“It Was God Who Rescued Me From Myself” (Suicide NDE)

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AngelicView: Jayne was 19 years old when she tried to commit suicide. Her life seemed hopeless to her. Here is what she says about her life:

I was a street kid in Kings Cross Sydney. I was not wanted by my parents. I came from a home where there was a lot of domestic violence and child neglect and abuse. I was working as a nude model which I hated so I took drugs to overcome my inhibitions. I became promiscuous. I hated myself and my life. I had nothing to live for. I could see no future except drug addiction and maybe even prostitution.

Fortunately for her, God wasn’t giving up on her. He (and she) had big plans for her life that were not being fulfilled. So many people fall into the world of drugs and cannot get themselves out. This would not be the case for Jayne. Here’s what she says about it:

 I felt I had been kicked out of heaven. That God didn’t want me. I believed the being that sent me back was shocked to ‘see’ me therefore I had not been monitored… I later came to believe that it was God who rescued me from myself and that He was monitoring me and wanted me to know my true identity and purpose and that He loved me unconditionally.

She not only got off the drugs and out of the nude modeling world, she excelled in life – probably more than she had ever imagined in this life – but exactly how she had planned for her life. Her Other-Dimensional Helpers, as I call them, were not going to have it any other way.

Thank you, Jayne, for sharing your story with us 🙂

I had a profound near death experience 41 years ago (age 19, I am now 60). I was a street kid who had been pushed out of home. I’d had lots of bad experiences as a child and no one to turn to. I was slipping further into bad company. The life I was leading was going nowhere except downhill. I could see no way forward and I felt hopeless. I was in so much emotional pain that I had to do something to end my nightmare so I attempted suicide.

I heard a loud bang as if heavy doors were slamming shut behind me and I felt such a great sense of relief. Then I felt I was bubbles popping like effervescence in lemonade and I was stretching for millions of miles. The further I stretched, the less bubbling I felt. I went on forever. I would compare it to; if I was a raindrop returning to and becoming conscious of the fullness and expanse of the ocean only on a much larger scale.’ Love was all around, peace, blissful joy. I felt myself moving forward and after travelling faster than light, I thought, ‘This is further than our galaxy!’ I questioned, ‘How come I don’t feel afraid?’ I went to look at my stomach where I expected to feel fear but I saw nothing and it didn’t matter. I continued to move forward, in this amazing peace, joy and love at increasing speed.

Then suddenly, I went through this explosive (mind and every single cell in my being) orgasmic, glorious intelligence and power. It was astounding, words cannot describe the beauty, glory and power of that intelligence, energy and bliss. Moving through that into a place where the love was so magnified, it was awesome. I heard the sound of singing. It was unimaginably beautiful. No words or voices but musical tones. It sounded like angels singing. I moved past crowds of beings so fast, I couldn’t see anyone clearly. I just heard the sound of moving past assemblies of energy people then a flash of quiet space, more crowds of people then quiet again and this was rapid repeatedly. I was whizzing by so fast all I could hear was what sounded like low, mumbled voices. In a split second I came to a place where there were lots of rainbows. I saw an energy person realize I was arriving with shock. Then it was as if I was in a spiral or vortex, twisting downwards for 3 turns. I heard a deep, prolonged voice say, ‘TEACH’ only it sounded like ‘teeeaaaccchhh…’. A week later, I awoke in hospital.

I believe I was shown my true identity in Spirit, moving through perfect love (no fear – it’s our brain that engenders fear through our thoughts: we are like biological computers) to go through Divine and Holy intelligence and power. Heaven is real and the things that are eternal are the only real things – like love, peace, joy… It was an awesome experience. I was returned to my body with a divine purpose ‘to teach’.


16 years later, after my marriage broke up, with 3 autistic sons, I studied to become a teacher and have never looked back! My 3 sons’ behavior was crazy and they each spent a lot of times in juvenile detention centers. They are still abusive towards me but I distance myself from them. I have had some amazing adventures teaching. Bringing up my sons on my own, was very difficult but the knowledge of ‘Spiritual life’ gave me strength to persevere. I learnt unconditional love and self-preservation! When they left home, I taught Australian Aboriginal kids, in far north South Australia and on Indigenous communities. I continue to teach how our thoughts lead to our feelings which determines our behavior. I also teach kids how to replace their negative thoughts with positive ones and have had numerous ‘difficult students’ change their behaviors for the better. I was also prompted, niggled and persistently pushed by an inner voice to continue to study and now have several degrees (Masters in Educational Psychology) and post graduate certificates (gifted education, neuroscience-learning). I am now an Aboriginal Education Teacher in the metropolitan area but my journeys have given me great insight into Indigenous culture so that I can be effective in my work. I have a great sense of spiritual belonging and know that life in the physical is only temporary (like a spot in eternity) and I will return to ‘Heaven which is my home’. Such peace, joy and love in Spirit is immeasurable and I feel so blessed to have had that experience. 

♥ There is no time. this physical life is like a dream and cannot be compared to infinity. It is so short and temporary like a microscopic dot in the vastness of eternity.

When I passed through infinite intelligence and power, I believe it was much lighter than where I had been moving through to get there but it was so explosive that I was caught unaware of anything except the bliss and power that charged every cell in my being and then calmer but denser love, joy, and peace.

♥ Passing through Divine and Holy Omnipotence and Omniscience into a place where the love was magnified immeasurably. There were many crowds of beings in this place that I passed through when I came to where there were many rainbows. The rainbows were being looked after or guarded by one particular energy being who was shocked to see me and I think it was that being’s voice I heard saying teach when I was returning to my body.

♥ Heaven is real, we are made in the image and likeness of God because we are spiritual beings and we live and move and have our being in Him which is love. This life is like a dream and the things that are real are the things that are eternal. Nothing on earth matters except love. Love is all that matters because we are love and we have to express ourselves as love.

♥ I pray all the time. I receive guidance. Perfect love flows through me. I have had some amazing lessons in the classroom where the students have been really switched on and I have felt amazing power in the room. I deal a lot with dysfunctional students and we have circle time to problem solve and sort out issues. I have always felt a higher power’s calming presence settling over the students. when I’ve studied and been synthesising information to write an essay, I get so high it is like being back in the spiritual place where I was in my NDE.

♥  Before this experience I did NOT believe in God. Now I know without any doubt that God exists. God is real. He is love and Heaven exists and this physical life is like a dream. We have the creative power to redefine our physical life through the thoughts we think. We have control over our attitude and our beliefs.

♥  We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. We live and move and have our being in Divine, Holy Spirit. God flows through us if we ask Him to. He cannot be separated from us we can only turn our backs on Him.

♥ We come from this heavenly realm. We are dreaming our physical existence. We return to spirit. There is no death.

5 thoughts on ““It Was God Who Rescued Me From Myself” (Suicide NDE)

  1. Hello, thank you for writing about this NDE. Yesterday was the first day of Spring. For once I didn’t go to bed early on such a day. I have a habit of getting really tired on equinoxes, and sleeping as early as possible. I did get a little tired, but ended up watching lots of Batgap. “Buddha at the Gas Pump,” is a great show where Bentinho, and Teal have both been interviewed at separate times. Many Spiritual teachers have been interviewed, but some normal people who have awakened appear on the show too. I know you have mentioned the names of some of the people who were interviewed on Batgap, so was wondering if you knew about it.

      • It is on Youtube. It is like a radio show, but with Skype interviews or in person. It was on local television in I think Iowa in the past. Don’t know if it still is. They manage to get some really great people, even if it is small time. I found it as a podcast, but like watching the videos of interviews on Youtube.

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