Nathan Wheeler: Truth Me Free

** Part 9b (Wait… he calls it #9b – Part 1)

*** Before you get started on this series, you should know that Nathan stopped making videos for it just short of actually describing his NDE.  It’s a very interesting story, and very entertaining. But I (AngelicView) don’t believe it to be real. 

 AngelicView: I just have to say that I do not identify with the Christian Religion. Since this is my blog, it might be surprising that I am posting this series. Well, the 1st 7 or 8 videos weren’t about Christianity, they were just about his fantastic experiences. It turned into something about religion later. I am continuing to post his series here because I started it and I know that many of you are enjoying it.



If you have some extra time on your hands, I think Nathan Wheeler’s story may be one that you’ll really enjoy. There are about an average of 10,000 of us following along in his series “My NDE Testimonial”. At the time of this post, he is currently up to Part 7c. It’s kind of a long story how Part 7 got split up into three parts, but the next one will be Part 8. To those of us that are following along with his testimonial, I think we are all so very fond of him and think of him as our friend. He has a heart-warming personality, he’s witty and smart, and very humerous to boot!

Now, before you go thinking that all these videos are all about his NDE – no. What we’re really experiencing through his excellent story-telling skills is his life story. And let me tell you, it’s all very riveting! I don’t want to give away too much with this introduction because he tells it the best. But just briefly, Nathan says he has been psychic to a degree since childhood. He tells us of his adventures throughout his life and leading up to his NDE.

Nathan’s has a heart condition (which we call a “dysrhythmia”) where his heart beat is very irregular, and it’s irregular to the point where it stops at times. He had dizziness and fainting spells from it and it took a couple of years before he was finally diagnosed and had a pacemaker implanted. The pacemaker will now “pace” his heart for him if it stops for a set length of time. But just before that is when his heart stopped for long enough for him to leave his body and experience heaven.

Nathan is a very busy man with a full-time job and he is very hard on himself to get these videos “just right” before he releases the next one. He says the Angel in his NDE encouraged him to tell his story and this is the format he chose to do it with. If you leave a question for him on his You Tube channel or on his Facebook page, you can be pretty sure he’ll answer you. And while we do try not to bug him about it – we all can’t wait for the next video to come out! 😉

You may want to bookmark this page and I will post the next video in the series as they come out, or you can go directly to his You Tube Channel or follow him on Facebook.













“And Ye shall know the Truth And the Truth shall make you Free” John 8:32

33 thoughts on “Nathan Wheeler: Truth Me Free

  1. I cannot watch further. He is about to tell a scary story about a Ouija board, and demons. I use Tarot Cards, and do not see how it would be very different. I don’t know maybe they are different. I don’t want to go back to a place of fear. I was very scared about the use Tarot Cards years ago. I concluded that God is Love, and would not punish me for the cards. So it was okay to look into the New Age without fear. I don’t want to go back to fear. Already reading about the Earthbound Spirits troubled me. Something that I thought was just in my imagination was suddenly real. I am trying to work with the angels about that problem. Yet, was very scared for many nights.

    When people paint a picture that Demons and otherworldly bad creatures are being created by the things I do and think, I get scared. Because I have been right at the gates of hell (when Manic) and felt that fear. When I die, I don’t want to go back to that place. I pray that the Angels keep me from it. Yet, praying to God didn’t help me when I was Manic. I still could hear the cries from hell no matter how much I prayed. So how can I know that the Angels will help me when I die. Perhaps Traditional Christians are right, and I will go to hell for being New Age.

    Yet, turning back into a good Catholic girl will not get rid of the fear of hell for me. I was never a very good fit for Catholicism, and New Age is more who I am. I also wonder why praying to the Angels never made the Earthbound spirits go away. Perhaps I really am just Schizoaffective, and its all the illness of my brain. Why else would no prayer, or mental shield protect me. I remember trying them. Perhaps I should just request more medication, and block out the remaining feeling of Earthbound spirits. It seems medication is the only thing that ever worked.

      • Thank you, this text is actually what made me think that these beings were Earthbound Spirits and not just in my imagination. I had always pretended I was just making it all up in my head, and years later I was diagnosed Schizoaffective Bipolar. So I am just wondering if I was suffering from a pre-condition, and was just crazy… am just crazy. The line between psychic ability and Schizophrenia can be blurry so it makes things confusing.

    • I cant tell you how much my heart aches for those who have the kinds of troubles in there lives like you are describing. I raised a son with mental disabilities. This may help, in my life I have decided that if I want God to do all he can for me I need to do all I can for him. Since I cant do anything directly for him, If I have done it unto the least of these my brethren I have done it unto him, I try and show love and help to all I can around me. I am concerned about your use of Tarot cards. You are correct that God is love, but we cant do wrong and just expect him to ignore it. How would you feel if I abused you but said God is love so he will accept me and I can do it again. I am sorry that seems harsh. If we feel something we are doing is wrong we need to try and be like God and stop doing it, then expect his love to make up the difference so we can return to live with him. This is longer than I intended, I don’t want it to sound like a sermon, and I hope it doesn’t sound like a judgment of you, you are a fellow sojourner here with me on earth, I love you and I just want to help you be the best you can be while you are here. I stand in no place of judgment as I am the first that would be accused of God as not living my life as I should. My Gods love and blessings and peace be upon you!

      • Thank you. I see that your heart is pure, even if I do not completely agree with you.

        I have had a long spiritual journey in my life. I am actually unsure if Tarot Cards are wrong just because Christians say they are. There are many things Christian say are wrong that I do not agree with. I have a feeling that Nathan Wheeler is going to conclude his videos saying that Christ is the correct way. I had a hard time escaping from the fears that my childhood religion taught me. I do not want to go back.

        Sorry again. I am just trying to explain my view. I do not mean to attack Christianity. Thank you for having concern for me. This isn’t exactly the best place to post such a Reply. (I deleted a good deal of it.) Blessings.

    • Pray to the God who created angels, not the angels themselves. God, Yaweh, Yeshua Hama Shiach has the power. Our creator is perfect Love, He casts out all fears. Be full of His peace and fear no more.

    • Peacenowflower, this is going to sound a little weird but I used to do Tarot cards for myself and family. And when I started reading the Bible and received Jesus in my heart, I was concerned that I might offend God with the Tarot. So I asked God if He was offended by this and did a reading for the answer, well the cards became scrambled. I couldn’t read them, so I shuffled them again and tried again, I did this about 3 times. I couldn’t still read them. I took that to mean not to use them. So I got rid of the cards.
      But you don’t have to read anything that scares you. Any negativity is harmful I believe to our wellbeing. Take care.

      • A lot of notoriety and maybe a movie? I hope he is for real, but why the long time and pauses between the tapes. And why take money over the internet for hospital charges.

        • Well, you’re right – it’s hard to tell someone’s intentions (especially in a story like this) over the internet and without knowing the person. In this case I think he’s very devoted to this because he gets thousands of comments on facebook and You Tube, and he answers many of them. He also says he responds to personal emails.

          As far as the length of time in between videos, he says it’s because he works full-time, long hours, and doesn’t actually have a video camera of his own. He borrows one from a lady friend and if she’s using it… then he can’t work on it.

    • No scam! I’ll bet a lot on it…
      For more than a year ago I had huge doubts and needed solid answers to fundamental spiritual questions such as is the bible correct, is the christian way of interpreting it correct, do we live one life or several lives with accumulated karma, are all the religions an attempt to reach the same God or not etc. I had my past in esotheric wisdom but the christian judgemental attitude made me insecure, probably because I needed to adjust my view a little bit.

      So I sincerely cried out to God, with intensity, cause I just HAD TO get proper answers. And shortly after I got the idea to og on youtibe and search for NDE videos. It was a weird idea cause I was never on youtube. I watched one or two videos and then I found Nathan’s. As I watched the first video I just KNEW With absolute certainty that this was for me, this was the answer to my prayer, here I would get the next level of truth. I “knew” this even though I had no idea of where the series would end or what kind of conclusion it would present. Still I believe I recognized the vibration of truth and for every new video posted, it became more and more clear.

      I still don’t know where Nathan will end, but it seems that he will end up confirming so much of what I already knew and give words to defend the truth. When his conclusion comes it will set so many free, truely! …and unfortunately a lot of people will reject him as well. There will be some action and all who have been prepared to be a part of promoting the same kind of message know the kind of battle that comes when truth is challenging. Truth is good but not all like to see it 🙂 So no, I certainly think Nathan is the real deal 🙂

  2. Nathan isn’t doing this for attention. I have experienced much of what he has so I recognize it and no one wants to admit to these things out loud, you get called crazy. Because people don’t tend to be gifted in psychic or prophetic ways they don’t believe what they haven’t experienced. I was brought up Protestant and much like Nathan I searched all the religions for the truth. I finally went to TheBible and only The Bible, that is Gods word and rarely is the whole thing taught in Church. i see ghosts and have a precog ability as well as empathic abilities, my five senses are triple a normal human, standard tests proved it. I was healed by Jesus and flooded with an amazing love and sense of peace and joy. Hospital tests before and after proved it, freaked the scientific doctors out, the believer doctor not so much. That feeling is what awaits in Heaven, and I’m planning on going. In the end times God said people would be fascinated by the occult and fairy tales, wrong would be right and right would be wrong. Don’t pray to angels, God says in The Bible, you can only pray to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for help and trust me, believe and you will be answered, I have. God has let Satan loose on Earth now to challenge all of us in one last ditch effort to get you away from him. It’s going to get crazy now. Get someone to explain Revelation in The Bible to you with current events and you will see. God wants your soul, he loves each of you but the Big Guy has rules and he doesn’t change to match society, if you give in to God it is going to be great when you cross, no fears. So the occult is out, (Taro cards included) I’ve had some ghost issues and God said they are abominations don’t interact with them. Once you actually take Jesus as you Lord and Savior and the Holy Spirit goes into you, a sense of peace and calm comes over you, it’s amazing. Once you are one of Gods people you are protected, just let not your heart be troubled for I am with you, it also says that in The Bible. If God is with you who can be against you? Catholicism has a lot of man made doctrines that are not Gods word don’t let that influence you. Anyway it’s Harvest time so at least give The Bible an honest effort, KJV with translations is good and learning some of the true Hebrews meaning behind some of the words or images makes a whole lot more sense. You just don’t want to miss out on this, it’s gonna be great!

    Did you see where God sent a might wind to knock a rocket sent by Hamas into the sea? Iron dome missed it but God did not, it wasn’t possible but there you have it.

    I hope you see the post as an encouragement. It also says in the Bible that those who have endured much on Earth will be rewarded in Heaven for their suffering here.

  3. I do believe Nathan. I have learned lot’s from Nathan , especially him talking about all the different Religeons. I have had some of the same type of happenings like Nathan. People dying in my dream and it coming true. The scariest is the out of body experience. I could live without that. That would be great. I at times get little signs here and there from the other side. Luckily so far I don’t see any strange People in my room. Well, I had one incident, but can not confirm it. My husband tells me to please not tell him about my dreams. I predicted his Parents & Sister’s Death. His Father crossed over first. I was dreaming 3 month later that his Dad prepared a big Party . It was very colorful. Lots of Balloons and People with colorful outfits. He was sitting in the middle looking all excited.1 year later on his Birthday his Wife passed away. A year later , same date, their Daughter passed away. I could go on……..God is good, and so relieved that I am a believer !!!!!

  4. Hello Nathan. I hope you are feeling well. I will keep you in my prayers. I’ve just watched all your YouTube videos with great interest. You proved it takes a lot of courage to speak the Truth and do God’s will and that it’s worth it. I particularly love the fact that you remind your veiwers, with urgency, that God is real and He wants to be part of our lives. What a beautiful message! You’ve reminded ME that I’m taking too long to share the Gifts He’s given me. Fear has a way of paralyzing us all. Thank you for all your hard work.
    Love and Prayers,

  5. Claims to have started acting at age 5 and was trained in acting from 14-17 by DR. A.M. Charlens of the Royal Academy of London.

    Owns: Black Horn LLC/Viru Vodka (a Christian owns a vodka company?), N.E.W. School for Film Acting
    Works for: Chateau Entertainment Group, Grand Prix Sports & Entertainment
    Also claims to be one of the producers for the HOLLYWOOD MUSIC AWARDS.

    Due to his huge inflated ego… I doubt what he is saying but I’m going to give him the benefit of the doubt.

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying it Patrick! He has not put out another one. I am subscribed to his You Tube channel and I will definitely update this post just as soon as he puts out the next one – if he does. We haven’t even heard about his NDE yet! Lol 😀

      • Hello this is Nathan Wheeler of Truth Me Free.

        Thank you for your blog here and your kind words. It had been a long time since 9a came our and I just announced 9b will be released on August 18th, the 2 year anniversary of my NDE.

        Its unfortunate that people think my childhood profession makes this “work” I am doing a scam. While anyone who actually knows Hollywood and the real side of the business would know this is very damaging to that career. But God and this work is far more important that acting and movies. Do I still do them. Of course it’s what I do.

        Watch the series, be entertained if nothing else, as Angel view stated and in the end once you are fully educated on my testimonial and the message I was given to share, you will be fully equipped to make your assessment of me and this work. If I am lying, trust only this if nothing else… it would soon come to light once this is done. So why would I even begin and hurt my acting career if that was what this was all about? No matter how you cut this… doing this kind of series doesn’t help acting careers… or personal relationships. I lost my girlfriend over the videos with in months of doing them. Everyone in my world knows about them… imagine that for a second as your life. Would you really do.that to yourself for a lie?

        Thanks again all you spend the time watching and for the support. God Ness you all and be the blessing.

        Nathan Wheeler

        • Well, thank you so much for coming here and commenting! I know that a lot of people (myself included) are anxious to hear the rest of the story! Sometimes it’s hard for one to believe in an experience if it hasn’t happened to them. We just have to listen and take it all in to consideration. I really appreciate your kind comments. Looking forward to hearing more 🙂

  6. Just saw first original video of Nathan’s experience in heaven. Forwarded it to family members. I like Nathan always felt from the start the presence of God. I still had many fears, doubts and lack of faith. I don’t believe in man made Christianity. I believe in God my creator Jesus my savior and the Bible. I believe everything here and above is set in a spiritual motion. All God’s creation here on earth are set in motion. His presence is everywhere in his extrinsic design of all his creatures. It would take a bigger leap of faith to believe anything else. Look around in nature. God is everywhere. I struggled with not letting earthly circumstances falter my belief in God. I have gone thru the most painful experience these past five years that have shook my foundation of faith. I have refused to allow it to,as much as I don’t understand the why’s of it, Just the thought of thinking,if their was really a God,why would he allow child predators to remain free,and hide in his very churches??Was scarier than the very evil that dwells in this world. I know that evil is set in it’s motion as well here on earth and will have it’s reign as well. What I have painfully learned as well is my Lord will never leave me here without his comfort and protection. Pray for the global epidemic of child porn and the child predators sitting in our church pews across our nation and globe, dressed in sheep clothing. While all the while being ravenous Wolfe’s preying on our children while pretending to be praying with and for them.

  7. Well I wish I had read these comments before I began listening to Nathan Wheeler’s testimony. Because then the dates may have switched a light bulb on!
    I spent two days listening to his videos. Truly engrossed although sometimes bored from too much information he was giving (when is he bringing God into this) half way through video 8 I think great here we go! I carry on to 9b then it stops abruptly at the end (no goodbyes from Nathan as he did previously) then guess what there is no video 10. I can’t find it anywhere! have I just been mugged?
    I’m one of those people who get taken in really easy (I see the good in people) then I get mugged!
    I’m disappointed! That’s all!

    • That’s a good point, Theresa. Maybe I should post a warning at the top of this post saying that he stopped making this video series so people don’t get started on it. I’m sorry about that.

      • Thank you for your reply. For me Nathan’s series 7 really freaked me out, so much so for a couple of nights I thought I might see demons and I was scared to go to bed. It’s like when you read a scary book or watch a scary film you wait for the happy ending but of course in this case it didn’t happen.
        So I’m back to reading my Bible and listening to ‘All Sons and Daughters’ music to get over it!
        Thanks again and God Bless you.

  8. I saw your video. Was very good. But I am a Roman Catholic Christian. I read the Bible every day. Praying and just talking to God as if he is the only person for me. I confess my sins as I want to go to Heaven. Pray the rosary etc. I want yo see Jesus and hug him and Thank him. And tell him I love him so much. I cry.
    My life was full of suffering. But I believe that I should of been a nun. I know I didn’t want to. And married the wrong men. And went out with the wrong men. So that’s why I think I suffered.
    But I know this now. Because of this I need healing of my past.

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