“It Was Like Being at Home With the Whole of the Family of Creation”

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AngelicView: Ana Cecilia had severe Streptococcal infection in fluids around her heart that stemmed from a previous recent heart surgery only ten months after giving birth. They performed surgery to remove some of the infected fluids from around her heart and lungs. But what set the wheels of her NDE in motion was a badly-fitted ventilator tube that cut her off from air-flow. Terrible? Yes! For her family and friends. But not for her. For Ana Cecilia, this was the best experience of her life. I find it interesting that her “tunnel” was actually a tree where she entered into the trunk of the tree and floated upward – inside of it – and was able to see different levels or different areas of Creation. After that, she had an experience where she saw two Angels at her bedside.  Thank you, Ana Cecilia, for sharing your story with the world.

My body hangs onto life in spite of being weak, infected, recently operated on, and deprived of oxygen, to maintain life. My body isn’t easily overcome and makes the final force to manage to survive.

They tried the procedure once more, and weren’t able to free the tube, maybe because it was badly positioned. Then the dizziness started and I began to lose consciousness and the body began to surrender. I stopped breathing and almost immediately my heart stopped. Then, I left.

Suddenly I opened my eyes and I felt totally liberated, I saw myself in a hospital gown, and the doctors around my body trying to resuscitate me. I saw  how they were busily moving from one place to another, each time smaller and more distant. The sensation was strange because I felt myself complete integral and without doubt I saw my inert body front of me. I floated alone. And no-one tried to hold down my painful legs and arms. The relief was enormous. I couldn’t control that which had happened, I let go. Then, there began the most wonderful journey.

I floated from within what seemed like a tree. I could only be a spectator. First I saw something like a layer of branches that sheltered little animals. There were squirrels, rabbits and birds amongst them. All of them were harmonious, I felt peace, fullness, they radiated a love the like of which I had never felt and much less coming from an animal. A fullness that hadn’t lived. The sounds penetrated my soul, and everything that I had left behind lost importance. To experience this sensation was the only thing that had all my attention in that moment.

I continued floating, meanwhile my body relaxed, my muscles stopped hurting, I breathed freely, I no longer felt tired. The relief wasn’t just external, but internal also. Straight away, I saw a second layer of various extensive branches, the scenario was incredible. There were big animals, horses, giraffes, elephants, lions, and many more. The scene was beautiful. The colours of the skins of each species amazed me. For the first time I saw these wild animals, like inoffensive and friendly beings that I had never seen before. It was as if we knew each other and were part of the same family. I felt love for those beings and was aware that they loved me as well.

I continued rising. I saw a third layer of branches. These were full of children of all races and ages, everyone unique and at the same time beautiful. Everyone was happy. Smiles, songs, small sweet voices, they were all that could be heard. The smiles shone in the faces of the children. They played and ran in the field, they splashed in the water that cascaded from a fountain in the centre of the garden. I wasn’t able to talk to anyone, at least I didn’t try, I was content to observe and enjoy this beautiful countryside. A countryside emanated love from every side. The communication I had during the journey wasn’t verbal, but I felt flooded with love, so that I didn’t say anything. I enjoyed, and was delighted with this beautiful spectacle. I would have decided to stay here if I had had the choice. But I was like a balloon that leaves the hand of a child, and is not concerned with that which it leaves behind. It goes wherever the air takes it.

At this moment I remembered Ana Paula, but I wasn’t worried, I knew that she would be fine. Then I was able to see her in her bed sleeping peacefully. I felt great peace, and very close to her, as if I was there at her side. I wasn’t worried, but just drew close to her and cared for her.

I realised that I had the power to see everything in front, behind, up and down or everywhere at once. Without worrying where I would turn, and without needing to turn the head, my eyes could see as if in three dimensions. I didn’t feel worry or anxiety. It was a lot of information at once, and all of it was assimilated and fascinated me. I felt that there had been magic in this place.

A little further up, I saw another large layer of branches. This time there were teenagers, people of middle age, and people just growing old. I saw harmony, serenity, and happiness. People smiled and I felt strengthened. The voices were clear harmonious and fluent, the communication flowed in a natural manner. The atmosphere was total peace, and completely full of love. There was also a fountain surrounded by flowers of every colour, in the centre of a large garden. The water cascaded in different rhythms forming images and it’s sound was in harmony and was amazing.  The people were sat down around themselves and talked and smiled at one another. They didn’t talk with sounds from the mouth. It was as if just with the mind they could say everything and I could hear them. There were people leaning in the garden reading a book, or just enjoying the Sun. The countryside was fantastic.

I continued being carried along on this journey. I was only able to enjoy the pleasure of travelling on, rising up this tree that was as a tunnel full of life where it seemed everything was one; that made me feel complete and fulfilled, free. I was able to breathe deeply and oxygenate myself. I didn’t feel ill, I didn’t hurt in any way, absolutely. I remember my parents and my husband. I knew that they were suffering, but I also knew they would be OK. I wanted to console them, love them more and more. Nothing, absolutely nothing worried me. It was as if I knew that sooner or later they would enjoy this excellent feeling of well being that I had, and I stopped worrying.

I went on a bit further towards a layer of branches, but this time, I could see a large group of old people. The elderly people smiled, they looked strong and vigorous. Many were sat down talking but without saying anything just enjoying the countryside. They were in the middle of flower filled gardens, trees of various species, and rivers flowing with clean fresh water. They walked along paths and shared stories. Nobody had any problems with moving. This caught my attention.

Suddenly I realised that my body was as if filled with electricity, that it was able to radiate light. I felt fulfilled, the countryside was simply beautiful and my soul filled up with happiness.

Just at this moment I looked up, to see what was happening, then everything was a spectacle with sensations that I had never felt before. I saw a small yellow fine circle  so intense that it attracted me, it was like an Iman. Also my natural curiosity made me go in to see what was behind .

My curiosity turned into desire, I wanted to go in. But as much as I tried I wasn’t able to speed up my journey. Anxious and trying to go in, I managed to penetrate slowly into this small space. It was as a silk thread soft and delicate.

To lift my head and shoulders, as I believed that I would finally be able to live in the light that was within, It stopped at the middle of my body, and filled every part of my body. I became blinded and was in complete ecstasy. I breathed deeply, to fill myself completely with this amazing sensation. I didn’t want, didn’t need anything else. I had arrived at the end, the final destination, there wasn’t any way that here could be any more love than this, I felt it, I knew it, and I enjoyed it enormously.

No pleasure, feeling of peace, harmony, fullness or ecstasy could describe the sensation of being embraced by this light that filled me with this complete love. There were not sufficient words. I could see, hear, feel and perceive everything without moving from this tree that made me float. It was as if everything was as one. Everything was connected. I had the ability to be everywhere at the same time, and to communicate myself with everyone without saying anything. I felt completely loved accepted, without any conflict or confusion. It was like being at home with the whole of the family of creation.

Without looking absolutely at anything, almost immediately I felt the stroke of a hand on the upper part of my head. In this moment I was flooded with an unimaginable love. I was filled with ecstasy. At this moment when the hand touched my head I heard a gentle, beautiful, almost mystical voice which said to me:

Stay calm and go in peace. Do everything that I have asked you.

I wanted to ask, understand, investigate more but in this instant I began my journey back. I returned seeing the layers of branches but really quickly. There was no way to enjoy them. I wanted to but could only go back in this violent way. I didn’t want to return from this beautiful experience so nice, and that I liked so much.

Why do I have to return if I was able to rest at last? For what reason are they waking me up? Why are they bothering me? I asked myself constantly.

Again I saw myself far away in the hospital bed and the doctors surrounding my body trying to resuscitate me. In an instant, I was in my body. My head went round and round. I again felt pain, anguish and anger. The dizziness stopped me locating myself in time and space. I opened my eyes and saw lots of doctors around me trying to resuscitate me. I felt a great heat in the chest from the electric shock they had used to try and get the cardiac rhythm back. In this moment I heard the doctors shout:

No! I don’t want to return, Leave me in peace! I shouted inwardly without anyone hearing me.

I was desperate. I didn’t want to be here. I asked myself once again, why had they woken me up, if finally I had slept after battling to breathe. It was as if nobody cared what I wanted. Everyone wanted to bring me back to this place where everything hurt, and I could barely breathe. I felt that hours hadImage result for tree of life passed here, without doubt it had only been some minutes. My body had resisted and had once more been in cardiac arrest. The doctors seemed to lose control and they shouted in a loud voice:

She’s back, again with us.

She’s gone! She’s gone! Try again.

I fought to return to where I had been for some seconds. There was no reason to stay here, where there had been so much pain and suffering I just wanted to return to this light, this love, this instant. I wanted to feel this immense love and fullness that I had felt. No-one heard my inner cries. It was incredible that no-one cared what I thought. I couldn’t think of my daughter my husband my parents or my family. All was left behind, in importance after having lived in this peace and restfulness. I felt that they would be well, I didn’t worry any more.

Leave me in peace! I don’t want to be here any more. I want to go back! Please! Let me go! I said inside  myself.

After a battle of around an hour, with electric shocks and cardiopulmonary resuscitations they managed to re-establish my heart beat. I came back. I was here again in the hospital, full of tubes, sounds respirators, and a large group of doctors around me. Little by little they moved away, there remained only the guard of the two nurses, that always had to be here, and a cardiologist who stayed with me the rest of the night.

At first I was bewildered and confused. It s not possible to suffer an experience like this and hope to return understanding what has happened. They attached lines and I realised that I was very angry with everyone and that I didn’t understand anything. Who had said these words to me? Why did they say this to me? Would a doctor talk to me, or Jesus himself show me the way that I had to decipher? Everything had happened at once: I enjoyed an amazing scene, and they had resuscitated me and tried to save my life.

Some hours passed before it became clear in my mind. I was able then to understand and accept what had happened. I had been in another place, in another dimension, or maybe in the same place but I was able to see that which before I couldn’t see. Something happened and I wanted to understand because I had left my body. I insisted on telling myself and the only way was to write. They gave me a pen on my left side, because they had a catheter on my right. But I wasn’t able to write. As I tried to ask no-one could answer. No one gave me explanations. In spite of all my intentions to write in my little notebook, I was not able to obtain an explanation. I felt disconcerted but very animated. I  didn’t understand where I had been, but I knew that I had been alive, it wasn’t of this world or this kingdom, it had been a foretaste of the amazing world which comes after death. Everyone acted as if I were dead, but I would like to explain that it was more healthy than anything. I wanted them to stop acting in this way and to tell them that although I looked bad, I wasn’t ill and I didn’t feel pain anymore, that I knew that I would live, that I felt that they had said it to me. But I wasn’t able to say anything or communicate the internal force that sustained me helped me and didn’t discourage me in any way in spite of the bad news that would come much later.

After many serious days I entered a crisis and began to cry deeply I had another amazing experience:

I re-situated my head on the pillow, I looked up and then I went through one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. I started to pray asking God to give me peace. With my eyes on the ceiling, trying to take slow deep breaths, meanwhile listening to Marcela my sister. I concentrated on my prayer. Then I felt a tingling sensation on all of my body. With my eyes open and feeling that I was totally conscious I saw two angels come down and one stayed on my right side another on my left.

They emanated light and I saw the movement of their clothing like silk tunics. All the time they seemed to be floating. I don’t remember ever having seen wings so great or golden, only transparent bodies that shone brilliantly and showered my with pure love, and fulfilment. They began to clean me. They rested my head back with great care, my chest, my arms, stomach and legs. I felt as if my body began to free itself from the pressure it had. I felt relief, I enjoyed the scenario, it was all a spectacle for my eyes. I felt lovingly embraced by these beings. Marcela just looked at me and didn’t understand what had happened she saw me relax each time as I looked at my body from one side to the other.

I remained in deep sleep for several hours. I rested as if for the first time in days. My breathing improved dramatically. Crying was the best respiratory exercise that I could have done. I managed that which Lorna couldn’t in days. With force the air entered my lungs and this had dislodged the liquid phlegm. Events sometimes as dark as they seem, carry with them a light with them, and give meaning to pain. This is what I mean by growing through the pain.

It was basically two amazing experiences in which I lived during my two months stay in hospital.

When I saw the doctors trying to resuscitate me, when I could see everything without having to turn my head. I saw above, below, from one side to the other in front and behind and didn’t feel any confusion. Everything made sense and was very clear. I saw the colours of the skins of the animals, the details of the gardens, of the water of the trees, and the air. Everything around me was different. I had never been through anything like this so REAL! Everything which you see in supernatural films, here was PURE REALITY and makes you feel marvelous.

Also when I saw the angels. I didn’t doubt for one moment that they were spiritual beings full of love. I saw them, I felt them, I felt their love and their caresses.

Before the experience I believed that I was very sensible in most things but I never looked much further than the obvious. After the experience I realised that I knew that which underlined the words of people even without them saying anything. It is as if I knew their story and could decipher perfectly when someone lied to me, or when that which they said wasn’t real. I was able to read the actions of people as never before. I developed a very sharp sense of perception. It’s frustrating sometimes because I can know but I am unable to prove what I know until it happens.

Everything I heard was harmonious, loving with great feeling. I listened to many voices, many sentences, air, water, animals and it was as if I had the capacity to understand them all. I felt I had brought with me much information but it was so hard to describe. My way of seeing life is very different to that in which many people see it. I listened a lot and was never confused, the sounds weren’t words, but I understood everything. No-one spoke to me, but everyone communicated, I don’t know if I have made this clear.

I felt pleasure, immense peace, a love that I have never felt. I felt complete in myself, fulfilled. Everything made sense. It was like finally I was able to unite all the threads of my existence and understand that for which I had been created and why I was here. I felt an immense love for everyone that I was here. I adored the animals, and all creation. From that moment on I could never see suffering of an animal or think that the trees and plants didn’t have feelings. I felt that everything had a harmonious feeling.

We are all connected and I felt that there wasn’t anything else that wasn’t alive in some way. I felt the same towards everyone and everything. Everything was one.

I entered through a tree but more accurately I saw as if there were various different layers of heaven. The tree took me but wonderful worlds opened up, with each layer of the branches. I listened, saw, and felt everything without moving from my place, where I floated. It was like everything was united in myself.

I saw a light that flooded me completely. A light that embraced me and in that embrace I felt love. This light never let me see, it blinded me but never hurt me, on the contrary I felt ecstasy fulfilment,  and completely safe. It permeated every part of my being. I didn’t want to leave this place… I knew where I wanted to be.

The voice that I heard was clearly supernatural. It was a harmonious voice that gave me  an instruction. Maybe it was myself, feeling it was also saying to me that I had to return, to do that which I hadn’t done. This hand that touched my head filled me with electricity and flooded me with love.

I don’t know if it was some spiritual being that kept me and gave me the order to return. But I know that it was an evolved being, much higher, it instructed me with much love and much peace, about my mission or special function.

It was definitely a different realm to the one in which I had lived. It wasn’t possible to be able to see everything that I saw without moving. To feel this love that I felt, for all of nature, all the animals, people, this entire universe and at the same time to feel they loved me back in return. Never had I seen as much as those people, and yet I was at down in my house. The sensation was one of an incredible welcome.

I on arriving at the light I knew that once I went there I could never come back. This was the goal. It was a yellow thin fascinating circle, the light that had been there was so attractive that the only thing I wanted was to go into it and stay there. It was a light of love I believe.

I wanted to remain there, but this hand touched me I don’t know who or what it was. Maybe it was me from another dimension, making me aware that I had to return to tell my story, my experience. I had an instruction to do everything they had told me, but this meant renouncing this peace and harmony, this love that I had never seen. I didn’t really have a choice, I had to come back and see life from a different perspective. It had been very hard to explain everything that had happened. Many years of silence had passed.

I am convinced that life continues after death. We don’t really die. I believe that that which was happening all occurred at the same time, when I was dying and living. For me I believe that death is the beginning of living in a different form. Everything that I saw is here, nothing ceases to be, this love. We simply have to try to reach it again but I don’t believe it is dying, just living in the plane where we should be. What we need is to become aware of this. The church makes us feel we will be judged and punished and I believe it is ourselves that know the good and the bad things we have done and in this measure we suffer or enjoy our lives. When we die, I believe everyone will live in another plane according to how we have lived in this plane of existence.

I don’t know if I obtained the information here, but from when I returned, I have had many dreams of myself in other ages, riding on the back of a white horse defending someone. I also realise that on leaving this experience, I see the world completely differently. I greatly enjoy people, but I also love to be alone. I feel that my inner world is so full of information, that the answers to problems, I normally find within me. I don’t know if this was gained in other lives or from this experience where I received so much information.

Clearly I realised that the pain didn’t mean anything compared to that which we will be able to experience when we are on the different plane and that everything is passing, and that the measure of how we should lead our life is positive, as optimistic as possible through all our difficulties, the better will be the certainty that we will live in better conditions. There is no suffering, pain or difficulty, that we can’t overcome with a positive thought. I learned that if I laugh at my problems I laugh with myself with others it gives me enormous strength in times of pain.

I believe I have much to contribute and that I have managed to live in heaven on earth after knowing that it’s really worthy of the effort. I live fully with love, giving, fully conscious that we don’t have to hate, disrespect, abuse no anyone or anything.

I know I have to share that which I have experienced. I can’t stop from sharing that life occurs after death. That it’s not true that we will be judged finally and that it will limit the fullness of our existence. I feel that I have a purpose in sharing how it is through the means of great pain one can be positive and optimistic. I know it is not important what we have or how much we have, also it is not important what professional titles we have, nor all the things the world demands to have a certain social and economic level. What is important is to love in spite of that which might be. What is important is to see in others that which they themselves cannot see sometimes. I believe that I have to share that faith is that which saves.  Faith in yourself saves you from your fears, from your failures, from coldness, from sorrow. If you don’t love yourself it will be impossible to love anyone else. You won’t be able to love or to give love to anyone else. I believe that I have to share that love to ourselves which is the greatest investment that one could make. Giving ourselves time to know ourselves, to understand ourselves and to accept ourselves as we are. In doing so we will see how everyone else will do it as well.

This experience made me more conscious and perceptive of everything that really happens to people, it is as if you could guess what suffering or lack and trying to love them giving them security that that which affects them doesn’t make them less valiant.

I realised that where I was, there was no religion and on no occasion were there people isolated or preaching one way as better, or worse than the rest. I believe that the mind of everyone is heaven or hell, they are not places. It is a state of consciousness that makes you be in one or the other place. They never made me feel that just one religion had the truth. Absolutely. There is only one truth and that is within you, in you heart, and it is called love. Love doesn’t confuse you, doesn’t have limits or rules or errors. Whereas religions do.

I am not sure of what religion really provides for spiritual beings. I believe they are a guide to help others but at least those of the western world, are better seen as manipulations of human beings to make them just the way they want to control them. I believe that the inner nourishment is the responsibility of each one of us, not of the church, as the church can have errors. I believe more in discovering methods to find inner peace and well-being in myself.

I nourish my spiritual life very much, but not with prayers or by going to church. Better than this I use Yoga, Reiki, personal prayer, and lots of meditation.

5 thoughts on ““It Was Like Being at Home With the Whole of the Family of Creation”

  1. Love does seem to be more important then spirituality. Matt Kahn says that is what is really important. It doesn’t matter the religion, if it makes the person find goodness. I am paraphrasing.

    When you find someone who passionately tells you their truth, and it doesn’t match yours. Do not correct them, but say how wonderful their passion is. There is no need to explain how they are wrong and you right. They are different then you, so will have a different truth. The best way to show your truth is to show them the goodness that results from your truth. If you state your truth in words, and it conflicts with their truth, they might feel challenged. That is why it is best to show what your truth teaches you.

    This is a big summery. Matt Kahn explains so much better/clearer. His truth about the hologram of Earth might turn some people off, but his view of relationships/life are useful. So if his truth doesn’t align, still listen, and you will learn lots.

  2. Reblogged this on 'The Last Wave: A Near-Death Experience' Biography and commented:
    This near-death experience is fascinating! The author of her story left her body and astrally traveled to ‘the other side’ through layers of a tree trunk.
    Like my NDE, she also didn’t want to return to life after feeling the love that she was showered with nor did she choose to come back to life. Upon living, she was transformed. She was fortunate to have not suffered from some NDErs fatal longing for Heaven. Her experience opened up a new life for her and over time she learned about herself and the role she has in spreading the good news that there is life after death. Her description of her supernatural, spirit trip is wonderful and her message of peace, comforting.

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