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How To Know if Your Spirit Guides are Guiding You


“Angels Among Us” by Simon Dewey

AngelicView: We can’t see wind, but we know it’s there because of the leaf which tosses to and fro, and bumbles across the yard. We can’t see our Spirit Guides, either (or at least most of us can’t), but there are ways in which we can tell that they are there – if we’re paying attention.

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Reclaim Your Divine Self, Worth, and Purpose with Paul Selig


AngelicView: Bob Olson with Afterlife TV interviews Paul Selig, a Channeler. He claims that he channels his Spirit Guides, and has written some of these channelings in a series of three books. The first book that was discussed in this video, Paul says took him – through the work of his channeling – two weeks to write.

Beware! My opinions below ↓

So, my opinion on channeling has changed over time. Back in about 2009 I followed a couple of channelers “religiously”. After awhile, I decided I did not like channelings anymore since I was unable to discern who the channeling (words) were coming from. Now I’m back on the fence with the subject.

Here’s the thing – for me, (for example) when I have a problem in my life I can sit down in a quiet, dark room and clear my mind and usually come up with a really great answer to my problem or question. I think that answer comes from my Higher Self or perhaps my Spirit Guides. What am I doing in this situation? Channeling.

I love Edgar Cayce, right? I really have respect for everything he had to say. While some might say he was having NDE’s, he was not having NDE’s in the sense that we understand them today because his body was still alive and only appeared to be sleeping or in a trance state. Because he felt that his consciousness went somewhere – he saw a bright light and traveled through a tunnel – today we would call the experience “NDE-Like” or an “STE” (Spiritually Transformative Event). He was bringing back information in the form of words and could answer questions and make prophecies. What was he doing? Channeling.

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How Can I Break Through the Veil?

By AngelicView



I am writing this because several people have asked me this question lately, and so I wanted to address it. This is an opinion piece based on my studies of NDE’s, OBE’s, and STE’s, and so should not be taken as fact but as an educated guess kind of thing.

People want to know how they, too, can have the experiences such as are described in NDE’s/OBE’s/STE’s. Here is my answer:

In many cases OBE’s and STE’s are completely spontaneous. There is no cause for it that can be established. I think it’s possible that these types of experiences are ones that we have planned into our life blueprint – we actually planned to have the experience, in many cases, before we incarnated on Earth. So many people are having these experiences that I also have to think that it’s possible that each one of us might (or at least a lot of us might)  have this type of experience sometime in this lifetime.

In the case of NDE’s, there was a life-threatening event. Now, don’t go thinking that you’re going to try to cause this kind of experience by threatening your own life, because it won’t work and in the end, the Universe is going to make sure that you’re kicked in your butt for trying it.

Some people have these types of experiences through meditation. That never worked for me, personally, but that doesn’t mean it won’t for you.

Other people use drugs/plants/mushrooms to get the experience. I don’t recommend that. But some people have had wonderful experiences and have pierced the veil that way.

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