9/11 Baby – They’re Back!



AngelicView: If you weren’t sure about reincarnation before – just wait ’til you see this! I ran across this woman’s story on a public message board, and I’m going to post it here for you to see. She is the mother of a 3 year old boy who amazingly tells the story of himself being a fire fighter who responded to the Twin Towers tragedy on 9-11 – in great detail. She was giving some of the details about what he was telling her in her statements (which she didn’t understand well) when another fire fighter came into the conversation to explain further about what her son was talking about.

I’ll reproduce the conversation for you here.

AV= That’s me       B= That’s the boy’s mother       J= That’s the firefighter that joined the conversation

B: Ive been looking on the internet for someone talking about their child having past life memories from 9/11. My son has been talking about it for almost a year now…he’s almost 4…He started out insisting that he doesn’t just want to be a firefighter that he is one…he would get up in the morning and put on his fire outfit(his big reward for being potty trained) and tell me he’s going to work. He would take his play ax and pretend to chop down the walls etc because there was fire behind them. that’s how it started and the info just progressed…we were reading a Curious George book about him in the big city and he said very matter of factly …”bad men knocked those buildings over”, pointing at the twin tower picture.(he has also never been exposed to 9/11 scenes…I am also a stay at home mom. Then he said planes broke in them and he couldn’t help…he also told me there were people jumping because they wouldn’t wait for him to get them…He told me he was stuck and and was trying to break thru the wall to get the people out because they were calling for them …He has also gone on extensively about the type of trucks he was in…the color bucket on the truck and how it feels to come down from up high in the bucket…very detailed about firefighting and has stated he’s not a firefighter he’s fire rescue…we have no firefighters in the family but the details I could go on with forever…he also talks about his friend Mike that is also a firefighter…It has opened my eyes to a whole new reality…my husband still doesn’t want to believe it but the details are far too much for a three year old to make up…it makes me feel better some one else is experiencing this too

I’m pretty confident that what my son has been telling me is from a past life…there’s no way he would know all this at his age! Also the tone of his voice is completely different and he also will laugh a lot if I ask him anything…like why are you asking me this you know i know the answers…I’m very aware not to ask him anything specific because he only tells me what he wants at that time…which is always before bed or after he wakes in the morning…tonight he told me he likes to drive thru red lights with the sirens on when he doesn’t actually have to and then he laughs! His info comes in spurts though usually a whole lot at a time then a lull and then more…

He told me that I would really enjoy the Christmas parties at his fire station…everyone always have lots of fun…he said they got a new fire truck because their old one is wrecked…he has said this several times about a new fire truck with a TV in it and maps and a boat on top…also he has tried to give me directions to his fire station…funny coming from a three year old actually…he says you take a left then a right and his station is on the left with another across the street on the right. He told me he trains the new guys coming thru and his friend mike is with the older guys…there is so much in the last year I could go on forever…but there really has been less and less in the past few months..detail wise anyway that maybe he his forgetting already…oh he has said his friend Mike has two or three kids but one is the biggest four year old boy he’s ever seen…I have written it down somewhat but this is just what I’m thinking of right now…he’s a very quiet and kind child to everyone and I just hope this doesn’t have some kind of lasting trauma to him…although he seems to not be bothered by talking about it on his own terms…almost seems better after he has talked about it.

J: I had to laugh when I read what you wrote about what your little one said, “he’s not a firefighter he’s fire rescue…”. My guess is that he was in a “Rescue” unit. That is exactly the way they talk. I wrote in my book about some of the members of Rescue 1 (they lost 11 men on 9/11) and have seen them instilling this attitude into their children. It is very hard to get into one of these unit and they are the elite of the FDNY. They think the FDNY is the best and they know they are the “Best of the Best”. You might want to ask if Mike had a nickname because most of the men have them. It may be something strange but that is OK, there are some strange ones (Pooh-bear, Mad-dog, Mongo….). Ask and see what he says.

You may want to ask your son if he had a nickname or what the other guys called him. Also, he is right on the money about the truck, they have maps, some have small boats and the TV very well could be a computer terminal.

B: I think you are the one that could help me with all the technical things he has told me about…he has said that he’s also a scuba diver…he talks about his gear

J: If he used the word “gear” he is correct as any thing you wear on the job is “gear”. (see how one small word can mean a lot)

B: …and air tank…

J: Yes, many of the Rescue company members are SCUBA divers.

B: …but says he rescues animals?? But its funny though…

J: NYC is an island and many rescue calls are in the water. And yes, they do animal rescues (be it on land or in water). Have you ever seen a Firefighter do CPR on a cat or dog? I have.

B …he received flippers and mask as a present from someone,put them on and automatically walked backwards in them and fell into the pool backwards…then said “see this is how you do it”.that’s an aside but thought it was funny…

J: Yes, in many cases they roll into the water on their backs. If you want to see the reason for this, put on a face-piece and dive in the pool. One of two things will happen, either the face-piece will be pulled off your face or you might have it pushed into your face (which can be very painful).

B: This has been info he has telling me over a year so I’m going to try to pick out the technical firefighting things and see what you think…He has said he has a bucket truck and he rides in the bucket…he showed me with his hand how the bucket goes up and he said when you come down you don’t just come down you bounce a little at the bottom and showed me with his hand…

J: Yes, if the levers are not operated very smoothly there is a bounce

B:  He told he has lots of firefighter friends and one drives his bucket. He showed me with his hands again that there are two levers one is forward for up and another for down or something like that…also something about engaging levers to spray hoses from the bucket…

J: Yes, there are levers to work the bucket and levers to open the gates to flow water to the hoselines / ladderpipes.

B: He thinks his bucket has a three on it? 3 has come up a lot…on his truck..but he kind of waivers back and forth about the #3…he has said it’s on his hat he thinks…could he have been on a ladder truck and rescue?

J: He is not waivering, if he was on Rescue #3 there would be a 3 on the rescue vehicle and a “Rescue 3” on his helmet. Likewise if he had been on a “Ladder Company”, a 3 on the truck itself and a “Ladder 3” on the helmet (the names Ladder and Truck are used in different ways in the Fire Service)

B: He is also sure his hat is black with yellow stripe.

J: Over the years FDNY fought to keep their turnout gear black. For most, their helmets are black with reflective tape on them so that they can be seen better at night.

B: He said he has a picture of a wolf with a moon in his truck and always calls it “his” truck…he rides in the front he said…but he is not chief…this may not make sense but it is what he tells me..

J: Makes perfect sense. Remember the WW2 pilots painting pictures on their planes? Many firefighters do the very same thing to their vehicles. When he says “his” he means “his”. I know the feeling well. My guess is that he was, at least, a Lieutenant or Capt. of a company and would assume the passenger seat in the cab.

B: He has said several times about an old truck getting wrecked or dying and getting a new truck…he has told me firemen follow the leader up a line in a fire and if falls off the line he uses a bright light and sometimes a camera to find them and makes them say cheese (there’s the three year old talking)…

J: Yes, many times they are in a line and they do have high-powered flashlights. If a man should become separated they could find him with a thermal-imaging camera (say cheese, I love it. That is just the way I would expect a firefighter to act.)

B: …something about to spray water you push the lever down for off and up for on…when talking about 9/11 (I think ) he said people were falling from a building because they wouldn’t wait…

J: No Baby, they were not falling, they were jumping. It was not that they wouldn’t wait, they couldn’t wait. You tell him that for me. (sorry, had to take a tissue break).

AV: *crying*

B: …he was on the floor with his breathing mask on and tried to get out a window but it was too small so he used his ax to break a hole so he could get the people out.

To answer someones else’s question about if he seems scared about this…no its very matter of fact..just statements…although his has lined up four fire hats in my bedroom so he said we could get to them quicker if we need them..his room of course set up like a fire station everything according to where he says it goes…the funny thing is he said to me one day he needs a real air tank and a real ax for his fire station room because the ones he has are play ones and don’t work! Pretty funny! Anyway let me know what you think?

J: His concern for the people show me that he is a firefighter deep in his heart and soul. I don’t see any way that he could not have been a firefighter seeing his knowledge of all the little nuances of the job. One of the worst things you can do to a firefighter is to make him feel helpless. Many were made to feel that way on 9/11.

B: More technical info for you to sort thru…he said in the bucket you don’t spray the hoses you engage levers…

J: In years past when they used ladder-trucks the hose was brought up the ladder. Now, with the advent of bucket-trucks there is a pre-piped waterway to the bucket and the ladder-pipe (or master-stream) is turns on by turning a wheel or moving a lever. So, you don’t stand there in the bucket with a hoseline in your hand (though you can at times) but rather operate the nozzles built into the bucket system.

B: He said when he rescues animals he scubas off the boat…we swim a lot where we live but its funny his swimming without flippers is completely different than swimming with flippers! With flippers, he always goes in the pool backwards, cruises fast, rescues his animals and is actually able to dive from swimming position to the bottom of the pool. Take into account he learned to swim 4 months ago…He has lots of animal rescue toys and rescue boats and one of the sets came with …he calls it a motor (looks like a torpedo with handles to me and is about 4 inches long)he says its like his real one but this is how you use it…he goes under water and swims really fast with this thing in front of him…(don’t know if that’s scuba or rescue related.)

J: This devise is just what he says it is, a motor, divers have been using them for many years. It pulls divers through the water at a pretty good speed, which is it’s main purpose, two get them from point A to point B in the shortest amount of time. In Fire/Rescue time can be a very big enemy.

B: He has said his friend Mike is on a different truck and he rides with the old guys…He said that he (my son) rides with the young guys and shows them what to do…

J: Very insightful, there is something known as “Country-clubbing”. Older firefighter are sometimes moved the less active stations in large city (or busy departments) because when you get older you become more brittle and tire easier. I know this for a fact (). When I joined the department in Westport, CT. in 1976 we did around 300 calls a year. When I left in 2003 we were doing nearly 4000. This is done to a lesser extent with officers because there are less positions for them at stations. As I said, your son was most likely a Capt. or Lt. which puts him in a supervising capacity.

B: Here is where I said he waivers (to clarify) he always says his truck says a 3 or 33 or both…that’s why I was wondering if he could have been on a ladder and a rescue truck? every once in a while he will say 343 so I don’t know what is what…He always uses 3 or 4 .

J: He could be right on all counts. During a firefighters career they will be on many different vehicles, trucks, ladders or rescues all with different numbers. Some vehicles are stationed alone while other stations may have two or more vehicles (such as Engine 43, Truck 3 or Rescue 3 and Truck 33). The station nearest the WTC (so close it was destroyed) was known as Ten-Ten House. Why, because it held Truck #10 and Engine #10.

B: Another thing he has said that I thought was funny was one day he was standing in his bed (toddler bed) after he woke up in the morning and said “welcome to my fire truck! Can i give you a tour?We just got this new truck for christmas…our firehouse is so much fun . I think you’ll like it!”

J: , PR and Public Education, a big part of Station life. Giving tours, letting the kids try on boots and helmets or ringing the bells. Sounds like he was good at that too.

B: I have asked him about names but he always stops talking, looks at me, laughs and says what? Never an answer…So I asked about nicknames and told him mine at work so he would understand what a nickname was…he thought this was hysterical and was laughing so hard he got the hiccups and then said, “I don’t do names!”

J: Once again, if he was an officer he would not “do nicknames”. Nicknames are for the “grunts”. It would not be very professional for a firefighter to be calling a Fire-officer “pigpen” or “horse butt” in public would it.

B: He was at the park with my daughter and I and I was pushing them on a toy that was hot on my hands and I said “that’s hot”. He runs over with his water cup and says “this isn’t my job but I like you so i’ll do it…He put the cup on my hand and told me to let him know when it felt better…he said it said BBFD or BBD on it?

J: This may be something that EMS uses for burns. Check with a local Ambulance crew, they might know.

B: He still doesn’t know his letters so that’s what it sounded like…if you ask him what those letters look like he wouldn’t know, that’s why I thought it was interesting that he said it.

B: Last night my son said “why did the bad men knock those buildings down?” (referring to picture of twin towers in Curious George book). I said i don’t know…he said “but why?” “Didn’t they have families?” “Where are they from?” “Did the people get hurt?” “Did firefighters get hurt?” “That city’s a mess..”.These questions were shot at me all at once…I don’t think he wanted answers he was just saying it. It’s almost as if he’s trying to figure out how and why it happened? Make any sense? Because the way he asked it was almost like he couldn’t understand why these “bad men” did this if they had families…I thought it was interesting that he asked if they had families.


AV: By the way, there were a lot of other people who also commented on this. I just reprinted the parts between the retired fire fighter and the mother. Click the link if you’d like to see the rest.

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14 thoughts on “9/11 Baby – They’re Back!

  1. It doesn’t necessarily mean they are all being reincarnated. It is possible that some returned before this, and others are waiting. If my understanding is correct from reading NDE on this site, time is part of the illusion of life.

    Perhaps our soul’s path through the Earth isn’t linear at all. If Time was all created at once, this life could be followed by one in the Middle Ages. Its just a matter of the path your soul feels it needs to follow, and not human history.

    That way if you are drawn to a particular time period, it doesn’t always mean that your soul already lived there. You soul might be preparing for living there in the future. Perhaps the person you love in history is your soul once it has learned a few (or a lot) more lessons. Its who you want to be, and will be.

    I have no authority to say that when I randomly start writing things like the above, I have a source. Just conclusions drawn from many sources I do not remember. I might be wrong, but I know so little about the Universe that I might be right. It feels good to pretend I know something, even if I know nothing.

    Happy New Year!

    • I’m sorry, I replied to your last comment thinking it was this one! So see my other reply and pretend it’s here. 😉

      I’m so glad that you have learned so much here. I have, too! We are all learning together 🙂

  2. Re-reading my comment, I wonder if you ever posted a NDE that said this. I have read so many, and my memory is not the best. Thank You for posting them. This site has changed my view of the afterlife. I can form a base of understanding that religion never completed. Heaven is a bit like a concept in many religions, but not explained.

    It has also helped me understand life, because it makes perfect sense to come to Earth to learn. My childhood religion’s answer for life was that you are here to serve God, and here because of God. Beyond being a good person, it doesn’t give life much meaning other then a step before getting to Heaven.

    I could continue writing about this for a while. Just wanted to explain that your site has helped me, and likely many others.

    • Yes, you are right about that 🙂

      I think it’s possible that since the human collective didn’t get it that 9/11 did not actually happen as it was portrayed, that souls might decide to come back now in order to expose it. It might be the only chance.

    • I wonder if you’ve ever encountered the Teachings on the I AM Presence and the Godhead Charioteer incarnating many times to learn the mastery of the energies of life here?
      Most times when reincarnation occurs, there’s a veil of forgetfulness and innocence (inner-sense) that helps facilitate a fresh start for the life stream. But old records can be triggered by experiences in life. Inexplicable phobias are a classic example of this.
      This sweet child seems to be blessed with recalling so much, yet being for the most part innocent of the traumatic aspects of the end of that life.
      There’s a book, ‘A Dweller on Two Planets’, that might interest many readers here. It is an autobiography of sorts of two successive embodiments about 11,000 years apart.
      Peace to all.

        • Take a look at the “Green Books” from Saint Germain Press. The first one is Unveiled Mysteries, and they are so charged with Truth, Wisdom, Reality and Freedom! Read them with your Heart though, as the Truth is so plainly spoken that it’s very easy to gloss over and say, “it can’t possibly be that simple”. But the Cosmic Law taught can be applied and proven by anyone.

          • I found both the book and the series through Amazon.com and got the book and the first of the series. I was hoping to find them as an audiobook on audible.com because I have 1 credit towards a book there. It is hard to find books I like on audible.com, but easier than at the local library.
            Thank you again.

  3. I just wanted to share that I thought this account was OUTSTANDING! When I mentioned it to my wife, who has been “on the fence” about reincarnation, etc., she wanted to read it herself. She’s convinced that this wonderful young man’s story is legitimate–and that he is indeed a reincarnated soul. Thank you for helping expand her/our worldview and consciousness through your blog!

  4. Another excellent find and well presented too. There are many cases that are similar when children relate a past life. Their play often mirrors their previous occupation . My brother when he was little would play with groups of stones placed in strategic positions. These were his armies. I asked him once whilst he was engrossed and he said this is what I used to do.

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  6. I believe the expressions of the boy and I do feel that he is really reincarnated. I as a Hindu, normally believe in the phenomena of reincarnation and I have read many books written by dr.Ian stevenson of virginia university alongwith dr. satwant pasricha of NIMHANS, bangalore, India. Until man does not fulfill all his ambitions, duties towards his family etc, he keeps on reincarnating on this earth plane and it is the will of the God that many people do not remember the incidents of past life, because the life on earth will become hell, if he nurtures animosity or some enemy nurtures the same. This body made of flesh, blood, atoms, etc., is going to perish as the time passes where as the in-destructive Soul/spirit goes to next human life, provided he has all white karma in his past life.
    //r m agadi//

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