David Hatcher Childress Interview on Fade to Black

DavidHatcherChildress EasterIsland

AngelicView: I am fascinated by this guy, David Hatcher Childress. It seems that he has been everywhere and done everything (to me, anyway) regarding ancient megalithic sites – which I am also fascinated with, by the way! He tells us stories of many places he has been and tells us his views on how they were built, who built them, and what they were used for. David is one of the stars on Ancient Aliens, and so you would think he might say, “It was Aliens!“. But, no. He believes that ancient civilization contained some very advanced cultures – some even more advanced than our own – who built these fantastic structures. That view, by the way, is the same one that Graham Hancock takes. He, if you don’t know, is another famous researcher in megalithic sites and another one who’s opinions I respect.

Jimmy Church’s “Fade to Black” episodes are freely shared by Jimmy Church, himself, on You Tube (so no copyright infringement on watching it or sharing it). The interview with the guest always starts just after the 30 minute mark. The only downfall is that commercial breaks are not removed. Those usually last about two minutes or so – so I just skip through them.

I hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did. 🙂



This picture came up when I searched David Hatcher Childress. Does anyone know where this is? Amazing!



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