Non-Western NDE’s

AngelicView: I see this question asked all the time: Why are there no NDE’s that are not American or at least non-English-speaking NDE’s? While there may be websites in other non-English-speaking countries which collect Near Death Experience accounts, I don’t know of them. Perhaps they are not there – or maybe they are there and I just don’t know about them because I do not speak that language. All NDE’s that you see here are going to be in English because that’s the language I speak. Luckily for us, NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) has a team of volunteers that translate NDE’s that are submitted to them in different languages besides English.

Some people are just curious about how a non-western NDE might differ from those we read about here. The answer is – not usually very much. So tonight I thought I would share with you some examples of some of those. Each person’s name and country will also be a link that you can click on to go to the source of the account.

Arvind (India):

I started drifting upward. From a height, I could see my own body with many people (doctors and medicos) working (doing something) on my body. I could see the instrument panel flat (I don’t really know if it was pulse or something else, but something sure that should not be flat).

I reached the top of the hall and kind of stuck to a corner of that hall. But I was happy (yes, that is true – I remember myself smiling all the time). First I saw 4 children in my path, all of them in 10-12 age group. All were happy faces. And I could see only the faces and not their bodies. At some distance, I could see some people standing in a circle, this time I could see whole of them. Those could be around 8-10 people.

And then I saw a huge light in the center of the hall, and I started drifting towards it. There was a huge light coming in from that hole (and a huge one). I am a fervent Hindu (religion) with blind faith in Super Power. To be more specific, I firmly believe in our Goddess – Mother Kaalika. I could feel (is it a right word, don’t know) that she is there on the other side of that beam of bright light that was coming from outside the hall. I was happy to know that she is there outside. I bowed and tried to see her. And that was the last thing I remember from this out-of-world experience.

Suresh (India)

And then within a fraction of a second I traveled millions of miles and reached an area of the Light.

The traveling was in the fourth dimension, which can be termed as out of body experience, when an unidentified identity merged in ‘that Light’. Words fail me as I try to describe exactly what I saw or felt. But I can say that there was no humanized God, all the same, it was an area of unalloyed purity. There was brilliant Light, immense speed or Motion and unbelievable Divine Love. I did not require senses to experience ‘IT’. ‘I’ was absent and still I saw, knew and understood. Though I was there for a few seconds, it felt like an eternity. My concept of time and distance changed considerably, as I had traveled immeasurably long distance in a trillionth of a second and what seemed like an eternity was eternal sacredness condensed in our concept of time.

Wan (Malaysia)

I grew closer to the light and felt it’s shine, a sudden cool and calmness came over me. For the light made me feel peaceful all the sudden as I grew closer. It was a kind of peace and calm which I’ve never felt in my entire lifetime, even until this very day.  From afar, as I grew closer to the light… I could see almost like figures in the light, like heads, people all dressed in white, as if it were some sort of congregation or a crowd…the more I came closer, the more I felt like ‘staying’ and my sadness and fears disappeared. It felt like that comfort feeling of ‘home.’ 

My mind began to change with that overwhelming feeling of peace, comfort ness and calm, a sort of happiness I’ve never felt when getting closer to the light. The peace and comfort felt like being embraced or hugged by a lover, and the calmness felt like the feeling of lying in your lovers embrace after making love to someone special. The safety feeling it gave was almost that soft of safe and comfort feeling that we got when we were just a child being embraced and carried around in our parents arms. 

As I finally arrived or hit the light, for a few seconds I saw a young man…he seemed around 17 to 20’s. He looked a bit familiar and smiled at me as if he ‘knew’ me. He raised his hand to signal me to stop…and at that precise moment…I started breathing again.

Khadija (Egypt)

The next thing I remember was saying “I cannot breathe…” And then darkness. I was high above my body looking down when I next became aware. There were people around me. I did not care to return and turned around. At this time, I seemed so light and happy and could actually look down at the Sphinx  below! I then saw another level of existence opening up, sort of like the scene from the movie “Ghost”. There were many beings who had come to meet me.( I was astounded when I saw “Ghost” after I returned to the states…it was really like that!) I was told that I could either come or go back, but that I would suffer great pain if I did. I remember making a choice, as I thought there was something else I needed to accomplish in this life.  

I became aware of being in a van, and the film crew crying and calling out my name. The producer was gently slapping my face and trying to communicate with me. I was trying to open my eyes or move my hand but found that I could not do either, but I could hear them crying. (I have a sense of humor and remember thinking “the brain is just like a computer…it is down…”) I then went into a comfort zone of soft darkness and remained there. I wondered if this was the state of death, it was so peaceful and womblike. Then I heard the doctor say:

“She has suffered a severe concussion. We do not know if she will live through the night.” More crying…was heard. I wanted to laugh and tell them I had already made up my mind not to die and wanted to tease them, but could not get the body to respond.

Janet (Kenya)

When I passed out I felt a strong force drifting me away to higher ground. then I came to again. when I opened my eyes, I saw my brother carrying me to the car then I passed out again. this time I was breathing hard when allover a sudden I breathed one last breath. this time I found myself in a void. I don’t know where that was but I felt as if something was lifting me higher. in the background I could hear my brother calling out my name and screaming to my father that I wasn’t breathing. it felt as if he was miles away. then all went quiet and I saw a big tunnel or something like a whole growing bigger and getting closer as it got closer, a light was appearing. at first I was frightened but the a sudden wave of calmness appeared as the light got lighter and the tunnel got wider. I suddenly thought to myself where was I going and started fighting back.

That’s when I came to and found myself in the emergency room.

Peter (Sudan)

We were playing and my cousin told me that I can fly. I stayed in my place thinking while my 2 cousins and my brother went away and I climbed the wall and jumped. while I was falling I saw a very fast movie for what I did at that time. after I hit the ground I didn’t feel anything then suddenly I saw myself falling down in a tortuous well. it was dark and I couldn’t see anything but I was able to hear other voices. some voices was laughing or crying or speaking. some of them were falling faster than me. I was frightening and was trying to find anything to catch. I moved falling for a while. it was long well then I exit from the well to find myself standing at the beginning of a tunnel. there were someone who exit with me but it disappeared. I stayed at my place thinking for what to do. it was a long tunnel and the end of the tunnel there were a door without a door and outside this door there were a very bright light that shining the tunnel. there were nothing to hear or to see. it was just me inside this tunnel and that light. I thought to go back. I looked back and saw darkness I said no way and I thank to stay in my place but for how long I will be staying so I said to myself there is no other way. it is better to go to that life than to stay here. maybe I find someone or anything. I start moving slowly until I reached the middle of the tunnel and everything gone. 

Bilge (Turkey)

Suddenly, I felt a strong pain in my chest. I fainted. However, I was still conscious but in a different place- at least my soul was. At first it was very dark. I can’t describe the place. I was asking myself where I was. I realised that I was flying very fast, as if I was looking for myself. I felt very light and relaxed. At one point I saw myself on the floor. I was lying on my right arm. I went down and tried to raise myself, but it was impossible; my body was very heavy. Besides when I try I felt dizzy. Suddenly, I looked up and saw a beautiful place. Everywhere was green; small streams were running. I felt I was being pulled there. I tried to reach there with my hand, as if some hand were pulling me. While I was nearing that place, I heard my husband’s and daughter’s voices. I turned my head and saw them. Then I took my hands back.  I was screaming “Not now, not now”. At that point something happened; I describe this event like seperating a column of water from another body of water. I came round. I was told that I had fainted; but I had been conscious.

If death is like this experience; believe me it is very nice.

Padma (India)

I was being pulled towards the wall facing me, and when I came close to there, I saw this most beautiful, rotating light, like that of the universe, in fact, it moved like the universe.  It had life and knowledge and it felt like a loving parent beckoning me. Coming close to it, gave me the most warm, loving feeling, and I came close to it numerous times, but somehow knew, that if I went through that light, there was no coming back.  So even though the feeling was indescribably beautiful, I had too many things to accomplish and the desire to do that made me fight to get back into the body and that was no easy task.

AngelicView: In addition, Anita Moorjani’s “Dying to Be Me” – she is from Hong Kong.

All of the above information came from NDERF. If you want more information on NDE’s as experienced by people of different religions, follow this link to’s page on the subject (there’s a ton of information there).

“You live on Earth only for a few short years which you call an incarnation, and then you leave your body as an outworn dress and go for refreshment to your true home in the spirit.” – Chief White Eagle



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