Michio Kaku on the Massive Mega Structure Found in Space


AngelicView: I think this is big – coming from Dr. Michio Kaku – on the subject of the giant “alien” (I use that term loosely) megastructure found in space between the Kepler Telescope and a star. He says that there are great light fluctuations in this star, as if something massive is passing in front of the star. If it was a planet, he says that there would be a maximum of a 1% light fluctuation. But in this case the star light has been dropping 22%. Kaku says there is a colossal, humongous object of some kind blocking the star light.

He says that since it was first observed in 2009, they have ruled out everything else, and are left with the speculation of it being an alien mega structure.

See the video, below.


6 thoughts on “Michio Kaku on the Massive Mega Structure Found in Space

  1. It’s an introduction into excepting the concept of other beings existing in the cosmos. It will give the masses something to ponder.

  2. AV, I would love to know what Michio thinks off of the record. Ha, ha! At this point I think there is a forced, hurried, controlled disclosure occurring recently, in part because of what Edward Snowden has yet to reveal.

  3. Sorry, I know you have a lot of old posts that I’m making comments on.

    I love that the idea of other beings is entering into an acceptable science conclusion. I shared this on another post, but I have had visions of some of the beings who DO live on other worlds. They are filled with love and light and have reached a state of being that (believe it or not, haha) humanity is on its way toward. These people pray for us (or however you want to interpret the sending of love and good wishes to us here). They are very aware of us and the sensitive, shifting time that we are now in and their love is in a continuous stream to us.

    I have seen visions of them in circles, touching each other. It was interpreted to me as a prayer circle, sending us love. It sounds really weird, but I could feel their love as a real living thing. I imagine it might be like an unexposed aboriginal human seeing other humans hug for the first time.

    I also sometimes draw and paint, and one time had had this strange urge to draw and didn’t know why. I was suddenly given the image to draw. I saw a male and two females, all three with long hair. They were looking downward through a glass floor. They were dressed sparsely, but with clean plain robes. Thry were tall healthy looking. The glass floor was like a crystal of living intelligence that allowed them to see us continuously whenever they desired. The looks on their faces were of concern and love for us.

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