“We are All Afraid, and it’s ALL OKAY”


AngelicView: I ran across this amazing NDE today in a public Facebook Group, and got permission from the experiencer to share here. The message that this woman has… and what she learned during her NDE is one that could be very inspirational to every one of us living this life here on Earth. 

Below her NDE account I will post questions from the group and her answers to those questions, as I feel that that information is just as important to hear and understand as the experience itself. I may come back tomorrow or the next day and edit this post if more questions are posed and answered.

Thank you, Amphianda, for sharing your story and for allowing me to share it here, as well.


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Trinfinity Academy is Now Free!



AngelicView: Bentinho Massaro was true to his word when he told us that he was going to make Trinfinity Academy, the course set for Enlightenment and Empowerment which was developed by Bentinho and his wonderful team, FREE for all. (Yes, this used to be a paid member only course.)

Apparently, they will be revamping the website to make a new design that will reflect this change. But the Academy can now be accessed for free. So there is no need to create an account or sign in. Just start clicking and go!

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“I Knew Their Hearts” ~Jeff Olsen


AngelicView: This is a video of NDE’r Jeff Olsen speaking at Findhorn’s 2015 “We Do Not Die” Conference. I turned it on last night – late – and stayed glued to it until the end. I ended up closing up my computer at almost 5am last night – I just couldn’t go to bed without hearing what happened next.

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How To Know if Your Spirit Guides are Guiding You


“Angels Among Us” by Simon Dewey

AngelicView: We can’t see wind, but we know it’s there because of the leaf which tosses to and fro, and bumbles across the yard. We can’t see our Spirit Guides, either (or at least most of us can’t), but there are ways in which we can tell that they are there – if we’re paying attention.

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Commanded by Angels to Preserve the Earth’s Canopy

By David Milarch

Death was near, my body shutting down. I lay limp in my bed at home, barely aware of my wife, Kerry, and my mother at my side. All I felt was sadness. And regret. What a waste. I was an alcoholic, too often an embarrassment to Kerry and our two sons, Jared and Jake. I didn’t want my kids to see me like this.

Too late, that summer of ’92, I’d tried to get sober — cold turkey, here in my bed. But my liver and kidneys couldn’t take the sudden withdrawal. I could barely breathe, my lungs filling with fluid. A friend took me to the emergency room, where they gave me a blood transfusion, but the doctor’s face was grim.

“We need to put you on dialysis,” the doctor said. “That will give you time to say good-bye to your family.” I’d come home a day ago. I was still alive. Barely.

Forty-one years. What had I accomplished? I was proud of the boys. Jared was 12 and Jake was 10, my helpers on our family tree farm. I’d tried to encourage them, told them to never give up on their dreams. But Kerry was really the one who’d seen to their upbringing.

The farm, 150 acres in northern Michigan, was my other passion. We grew shade trees: maples, locusts, birch. Did my life even matter?

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Quotes from Anita Moorjani, “Dying to be Me”

Anita Moorjani

Anita Moorjani

AngelicView: If you’re not familiar with Anita Moorjani’s book, “Dying to be Me”, you can read the bulk of her story here on AngelicView. Here is a brief run-down of what happened:

In February of 2006, Anita Moorjani was on her deathbed. Having suffered from cancer for several years, she was in a coma with malignant tumours throughout her body. Doctors told her husband and mother that she had only hours to live. After 30 hours of coma, Anita emerged from an out-of-body experience in which she felt she had experienced the afterlife and gained a new understanding of what it means to be human. Medical records show that Anita was miraculously found cancer free within three weeks of this experience.

AV: I just wanted to share some life-changing quotes with you that I found on GoodReads.

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Lessons of the Heart


By AngelicView

Here we are – the last weekend in May – and it’s the weekend that the Carnival comes to my town.

When I was young, it was the most looked-forward-to weekend of my life! I marched in the parade, I ran the town (free) with my friends. I rode all the rides. I ate that yummy carnival food. I stayed out late. I flirted and I smooched. I had the time of my life!

Now, it’s the most painful weekend besides Christmas. Hear me out here – because I just know there’s a big lesson to be learned here.

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Dancing Past the Dark ~ Are You Afraid of Death?


AngelicView: Nancy Evans Bush, author of “Dancing Past the Dark”, had a DNDE (Distressing Near Death Experience) during childbirth which she describes as “terrifying”. She now writes on whether or not she is afraid of death. You can find the description of her experience in “Dancing Past the Dark – Part 2“. This post comes directly from her blog.

Months have gone by since my last post. Months, since I confidently promised a conclusion to my answer to Tomas’s question, “Are you afraid of death”? It’s been months.

People wonder (with reason) whether anyone who has had a distressing NDE will be terribly afraid of death. Because the usual response is an uncompromising  “yes,” I was really, seriously trying to figure out my answer. In the first responding post I talked about my realization that there are ways in which we are all afraid, because we’re hardwired to repel death. In the second part I went over why I am not afraid of the hell that most people mean when they ask the question, “Are you afraid of death?” Part three was to be my personal answer. I said it would have something to do with Carl Jung. But it’s been months. Why? 

Am I afraid of death? I don’t know.

The not-knowing dumped me into a royal case of writer’s block, which had begun to feel permanent. However, perhaps astrological lineups have changed; for whatever reason, today I seem ready to tackle an answer.

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The Storm Before the Calm

AngelicView: This article in it’s entirety is shared from Neale Donald Walsch’s Facebook page. He has over 412,000 “Likes”, so I assume some people have already read it. Neale Donald Walsch is the author of the Conversations with God books, which I have posted here in Audio form for free. I have added the pictures.

By the way, you can connect with me on Facebook, too! “Like” my page, “AngelicView”, or join my group, “NDE’s and OBE’s with AngelicView”.  Thanks 🙂 Love!

The Storm Before the Calm

By Neale Donald Walsch

Will the upheaval in which the world finds itself ever come to an end? The answer is Yes!, as you’ll see in these continuing excerpts from The Storm Before the Calm, in which you’ll discover the role you can play in the times just ahead….

The multiplication factor

Should you accept the grandest invitation of all in this book, the invitation to step into beingness as a way of life, you may not touch the whole world, but sociologists tell us that if you are like most of us, you will touch over 10,000 people in your lifetime.

And now, with Internet outreach, that number could easily be multiplied by ten. Imagine, 100,000 people or more, each hearing a simple but powerful message from you. Why, that could start a snowball rolling downhill. And if all of us did it? It could start an avalanche. Of such occurrences have landscapes been changed. And it is time now for us to change the Landscape of Our Lives.

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Bentinho Massaro: Becoming a Manifestation Powerhouse

AngelicView: I have come to a point in my life… where I feel as though I understand. I get it. I know at least the basics about life and death. I (feel that I) know why we’re here and what it’s like to get outta here. And for awhile now I’ve felt as though I’m spinning my wheels. Like, I’m not learning anything anymore that’s challenging (that I’m interested in).

My job as a nurse has become frustrating. We nurses become nurses (usually) because we like to take care of people.  The problem with the profession (as I see it) is that we are required to spend more and more time doing menial tasks and sitting at a computer and less and less time actually with our patients. All this with less and less staff (figure that one out). My body is frustrating because it hurts and it won’t do the things I want it to do anymore. Honestly, my worst fear is that I’m going to live to a ripe, old age. Any of you get what I’m saying? I bet you do. And it’s not that I’m depressed or anything like that. I’m just frustrated with life.

If I had a kabillion dollars, I’d buy a large area of land somewhere and would build a community that is for spiritual healing. I think Earth humans, Earth animals, and the Earth herself all needs spiritual healing. We’d live in small cabins and have trails through the woods and fire pits and lots of kitties and dogs running all over the place. I have many of the details all worked out in my head for this Spiritual Healing Place. I might even call it “AngelicView” (lol). But, unfortunately I don’t have a kabillion dollars.

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9/11 Baby – They’re Back!



AngelicView: If you weren’t sure about reincarnation before – just wait ’til you see this! I ran across this woman’s story on a public message board, and I’m going to post it here for you to see. She is the mother of a 3 year old boy who amazingly tells the story of himself being a fire fighter who responded to the Twin Towers tragedy on 9-11 – in great detail. She was giving some of the details about what he was telling her in her statements (which she didn’t understand well) when another fire fighter came into the conversation to explain further about what her son was talking about.

I’ll reproduce the conversation for you here.

AV= That’s me       B= That’s the boy’s mother       J= That’s the firefighter that joined the conversation

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Recreating The Love of an NDE


“Dancing in Heaven” by Aprillight – DeviantArt


“Think of stepping on the shore and finding it heaven, of touching a hand and finding it God’s, of breathing new air and finding it celestial, of waking up in glory and finding it home.” – Don Wyrtzen

AngelicView: How often does a Near Death Experiencer wish they could again feel the kind of love and bliss they felt during their NDE? And those who have not had an NDE wish they could experience that kind of feeling?  This NDE’r has given me permission to share his ideas on how to recreate that experience.

Joe has been in two near-fatal car accidents – one which left him temporarily paralyzed. Here is a link to his website if you’d like to go there and read about his amazing experiences. Take it away Joe!


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Derren Brown: Apocalypse

AngelicView: This was done in Australia. They took a young man of 22 years who was irresponsible, uncaring, took advantage of people, and just basically had a low self-esteem, and they made him believe that the world was ending. This is Brilliantly done! He was absolutely convinced of it. Wait ’til you see how they did it!

In the end, he has discovered how much he values the life he has, how much he loves the people in it, and his own worthiness. 

This is very much how I view life here on Earth! We come here and have some struggles. But then when we’re done with it, we realize that it was only an illusion and that we were never really in any danger. And then we party big-time and give hugs to those who were also actors in the Earth life.


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The Ocean Clean-Up Array: Cleaning the Ocean of Plastic and How You Can Help

AngelicView: I wanted to pass on this article and video that was posted on Life Advancer to help raise awareness about this issue and a possible solution.

On a side note – I was super-inspired by the outpouring of support from people all over the planet who wanted to help fund Solar Roadways! Do you all realize that they received more than double the amount of money they were asking for?! Here’s what Solar Roadways had to say about it:

It seems like the world is gathering round our concept as a vote for a paradigm shift, where innovation and creativity are honored rather than suppressed. Our wish is that the conversation happening around our campaign may reinvigorate the innovative spirit of America and other great nations. Perhaps this will lead to a new scientific renaissance, and this time one that spans the entire globe. Solar Roadways can become the hub that welcomes in so many other technologies and innovations.

A grassroots movement is happening, and we’d hate to end before newcomers have a chance to join in. With the extra funds, we can hire even more people and get to production even faster. We are so humbled and blessed by the outpouring of donations and support from every corner of the world – the message is loud and clear: the world is ready for Solar Roadways!”

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Induced After Death Communication: A New Discovery for Spirit Contact

AngelicView: I think this is amazing! This doctor at the VA Hospital accidentally discovered how he can help someone have an ADC (After Death Communication). He was helping patients with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) using a new technique involving eye movements that mimic the REM (Rapid Eye Movement) portion of the sleep cycle. What he found when he did this kind of therapy was that if the patient did an extra set of eye movements beyond the normal set, they would have an ADC.

Of course, this doc was astounded. Then he started having them do these extra eye movements on purpose. He found that almost every time, the person would have communication with a spirit – most generally the spirit who triggered the PTSD in the first place. The spirit would reassure the patient that they were in a great place and were doing very well there – and the PTSD would be cured!

Since that time, Dr. Allan Botkin has taught his technique to more practitioners who are having similar results and curing more PTSD sufferers.

Video Description: “Just when I begin to wonder if I’ve seen it all, something like this comes along to get me excited again. Dr. Allan Botkin has discovered a new way to communicate with our loved ones in spirit. He calls it Induced After Death Communication (IADC) and the experience allows people to communicate directly with people in spirit, ask them questions, and even feel their hugs. Al Botkin has already proven that IADCs are a beneficial therapy technique for grief and trauma. And I believe Al Botkin or someone else will discover new and amazing uses and benefits to this IADC method of spirit contact well beyond what we can even imagine thus far.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

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AngelicView: Close your eyes for a moment and just imagine a scenario. Imagine that the headlines of every paper and the top news story on every TV News station read:

“Earthing: The New Miracle Healer”

Then just imagine everyone in the world re-learning this method of keeping healthy. In our world of work-work-work and run-run-run, people have forgotten this ancient way of life. Of connecting to the Earth.

By the way, I think everyone on Earth should watch this amazing video (and thanks to Laron at Transients for bringing it to my attention). It not only contains personal stories of healing, but also scientific experiments on the benefits of Earthing.

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Can DMT ‘Connect’ the Human Brain to a Parallel Universe?

AngelicView: Okay, let me start off with my little disclaimer: I have never taken any psychedelics and I am not saying that you should take them. I simply find this a very interesting subject.

If you haven’t yet been over to “The Mind Unleashed“, you might want to stop by there. They always have interesting articles. This one has to do with DMT (acid) (I stand corrected! DMT is not “acid”. DMT is the substance found in Ayahuasca). Is it possible that what we think are hallucinations caused by DMT are actually either seeing into or entering a parallel universe? That is the question this article and video seeks to answer. And I found it most interesting.

By the way, I have to wonder if some of what we call “mental illnesses” (like schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder) also have to do with that person ‘hearing’ or perceiving another realm.

But back on the subject of DMT. I have passed by the video “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” many times thinking that I wouldn’t be interested in it. But I took a chance and sat down to watch it the other day and let me tell you, I couldn’t have been more wrong. That video was utterly fascinating! They put these (willing) subjects into a hospital room and do this ‘scientific’ experiment wherein they shoot DMT into them via IV’s… and wait ’til you hear what happens! 😉

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We Were Confidently Sent to This Planet to Learn One Thing – Love!


“Hope Girl” by Akiane Kramarik

AngelicView: I have posted Christian Andreason’s NDE here before (it was called “Love is the WAY”), but I have reviewed the original post and I see that there has been more information and teachings added to it since I posted it a couple of years ago. There is no need to seek it out, because I’m going to post the information for you nearly in it’s entirety. And you’re going to Love It! ❤

Christian is actually a musician, and he had his NDE while in the dentist’s office. Before his routine surgical dental procedure, he had had a back injury. For that injury he had been prescribed pain killers and probably muscle relaxers, as well. He did not let the dentist know that he had taken all these medications, so the anesthesia enhanced the side-effects from the medications, which bottomed-out his blood pressure and stopped his breathing. The dentist, not knowing that Christian had taken that type of medication before-hand, didn’t know what was causing the breathing impairment – for which he could have given medications to counter-act the effects.

What resulted was a profound NDE and many changed lives from the teachings of one Christian Andreason.


During a brief amount of time, my spirit traveled through what I know and now call, “the Heavenly Realm.” During the experience, all time stopped … and two minutes of Earth time turned into what seemed to be days, weeks and even months. I saw an uncountable amount of wonderful places that were not of this world and many spiritual truths were Lovingly and generously revealed to me with mind-bending answers.

Almost the whole time I was guided mostly by a being that appeared in the form of the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Following us were three other guides who all appeared as men. All were robed with a beautiful glistening white, diamond-like material. I could also distinguish that they had Light coming from underneath their garments. I knew that this Light was their true bodies. The moment they came into my awareness, I recognized these beings as having been some of my closest friends that have been with me for all time. They were very kind to me and very caring about my feelings.

There are no secrets in Heaven, so information that might have been considered embarrassing was treated with tremendous sensitivity. And even in moments where I might have cried knowing that someone knew my deepest darkest secrets, wonderful warm laughter was often exchanged between us instead. No matter any unpleasantness they may have known about me, I knew that I was eternally and unconditionally Loved! For many years, after my experience, I have continued to stay in contact with these dear ones through dreams and meditations. During my experience it was revealed to me that they had made many appearances to me during my life, particularly during difficult times in my childhood and adolescence, only I was not consciously aware of them or their presence at the time.

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A Diamond in the Flesh


AngelicView: I want to share this amazing STE (Spiritually Transformative Event) with all of you today. Thanks to John for sharing your story 🙂

In the late winter of 1984, I was despondent and contemplating suicide. I had acquired two razor blades and had a plan to end my life. From that despair came the greatest spiritual experience that has ever happened me. Here is the story of the night God visited me.

In 1983, I entered monastery in central Minnesota. At this time I won’t go into all the background about my life, but I was troubled on a lot of different levels and I had become convinced that I needed to go to the monastery to pursue a life of contemplation and spirituality. I felt estranged from my family, sort of a failure at college, a failure at relationships, without too many prospects for a good future. At 24 years of age, I was lost.

After getting through a three month candidacy period, I had entered the novitiate and was living in an older part of the quadrangle in the monastery. The life of a novice is one of many hours of silence, so I felt pretty isolated to begin with. I didn’t get along with most of the other novices, I had come from such a different background. This increased my sense of isolation and loneliness, which in turn began to get me deeply depressed. I had way too much time, in the late evening hours all be myself in my room, to ruminate over some of my character issues, the mistakes I had made, and where I had ended up.

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Dying to Be Me (Part 3)

AngelicView: Part 3 of “Dying to Be Me” is an interview with Anita Moorjani by Bob Olson from Afterlife TV. Her NDE is one of the most profound that has been shared on the web. Her NDE can be read on AngelicView here: “Dying to Be Me (Part 1)” and a Q&A Interview from NDERF can be read on AngelicView here: “Dying to Be Me (Part 2)“.

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Teal: How Can I Help Reduce Suffering on This Planet?

By Teal

When we look at something across the world that causes suffering or when we look at something in someone else’s life that causes them to suffer, we feel powerless. Being empathetic, we want desperately to do something to improve the situation. But we don’t know how. The most crucial thing for us to understand is that we will never feel good about the world we live in, or about ourselves until we stop addressing suffering in terms of specific, isolated incidents. We will only reduce suffering if we treat suffering on this planet as a whole.

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When the Worst Happens, the Best in Us Shines Through

AngelicView: Thanks to “” for posting this story of Rebirth, and thanks to my friend, Frank, for sharing it 🙂

Press Play ↓ (AV: I added in the Music… The song is “River Flows in You” and “Kiss the Rain” by Yiruma. It’s beautiful. Try it 🙂  )

Imagine this: You spend a lifetime creating the perfect sculpture garden and then you lose everything… This is the incredible and inspirational story of Bruno Torfs: how it all started, how he lost everything and how the best of him came out when things got really dark.

Bruno Torfs was born in South America and lived there with his family till the age of fifteen. At this point the whole family made the move to Europe in seek of new opportunities. After training and working as a sign writer Bruno made a gradual transition to become a fulltime artist. Through his diverse talents and a spirit for adventure Bruno created a unique style full of culture and character. This was achieved through many trips around the world, both alone and with his wife Marleen.

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We Swim in a Sea of Our Own Thoughts and Dreams


By AngelicView

My information comes from my studies of NDE’s. This is an opinion piece based upon my studies, and you should decide for yourself what your own beliefs are.

We Manifest Our Thoughts

That’s right. Let’s say right now you are thinking about a big, pink teddy bear. Somewhere in another dimension a big, pink teddy bear appears. You just made it, quite literally, from your thought alone. You might call that other dimension a “Realm”, a “Universe”, or just simply another “dimension”.

Now Let’s Give that Thought Some Density

Imagine “density” as a particular place on an infinite sliding scale. The lower you go on that sliding scale is more negative. The higher you go is more positive. Lower density is more thick and gunky and gooey. Higher is more light and fluffy and bright.

So, we’re thinking about the big, pink teddy bear, right? Now imagine that it develops some giant razor-like teeth and it comes at you and it’s going to eat your face off! Scary, right? Well, right now you’re giggling, but if it really happened you’d be scared.

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“We are All Just Imaginings in the Mind that Creates Everything”


AngelicView:  This NDE’er (Near Death Experiencer) not only has a great story to tell, but he’s also one heck of a writer! He was completing his training as a Marine just as a Flesh-Eating Virus was about to over-take him. Because of the way the questionnaire is set up, the stories sometimes feel a bit fragmented, but I’m going to try to put this one in order the best I can for you. Definitely a must-read (if you are interested in the subject, that is). By the way, the emphasis placed on certain words or groups of words in italics are my own. Thanks so much to Scot for sharing your story 🙂

I was very self serving, I was derogatory towards people I thought were different than myself.  I was a bit racist, I was stereotypical and judgmental.  I had the absurd notion that I could change people and that if I cared enough they could see life the way I do.  It was wrong to force somebody to see another’s interpretation of existence.  We all have a path to walk and at the end of it is the greatest treasure.  The more pain you alleviate or create from those who pass your path alters a course you have yet to see…

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Parallel Universes & Time Travel

Expert in hypnosis and time travel, Dr. Bruce Goldberg discussed visiting parallel universes, teleportation, and time travel. Research at Stanford University regarding inflation theory supports the idea of parallel universes, he reported. Such alternative worlds are physically the same as ours, but contain different event streams, he suggested. For instance, in one parallel realm he learned of, Robert Kennedy wasn’t assassinated and went on to win the presidential election in 1968.

Time travel, which he said won’t be discovered until around 3050, takes people to parallel worlds rather than their own, Goldberg explained. ET craft, he detailed, have the ability to travel to parallel universes as well as bend the space/time continuum. Some alien abduction cases actually involve time travel, he added.

Goldberg shared a method in which people can develop a kind of time travel into their own future: During a meditative state, think of an upcoming situation, then visualize five doors in front of you, each with a different outcome. Review how each outcome will unfold, and then choose the door that best meets your goal.

He also presented teleportation case histories, noting that the sensations a person experiences when they are teleported are more physical than in an OBE.

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Do Atheists Really go to Hell?


By AngelicView

Hell no! 😀

But let’s back up a little bit. First of all, my information comes from my research of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences). And according to NDE research, a place called “Hell” doesn’t really exist. (See “Does Hell Really Exist?“)

Here are some examples of beautiful, profound, and spiritually intense NDE’s on AngelicView in which the experiencer was an atheist:

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Same Soul, Many Bodies

AngelicView: This post is going to have two components to it. One is an outstanding interview ofStarseed-35 Dr. Brian Weiss with Art Bell, and the second is a case-study mentioned in part 3 of that interview.

Let’s start with Dr. Brian Weiss. This interview is one that everyone who is interested in Reincarnation, Past Lives, Regression Hypnosis, and Life Between Lives should listen to. They also discuss Aliens migrating to Earth and Future Lives. Check out his credentials (below):

Video Description:As a traditional psychotherapist, Dr. Brian Weiss was astonished and skeptical when one of his patients began recalling past-life traumas that seemed to hold the key to her recurring nightmares and anxiety attacks. His skepticism was eroded, however, when she began to channel messages from “the space between lives,” which contained remarkable revelations about Dr. Weiss’s family and his dead son. Using past-life therapy, he was able to cure the patient and embark on a new, more meaningful phase of his own career.

A graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School, Brian L. Weiss M.D. is Chairman Emeritus of Psychiatry at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami.

Dr. Weiss maintains a private practice in Miami. In addition, Dr. Weiss conducts national and international seminars and experiential workshops as well as training programs for professionals.

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The Sacred Science


Thanks to Laron at Transients for bringing this up. “The Sacred Science” is an online documentary/reality show about a group of eight people that travel into the Amazon jungle to heal their real-world illnesses with shamanic healing.

Trailer: “The Sacred Science”

This was a really good film – but if you want to watch it for free, you have to be quick about it! Check out the 2nd link down to watch it for free.

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One Spirit’s Testimony of Life after Death: “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers”


AngelicView: Here is a great example of ADC (After Death Communication).

This lady is a doctor (I’m thinking she said she is a “Craniopathic”… remembering from last night… which is a Chiropractor who specializes on the head) and she realized that she seemed to be picking up the energies or emotions (such as anxiety, sadness, or anger) from her patients. Seeing many patients in a day, this was beginning to take a toll on her. We know this to be someone who is empathic – they are somewhat psychic in a sense, but rather than picking up specific information from others, they feel just the way the other person is feeling.

∞ tangent ∞

As a side note, I wanted to say something about this to you. I’ll use myself as an example to get across a point. The point is that the world truly does take all kinds.

While I have empathy for people, and can relate to their problems or feelings, I don’t generally take on the feelings of others. I can also feel that there are negative or positive energies in a room without letting it affect me. I was beginning to feel that I was somehow missing something or perhaps not doing something right because I’m not empathic – like many Spiritual people say they are. But over some time I realized that I couldn’t do my job as a nurse if I was!

I have to deal with sickness and misery at work, and I have to be strong for them. If I was empathic, I would not be able to be strong – I would break down and I wouldn’t be effective at all.

And so if you are not empathic, please don’t think that there’s anything wrong with you! You are the way you are for a reason, and certainly not less than anyone else – who is the way they are for their reasons.

∞ end tangent – back to story ∞

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Does Our Soul Plan Life’s Challenges Before Birth?


AngelicView: Um – yes! Although I have written articles on this subject, I highly recommend this video anyway if you are interested in the subject. Robert Schwartz is the Author of “Your Soul’s Plan”, a very popular book (although I have not yet read this one, I have heard of it over and over). In this interview with Bob Olson, Robert has gone into much more detail that I have in my articles. Among other things, they discuss:

  1. Why do bad accidents happen (like, when someone becomes a paraplegic, for example)?
  2. Were our pets planned?
  3. What about Free Will and the Law of Attraction?
  4. Could I have prevented my loved one’s death?
  5. Why do some people die young?

I have watched the first video all the way through and completely agreed with everything he said, based on my own studies. I have included the second video of another interview with the same man that expands on the first.

Does our Soul Plan our Life’s Challenges Before Birth?

Video Description: In this interview, I talk with Robert Schwartz, author of Your Soul’s Plan, about how our souls plan our challenges in life on purpose. If you’ve ever wondered why bad things happen to good people, Robert Schwartz shares with us his conclusions about that topic based on years of research. This video conversation offers hope and understanding about the challenges we meet in life, and it might even leave you with a sense of inner peace and acceptance in the face of your challenges — or at least help you believe there is meaning to your suffering and that you’re not merely a victim of unlucky circumstances. I’m excited to present this conversation to you, so I hope you won’t miss it.” ~ Bob Olson, Afterlife TV

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Past Lives & Life Between Lives Regression


AngelicView: Here’s something for people who would like to learn more about this subject. This is Nancy Canning, Hypnotherapist, interviewed by Bob Olson.

Personally, I think I can get a feeling about two of my past lives. Those two may be the only ones I’ve ever had – or I may have had many many more.

  1. This one is a more detailed memory: I was an American Indian girl a very long time ago. I didn’t know about the white men, so it was before they came to America. I think I lived somewhere which looked like the Appalachian Mountains. It was not near the ocean. It was a great and peaceful life. I was about 14 years old when one night my family’s home caught fire. I was able to get out, but after I did I realized that my family (namely, my parents) were still inside. I was too scared to go back in so I stood outside and screamed and screamed for them in horror. They never made it out.
  2. This one is less detailed: I was a woman a very very long time ago. Someplace like Atlantis or Egypt. I was from a very wealthy family. I was beautiful and rich and, well… “stuck up”, I guess you would say. I treated other people badly. I treated the men who loved me badly and I treated the poorer people badly.

So those are my two memories. Do you have any you’d like to share?

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Gregg Braden: Oneness

***Updated – This series is finally complete! If you haven’t seen it yet – you’re missing out 😉 ***

AngelicView: This beautiful series is one that I think will please our scientists and our spiritualist alike. The series is composed of ten very short videos. They are currently up to posting of Part 8. When they finish the series, I’ll add the additional videos to the bottom of this post and stick it to the top of the site. Enjoy 🙂

“Perhaps one of the most powerful keys to determining our experience of the months ahead comes from a shift in thinking that invites us beyond asking, “What can I get from the world that exists,” to asking, “What can I offer to the world that is awakening?” The way we answer this question as individuals becomes our collective answer to what comes next.” ~Gregg Braden

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Grounding Helps Fight Inflammation and Disease

Thanks to

AngelicView: I have run across this information before and I think it’s time to share it. As a nurse, I cannot vouch for all of the information contained in this video and article. All I know is that the latest research is showing some of these things to be true, and that more research might turn up all of it to be true. Either way, “grounding” or “earthing” is something that won’t hurt anything to try. I have always loved to go barefoot – my entire life. Now that I’m an adult I admit that I don’t do it as often as I’d like. Especially since Michigan winters are non-conducive! 😉

Via, 4 August 2013 – By Dr. Mercola – Dr. Stephen Sinatra is a prominent cardiologist and an innovative pioneer. He promotes a number of natural strategies as “add-ons” to the field of cardiology, such as grounding or earthing, which is the topic of this interview.

He’d done five years of post-graduate training in conventional medicine when, in 1977, he met Dr. Jacob Rinse, a 91-year old Dutch chemist who exposed him to alternative medicine.

“After that I studied some nutrition,” he says, “but I became a psychotherapist. I spent 10 years training in psychotherapy. I studied bioenergetic psychotherapy, which looks at energy blocks in the body.

That really helped launch me even more into alternative medicine. Then I decided that nutrition needed more work, so I studied for the American College of Nutrition exam, a test to certify a nutrition specialist.”

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Travelling Through Life and Death

AngelicView: This is one riveting account – not to be missed! Thanks to Dr. Bell for sharing his experience.

“The secret of the human self-healing power is hidden deeply in our subconscious. It is not a mysterious magic or supernatural power, but indeed an innate ability essential and fundamental for human survival. We are all inherited with this natural survival power from the moment we are born. It’s equally shared by everybody, regardless of race, gender or religion. No one has a stronger power than the others. This precious self-healing power is actually well-written down in our DNA, keeps renewing and transforming over the past centuries, which sustains the evolution of humanity.” ~Dr. Bell

About Me

Dr. Bell C.F. CHUNG, PhD in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Hong Kong. I encountered a near fatal glider crash in New Zealand in 2004, falling down 200 meters. I had an incredible 11 minutes near death experience when my soul came out of my body and I was given the choice to die or to return to life. Unable to decide, I was restored to life. Yet a nightmare awaited me. The doctor declared that either my right foot was to be amputated or the bones would die from avascular necrosis.

Refusing to fall into the paradoxical disability trap, I integrated the traditional Chinese aesthetics and Indian ayurvedic medicine into modern psychological treatment and discovered the vital key to activate the enormous self-healing power that lies inside us – the subconscious. I healed my physical injury and overcame the haunting depression, reborn and recovered with freedom and wisdom. By now, I am standing on my own feet again and my footsteps have reached nearly 40 countries.

If every man who comes back from death is meant to carry a special mission, then I believe that my most important mission is to share my miracle recovery story, because miracle is not exclusive to me, but equally shared by everyone on this planet. I am merely a selected story teller.

On this note, I’m here to share with you my miracle journey.

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The Healing Power of the Mind with Deepak Chopra

If anyone in the last decades has had a major impact in the holistic medicine it must be Dr Deepak Chopra.

 Born and raised in India, he had his medical education in the Unites States. It was after a personal meeting with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi that he was persuaded to study the 4000-year-old traditional Indian Ayurveda.

 Ayurveda is Sanskrit for the ‘the science of life’. After his meeting with the Maharishi he went to take the train where he met a friend who handed him a book about Ayurveda.

 One and one makes two and Deepak knew there was a message here.

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Past Lives and Regressive Hypnosis

AngelicView: This is one of my very favorite subjects! In one place they are talking about “Spontaneous Past Life Regression”, where they describe that when someone travels to a foreign land, they might realize that they’ve been there before. So I just wanted to relate that I know someone that that happened to!

One of my fellow co-workers, a nurse, traveled to Taiwan. When she got there she felt so comfortable and felt like it was home for her. She seemed to know her way around and know about the places they were going to see even before they saw them. I told her I thought she might have had a past life there, and she agreed that she felt that was the case.

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Teal Scott: How Can It Be?

AngelicView: Yes! Yes! Yes! And Yes!  (Okay, I’ll calm down now). Many thanks to Teal Scott for this wonderful article. 🙂



How can spiritual teachers say that everything (even our deepest pain) comes to bless us? Why do we worry if we know it creates bad things for us? And how can it be that spiritual teachers can simultaneously say that we are all one, while at the same time saying that we create our own individual realities where no one can impose themselves upon us? It is because of how the physical dimension was designed!
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So, You’re Trying to Tell Me that I Chose This?


By AngelicView

This is the kind of information that can change your life. It can change the way you look at your life. It’s a shift in perception about you and the world around you, and about how you view your life and the circumstances therein.

You Chose This.

All of It.

Yes, you did.

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“Let the Chain of Abuse End with Me”

AngelicView: That’s what she said to herself, after her experience. This woman, who had been abused as a child, found herself with increasing amounts of anger and frustration and realized that she was turning into her parents. She decided she was going to commit suicide in order to save her own children from the pain that she had to endure. As she was planning her mode of exit, she suddenly had an SOBE (Spontaneous Out of Body Experience) where she was taken “home”. 

During her experience, she realized that (yes) she had planned this life, including all the up’s and down’s. Her intention in this planning was to overcome the hurt and end the cycle of abuse. 

Angel64On the night this happened I was sitting outside alone deciding my life ending alternatives and instantaneously went out of my body and into an unearthly place so beautiful (no words to describe the beauty) with a river of music. Each note and tone had a color associated with it. I was filled with boundless joy and a happiness I had never known. As I touched this flowing river I became part of it.

There ARE colors we don’t get to experience on earth and music we have yet to hear.

There was no time measurement. it could have been a second, a minute, or an hour or days that I was there.

After playing in the river for whatever time I did, a strong white light came onto me and I was transported to “heaven” or what I DO KNOW is HOME. There was a cloaked spirit leading me through the most wondrous (again, no eartly words to describe) crystal palace with angels I did not see but heard, singing and I knew it was the music of the spheres.

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Nothing Left Untouched

AngelicView: This is what we call a “Spiritually Transformative Event” (STE). An STE is an experience that does not fit neatly into a category of NDE or OBE. It’s something that happens to a person that’s paranormal in nature (I don’t like that word “paranormal”, because of the negative associations with it. But it is what it is…) Angel6that transforms their beliefs and their life.

I had been sent home from the hospital after a cardiac event with diagnosed pneumonia.  I was resting propped up on pillows but I couldn’t breathe.  I am not sure whether I lost consciousness or I was just in a deep sleep but I opened my eyes and saw a beautiful woman sitting on the edge of my bed, illuminated in softly glowing light.  I could see her clearly and she seems real.  For just a split second I wondered who she was but this thought was just a fragment because having her at my bedside seemed completely natural, normal and unsurprising.  There was no sense of alarm.  I just knew I didn’t know exactly who she was. 

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Why Go Wheat-Free?

By AngelicView


Everyone has their own unique take on what is “truth” for them. Some people find truth in the Bible. Some find it in the Evening News. For me, my truth measuring stick is (you guessed it) NDE’s. Check out this excerpt from “An Eyelid Slowly Awakens to Dawn“:

I have lost much of what I saw, but I held onto the main idea of what I was being told while moving over the planet… or rather having a movie OF the planet being shown before me….  There were fields of crops all over, in specific.  As I would zoom in and get close, for instance, to a field of wheat, I would be told, “This has been poisoned.  The food has been altered and poisoned.  It is no longer pure.  The people are consuming impure food.  This is death.”  I felt sad and concerned about this and wondered why… or how it was possible.  How could a field of wheat or corn be “poisoned”… and WHY?!

The above is not a new NDE. It is years and years old, and was submitted to NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) way before any gluten-free “fad” began, and before anyone knew anything about Monsanto.

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“I Refuse to Accept This Limitation…!”

From Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E. (Association for Research and Enlightenment) Blog
By Suzette Faith Foster

“I Refuse to Accept This
Limitation—God is My Source!”

Q. Can healing be instantaneous or is it always progressive?
A. The natural bent is progressive, but this does not indicate it may not be instantaneous.
Edgar Cayce reading (443-6)

We all hold, whether tapped or untapped, the healing and manifesting potential of the mind, body and spirit. It took one experience for me to validate the depth and power of this potential in myself.


mountain bikeI had met up with my friends for our weekly mountain bike ride, which involved leaning into curves, riding over obstacles, and jumping piles of logs.


We reached a familiar teeter-totter, one we had mastered many times, riding up one side and down the other. Then we stopped and contemplated one much bigger that was new to the trail. I wanted to try it.


In mountain biking, speed is your friend. I pressed forward.


My front tire made contact with the teeter-totter. But next, I found myself barreling headfirst into the ground.


My neck snapped!

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Dying to be Me (Part 2)

(Continued from Part 1)

AngelicView: Okay, as promised, here is part 2 of Anita’s story. In this part, I will post NDERF’s (Near Death Experience Research Foundation’s) interview with her. I think you are going to Love it! By the way, I have tried and tried to make all of Anita’s word appear in purple – but to no avail! They just don’t want to be purple – or any other color in particular. Sorry about that 😉



Anita M.

©Anita M. 2006

BeautifulWaterfallChina Anita M. was born in Singapore and then lived in Sri Lanka until she was 2 years old.  An ethnic Sindhi woman from India, her family then moved to Hong Kong where she grew up speaking fluent Sindhi, Cantonese and English, as well as being conversant with a multitude of cultural idioms.  Although a Hindu by birth, she was educated first in Catholic schools and then in private English schools in Hong Kong and later studied in England before returning to Hong Kong to take a senior management position for a French fashion company where she traveled all over the world using her multi-cultural, multilingual background in a variety of business and social settings. In December 1995, she married her husband and soulmate, Danny, who loves her unconditionally (and still does, despite her becoming a NDE freak now).  

In April 2002 she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and after nearly 4 years of battling the disease, she was taken to the intensive care unit of her local hospital in February 2006 where she was given less than 36 hours to live.  Her remarkable NDE and seeming miraculous recovery from cancer has created enormous interest and commentary on an international scale. 

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The Illusion of Separation

by AngelicView

SeekingYouHello my fellow incarnates! Today I’m going to talk to you about separation, and show you by example how it’s really only an illusion. Really!

We have to remember that our bodies only contain a percentage of the total of our spirit/soul. Let’s call that part of my soul which exists in this body right now my “mini-me”. The rest of my soul is still at “home”, wherever that may be for me. Because of the veil, I really don’t know exactly where the rest of my soul is. But that is what people call their “higher-self”.

There are probably other percentages of my higher-self living down here on Earth as other mini-me’s. That is what many people call “parallel lives”. They aren’t necessarily living the same kind of life I am, or having the same circumstances as I am, because if you think about it – the purpose for us to come here to Earth is to learn, and so what would we learn if we had 30 percent of our higher-selves spread throughout 3 bodies and they all had the same kind of lives? Not much, I’d say.

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A Free Nature


AngelicView: Many of us wonder what happens to a soul like Hitler on the other side. “A Free Nature”, the name of this article, is that state of being when we can be free because we have forgiven. We have learned that all things happen for a reason, and with a Plan.

Another article on this site that was an ADC (After Death Communication) dealt with this very subject. It is a very good read, in my opinion, and it’s called “Forgiveness is Freedom” if you’d like to take a look.

The reason why I’m posting this today has to do with truths that I feel may be coming out soon about our world and our leaders who have had power over us (even if we didn’t always realize it). They have caused millions of deaths, directly, and many people are going to be shocked. At least I have to say that I hope the truth will come out soon. 😉

For this article, I’m going to repost a short article from by Laron. It was written in 2012 but it has the same meaning today. It’s his take on some Dolores Cannon material – and I am posting here because I believe that they are right.

Take it over Laron… ↓

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They Walked with Jesus II

(Continued from Part I)

AngelicView: Just a couple things I want to add/adjust from the last post, upon further inspection and with the additional reading I have seen that the teachers Mary/Abigail was receiving spiritual teachings from did not include Jesus. This was before he came AkianeChildinto her life. Secondly, when I said she was an “older woman”, well… it doesn’t really say how old she is. I know it’s at least 14 years later because that’s how long she said the teachings lasted with those spiritual teachers, and she was a teenager when that started. So she could have been around 30. Anyway, it must not be important to the story because they never said exactly how old she was. (If she was 30 – that seems pretty young to me!) Also, it may be important to note that she had chronic headaches. Because the next part is called:

The Healing

AV: Abigail was able to see people’s auras. I don’t know whether she was taught how to do this or if it was something that came naturally to her. But she could see them. She said that the men who were the priests had a “coal” aura and Jesus had a “diamond” aura. The children with whom she worked had “jewel” auras. Here is her first meeting with Jesus as he walks to her around the side of the Temple (note: “M” stands for Mary, which is Abigail, and “D” stands for Dolores):

M: (Softly) That man!
D: What man?
M: That man of light.

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Forgiveness Is Freedom

AngelicView: Okay everyone… I’m going to warn you right now, this story is hard to read! But I think it’s crucial! I think it’s a great lesson in forgiveness. This story needs to get out.

I will describe the story here, but I think all can benefit from reading the actual account, as she describes it all in so much more detail.

I was reading NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) Website and came across this ADC (After Death Communication).  The lady witnessed the bombing of a Bus Stop in Jerusalem. This is the difficult part to read, as she describes her experience in great detail.

After that, in 2008, the deceased from the bombing came to visit her in a group. The group of people talked about how the bomber was there with them and she was forgiven and that she is one of them. They told her that she should help to organize a Worldwide Day of Freedom to be on 11/11/11, in order to set the world free. This ADC was reported in 2008, so I don’t know if she ended up organizing the Worldwide Day of Freedom or not. It’s an amazing story to read and a great lesson in forgiveness! If they can do it, so can we!

Background: April 12, 2002: At least six people were killed and more than 80 wounded in the blast, which detonated near the crowded Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem. Police said the bomber, described as a young woman, loitered near the open-air shopping area before setting off “a very powerful bomb” at a nearby bus stop.  A planned meeting between U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell and Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat has been delayed at least a day.

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No Storm Lasts Forever

AngelicView: Lilou Mace, on her Juicy Living Tour, has interviewed Dr. Terry Gordon.

I have watched it and I have to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed it! Dr. Gordon’s son had been in a terrible accident, and as he was on a flight out to the hospital, Dr. Gordon had an STE (Spiritually Transformative Event) in which he says God talked to him. Find out what God said… and… the rest of the story (as Paul Harvey used to say). 

Video Description: In his soon to be published book by Hay House No Storm Lasts Forever, Terry shares with us from personal experience how a so-called tragedy in one’s life can actually be a blessing in disguise.

“When adversity comes our way, it is how we respond to that difficulty that determines who we are. Our life experiences become calamities only if we make the conscious decision to make tragedies out of them. We might just as easily choose to view them as opportunities for personal growth.”

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“The Many”- On Healings

We will ask you then in the future when you are working on someone (doing healings), within your own selves when you are doing whatever you choose before you work on them, to make your intention one of changing the flow of energy to allow it to be released and flow through and replacing that energy with the requested energy of the person you are working on. So, that in each way you are honoring your ability, saying yes indeed, I am capable of moving this energy, and you are also honoring the ability and the responsibility of the person you are working on by saying that it is their choice to pick how they want you to continue. And in doing this, you will find that you are not responsible for someone’s response to your healing. You are not responsible for whether or not they are better or not. You are not responsible for fixing anything. Your sole responsibility, when you are doing this work, is to help release the damming that has happened at a particular vibrational level to allow once again the flow of energy. As long as you recognize your job, you will become a much better healer, and in doing it in this way, you will find there will be more people you will be able to assist in bigger and better ways. “The Many”
Photo: We will ask you then in the future when you are working on someone (doing healings), within your own selves when you are doing whatever you choose before you work on them, to make your intention one of changing the flow of energy to allow it to be released and flow through and replacing that energy with the requested energy of the person you are working on.  So, that in each way you are honoring your ability, saying yes indeed, I am capable of moving this energy, and you are also honoring the ability and the responsibility of the person you are working on by saying that it is their choice to pick how they want you to continue.  And in doing this, you will find that you are not responsible for someone's response to your healing.  You are not responsible for whether or not they are better or not.  You are not responsible for fixing anything.  Your sole responsibility, when you are doing this work, is to help release the damming that has happened at a particular vibrational level to allow once again the flow of energy. As long as you recognize your job, you will become a much better healer, and in doing it in this way, you will find there will be more people you will be able to assist in bigger and better ways.