Bentinho Massaro: You Are the Fingertip of God

AngelicView: I believe one can never go wrong with Bentinho Massaro teachings. I have pulled out a sentence here and there from the first 25 minutes or so of this video and I came out with… well, almost poetry. Really! Check this out:

You are The Fingertip of God

You are The Skin of Creation

You are where It expands into new ways, new avenues, new ways of exploring.

You are all (each and every one of you) a fully-fledged Agent of Infinity – of The One.

You are Infinity in Actionable Form. In intelligent, workable form.

You are insanely, indescribably valuable.


You are not boring.

You are not mediocre.

You are not a random event.

You are not a collection of molecules that just so happen to clump together.


In the eyes of Awareness you are incredibly exciting.

Infinity values you much more than you value you.

The Infinite One desires You!


Without You “All that Exists” would not be all that exists.

Without You (believe it or not) the whole thing would collapse.

That is how integral of a part of All That Is you are.

~Bentinho Massaro


(AV) Pretty cool, aye?

Video Description:This meeting flowed into many profound and powerful directions as Bentinho called upon the crowd to wake up to the actuality of this precious moment, and the value of their amazing existence.

He encouraged people to devote themselves to the highest, to transcend boredom and never stop exploring Infinity’s infinite mystery.

(AV) He begins at about 6 min and 40 sec.


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