The Library of Light

My 4th NDE

By “Mr. M”

“The Call that gathers these beings was the result of a Creator Level Mandate declaring an end to what has been termed The Luciferian Rebellion. As such, these Hosts of Heaven were to attend the library’s council chambers to participate in a form of direct Intervention that would bring the age of darkness to a close.”

Nothing remains the same after an individual has a near-death experience … nothing. The NDE forces one to remain open to the world of possibilities because who could have possibly imagined the death trip to begin with. From my point of view, had it not been for the magnitude of my initial NDE in 1972, the three that followed would have been less cohesive. As such, I’ve come to believe that multiple NDEs build upon one another in a series and I’ve written to the aftereffects of the first three on my own website at Yet, it seems fitting that I submit my fourth (and, I hope, final) experience here, because it is the likes of Kevin Williams who have championed our individually communal cause and allowed those of us who’ve endured the journey to share what we’ve found on the other side of the veil.

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To Those Who Sing….

Thanks to Laron at for sharing.

Thanks to Clif High at Half Past Human for authoring.

Thanks to my friend, Bill, for creating the artwork.

To Those Who Sing…

By Clif High

with respect….

it may have escaped your notice, during these trying and soul trying times, but it is your voices that describe our world as we create it, so sing us a new song, and a new life for humanity. We need it now, during this terran transition period.

To those who build, remember, the singers sing our collective vision into reality through your minds, your hands. Have they been idle? Or are you seeking THE song for tomorrow’s new earth?

To those who explore…you carry us all on your strong legs and willingness to suffer for knowing. The powers would have you think that discovered knowledge is yours alone, but understand that the point exists because of its NEED to guide the spear. Without sharing with humanity, what is the point of you?

To the warriors, the war worth fighting is within ourselves. Outward expression of our arts, by universal LAW, is reserved for the protection of our species, and collective future. All other uses of your skills are illegal, and deviant. As a warrior, are you true to your nature? Or merely mindless, soul lacking muscle that the powers use to try to oppress real humans?

To those who speak, where are your voices? Aligned with fear? Of what? If you live in fear, the powers own you. Take a lesson from the warrior class and commit your being to your death, learn to own it, embrace it, and nothing on this planet, nothing in the wide expanse of the matterium need ever cause you fear again. Then speak as you really are compelled, when the veil is lifted and the voice inside is not bound by conventions created as shackles by others long before your birth to silence your voice just at this time. All they can do is to kill you, and you are already dead in the future, so what control do they have? You cannot be defeated, only temporarily removed. So what silences your voice? Use it now, or why have it at all?

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We Are All Warriors

AngelicView: If you’re not sure what this means just yet, you will soon enough.

By Heather Rodgers of Zen Gardner’s Just Wondering

Love Responds

So, here we are. At first when I arrived, it felt like we were strangers gathering for a battle that we did not fully understand. We are coming together one by one and gathering upon this hilltop. We show up to battle with our armor on and our weapons within and upon which we stand. As we look into the faces of the others, we see all those that we have loved all this time. We see the faces of those that we have battled together with throughout the ages. We see ourselves in multitude.

Most of us started this journey so, so long ago. We are talking generations of generations’ amount of “time”. To understand it, you have to grasp how long the battle has been waged, the fact that time does not exist, and that your eternity is right NOW.

We are not meant to live our lives in a manner to be content later. We don’t sit back and just wait for the eternity we think we will deserve. That is not how this experience should be walked through. We are here because we are warriors. We are here because we understand the importance of the battle for which we are gathering. We can feel the connections to each other becoming stronger. We can sense the flow of life upon Mother Earth. We are flowing with her as we move into one.

The battle is simple enough. Love Responds to the Polarity of the “Hate” in this space. Love shines its light of Truth upon all those gathered for this battle. The warriors will in turn find their missions and wage war for all that is “good”. We have no choice but to defeat the enemy. We are already well on our way. It is when we are finally gathered in our missions’ places that this specific battle shall ensue. Each mission is to be unique for that is a beautiful part of this whole experience to begin with. Just know that “hate” shall also respond to Love, so be prepared.

There will be those that may still have “internal demons” to battle. And it is the warrior’s way to aid fellow warriors along the way. Every soul we come in contact with is a part of the battle. Some are lost to never be found and others are staring at the door with no legs working to carry them through it. Remember fear is powerful. It can stop you in your tracks. But we must remember we have a wonderful weapon against fear. Love. If you give someone love, love will respond. If you touch another soul even if the mind is not aware, the soul is touched by love and encouraged with higher frequency. This is our battle.

If you take anything from this, know that love responds to everything. The beautiful thing is that love responds with love no matter to what it responds. Do remember… love can be tough.

That each of us are warriors… even if on different plateaus – we are still fighting the same battle. We just have to encourage from what set of emotions we fight our battles. No matter what battles we are fighting now or will in due time, they must be fought from a calm place within. This does not mean your battles will be calm. Your reaction will be from love – a place of calm. You will be able to focus very well. You will be able to do things that you have not imagined as of yet. You have no limits. Imagination makes for the most amazing weaponry.

Many wise warriors are calling out to all the other warriors now. I think the message is clear.

Prepare for the fall. Stand strong in your heart. Do not let go of Love. Love Responds.

Love, Heather

Global “No War with Syria” Happening Sat August 31st in 72 Cities and Counting

AngelicView: Get involved in this peaceful protest if you would like. There are specific directions on how more towards the bottom of the post. If you can’t get involved directly, but are interested in helping, then consider Reblogging this post or Reposting or Sharing. Via Wtf? Rly?

A new campaign has been started to help coordinate worldwide protests against the acceleration of the war in Syria by the corporate military-industrial complex. Protests are already planned in over 70 cities worldwide for Saturday, August 31. It’s almost like the flash mob version of a global anti-war protest.

One of the co-founders of the March Against MonsantoNick Bernabe, is a leading organizer of the rallies and his experience may be just what is needed to help mobilize people quickly. Wednesday, Bernabe discussed the viral reach of the campaign to date on the Adam vs. the Man show. He described the open source nature of the protests by saying “we’re just trying to help get this thing viral”, noting that they were leaving the structure of the protests up to the local leaders.

One advantage the alternative media can wield is the timely use of social media to counter false media narratives, and the March Against Monsanto co-founder has already done that once. The March Against Monsanto brought over 2 million people to the streets in 52 countries. That organic movement broke through many mainstream media barriers, including forcing CNN to at least acknowledge that the protests happened and there is some controversy over GMO food.

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Grounding Helps Fight Inflammation and Disease

Thanks to

AngelicView: I have run across this information before and I think it’s time to share it. As a nurse, I cannot vouch for all of the information contained in this video and article. All I know is that the latest research is showing some of these things to be true, and that more research might turn up all of it to be true. Either way, “grounding” or “earthing” is something that won’t hurt anything to try. I have always loved to go barefoot – my entire life. Now that I’m an adult I admit that I don’t do it as often as I’d like. Especially since Michigan winters are non-conducive! 😉

Via, 4 August 2013 – By Dr. Mercola – Dr. Stephen Sinatra is a prominent cardiologist and an innovative pioneer. He promotes a number of natural strategies as “add-ons” to the field of cardiology, such as grounding or earthing, which is the topic of this interview.

He’d done five years of post-graduate training in conventional medicine when, in 1977, he met Dr. Jacob Rinse, a 91-year old Dutch chemist who exposed him to alternative medicine.

“After that I studied some nutrition,” he says, “but I became a psychotherapist. I spent 10 years training in psychotherapy. I studied bioenergetic psychotherapy, which looks at energy blocks in the body.

That really helped launch me even more into alternative medicine. Then I decided that nutrition needed more work, so I studied for the American College of Nutrition exam, a test to certify a nutrition specialist.”

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On Vacation!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that I am going on vacation for a week. I will be camping and so I will not have access to a computer while I’m gone. I do have Word Press on my phone, so the best I could do is write a little something or post a picture or two – which I’m not too sure you all would be all that interested in – lol!

Without new posts for a whole week, I encourage you to take a look around here because if you are new to AngelicView, you have missed a lot of great and timeless posts. Did you know that there are nearly 500 posts on AngelicView? So if you’d like, take a look through them. 

Oh! And Love! Love! Love!


If We Create Our Own Reality, How Do You Explain Suffering?

By Teal Scott

TealScott2Suffering is the biggest issue for those of us who are trying to align with the spiritual truth of  “you create your own reality” and “the purpose of your life is joy”. And who blames us? Who the hell could say that the child who was kidnapped and raped created their own reality and live with themselves? How could we say that life is about joy when people are losing their loved ones to cancer or war?

Our entire reality is being arranged around us like a 360 degree mirror reflection of our thoughts. Our senses perceive this reflection and translate it into a physical experience for us. And so, you can think of it like a learning hologram. When we are born, we know we create our own reality by virtue of what we are paying attention to. This is why it is so easy for babies to ignore you. But pretty soon, we get more flack for ignoring things we do not want to pay attention to than we do for paying attention to them, and the minute we pay attention to them, they begin to manifest in our reality. And we feel like victims. We forget that we create our own reality. 

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Can Group Meditation Bring World Peace?

Can Group Meditation Bring World Peace?

World renowned Quantum Physicist, John Hagelin Ph.D explains.

MeditationDr John Hagelin: I am going to show you very quickly some of the early research, this is the first study and I won’t go into great detail except to say that this experiment was performed in the Middle East during the peak of the Lebanon War in the early 1980’s.

It was hypothesized, based on many different smaller experiments that if enough people were collectively experiencing and stimulating this fundamental powerful field of peace within that there would be radiated influence of peace that would effect the behavior of people throughout society, people would wake up in the morning a decide “hey I don’t think I’ll kill anybody today.” What a novel thought, that you know with some expanded comprehension and less narrowly cramped, narrowly self centered, acutely stressed vision that the desperate acts of terrorism simply don’t really have a fertile field to fall on.

A thousand people on average practiced Transcendental Meditation in Jerusalem to see whether they could influence neighboring Lebanon in reducing war and terrorism and eventually World Peace.
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“Namasté” is pronounced nah-məs-tayAngelDuo

“I honor the place in you where the entire universe resides.  I honor the place in you of love, of light, of truth, of peace.  I bow to your divine spirit, to your inherent buddhahood, to the great ball of sunshine that radiates from your heart.”

The Sanskrit word “Namasté” means “I bow to the Divine in You”Love

“Namasté” is the Divine Spark in one recognizing the Divine Spark in another.

The Life in Me sees and honors the Life in You.

Namasté recognizes the duality that has ever existed in this world,

and suggests an effort on our part to bring these two Forces together

ultimately leading to a higher Unity and a non-dual state of Oneness.

In other words, it recognizes the Equality of All, 

and pays honor to the Sacredness of All.

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Temple 100ft Underground!

***I highly recommend the Virtual Tour – linked at the bottom of this article***

This is by far the most amazing thing I have seen in a long long time! This is a temple built under a house. It has the most beautiful artwork! I am posting here so you can get a look at it.

It was built in secret, but now is exposed to the public. It is often used for group meditations.

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Latest Tolec Interview

Here is the latest information from Tolec (Andromeda Council).

He talks of the Biospheres which will be (he says) for our use in different forms.

I didn’t have time to listen to the whole thing yet – but listened to 37 minutes of it before work today. Now it is 3am and I am too tired to  listen tonight and will finish it tomorrow.

I do find what he says very interesting.

He said that the people who choose to experience more of 3D life will be transported via two different Biospheres (Big spaceships) to another planet (not yet named). He describes the planet they will be living on.

He says anyone who stays here on Earth WILL be transformed into a 4D human.

He says, it’s not a spiritual thing… it’s simply Evolution.

(P.S. That’s what I’ve been saying ;))(Please see my comment below)

World Peace – Unity is the Key

World Peace. Is it really tough to envision? I think it can happen and I’d like to demonstrate why.

I have seen many people in virtual places on the web state every reason imaginable why World Peace is not possible. “Man was made to fight”. “Evil is in our DNA”. “Too many ‘bad guys’ out there”. Etc…. I figure these people have lost hope. But what I’d like to see is less excuses why it’s not possible and more reasons why it is. I feel that much of the fighting that goes on on the Earth is more instigated from a small group of Elite, and not from the rest of Earth’s people.

Just think about the people you know. Your family, your friends, and your coworkers. How many of those people are “evil”? None? Maybe one? I believe that the vast majority of human-kind are a peaceful and loving bunch. We are just dragged into fight after fight and so we are given the illusion that that’s the way life is. It doesn’t need to be.

The key is Unity.

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