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“In the Great Divine Cosmic Plan These are Times of Great Opportunity”

AngelicView: STE (Spiritually Transformative Event). It’s actually a rather large excerpt out of the story. Things were not going well in this man’s life and he was contemplating suicide when this event happened. I’m cutting out the first part of this story – not because it’s not important, but to cut down the length of reading for people who don’t have as much time. If you’d like to read it in it’s entirety, just click on the source link. Thanks to Carlos for sharing your amazing experience.

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Searching For Moments of Open Stillness

Phoenix Rising

AngelicView: This is a tragically beautiful STE (Spiritually Transformative Event), which was like a spiritual awakening triggered by the death of her friend. It happened in 2010 and continued over the next several months – and is still in process. Her insights are profound and even though it is a long read, I thought it was well worth the time. In fact, I read parts of it twice 😉

Thanks to Phoebe for sharing your story 🙂

In mid-September 2010, my friend Amanda from high school died at age 20 after a speeding drunk driver hit her while she was riding her bicycle; he hit her so hard that she flew 200 feet (~60.96 m). Upon hearing about her death, I was completely shocked. I could not pay attention in class. Time seemed to stand still. It was my junior year of college. My friends and professors did their best to comfort me. I received lots of hugs. Somehow, I managed to do my work and some early morning bird-watching in the next days.

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“I Will Go in There. And I Will Remember Who I AM.”


AngelicView: Here is a really great STE (Spiritually Transformative Event). For those who don’t know, an STE is not necessarily an NDE, can involve an OBE – but sometimes not, but it always is an event that changes a person’s beliefs or a person’s whole life. It just doesn’t neatly fit into a category. In this STE, the experiencer tells us that his heart stopped beating. But I’d like to suggest that perhaps this whole experience may have happened literally ‘in between’ heart beats!

He was very depressed and felt suicidal when his guide(s) pulled him out of his body and had a little talk with him. Once he got some more information, he remembered that he had been pulled out of his body before and spoke with his guides, but he wasn’t allowed to remember. This time he was only going to come back to his body if he would be allowed to remember the experience with the other side.

Thanks so much to Mark for sharing your enlightening experience 🙂

I had a rough start to my earthly existence. The childhood experience was extremely unsafe, full of suffering, living in poverty, insufficient levels of love and happiness to keep me going. However, I was always a very strong-willed child. My parents were very indoctrinated into the institutionalized systems, including Catholicism. This just created a further rift where my freedom was being challenged at every level of my being, but beyond all the repercussions, I was able to maintain a strong connection to my intuition. Continue reading

Near Death Experiences are Actually True Life Experiences




Author, Teacher, Retreat Leader at SilentStay, Napa, California and Assisi, Italy

(Pictures added by AngelicView)

If the near death experiences being shared by many are really to believed, they are actually true life experiences, because what they are describing is our true life in eternity. The vast love and acceptance they are finding upon leaving the confines of body and personality describe a life experience of coming home, coming to the true life which this earthly experience is only a small part of.

Before proceeding, this article is not meant to be a convincer, e.g., whether to believe in NDEs or not. If the stories of people floating above operating tables describing conversations and events happening while their minds are unconscious, people finding relatives in heaven, which they had no previous earthly knowledge of, and the endless examples of people going through a tunnel of light into a realm so different yet so familiar, a realm of love more real then real does not convince people of life after death, maybe there is no convincing. Sorry: Calling all these deeply-felt, life-changing experiences only a chemical reaction in the mind upon nearing death just does not pass the brain or heart test for me.

One of my favorite stories is of a woman in a Seattle hospital who died and on her way through the hospital ceiling while passing into another realm, noticed on the hospital roof an old shoe. Upon her return from heaven and recovering in her room, investigators checked out her story, and sure enough there is an old shoe exactly where she said on the roof! Are we to believe she somehow had been exploring the hospital roof before her accident and near death experience?

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Show Me the Way


By AngelicView

 Every night I say a prayer in the hope that there’s a heaven
And every day I’m more confused as the saints turn into sinners
All the heroes and legends I knew as a child have fallen to idols of clay
And I feel this empty place inside so afraid that I’ve lost my faith 


I’d wager to bet that most everybody has been there before – Rock Bottom.

For you it may have been because of a divorce, a death of someone close to you, a loss of a great job, a drug addiction, a mental or physical illness, or perhaps just a series of unfortunate events.

It’s the lowest of the low, and if you haven’t seen it yet in this life then I suppose you are lucky.

For those who have been there before, you may have prayed or even cried out to God to help you. The story like was told in the last post “A Diamond in the Flesh” would have been just the ticket to get you up off the floor and give you hope and courage – knowing that you now have the clarity of vision to move back on up and out of your dark place.

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A Diamond in the Flesh


AngelicView: I want to share this amazing STE (Spiritually Transformative Event) with all of you today. Thanks to John for sharing your story 🙂

In the late winter of 1984, I was despondent and contemplating suicide. I had acquired two razor blades and had a plan to end my life. From that despair came the greatest spiritual experience that has ever happened me. Here is the story of the night God visited me.

In 1983, I entered monastery in central Minnesota. At this time I won’t go into all the background about my life, but I was troubled on a lot of different levels and I had become convinced that I needed to go to the monastery to pursue a life of contemplation and spirituality. I felt estranged from my family, sort of a failure at college, a failure at relationships, without too many prospects for a good future. At 24 years of age, I was lost.

After getting through a three month candidacy period, I had entered the novitiate and was living in an older part of the quadrangle in the monastery. The life of a novice is one of many hours of silence, so I felt pretty isolated to begin with. I didn’t get along with most of the other novices, I had come from such a different background. This increased my sense of isolation and loneliness, which in turn began to get me deeply depressed. I had way too much time, in the late evening hours all be myself in my room, to ruminate over some of my character issues, the mistakes I had made, and where I had ended up.

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God Is Everyone and Works Through Us All

AngelicView: This man was wondering about the meaning of life, researching on the internet for some answers and he’s getting to the point of “brain overload” where things are just not really “computing” anymore, when he seems to start out having a kundalini experience, and transcends into a full-blown OBE (Out of Body Experience) where he is given the answers he is seeking. (Originally submitted in Swedish and translated to English.)

I had for a couple of months begun to seek God and the meaning of life. I researched daily, several hours, on the internet about everything from evolution to theories of creation.

At the point of time when I had my experience I had become more and more convinced that an intelligence laid behind everything that exists in the universe. I was, however, afraid of God, judgment, punishment and eternal doom after death, probably because I under my entire childhood had a father who was a member of Jehovah´s Witnesses who have minted my view on God and religion.

This was a late afternoon in spring, around Mar/April year 2010 and I was located at my middle brother´s house to be a babysitter for his three year old son, as my brother was at a friend’s house. I sat at the computer searching on Google about Christianity and particularly Jesus, as I had been given a speck of hope that I would not be doomed because I didn’t want to be a Jehovah´s Witness. This was because a friend of mine at the Pentecostal church had explained to me that Jesus had already taken the punishment for my past and future sins. I thought this sounded fantastic, but too good to be true. Under my entire uprising I had been given a picture of a harsh and demanding God through my father.

I was confused and tired of all the searching and felt genuinely up given because it felt difficult for me to believe in a forgiving God. So I prayed a desperate prayer there at my brother’s house as his child had fallen asleep. I prayed for forgiveness and wisdom. I wanted to know who God really was. Nothing happened and I once again sat down in front of the computer and looked trough some Christian websites and forums, my head was completely empty like a zombie because of all my brooding.

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The NDE and the Law of Attraction


AngelicView: This wonderful article with links was put together by an anonymous contributor to NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) who describes him or her self as “D”. I added in some extras. The original article can be found here.

The Near Death Experience Talks about the Law of Attraction

Another thing supportive of the law of attraction is how consistently time is viewed as an illusion.

I shot out of my body at an incredible speed enveloped in a golden light. Suddenly I was in a void. The void was microscopic and infinitely huge at the same time. It was the most soothing color of brown or gray. I’ve never seen a color like it on earth. I felt completely at home and comforted–both peaceful and ecstatic at the same time.  

Then I heard a voice that was louder than anything I’d ever heard before. It was so loud it should have hurt my ear drums. But it didn’t. It was soothing. It said, “EVERYTHING IS NOW.” And with those words came a sudden understanding so huge, so great, so infinite. I understood everything all at once…

And not only that, but every possible outcome for every possible situation that could ever happen is happening at the same time. At this very moment. At every moment. ~Linda U 

A key tenet of the law of attraction is that we should assume the feeling of our desire fulfilled and live it now. Even Jesus taught it:

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer,  believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. (ESV)

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How Can I Break Through the Veil?

By AngelicView



I am writing this because several people have asked me this question lately, and so I wanted to address it. This is an opinion piece based on my studies of NDE’s, OBE’s, and STE’s, and so should not be taken as fact but as an educated guess kind of thing.

People want to know how they, too, can have the experiences such as are described in NDE’s/OBE’s/STE’s. Here is my answer:

In many cases OBE’s and STE’s are completely spontaneous. There is no cause for it that can be established. I think it’s possible that these types of experiences are ones that we have planned into our life blueprint – we actually planned to have the experience, in many cases, before we incarnated on Earth. So many people are having these experiences that I also have to think that it’s possible that each one of us might (or at least a lot of us might)  have this type of experience sometime in this lifetime.

In the case of NDE’s, there was a life-threatening event. Now, don’t go thinking that you’re going to try to cause this kind of experience by threatening your own life, because it won’t work and in the end, the Universe is going to make sure that you’re kicked in your butt for trying it.

Some people have these types of experiences through meditation. That never worked for me, personally, but that doesn’t mean it won’t for you.

Other people use drugs/plants/mushrooms to get the experience. I don’t recommend that. But some people have had wonderful experiences and have pierced the veil that way.

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“Oh, That’s the Other Me”

AngelicView: The proof is all over the place around here that there are actually not one but two separate beings that inhabit our bodies. There is the being that controls the human vessel, and there is our Spirit that does the thinking and the philosophizing. And this is just another example.

He was driving his car when he had a SOBE (Spontaneous Out of Body Experience). It then went into an NDE-like experience. The thing is is that his body kept driving the car. Time had passed while he was gone and when he got back to his body, it was laying on his bed. The experience was life-changing for him. Thank you, Michael, for sharing your experience. 🙂


I was driving home from work. Wasn’t really tired but I was on “auto-pilot”.

Next thing I know I am totally disoriented because I am looking down from above at the top someone’s head. He was sitting down. I remember after a while thinking,  “Oh, that’s the other me,” and not thinking anything of it.

As soon as I realized that I moved higher and through the roof and started accelerating through this complete blackness. I remember I wasn’t scared but very excited. The thrill of moving that fast was amazing.

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A Grand Journey of Awakening

AngelicView: This is a SOBE (Spontaneous Out of Body Experience) that happened during sleep, which so many of them do. If you ask the person, they will tell you unequivocally that it was not a dream, and that it was real. Since studying so many NDE’s, I can see the commonalities in the stories. These kind of experiences are life-changing events – no one is ever the same afterward. Thanks to Joe for sharing his experience.

EvolutionThe following account is to the best of my ability an attempt to put into words what happened to me. I will however fall short of being able to describe the intensity of emotion to some aspects as no words that I know can be used to convey the full depth of my personal experience. I will denote these points with the * symbol. 

It was a perfect night to be walking home about 3 miles from a party that my younger uncle by 2 years had been to. There were no clouds in the sky and as we lived in a very rural town there were no street lights to impede the brilliance of the stars and on a couple occasions made note of how clear the full moon appeared. Upon reaching the four concrete steps that lead to the front door to of the 12 room hotel that my grand father owed who was my guardian at the time, I made note of how short the usually long walk seemed and was just a smidge sadden that it was over. Chalking up the pleasant hike to the 2 shots of butterscotch schnapps I had drank just before setting out I thought to myself “I am gonna have to get me a bottle of that” for the dreaded 8 mile walk to Monet MO. next week where the drive in theater was. As we entered our hotel room it was dark and quiet as it was after midnight and my grandparents were already in bed, my uncle and I silently made our way to our bedroom which we shared making just enough noise and small talk to let granddad ( a notoriously light sleeper ) know it was us and not a burglar, we went to bed and asleep.

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Out of Body – Back in 5! (Part 2)

AngelicView: I decided to make a Part 2 because there are so many interesting OBE’s out there, and they are generally short stories. So I’ll put each person’s story in a different color. This group of OBE’s are NDE-like. In other words, there was no death of the physical body, and yet the experience had some NDE qualities associated with it. (Link to Part 1)

TheCosmos1Sometime during the night I found myself wide awake and floating just an inch or so above my body facing the ceiling. I found this very frightening as I was beginning to float up and towards my right. I grabbed onto my wife’s shoulder to try and stay where I was. Although her shoulder felt solid to me, it did not help me to hold on. I even tried to shake her shoulder to wake her up. Again it felt solid but I could not keep a grip. At this point, I floated out of my bedroom, into the living room. At this point I thought, “oh my God I’m dying.” I’ll never see another sunset or drive my car again. I’ll never see another morning. It was at this point I Found myself standing in outer space. A disembodied voice that came from somewhere to my right said “Only people matter” That’s it, nothing else. At that moment I realized that I had a type of body that was hovering upright. I had human form but without features. I guess I was a type of shadow. I was also at that point filled with a level of joy/happiness that is truly indescribable. I also was aware that I could ask any question imaginable and instantaneously know the answer.

The knowledge was unfathomable, yet I asked no question. I absolutely believe if I even thought a question I would immediately have the answer. It was at this point that I started to look around. Mostly it was dark, but when I looked to my right, I could see the planet earth as if in H D. It looked like the pictures taken from space by N A S A. It was very clear and about the size of a dime. At this point I again turned my attention toward my new form. I looked at my arm and hand. they seemed like dark shadows. I felt no sense of touch or any physical sensations. As I looked off into space, I stared off into the distance at about a two o’clock angle. At this point I leaned forward and for whatever reason, started to literally fly toward that point.
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