yes, all too true PNF. I would like to have a life where these kinds of things do not happen. The reason why I post stories like this is because these types of things have been seen by so many people! Remote viewers have seen it as well as many NDE’ers. Most all of them have seen a set of great cataclysmic happenings followed by a peaceful world – which many call a “Golden Age”. There’s one post on here somewhere where I posted about the “Golden Age”, but I skipped all the cataclysmic stuff.

      I have talked with Lou just this morning (well, now it would be yesterday morning) and he does still believe all this stuff is going to happen. He is just waiting for the “sign” (which, I think the sign he is waiting for is from Orion – which we’re still not all that sure what that means but we assume we’ll know when we see it).

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