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The Fall and Rise of Our Civilization

futuristic civilization

AngelicView: What should I say about this? First off – I love Bentinho Massaro and I am very familiar with his teachings. He has tons of videos on You Tube, and I have seen nearly all of them.

This series, “The Fall and Rise of Our Civilization”, is his newest series. I have to admit, I have probably watched just over half of it. All the videos (4) are about two and a half hours long. I do intend to watch the series in it’s entirety, when I can get the time.

I do know that Bentinho has stated in the past his intention to create communities of people who are generally loving and peaceful, and want to live in a way that is compassionate to each other and the earth we live on. In the fourth video, Bentinho says that he wants to make his teachings in Trinfinity Academy free. Yes, all free! He has other means to make money and has the possibility in the near future to make a LOT of money. This is very exciting to me and makes me feel as though his vision to make these wonderful communities might actually come to fruition. If anyone can do it, I feel that he can.

So below I will post this series, for anyone who might be interested in watching.

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How To Know if Your Spirit Guides are Guiding You


“Angels Among Us” by Simon Dewey

AngelicView: We can’t see wind, but we know it’s there because of the leaf which tosses to and fro, and bumbles across the yard. We can’t see our Spirit Guides, either (or at least most of us can’t), but there are ways in which we can tell that they are there – if we’re paying attention.

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Searching For Moments of Open Stillness

Phoenix Rising

AngelicView: This is a tragically beautiful STE (Spiritually Transformative Event), which was like a spiritual awakening triggered by the death of her friend. It happened in 2010 and continued over the next several months – and is still in process. Her insights are profound and even though it is a long read, I thought it was well worth the time. In fact, I read parts of it twice 😉

Thanks to Phoebe for sharing your story 🙂

In mid-September 2010, my friend Amanda from high school died at age 20 after a speeding drunk driver hit her while she was riding her bicycle; he hit her so hard that she flew 200 feet (~60.96 m). Upon hearing about her death, I was completely shocked. I could not pay attention in class. Time seemed to stand still. It was my junior year of college. My friends and professors did their best to comfort me. I received lots of hugs. Somehow, I managed to do my work and some early morning bird-watching in the next days.

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Caravan to Midnight – “The ‘Greater’ Bosnian Pyramids

Bosnian Pyramid

AngelicView: John B. Wells says that the pyramids at Giza are ‘great’, but the pyramids at Bosnia are ‘greater’. What? You didn’t know there were pyramids in Bosnia that are bigger and older than the Great Pyramids at Giza? Well, hang on for an interesting discussion then!

John B. Wells starts with commentary on news stories, and while that was interesting to listen to and does pertain to the discussion of the pyramids, I don’t think it’s imperative to listen to that part if you want to get right to the meat. Here are some notes that I took:

♦ These are the largest pyramids on the planet (discovered in 2005 by Dr. Sam Osmanagich, who is the person in this interview).

♦ Their true North orientation is more precise than the Pyramids at Giza.

♦ 3-4 feet under the soil, there are concrete blocks that are better quality than the concrete blocks we can make today.

♦ They are approximately 34,000 years old. (Older than the Great Pyramids at Giza.)

♦ There is a huge underground network with tunnels, chambers, lakes, and huge ceramic blocks weighing in the tens of tons displaying a very developed technological culture.

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Quotes from Anita Moorjani, “Dying to be Me”

Anita Moorjani

Anita Moorjani

AngelicView: If you’re not familiar with Anita Moorjani’s book, “Dying to be Me”, you can read the bulk of her story here on AngelicView. Here is a brief run-down of what happened:

In February of 2006, Anita Moorjani was on her deathbed. Having suffered from cancer for several years, she was in a coma with malignant tumours throughout her body. Doctors told her husband and mother that she had only hours to live. After 30 hours of coma, Anita emerged from an out-of-body experience in which she felt she had experienced the afterlife and gained a new understanding of what it means to be human. Medical records show that Anita was miraculously found cancer free within three weeks of this experience.

AV: I just wanted to share some life-changing quotes with you that I found on GoodReads.

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The Storm Before the Calm

AngelicView: This article in it’s entirety is shared from Neale Donald Walsch’s Facebook page. He has over 412,000 “Likes”, so I assume some people have already read it. Neale Donald Walsch is the author of the Conversations with God books, which I have posted here in Audio form for free. I have added the pictures.

By the way, you can connect with me on Facebook, too! “Like” my page, “AngelicView”, or join my group, “NDE’s and OBE’s with AngelicView”.  Thanks 🙂 Love!

The Storm Before the Calm

By Neale Donald Walsch

Will the upheaval in which the world finds itself ever come to an end? The answer is Yes!, as you’ll see in these continuing excerpts from The Storm Before the Calm, in which you’ll discover the role you can play in the times just ahead….

The multiplication factor

Should you accept the grandest invitation of all in this book, the invitation to step into beingness as a way of life, you may not touch the whole world, but sociologists tell us that if you are like most of us, you will touch over 10,000 people in your lifetime.

And now, with Internet outreach, that number could easily be multiplied by ten. Imagine, 100,000 people or more, each hearing a simple but powerful message from you. Why, that could start a snowball rolling downhill. And if all of us did it? It could start an avalanche. Of such occurrences have landscapes been changed. And it is time now for us to change the Landscape of Our Lives.

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Keepers of the Garden IV

(Continued from Part III)


The Dinosaurs

AV: Who doesn’t want to know more about the dinosaurs? This chapter starts out by telling us that the first “animal” living creature on Earth was the amoeba. A single-celled organism. It evolved into a two-celled critter, and so forth. The goal was to eventually have the human being living here, and so any creatures that evolved that would not eventually lead to human beings was not nurtured and therefore died out. The animals that would eventually lead to human beings was nurtured and fed and cared for to make sure that they were the ones that survived.

Dolores asked about the evolution process more closely to humans. She says that the “missing link” in the evolutionary chain between the animal and man has not ever been found. Phil says that it won’t ever be found because there wasn’t one. Here is the text on that:

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The Secret to Personal Evolution

Screenshot 2014-11-08 at 3.26.12 AM

By Deepak Chopra, M.D.

You alone are the explorer of your inner world. Of all the ways to unfold your inner potential, by far the most powerful is to use the flow of evolution.  Evolution isn’t just a theory but a force that has been working in every cell of your body since you were born. As a child, you experienced evolution as a process of growth that you didn’t have to choose – your body was programmed to evolve from the infant state.

The main focus of your life may have been earning a living, raising a family, and exploring the world “out there.” Even so, now you can become skilled at building the self you actually want by choosing to evolve. The force of evolution is working for you if you can do what came naturally as a child.

As an adult, however, evolution is a choice. The key is simple. There is only one thing you need to do to align with the force of evolution: Participate in your own consciousness. Pay attention to being alert and aware. As you do, you will develop new skills in awareness that will affect every choice you make in life. The most evolved choice is the one that benefits you the most in body, mind, and spirit. You can’t decide how to make such ideal choices using only your intellect. Only awareness knows what is good for awareness.

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Spontaneous Evolution Panel: Eben and Anita


AngelicView: This is the audience Q&A portion of a presentation by Dr. Eben Alexander (“The Deepest Realms of Super-Physical Existence” and “Neurosurgeon and NDE Researcher“) and Anita Moorjani (“Dying to Be Me“) and includes their answers to questions regarding our current state of human evolution, and how they see it from their own experiential viewpoints.

I was unable to embed the video here, so if you are interested in watching, please click the link below. Thanks 🙂


10 Evolutionary Signs that Science and Spirit are Converging

Dylan Charles, Editor
Waking Times

“It is necessary to perceive truth with the heart, not just the mind.” Jonathon Miller-Weisberger

Long before science surfaced as a force of nature within the minds of human beings, spirituality and superstition reigned. The evolution of the human species and the human mind is a fascinating story and at our present moment in time we are gifted to be able to bear witness to the communion of science and spirituality, which enables us to for the first time in our collective history to dispel both the superstitions of humankind and the hubris of the material sciences.

At the root of the timeless human quest for a deep understanding of our existence is the drive to find the source of consciousness, that precious gift of the cosmos that animates our bodies and provides a foundation for the intellect. For spiritual people who’ve committed themselves to an esoteric and experiential understanding of our mental universe, it is observed that human consciousness is a vast and endless sea, multi-layered and multi-colored with infinite possibilities. For the scientifically oriented minds among us, this explanation does not hold water as it is too aloof and immeasurable, defying the demand for reproducible data, as consciousness and spirit have as of yet evaded measure by our ingenious devices and analytical technologies.

A Collection of Links for You


By AngelicView

Hello my friends! How are you all doing? I’ve been “up” and “down” and “all around”! The day before yesterday I felt great and came home from work energized and then slept like a log. Then yesterday I was so tired all day long that I dragged through my day at work with tons of caffeine on-board.

Over the summer and now into fall, I’ve been working a lot, sick at times, and trying to get in great times with my daughter before she grows up!

When I find a great article or website, I’ll “Bookmark” it so that I can make a post about it later. Well, my “Bookmarks” on my computer are beginning to dig a hole to China. In trying to simplify my life, I have decided to give out these links to you all so that you can look through them and decide what you’d like to read more about and what you’d like to discard. Then I can start over with a clean-er slate with my Bookmarks. In essence, I’m transferring my “mess” over to you! 😉

Each link will open in a new window.

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Russell Brand on Revolution: “We no longer have the luxury of Tradition”

AngelicView: I am posting this today in light of the “Million Mask March”, in which Russell Brand did participate in the London march yesterday. I would have written about the Million Mask March, except that I didn’t know about it until this morning, when someone posted a Livestream of the event in Washington DC.

You know what is really great about Livestream? People are out there all day and all night with cameras in hand and a backpack full of batteries – voluntarily giving of their time, energy, and money – to bring you the real news that mainstream media will not.

For example, when the “Occupy” movements and protests were going on, on rare occasion the MSM would cover it. In a brief snippet, you would see that the person they chose to interview was the fullest extent of an example of the most disgusting and least intelligent person there – if not one of the MSM’s own actors.

When you click on a Livestream, what you get is one of the real participants videoing and interviewing other real participants. The good, the bad, and the ugly. The reality. The brutality. The in-the-now moment of what’s really going on.

I would like to personally thank all the individuals out there who are Livestreaming these events to our home computers and I urge you to look to their reporting over your news stations.

So, back to the article. This was published in New Statesman Magazine on October 24th of this year. I will not reproduce the entire article here, but rather some snippets that are especially meaningful to me. (I actually ended up posting most of the article. It was too good to leave these parts out.) Feel free to click on the link to go and read the whole thing.

Russell Brand on Revolution: “We no longer have the luxury of Tradition”

But before we change the world, we need to change the way we think.

…I don’t vote because to me it seems like a tacit act of compliance; I know, I know my grandparents fought in two world wars (and one World Cup) so that I’d have the right to vote. Well, they were conned. As far as I’m concerned there is nothing to vote for. I feel it is a far more potent political act to completely renounce the current paradigm than to participate in even the most trivial and tokenistic manner, by obediently X-ing a little box.

Total revolution of consciousness and our entire social, political and economic system is what interests me, but that’s not on the ballot. Is utopian revolution possible? The freethinking social architect Buckminster Fuller said humanity now faces a choice: oblivion or utopia. We’re inertly ambling towards oblivion, is utopia really an option?…

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Reality is Beyond Our Perception

Article thanks to Waking Times

Pictures added by AngelicView

Rene’ Descartes, Contributing Writer
Waking Times

An enlightened conversation…

Everything in the Universe is vibrating. Even light is vibrating (different frequencies of vibration give us the different colors, just like different frequencies of vibration give us the different notes in an octave of sound).

The so-called 5 physical senses, touch, smell, hearing, taste, and sight, are all biological “sensors” that, for the most part, detect vibration in different ways. While smell doesn’t directly sense a vibration, it is directly sensing physical objects in the air, that have different vibrational parameters. Each sense perceives vibrations within specific, limited frequency bands.  For example, through the sense of hearing, most people perceive vibrational frequencies in the 20 to 20,000 cycle per second range – we call that “sound”.  The eyes pick up much faster vibrations that we call light.

But these 5 biological sensors we use, only pick up a very, very small part of the infinite vibrational frequency spectrum. There are other frequency bands that the 5 senses cannot perceive, which puts a BIG hole in our information about what is REALLY there. And for most people, this very limited data from the 5 sensors is the only thing that allows them to be in touch with the world around them. We are, for the most part, virtually blind in this Universe.

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Ancient Mysteries & Dooms Day Theories

Cultural anthropologist and expert in indigenous cultures with degrees from Yale and Harvard, Bill Gladstone talked about being the lead researcher for Rod Serling’s TV special In Search of Ancient Mysteries, as well as discussed America’s fascination with doomsday theories and whether the country was reaching a tipping point in the 2012 aftermath.

While working on the Ancient Mysteries show (which first aired in 1973), he traveled the world and investigated a number of Erich Von Daniken’s claims, which he found to be somewhat exaggerated in certain cases, such as when he was in Cusco, Peru. However, while in Cusco, he learned of an archaeologist who had a collection of skulls from 600-700 years ago which showed evidence of laser surgery.

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Reality Check: What Would it Take for Us to Thrive?

AngelicView: Brand-new – Lilou Mace interviews Foster Gamble of the Thrive Movement. If you are not one of the millions of people (30 to 50 million, based on sales. Then millions more on You Tube) who have seen the movie, Thrive yet, then you are really missing out on something (in my opinion).

Click here to go to Thrive on AngelicView

Two-Part Video

At age 14, Foster Gamble had a vision where he glimpsed what he perceived to be the Universe’s fundamental energy pattern. He spent the next 35 years trying to figure out the details and implications of what he had seen. That quest took two paths: a scientific journey and an exploration of the human potential to navigate successfully through the challenges threatening our survival. THRIVE represents the convergence of these two paths.

While at Princeton University, Foster helped to create their first film-making department. At the time, the emergence of a global media delivery system seemed likely, and Foster’s love of film combined with his concern for the planet inspired him to focus on what would be the most critical content to one day deliver through that system.

In his search for a way out of our violence and demise, Foster discovered Aikido — the non-violent martial art — which proved for him the possibility of being simultaneously powerful and gentle. He earned a third degree black belt and trained in and taught Aikido for 15 years.

Applying Aikido principles to daily life informed Foster’s professional career: He created a training and technology company, MindCenter, that employed brainwave biofeedback to help people learn how to manage stress and to tune their consciousness. He also created Interaction Dynamics, a training program for mastering skills in communication, team-building and conflict resolution for couples, business teams, schools and families across the United States. He combined Aikido energy principles and mind fitness techniques in Zonesport Training, which tapped his passion for sports in helping high level athletes to enhance their performance. Addressing the demands of balancing his own personal, family and professional lives led Foster to create a program called LifeBalance.

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For the Love of Humanity

By AngelicView

In this world filled with all different types of people, with all different identities and interests, can we all find a way to pull together and love each other, just for the pure fact that we are all Human Beings, and we are all in this world together?

“How do we stop racism? Stop talking about it. I’m going to stop calling you a white man, and I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man.” ~Morgan Freeman

How about adjusting your line of thinking to… we are all Human Beings?

“It is a very natural human trait to destroy that which frightens us.”
~ Laurell K. Hamilton, Guilty Pleasures

Do you know that someone who is gay made that choice before they came here to Earth? They did that to challenge their spirit. Does that frighten you? Do you know that a gay person is probably a lot braver coming into this world as a gay person than a straight person is? Let’s put them, also, into the category of a Human Being. Don’t do it for me, do it for your own soul evolution.

“If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.”
~Mother Teresa

Did you know that that dirty politician who’s filthy rich and is making decisions that don’t benefit the people whom he is representing is made up of the same star, love, and light material that you and everyone else is? He has guardian angels, and guides, and he will make his way to the heavenly realms just like the rest of us.

“The first peace, which is the most important, is that which comes within the souls of people when they realize their relationship, their oneness with the universe and all its powers, and when they realize that at the center of the universe dwells the Great Spirit, and that this center is really everywhere, it is within each of us.”
~Black Elk

There is some part of “We are All One” that many people are not understanding here. This is not aimed at any one person but to all the people who have attempted to comment on this site hatred in the name of Christianity. It won’t be tolerated, and your comment will get thrown in the trash bin. I hope you can get on the Evolution Train along with the rest of us. I think that would make Jesus happy 🙂

Love! Love! Love! (All)


Reality Shifts

AngelicView: Now this is something I can totally relate to! This woman is a physicist, and she talks about auras and reality shifts and different people’s experiences which are paranormal and then ties in the current scientific understandings that back up those experiences. This is a complete near line-up between science and spirituality – which is exciting for me. 

I have been following forums in which people are describing more and more lately (over the last couple of years) exactly these types of experiences, and I have had a few of them myself. Very interesting and informative information.

And by the way, just as a side-note, I was looking at this site on someone else’s computer today and I noticed that some of the pictures were so big that they came off the right side of the article and obscured part of the list on the right side. It doesn’t look like that on my screen and I had no idea that that was happening. So from now on, I’m going to try to downsize my pictures a little bit. 😉

Skip to: 1 hour and 16 min

Author and intuitive coach Cynthia Sue Larson talked about the ways consciousness changes the physical world in a kind of “reality shift,” as well as her work with auras. Aura colors are often associated with tendencies that people have. For example, red is energetic and physical, violet is very spiritual, and blue is clear thinking, she outlined. Aura reading or energy sensing can improve people’s lives, increasing their intuition about people and situations, and maybe even keep you out of danger, Larson remarked (check out her video on how to see auras).

She cited a case Edgar Cayce publicized about a woman shopping at a department store who avoided getting on an elevator because the group of people on it seemed to have no aura. The elevator dropped straight down and some of the passengers were killed.

Larson described anomalous events that she refers to as “reality shifts,” which include dead people being seen alive again, “glitch in the Matrix” time loops, and most commonly, objects disappearing and then re-appearing in odd places. She posited that we could be accessing or seeing the effects of the multiverse, and “through intention we can actually visualize a better possibility and find ourselves there.”

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Your Very Own Heart, Hidden in Everything You See

By Bentinho Massaro

In my view/experience, each individual being as we know it, consists of a lower, incarnate self, and a higher self, which is the same one being, just different levels within its own essence.

The higher level of this consciousness has access to (or is) intelligence beyond time and space. It knows and sees so much more, and it guides and loves that fraction of itself which it has send into incarnation. Like a guide, like an unconditionally loving teacher, it is present to its small part(s).

This level of ourselves has access to the capabilities of these higher levels.


In the most dire of circumstances, when you find yourself asking God, Life, or your Higher Self in utter desperation: “Why me?? Why would you do this to me??”

That unconditional, higher level of your very own Self, would want you to know its answer:
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Formerly Anonymous Whistle-Blower Goes on the Record

AngelicView: This 17 minute video was presented to the retired Congress at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure Friday morning (May 3rd).

He is a former high level CIA. He talks about visiting Area 51 and seeing the space ship from the Roswell crash. He participated in an interview of a grey alien being. He also tells about “men in black” who paid him a visit.


CHD organizer Stephen Bassett announced to the ex-congressional panel that a 15-minute video was about to be shown of a 77-year-old man man, in very bad health, who wanted to take the opportunity to reveal a story of what happened to him while he worked for the CIA under Pres. Dwight Eisenhower in 1958.

Bassett: “In a sense, this video represents the many individuals out there who could not come before a committee like this, who want to talk, but it’s difficult. The vast majority of individuals who have interacted with this issue while working for the government, going back to the 40s, took the information that they had to their grave and did not talk if they were told not to talk.

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What A Glorious Future!

AngelicView: This beautiful video shared from Removing the Shackles.

“Every day we hear about our troubled youth. And if you are our future, then what a glorious future South Africa has!”

The children will lead us…..

I dare you to tell me that this child of light DOESN’T Know– KNOW– KNOW– that she is Eternal Essence Embodied.  I Dare you to tell me that this child DOESN’T remember who she is!!

The Adults need to LISTEN.  The Adults need to remember.  The Adults need to return to childhood. To return to that time of no limits, to that time of understanding and KNOWING- BEFORE the adults around them convinced them that their world was imagination and that the grown up world was the real world.

The children know.

Are you Listening?

Is their World Imaginary?…… or is it your “adult” world that doesn’t really exist?

(AngelicView: By the way, she won Africa’s Got Talent. Great job! 🙂 )

Truth, Technology, and Freedom


AngelicView: These lovely people do a “Truth Hour” once a week, and I enjoy watching it. I don’t always 100% agree with everything they say, but it resonates enough to where I really like to hear their points of view. They generally discuss current events happening around the world, focusing on a certain theme for each show.

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This Grand Illusion of Physical Reality

AngelicView: In this NDE, Robyn had an intuition that the baby she was carrying was not meant to be born. During her abortion, she died from too much anesthesia. She was so surprised when she got to the other side of the veil, at how real 3D human Angel60life seemed – knowing it had been just an illusion.

I went into this abortion clinic in Austin, under the strong impression that the baby growing inside of me was not meant to be born. How on Earth I knew that being the peaceful, ultra-sensitive, loving girl I was is a mystery. Never in a million years would anyone have guessed me as someone who would abort unless it was dire. In my unique case, the baby had detached from my uterine wall and was barely hanging on. Apparently all the stress caused spikes in my blood pressure and tonsillitis in the first month, making my body inhospitable. My decision to have the baby removed was a certain decision… and later I would find out why. 

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My “Gold” Post

by AngelicView

Okay guys and gals, I am absolutely making this post about “gold” because I was guided to. Take from it what you wish, as always.

So I was doing a meditation the other day, as Heather from TOPPT suggested… I imagined myself walking into a large building that was kind of like a warehouse. It was not any special building at all. But when the double doors slid open and I walked in, I could see that it was no ordinary building.

angel8It was filled to the brim with gold! Gold bars, gold coins, gold bracelets, necklaces, and rings! The gold sparkled, shone, nay – the gold glowed! 

I stood there with eyes wide open. I had never seen so much gold in my whole life. And I felt… I felt uncomfortable. Like I was not worthy to be standing amongst all this gold! I felt like I should back out of the room, and just walk away. But I didn’t.

I took a few breaths and told myself that I was worthy. In fact, I was just standing there. I wasn’t claiming any of the gold as mine. I was just Be-ing in the room with it. 

And it glowed brightly.

And I watched. And breathed.

I thought about touching the gold. The little devil on my shoulder told me, “no! Don’t you dare touch that gold!”

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What Brings You Joy?

by AngelicView


Let’s pretend for a minute. Let’s pretend that money isn’t a factor in your life. Let’s say you had abundance beyond your wildest dreams. Think about that for a moment. Let the thought sit in your heart. How do you feel right now, knowing you have complete abundance?

You are now free. You can do whatever you want.

Now, rather than thinking about what you are going to buy with your wealth, I wonder what would you like to do? Where would you like to travel? Who would you help with your abundance, if anyone? Since you can now do whatever it is your heart desires, you can now think about what brings you joy.

Now, just imagine that it’s not just you that suddenly found yourself wealthy, but everyone on the whole planet. Everyone is free.

I can imagine driving around my neighborhood and seeing dads shooting baskets with his children, moms painting in the sunshine or gardening with her children. I can imagine that the energy – the positive energy on the planet would exponentially increase. Feel in your heart how that would feel.

What can I create today? What will I do today that will bring me joy?

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Jim Self 12/20/12

AngelicView: This is two excerpts from an interview called “Keeping Pace With the Shift” in which Jim Self was the guest. The interview was conducted on 12/20/2012.Transdimensional

Video Description: An excerpt from the Awakening Zone, Sandie Sedgbeer: Conversation at the Cutting Edge – Keeping Pace With The Shift – Winter Solstice 2012 Edition.

2012 has been a very eventful year, and the good news is that we’re all still here! Throughout the year, international teacher and author Jim Self has been providing us with monthly updates featuring his ‘take’ on the Shift. Looking back, we can see that everything Jim has pointed us to has come to pass. So now it’s time to take stock. 12-12-12 will soon be over, and 2013 will take us right into the “eye” of the Shift. So what have we learned from 2012? Where should we put our attention in 2013? And how can we apply what we’ve learned to creating a better world for humanity and for us?

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Tolec Interview with Lisa Harrison 12/14/12

Hi Everyone! I just realized that the Tolec interview I already posted a few days ago is no longer the Tolec interview. I think it was when I posted it but now it’s another interview!?! I don’t know what happened. So this is just a re-post of the Tolec interview from 12/14/12.

To be more specific… about what I said about not resonating with what Tolec says…. the only part I don’t resonate with is the false-flag alien invasion that he speaks of. That gives me the “hee-bee-gee-bees” and I don’t know about that part.

The rest is all good, in my humble opinion. 🙂


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Tolec: A Video Message

AngelicView: I really hate to post things on this blog that are controversial between Lightworkers. I wish I was psychic and knew what is going to happen, and who we should trust and believe – and not. 

If you’ve read my posts here before, you know that I don’t follow any channelings – but I also do not hold any judgement against anyone who does! I don’t know what the truth is exactly.

I do try to live my life in the “now” moment – appreciating each and every moment I have here on Earth, even as I am excited to move on to a better life – whether that life be here on Earth in 3D or in another realm – I don’t know. But when I look back on my life here, I don’t want to have the feeling that I didn’t appreciate any of it and I was always just wishing or hoping for more. And so, because of that I feel that this video message from Tolec 99% resonates with me, even though he does make a couple of controversial statements.

Tolec: Ina Maka – A Way to Calm & Inner Peace

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Tolec Video: 11/11/12

AngelicView: This is a “Round Table Discussion” with Tolec as the main guest. Jay Perron and Rebecca Jernigan are the two people who are running the show/interview. The other guest is Thomas Hughes. Thomas is the person who claims he has had communication with “Bigfoot”, who live on this planet. I did not post that interview with Lisa Harrison, but I did listen to it and it can be found here. I also heard a clip from Alex Collier.

What I listened to tonight was the last hour and a half of the rebroadcast of this show and it is now almost 3am here so I’m going to have to wrap it up for tonight. But I know I have a lot of people who visit this site that love to hear from Tolec (including myself) 😉 So I want to get it out to you.

On a personal note, I’ve done a lot of inner soul searching since Tolec’s latest claim that a false flag alien “landing” would take place before the “real” benevolent Beings land. One thing I have to keep in mind is that I have to trust my self. My own inner intuition.

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2012 The Changing Face of Time

Here is a different kind of video from Dannion Brinkley, in which he does not discuss his NDE’s. Instead, he tells us about his experiences visiting pyramids, and he talks about the Mayan Calendar and what the Mayan told him when he visited them. He discusses Mythology, Quantum Physics, and Ancient Teachings and how they relate to the stories in the Bible. He also talks about the transition of our World and a little bit of Prophecy thrown in.

I enjoyed the video and wish to pass it on to you. The volume is a little bit on the low side so I had to turn it up a bit to hear it well.

Published in May 2012

QHHT: The Shift, Old and New Earth, and More

QHHT: The Shift, Old and New Earth, Light Workers, The U.S. Election, The Creator of the Greater Consciousness, Life After Life, Egypt, ET’s, Atlantis and Multiple Dimensions

Thanks again to Suzanne Spooner of TAUK (The Art of Universal Knowing) and to ReneeHuman

My Kind client, Renee, has given her permission for this portion of her QHHT session to be transcribed and posted. Thank you Renee for your generosity! We wanted to ask about the shift. Her SC was so strong I tried to keep the connection going by continuing to ask questions. We didn’t have a list of questions ready, other than her personal questions which by this point were already answered! We (I) had to wing it! I hope you enjoy. :) ~ Suzanne 

 10/28/2012 QHHT Session with Renee

The Shift

(Suzanne) Renee would like to know what you can share with us about the shift.(Subconscious) Hold on to your hat, it’s going to be a big one! She is ready, she doesn’t know but she’s ready. (Suzanne) Can you tell us about the transition? (SC) It will be a gradual transition, it won’t happen in a split second. But relatively it will be a short time. (Suzanne) Can you give us a linear time frame? (SC) It will happen over a year or two. When you look over the history of the world, that’s a very short period. (Suzanne) What changes should we be aware of? As you are shifting your frequency, you are going to be aware that things are different, things are happening. (Suzanne)  Can you describe how we will feel that? (SC) How you live your life, it’s love, being surrounded by love, it’s an indicator, when you can feel that. You are raising your frequency when you feel love. It will happen in pockets around the world. Some people are ready others are not. The ones that are struggling are not ready to shift. (Suzanne) So, in that shift will the governments be aware of what is going on and come forward with information? How will the general public understand what is taking place? (SC) The governments do not understand it, they are not shifting. It will be through people like you and others. (Suzanne) Light workers? (SC) Yes. (Suzanne) Will the changes effect the weather pattern? (SC) They already are. (Suzanne) Is there anything that we need to do to prepare for that? (SC) Just be prepared, be able to take care of you & your family and those around you. Provide food, shelter. There will be people who are very confused. You may need to be able to protect yourselves from them. I don’t believe in violence but you may find the need to defend yourselves. (Suzanne) So we may find the need to protect ourselves from those who are not ready to shift? (SC) Yes, there will be those who are ready to shift and those who are not.

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Dannion Brinkley: NDE, Angels, Crystal Cities…

Dannion Brinkley: NDE, Angels, the Crystal Cities, and Prophecies 2012

AngelicView: I love Dannion Brinkley! “If the Divine could not come today and He sent You… what difference did you make?” his famous line. He always keeps me Laughing and Loving! So inspirational.

Video Description: There is little doubt that we are living in a time of Commotionunprecedented change. Never before has humanity played such a critical and necessary role in helping to shift and elevate mass consciousness. As we all come to understand the multi-dimensional universe we live in, we all become partly responsible for the ascension into higher levels of light and awareness. This is indeed the time long heralded by ancient prophets as the end times. But what is ending is not the world. What is ending is a world motivated by greed, fueled with intolerance, and driven in chaos. Together, we are birthing the Golden Age of Peace as our planet simultaneously ascends into a higher dimension.

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Keepers of the Garden: The New Earth

AngelicView: Many thanks to Laron at transients.info for this incredible write-up on Delores Cannon’s book, The Keepers of the Garden. He has specifically concentrated on information in that book that pertains to the New Earth.

Now, in my humble opinion, this may not be the “New Earth” we are thinking of. To put together some puzzle pieces, Jim self said that 3D Earth is “going away”. He said that the people who with to continue with 3D life would be transported to another planet to have that experience. Tolec has also said (in this interview) that 3D life on Earth will no longer be an option. He said that people would be transported in UFO’s (Biospheres, to be exact) to another planet in another part of our galaxy – which is pristine and is not yet named – if they choose to continue to experience 3D life. He has said that anyone who stays on Earth will be transformed into a 4D or higher Human Being.

So just keep these things in mind while you are reading the article. Any opinions from those who have been following this saga? Comment below!


Laron: Pretty much all of this books information is through the one client, ‘Phil’. This client of hers has been mentioned throughout a lot of her books. In this book Phil finds out that one of his existences was to be in charge of looking after a system of planets and not as a human but as an energy consciousness with a wide awareness and an ability to be in more than one place at once. The information explains that he made a wrong call and he is now coming to the end of hundreds of incarnations of lives to learn an important lesson from a rule he broke while in that higher level position. In a general sense, I have always found his information to be very in depth and very high level compared to the information coming through Dolores’s other clients. I was not surprised to find this new information out about him as I knew there was something special or unusually unique going on.

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The Silent Road (Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)

AngelicView: In Part 1 we saw that a soldier was killed in a WWI shelling, and wandering around was able to find a man who saw his spirit and was able to communicate with him. The soldier along with another entity they call “the Messenger” wished for their communications to reach the people of Earth. The man to receive their communications is Wellesley. 

Wellesley took down some messages from the soldier and the Messenger and now he is beginning to feel more comfortable with the communications to start asking some questions that come to his mind. Keep in mind, this was in 1917!

20th March 1917, 8 PM

W.T.P. (That’s Wellesley)  Do you really see brighter times ahead for the human race? 

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The Silent Road (Part 1)

AngelicView: I have come across something tonight while researching that I feel is quite fantastic. 

Private Dowding was a soldier who was hit with a shell in WWI and died. After he died he contacted someone on Earth,  Wellesley Tudor Pole, with messages for Humanity. Here is how Wellesley said the messages came to him:

  On Monday, 12th March 1917, I was walking by the sea when I felt the presence of someone. I looked round, no one was in sight. All that day I felt as if someone were following me, trying to reach my thoughts. Suddenly I said to myself, ‘It is a soldier. He has been killed in battle and wants to communicate.’

That evening I happened to call upon a lady who possesses some degree of clairvoyant power. I had forgotten about the soldier, until she described a man dressed in khaki, sitting in a chair near me. He was gazing intently in my direction. She said he was mature, wore a small moustache, and seemed somewhat sad. Not a very intelligent character apparently, but an honest one. I came home and sat down at my writing-table. Immediately my pen moved. Did I move it? Yes, in an involuntary sort of way. the thoughts were not my own, the language was a little unusual. Ideas were mainly conveyed in short simple phrases. It would really seem as if some intelligence outside myself were speaking through my mind and my pen. 

Some of the ideas are not in conformity with preconceived notions of my own.

The messages I received in this manner from ‘Thomas Dowding,” recluse, schoolmaster, soldier, are set down exactly as they reached me.

I will post some excerpts here for you.

16th March 1917, 5 PM

The spiritual world is everywhere. The life of spirit is eternal, perfect, supreme. We humans hide from the light. We grovel among the illusions created by our thoughts. We surround ourselves with misconceptions. We refuse to rise into the Christ Sphere. The Christ Sphere is everywhere, and yet, by some strange paradox, we were able to shut it out from view. 

All these thoughts were new to me. I begin to see what is meant. If I did not do so, I could not pass the ideas on. What a little world I have been living in! This Messenger evidently came from the Christ Sphere.

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The Great Year

Thanks to in5d

The Great Year is a compelling documentary that explores the possibility that the fall of ancient civilizations around the globe, and the rise of modern civilization, might be related to our Sun’s motion around a companion star. The film examines evidence that ancient civilizations may have known of this celestial cycle and that our Sun may indeed display the characteristics of binary motion.

Just as the Earth’s spin on its axis causes day and night and our planet’s annual orbit around the Sun is responsible for the ongoing cycle of the seasons, what if there is some greater celestial cycle, lasting thousands of years, slowly influencing the rise and fall of civilization across the globe? Where is the evidence? What could be the cause?

To many ancient cultures, the answers lie in the stars. In their view, time and civilization did not progress ever forward in a strict linear path, but moved in a cyclical pattern, with human civilization and consciousness rising and falling as great ages came and went. To the ancient Mayans, we are entering the time of the Fifth Sun; Hindu and Vedic scholars spoke of the Yuga Cycle a great circular progression of ages; and in ancient Greece, Plato taught of a large cycle of time which would slowly return us to a “Golden Age”. He called this cycle: The Great Year.

The Great Year investigates the common thread in these beliefs and looks back into time seeking answers to the questions that still loom over science today. How far back into history do humankind’s roots really go? What did the ancients know about the stars and their movements and what can we learn from them? Why was the “Precession of the Equinox” universally revered? Many of these cultures spoke of an unseen sun that drives this movement of the stars across the sky over thousands of years and causes great ages to rise and fall. Could there be an unseen binary partner to our Sun? The Great Year examines this theory and finds growing scientific evidence to support it.

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Forgiveness Is Freedom

AngelicView: Okay everyone… I’m going to warn you right now, this story is hard to read! But I think it’s crucial! I think it’s a great lesson in forgiveness. This story needs to get out.

I will describe the story here, but I think all can benefit from reading the actual account, as she describes it all in so much more detail.

I was reading NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) Website and came across this ADC (After Death Communication).  The lady witnessed the bombing of a Bus Stop in Jerusalem. This is the difficult part to read, as she describes her experience in great detail.

After that, in 2008, the deceased from the bombing came to visit her in a group. The group of people talked about how the bomber was there with them and she was forgiven and that she is one of them. They told her that she should help to organize a Worldwide Day of Freedom to be on 11/11/11, in order to set the world free. This ADC was reported in 2008, so I don’t know if she ended up organizing the Worldwide Day of Freedom or not. It’s an amazing story to read and a great lesson in forgiveness! If they can do it, so can we!

Background: April 12, 2002: At least six people were killed and more than 80 wounded in the blast, which detonated near the crowded Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem. Police said the bomber, described as a young woman, loitered near the open-air shopping area before setting off “a very powerful bomb” at a nearby bus stop.  A planned meeting between U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has been delayed at least a day.

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Dolores Cannon: In The Midst of Chaos

AngelicView: Below is an excerpt from Dolores Cannon’s “Convoluted Universe”, Book Three, in which the QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy) participant, dubbed “Anne”, describes the Human Evolution changes we are experiencing now. Keep in mind while reading this, that this book was published in 2008.

I couldn’t help but to highlight some parts that were especially meaningful to me.

Anne – “There are certain triggers that occur when she meets certain people and associates with others, that work like an unlocking, or opening up. And only when those triggers are set off, do some things become clear to her. It’s like she lives a secret life. And she knows this, not because she has secrets, because there are many things that she doesn’t share. She had to do things by herself for many, many years. But she has understandings that most people don’t, and she’s unable to relate. She knows that’s part of the challenge of this lifetime – to come like this and be alone in some ways, and internally have to keep to herself. It’s like being able to see ahead of time and not being able to say that. It’s very frustrating. Like an understanding of cause and effect from a very young age, and trying to relate to people on their level when she knows better. She knows it’s a constant struggle to pretend she doesn’t see when she does see. There are relationships, lessons to be learned in the process. But it’s also to help, to bring awareness.”

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A Brilliant Quote

AngelicView: Below is what I have found to be a brilliant quote. Just for fun, see if you can figure out who said it. Then hit the “more” tab and possibly be surprised by who I’m quoting here:

“It’s very simple. We do not understand who we are right now. We are who we are because of our level of understanding. As soon as we start to understand more about ourselves, and who we are, we will change our thinking. And when our thinking changes, we will change what we believe then. And that belief in ourselves is what will make it so we create a completely different world.

And when we stop accepting what we know as information and start accepting that we don’t know – and that we need to go out – we need to seek – we need to find and understand what is true knowledge, then the cup won’t be full anymore and we can actually fill it. Right now we’re full glasses, and what we need to do is we need to empty ourselves out a little bit so some real knowledge can be poured in. And to do that we need to eliminate the knowledge that isn’t true. The illusion.

I know for a fact that we create what we believe. We have simply to only truly change our beliefs and the world will bend around those beliefs and the world will change. Just change your beliefs a little bit and see what happens in your life – in reality.

We’re powerful – absolutely powerful! We’re just blind to that brilliance”

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The Library of Light

The Library of Light

My 4th NDE

By “Mr. M”

“The Call that gathers these beings was the result of a Creator Level Mandate declaring an end to what has been termed The Luciferian Rebellion. As such, these Hosts of Heaven were to attend the library’s council chambers to participate in a form of direct Intervention that would bring the age of darkness to a close.”

Nothing remains the same after an individual has a near-death experience … nothing. The NDE forces one to remain open to the world of possibilities because who could have possibly imagined the death trip to begin with. From my point of view, had it not been for the magnitude of my initial NDE in 1972, the three that followed would have been less cohesive. As such, I’ve come to believe that multiple NDEs build upon one another in a series and I’ve written to the aftereffects of the first three on my own website at www.neardeathdialogues.com. Yet, it seems fitting that I submit my fourth (and, I hope, final) experience here, because it is the likes of Kevin Williams who have championed our individually communal cause and allowed those of us who’ve endured the journey to share what we’ve found on the other side of the veil.

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Prophecy in NDE’s

AngelicView: There are lots and lots of prophecies floating around out there, and many of them are catastrophic in nature. NDE’s are no different. However, one thing that keeps me going towards the good stuff is that if you look at the prophecies and when they were made (many years ago for many of them), most of them have already all come true (the catastrophic ones, I mean). Just an FYI, this website I that I got the information from is an older website – and so all of it’s prophecies and all information there is dated. However, I believe that NDE’s are timeless. We can learn from them just the same now as we could when they actually happened. 😉

So in this article, I’m going to skip by all the bad stuff and fast forward to the “Golden Age of Peace” that is prophesied. Take a look:

A Golden Age of Peace and Enlightenment

  Prophecies from such sources as NDEs, the Bible, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Nostradamus, and psychic phenomena, all agree that a new era of peace on Earth will come after the foreseen natural disasters purify the Earth from the sins of modern civilization. The following information are some of the positive prophecies of the future that are foreseen to occur after the catastrophic prophecies take place.

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“Oneness” Explained

Explained by who, you ask? Well, me! Yes, I am going to try to make this very complex subject very simple.

First off, I’ll explain why I am feeling a need to explain the idea of Oneness (or Unity Consciousness). I am seeing a fear arise in the collective of humanity around it. There is no need to fear it.

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, we were all swimming within the consciousness of the Source (God/Creator/All That Is). If you think of the Creator as a human for this example, think of us as being the cells that make up His Body. And then continuing with the thought of Him as being human, imagine that he cut off his own arm and threw it into Space. That arm was then pulled apart in the Fabric of Space into it’s individual cells. All those cells (us) were set free to explore.

Now, those spirits (us/cells of God) created and learned. They (with the help of God) created the universe(s). They became creator gods. They then created more spirits by using the God light within themselves. Then those spirits created and learned. And they created more spirits. And on down the line. I don’t know how far up it goes, or how many creator gods there are. Probably an un-count-able number. But this has been the natural evolution of Life.

Unity Consciousness is also a natural part of life. It is actually less natural to live like we do – stuck in our own thoughts and our own bodies, and not able to be also in other’s thoughts and bodies.

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I’m Ready

AngelicView: I’m ready, too!

by Daniel Amick

Over the past couple of months I’ve agonized over the fact that I felt as though I don’t know who I really am. My agonized thinking had to do with doubts about how to proceed, how I could know what I am to do, what my “mission” even is, if I don’t even know who I really am.

Sometimes when I’m meditating and really flowing with energy I feel like there are wings on my back. In fact occasionally I look behind me completely expecting to see them and not understanding why I can’t. Does this mean I was/am an angel in a physical vehicle?  Maybe. I would like to know.

I feel incredibly close to AA Michael. He is the first one I usually think of when I close my eyes and go within. I can hardly stand not being with him and long for the day when I will be. Does this mean I was with him before? Am I one of his angels? I would like to think so but I don’t really know. I would like to know.

I read a lot about our star families proclaiming our kinship. They talk about us as family. (The part of the family with amnesia.) Do I have a third cousin on the mother ship? Is my twin flame and/or soul mate waiting for me a couple of miles straight up? It’s a nice thought and could very well be true.

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Multi-Dimensional Creation

There is no doubt in my mind that we are creator-beings. I feel we need to step into what we are and practice some real creations.

I have been getting this message for about three weeks. It is also coming out through other people, as well, confirming my message.

As difficult as it is to explain how to create multi-dimensional manifestations, I think Graham Dewyea has done one heck of an awesome job! I recommend everyone who chooses to step into their creator-status watch this video (8min 11sec). 

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James Churchward: 1931 Lecture Part II

The follow-up from Part I. It is much shorter.

(It’s Part III in his Lecture but on this blog it’s Part II. I don’t mean to be confusing here 😉  )


Part 3


During the 7 years while I had the great privilege of being the only pupil of the greatest Master who has lived for the last 1900 years (and yet he was unknown to the world generally) he would gladly and willingly explain to me the laws behind the various phenomena that we call “mystic” or “cosmic.” But I could never induce him to teach me how to perform any of the bigger tasks along certain lines.


Whenever I appealed to him to do so, he would invariably answer:

“My son, I am teaching you how to understand the ancient history of man. I cannot go beyond that, with you, for you have not been pre pared for it.”

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James Churchward 1931 Lecture Part I

AngelicView: In my surfing of the World Wide Web tonight, I have come across this amazing Lecture given by James Churchward in 1931 in Mount Vernon, New York.

What he has here… is truth. It is pretty long so I’m going to split it up into two parts. It is definitely worth the read if you’re interested in Spirituality. 

Part 1


There is a widespread legend which has been handed down for many thousands of years which is called The Golden Age. This is said to have been some period in human history when the mass of mankind showed more intelligence than now. This evening I am going to give you some of the translations from Books written during this Golden Age. These show that those who lived then were absolutely superior to us in sciences; and, although our scientists scoff at such an idea, and declare the whole thing mythical, the truth and facts remain.

As the Phoenix is pictured rising above the flames of fire; so these cosmic truths will rise above the scoffing ignorants of today.

I do not know on what definite lines your Society is working, or how far you have advanced. It is quite questionable whether I know enough about the subject to be of any value to you. All I can do for you is to repeat certain conversations that took place many years ago between a very learned rishi priest and myself. This priest was a great Master, the most proficient master that has lived since the time of Jesus.

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Quantum Healing Hypnosis and the Shift

AngelicView: My friend and fellow Lightworker, Suzanne Spooner of TAUK (The Art of Universal Knowing) has some wonderful information to share. We are very lucky to have her on Team Earth in this Now!

Suzanne went to a Conference that was hosted by Dolores Cannon. In this Conference, they learned how to use Quantum Healing Hypnosis and through this effort, were able to gain some really awesome insights into what is going on in our World.

She has had two hypnosis sessions with her friend and fellow Lightworker, Susan, and has published the results on her website. I will reprint both articles here for you.

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Have You Lost Your Passion?

Have You Lost Your Passion?

By Jim Self
Mastering Alchemy
Over the last few months, many men and women have expressed to me a loss of passion; a deep tiredness and desire to “Let my life be over.” These people are all very involved in their spiritual practice and their commitment to fulfill their purpose, yet they were ready to simply stop. What is going on? These are strong, certain people, using their tools, actively and successfully contributing to humanity in unique ways and involved in daily personal-development work. Many of the mentors, leaders and teachers (“Spiritual Warriors” or “LightWorkers” some call themselves) are tiring of their work. The creative juice and passion that once raced through their veins and kept them moving is no longer there. Their work is wearing them down and many are ready to quit. Something is out of alignment here. If we are truly doing our work, happily on our path, we would be filled with energy, passion, light and enthusiasm. Right?

What is your job anyway?
As this Great Shift into higher awareness occurs, you must distinguish between what is your job and what isn’t. By diving head-first into this 3D game you have volunteered to contribute a very unique, specialized piece of the puzzle. The puzzle is called Adding to All-That-Is. Please notice the difference between “one piece of the puzzle” vs taking on the entire puzzle. The latter is a huge job; the former a bit more do-able. The heart surgeon has a very specialized talent and doesn’t even consider opening a general practice. A successful plumber recognizes her art and doesn’t also try to become an electrician.

Andrew Basiago

In this video, Lisa Harrison interviews Andrew Basiago and Bernard (Bernie) Mendez. And let me tell you, your mind has to be wide open to let all of this in!

Basically, Andrew was in conversation with one of his old friends back in 2010 (I think he said 2010 – this is from memory) and between the two of them – rehashing old times – they started to have memories of strange occurrences and experiences as children and young adults. They are still in the process of piecing all of this together, so it’s really just “where they are now” with their understandings of the happenings and this might be subject to change if they think of new things.

Some things discussed are:

  1. The Montauk Project / Project Pegasus
  2. The Jumproom to Mars
  3. Time Travel
  4. Brainwashing / MK Ultra
  5. Psychic experiences

One of the most interesting things that I found was when Andrew was talking about time traveling to the time of the Civil War. He said that he traveled there in order to use the Earth Hologram (there we go again with the Earth being holographic) to “check out a different timeline”.

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Laura Eisenhower Interview

Lisa Harrison interviews Laura Magdalene Eisenhower. I have listened to it and I thought it was very interesting. Laura really has some different views of time and the year 2012, and human evolution. Some perspectives that I haven’t really thought of or looked at before. My mind is open to almost anything. One thing’s for sure – the world it is a-changin’! 😉

Tolec 7-30-2012

Tolec: UFO Contact, London 2012 Olympics – Tolec Critique


I would like everyone to know something. Before I began this “Tolec” work & learned of my connection w the Andromeda Council – I was just a guy having extraordinary experiences.

As a citizen of this planet, I have always been concerned for the good, the ‘highest & best’ for people, to feel that they are safe & not at risk.

Even if this planned UFO / ET – ‘Disclosure’ event did not have GFOL packaging around it… I would still recommend that people ask the questions I asked. Tolec

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The Stargate of Atlantis III

(Continued from Part II)


It is said that once Buddha achieved enlightenment he placed a victory banner on the summit of Mt. Meru, symbolizing his victory over the entire universe. Again, Mount Meru here is believed to be the central axis supporting the world.

The flag of victory also denotes Buddha’s triumph over Mara, who personifies hindrances on the path to spiritual realization. Specifically, there are said to be four types of Maras, each one representing an individual hurdle on the path to spiritual progress.

These are:

1). The Mara of Emotional Defilement

2). Mara of Passion

3). Mara of the Fear of Death

4). Mara of Pride and Lust!

It was only after conquering these four negative traits that Buddha could proclaim victory over ignorance, and achieve nirvana.
Here, it is worth a brief diversion to note that in calling Jesus ‘the Way’ the early Christians were following in the footsteps of the Buddhists. Just as converts to Christianity living long after the fact altered the images of Jesus, a similar artistic make-
over was applied to Buddha. Early Buddhist art consisted of symbolic representations of Buddha.

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The Stargate of Atlantis I

AngelicView: This is an incredibly fascinating article – but long. So I’m going to split it up into parts.

The Stargate of Atlantis

by William Henry




The British historian and novelist H.G.Wells put it best when he once observed,

“There is magic in names and the mightiest among these words of magic is Atlantis… it is as if this vision of a lost culture touched the most hidden thought of our soul.”

Of course, by far the most illustrious of all the voices in the Atlantis choir was Plato (c. 427-347 BC) who, repeating the story of his cousin’s excursion into Egypt, reintroduced the epic story of Atlantis to the collective human imagination. He is the father of ‘Atlantology’.

According to Manly P. HallPlato, whose real name was Aristocles, was initiated in the mysteries in Egypt at the age of 49. His tale of Atlantis appears in Timaeus, in which Critias tells Socrates how, visiting the Egyptian capital Plato’s ancestor Solon (c. 640BC) was told by a priest:

“Oh, Solon, Solon, you Greeks are all children, and there is no such thing as an old Greek. … You are all young in mind; you have no belief rooted in old tradition and no knowledge hoary with age. … In our temples we have preserved from earliest times a written record of any great or splendid achievement or notable event which has come to our ears, whether it occurred in your part of the world or here or anywhere else; whereas with you and others, writing and the other necessities of civilization have only just been developed when the periodic scourge of the deluge descends, and spares none but the unlettered and uncultured, so that you have to begin again like children, in complete ignorance of what happened in our part of the world or in yours in early times. So these genealogies of your own people which you were just recounting are little more than children’s stories. … The age of our institutions is given in our sacred records as eight thousand years ……”

from ‘Prolegomenon To Amenemope’

Plato, who is considered one of the world’s greatest scholars, left little room to doubt that he subscribed wholeheartedly to the historicity of Atlantis and repeated cataclysms.

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Master Peter Deunov

“All the world renders homage to me and I render homage to the Master Peter Deunov from Bulgaria” ~Albert Einstein

Thanks to Silent Winds of Change for bringing my attention to this man.

Peter Deunov was a spiritual leader. He was a great man. People from all over the world revered him. He lived from 1864-1944.

He spent many of the last days of his life in trance and came out with some major prophecies regarding the coming evolution of mankind.

He has a lot of credentials and a long biography, and so I won’t post it all here but rather guide you to look at the Wikipedia Page about him if you are interested in more information. Suffice it to say here that he was a great Philosopher, Scientist, and Musician in addition to being a great Spiritual Leader. And way ahead of his time, I might add.

Here, I will just post his prophecies. Well, some of them. There were many. And as I go I may highlight some points that seem special to me and/or make some comments. The comments would only be my opinion – please feel free to make of it what you want. And speaking of opinions, it is mine that this man had a great connection and insight into another dimension. Read on.

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Do Not Strive to be Perfect – You Already Are

Thank you, Bella. (The Angel Diaries)

You are beautiful. ❤

You are as colorful as a rainbow and as sparkling as the stars.  Your heart is as pure and unsullied and innocent as a baby, freshly born.  Encircling the myriad colors of your aura is a ring of white-so white as to be blinding; like the proverbial Angelwing,  it is as downy fresh and airy as the driven snow.  To all who cast their eyes down upon the Earth, your bright light is seen as a doorway, leading them straight home to the heart of God.  You are this doorway.  To those that seek redemption and solace, you are the portal home. And as you, in earnest, seek this place of wholeness, never for an instant question that you indeed are already there. 

There is not a one of you in all the Cosmos who is not completely and entirely without flaw.  Regardless of what facade you present to the world, you are immaculate.  Clean.  You are but on a journey, each of you, known to all as the pioneers and those who dare to challenge the status quo.   For many, the road is long and is seemingly without end.  For most the path is fraught with challenge upon challenge, and the trek is rough and treacherous for you.  You feel lost and broken.  You imagine that your actions have caused pain to others, and then also to yourself.  But you are never lost, Dear Soul.  You are blessed, revered  and so passionately loved.  You are this and always have been.  The truest essence of yourself remains behind in peace and safety, beyond the stars and kept for you amongst the comforts you remember as the hearth and Home.  And you are bringing that purest truth of  yourself into your Earthly being now, at this time, as you complete your work and bring to life a  powerful New Earth.

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Man Meets with Elohim

Let me start out by saying, “I Love this Interview!”

Okay, I know I say this a lot. But this one has to be up to near the tippy-top of my list.

Lisa Harrison interviews Ashwin Farinacci. He was a completely normal person living in the 3D “normal” world until one day he had a meeting with an Elohim. This happened on March 27, 2012. So it’s a very recent experience.


Here is the breakdown of the interview:

At the beginning, Ashwin talks about who he was before his experience. He was “normal”. Just like you and I were “normal” before we knew what we know. Now we’re “abnormal”, right? 😉

7min: He discusses the awakening that is happening around the world at this time.

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Unity Created Diversity

Unity Created Diversity – Individuals Explore Separateness

According to the ET sources, The Infinite Creator which is one only became many to explore the possibilities of individuality. Individuals then react with other individuals at various levels or densities of reality in order to eventually rediscover their unity with all once again. Several ET sources have reported that it is actually beneficial to have a certain amount of what we would call “Evil” present as a force to accelerate learning. The conflict between those serving self and those attempting to serve others leads to a struggle between opposing sides resulting in a clarification of the nature of both good and evil.

It is the struggle between opposing forces that acts like the mainspring of a watch, driving evolution forward while we are in the third density reality. We exist within this environment of polarity with a similarly polarized internal structure consisting of spirit or awareness as one pole and matter or body as the opposite pole. We all contain as our core existence the pure awareness that pervades the entire creation.

However, as part of the rules for existence in this lower density, we have forgotten our original identities as pure spiritual beings and have taken on name and form, a unique individualized role, within the illusion. This is often referred to as the veil of forgetfulness. By seeing ourselves as individuals, we feel free to serve self or serve others, to pursue objects of desire, to make choices and to observe the results of those choices.

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3rd Density Reality an Illusion

Third Density Reality an Illusion

According to many of the ET sources, our current three dimensional reality is one step along a stairway of ever higher fields of awareness and consciousness. Although we are restricted in many ways and our lives bound to the rules of our earthbound matrix, the reality we find ourselves in is highly useful for rapid evolution.

However it is incumbent on us at this time to begin to see through the illusion so that we can overcome it through a shift in awareness.

What each needs to understand is that the physical, manifest world is truly an illusion, or maya, as it is so aptly written in many of your great books. In this illusion, one wanders endlessly looking for the answers. Alas, the answers are never there.
We the Arcturians, Norma Milanovich. Pg 252

We have spoken to you many times about reality and about love and about understanding, and yet you do not seem to be able to overcome the illusion. The reason for the illusion, my friends, is one that man on Earth has generated. He has generated it out of desire. This illusion is useful. It is very useful for those who would wish to evolve at a very rapid rate by experiencing it and by using it while within it.


Many of us who are now circling your planet would desire to be within the illusion and then, through the generation of understanding, use the potentials of the illusion. This is a way of gaining progress spiritually and has been sought out by many of our brothers.
The Ra Material, An Ancient Astronaut Speaks. Don Elkins, Carla Rueckert, James Allen McCarty. Pg 25

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Zingdad: The Disclosure Issue

Zingdad has made two videos regarding the issue of Disclosure

Video #1 Description: Adamu of the Pleiadian civilisation discusses disclosure: why it has not happened, why governments can not be expected to disclose and how, why and when we will come to see extraterrestrial craft in our skies anyway… and then also begin to interact directly with our space-family. The entire issue is unpacked and dealt with. In the final analysis, this is not something that will “happen to us” but something that we are a part of making possible. Watch the video to see why.
Then, if you are ready to be a part of making that happen come and find me athttp://www.zingdad.com to share with me the journey towards awakening.

More ↓

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Juicy! – Robert Young

Oh my Goodness Spirit has got me on a roll tonight! 🙂

Tonight I was led to watch a video from the Juicy Living Tour with Lilou Mace, interviewing Robert Young. The interview was actually done in April of 2011. But if Spirit had led me to this interview back then, I wouldn’t have gotten much out of it – I wouldn’t have understood it the way I can now. Everything in it’s perfect timing…

So, Robert begins by talking about his feeling of connection to other people, and why he moved to where he is living now.

Then he tells of his experience of a car accident in which he had an NDE/OBE. It was a very enlightening experience for him. After the accident a “nurse” came and moved his body (while he was out of it, I think) to the back seat of the car – because the front seat was completely destroyed! He calls it an “intervention”. I’d call it a “divine intervention”. Oh, well – semantics anyway!

After the accident he began having strange things happen to him. What he discovered was that he was seeing “how things work“. He was learning “energetic transmission”.

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Another Tolec: 6-16-2012

“Andromedan Perspective II – with Mark Kimmel and Tolec” 6-16-2012


June 16, 2012

Andromedan Perspective II

We discuss this period of great change we are in, the coming December 21, 2012 date, the ongoing transformation of this planet to that of a higher dimensional world, the people of the Andromeda Council & the Galactic Federation based in the Tau Ceti star system, including the much higher dimensional, very peaceful people of “Arcturus”,

the “celestials” & extraterrestrials, the role of “Caretakers” after the time of transformation, who WE really are, becoming who we were born to be… great beings of incredible light & love, benevolent outside influences already helping our planet at this time, pending visits by the “Andromedans”… and those from the Andromeda Council… as we all prepare for the evolutionary, transformative physical changes this planet is experiencing, and will continue to experience, as it becomes a higher dimensional world.

Wodakote, peace. Mitakuye Oyasin. All my relations. We are all related. We are all one.

Andromeda Council

Mark Kimmel
The Andromedans

Leading Us Into the New Paradigm

Lisa Harrison hosts this round table discussion. David Yurth, Trevour Osborne and David O’brien all share their thoughts on what is available and what is needed to take us through this shift into a new paradigm.

Drake… Who?



Well well guys and gals – it looks as though there is a LOT going on here on Planet Earth right now. I feel as though we are on the very edge of that alleged “tipping point” – and going over.

Let me start by admitting that I did not listen to Drake’s latest video. But I have read other peoples’ synopsis’ of it. One of my thoughts about the voting is this: if this “vote” he is talking about is going to affect the human beings of the entire Earth – then why would the vote be put to only the people who know of Drake? My parents, as one example, don’t have a clue who Drake is and they wouldn’t be there voting. And the same goes for Billions of people here on Earth. 

Here’s what Sunfire (John Kettler’s Blog Partner) has to say about it:  “For one, it wont be with the continued opression over us by the Cabal, the ET/ED’s …regardless of what is done here on the Surface, the ET/EDs have their own plans. For two, they have already lost, and there is absolutely nothing they can do to stop it. The ET/EDs wont let them whether people vote or not get their war to wipe out the population either. Best advice like I told (name removed), grab some popcorn and remove your self emotionally from this whole thing, don’t let your fear response be triggered and look at the whole thing like your watching a documentary. See how it all unfolds and go from there.”

Also, I’d like to direct your attention to Steve Beckow’s article entitled, “I’ve Placed My Bet” (here: http://the2012scenario.com/2012/06/ive-placed-my-bet/). Steve’s feelings on this subject completely mirror my own.

I have no feeling either way on Drake. I don’t feel he is a “good guy” and I don’t feel he is a “bad guy”. He’s just a guy. A guy I have no face to go with the name, and no hard evidence to show for any of his thinking. 

To be honest, I do feel inspired when I listen to him, because I feel like FINALLY someone is talking about what we need to do! Someone may be doing something! But I don’t know for sure if it’s all talk or if someone is actually doing something. 

It’s all good, though. It’s all good. 🙂

Temple 100ft Underground!

***I highly recommend the Virtual Tour – linked at the bottom of this article***

This is by far the most amazing thing I have seen in a long long time! This is a temple built under a house. It has the most beautiful artwork! I am posting here so you can get a look at it.

It was built in secret, but now is exposed to the public. It is often used for group meditations.

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Thrive: What on Earth Will it Take?

If I had to point someone new to the awakening process to one thing that is the most informative, enlightening thing they could possibly experience concerning how the world really works and solutions to problems, it would have to be the movie “Thrive”. 

I’m sure all AngelicView readers have seen this movie (and if you haven’t, well, shame on you – lol). However, there’s a lot of people left in the world who have not seen this great work.

When I saw the movie for the first time, a great and powerful (positive) energy coursed through me. Like butterflies in the stomach. I knew that these concepts presented here could change the world! 

Here is the write-up:

Film Synopsis:
THRIVE is an unconventional documentary that lifts the veil on what’s REALLY going on in our world by following the money upstream — uncovering the global consolidation of power in nearly every aspect of our lives. Weaving together breakthroughs in science, consciousness and activism, THRIVE offers real solutions, empowering us with unprecedented and bold strategies for reclaiming our lives and our future.