A Cosmic Game of High Karmic Value


While on a hiking & camping trip, John Scott picked about a half dozen mushrooms and ate them without realizing that they were hallucinogenic mushrooms. What resulted from that mistake was his NDE, which would go on to change his life forever. This is not considered simply a drug-induced hallucination because the amount of mushroom he consumed was over-the-top as far as dose, and the experience had the other normal NDE signatures such as leaving the body and traveling through a tunnel to a light, etc. However, I would assume that the experience in it’s entirety had some of each (both NDE and a hallucinogenic experience) because he said that it lasted for three days, and I doubt he was actually “dead” for three days.

I have had the pleasure of being a part of a conversation with John Scott over the last few days in which I and others asked him many questions. I found his information to make a lot of sense to me and I highly resonated with what he has said.

The video below is an interview that Lisa Harrison did with him in June of 2012. I think the information is still just as valid today as it was the day it was done. I have made notes which I will post for you below. This is a two hour interview and they very briefly cover so many subjects. I’m sure if you have a burning question for him, I could pass it along to him for you and get back with you with the answer. Or you can join the Facebook Group Near Death Experiences, and ask him yourself there.

John Scott Interview with Lisa Harrison

John’s Near Death Experience

What the Universe is made of

What the Light is made of

Various information about the Pyramids spread throughout video

Can read Crop Circle messages

How trees, rocks, etc. communicate with each other



War & destruction of Planet



“Inner Earth”

Panspermia (Human seeding & evolution)

Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, and the fall of consciousness

Language & Symbology


Hallucinogens & Enlightenment

“Time Loop”

The Future of Earth and Humanity

Solar Flares & DNA

3rd Dimension Breakdown & Collapse

“Karma has to be paid off in the physical realm”

Consciousness and the rising of consciousness


9 thoughts on “A Cosmic Game of High Karmic Value

  1. One of the concerns and issues I have are the differences between Eastern (Asian) and Western NDEs.

    Relatively to the population densities, Indian/NDEs are practically non existent. The few NDEs that I have recorded by Indians in the hinterland are also qualitatively and subjectively so different from the NDEs of the West that one cannot even term these NDEs as enlightening. I have come to the conclusion that the quality and the subjectively of the NDE has something to do with the spiritual evolution of the individual.

    What do NDErs like John Scott see for religions of the East and the prognosis of some countries that live between the stone age and the 19th century? On a personal note, can the NDE experience be taught without dying?

    • While there are recorded NDE’s from all over the world, I think other countries besides the U.S. may not have the kind of research websites we do for them to share their experiences. I bet they have them just as often as the rest of us do, though.

      Thanks David, for the questions… I have passed them on to John 🙂

      • I do agree with you that there are a lot of web sites in the US that talk about the NDE experience; However, I am referring to the quality of the NDE experience being so vastly different as well. Additoinally my personal (informal) has also shown the quantity (#s) of NDE experience is relatively few compared to the overall populations as well.

        • David, here is John’s answer to your questions:

          David, very very good question. vast subject. I’ll have to write a peer reviewed paper on this one? oops! no empirical evidence?

          I’m not sure about statistics on Indian NDEs.
          so I’ll claim total ignorance.
          One may factor in the medical system’s ability to revive patients that die.
          India has a massive population and not many “may” make it to hospital in time, really not sure.
          Many who understand the culture perhaps entwined with “karma” and reincarnation as a staple philosophy maybe influences people not to grasp so much to life.

          Asians again I’m not sure, as they have a strong atheist lean in mainland China although philosophy is historically available.
          We have to factor in “openness to discuss” very personal subjects.

          On a sheer mundane level.
          I would coin the west as “religious atheists”, yep.
          They believe and teach “immortality theory” in every church but they deny the process? So this is causing a collective schizophrenia?

          In the west anecdotally I’ve heard close to a million NDEs happen in the U.S. alone. Europe U.K., Australia not sure. No one is taking it seriously enough, although they should. We all die?
          NDEs also radically change one’s “beliefs” so heavily toward lack of interest in “money, prestige, corporate job, material possessions”, which is counter intuitive to materialism, economy, self as centre of universe. another vast digression.
          Life reviews show how sharply one is lacking in one’s ability to just help others.

          I also say that there is no such thing as death, but the term is defined by mainly medical accidents hence “Near death experience”

          There are mainly three types of NDE in the west, although I believe many who are having OBEs like to call them NDEs.
          Again cultural beliefs may play a part. There are over 170 different linguistic speaking peoples in Australia alone, not sure about the U.S.
          This doesn’t include Australian Aboriginals who are further defined by many differing diverse language groups.

          The three types of NDE, I also note the OBE is closely associated with the first type of NDE.
          Anthropomorphic i.e. family, deceased friends, etc.
          Angelic realms, entities of varying types, spirits also.
          Tunnel and light, non definable by any shape or form.

          So the subjective platform comes into play via pre conditioned beliefs, both race, colour, religious convictions etc.

          Second part of your query.

          ~I have come to the conclusion that the quality and the subjectively of the NDE has something to do with the spiritual evolution of the individual.~

          I think so, in my case as I can only really relate to it, I had a major life review, and also was shown about 50 prior lives, but about 8 of them were more significant. This part was personal.

          I was further shown a massive gestalt of human history spanning millions of years

          Third part of David’s query
          ~What do NDErs like John Scott see for religions of the East and the prognosis of some countries that live between the stone age and the 19th century? On a personal note, can the NDE experience be taught without dying?

          Firstly I don’t know, I would only be hypothesising…

          But someone has to have the wisdom path out?
          Stone age… I’ve never experienced a stone age culture yet

          doesn’t mean that technology is a sign of a sophisticated society?

          I’ve travelled around and studied a bit of the indigenous society in Australia and some of the methods were incredibly sophisticated in terms of lack of technology.
          Song lines that were so perfectly memorised to travel thousands of miles without “maps” or “satellite gps”.
          If you got the song wrong you died.
          medicines still not known to cure diseases we are afflicted with?

          Aboriginals understood sophisticated flight technology far in advance of westerners. Multiple boomerangs for multiple flight trajectories and differing purposes for hunting with precision that a marksmen or sniper would envy. Hitting moving targets at 60Kph?
          Low level flat boomerangs, designed to break only the legs of a Kangaroo in full flight? Boomerangs for birds to bring them down.
          Many bush medicines and food that without, we would possibly die in under 3 days

          Aboriginals also had hospitals with built walls dated over 70,000 b.c. ?
          Their sophisticated knowledge of interconnection with their environment was so powerful that if ants built towers, they knew a storm was coming days later.
          The sophistication of any people is defined by their interconnectivity and over all health.

          Remember stone age people helped get us here if one believes in evolution.

          I only know that there may be a huge process of “convergence” of diverse beliefs that are compressing us all together like an alchemical soup.
          This is making the world a very small place.

          Can the NDE experience be taught without dying?

          There is no death, but it is a sacred experience and it will evolve according to the collective, who demand the evolution of consciousness itself.

          This latter answer is cryptic, but is involved with global consciousness evolution as a species if we are to survive.

          Even earth plants such as Ayahuasca etc are demonised by the western system as it immediately severs any conditioning designed for control of the mind.
          The “drugs” we see on the street now are garbage, mind junk. They actually do more harm by “capping” and “suppressing” consciousness worse than prior to administration.
          Earth “medicines” are just that, medicine, oximoronically pharma deny earth plants and alternative herbs as unsound science etc, but they themselves use derivatives of earth plants? go figure.

          In the latter cases of earth medicine induced NDE of which mine was, it immediately aligns the DNA to the appropriate rhythms for cosmic balance. No fear, no death, no illness, no delusions, on and on. At the same time it destroys themselves.

          To finalise, I wouldn’t define the NDE by “cultural, race, colour, or differences, religion, rather, similarities. Healing, oneness, sharing, non duality? Love?

          • Scott/Angelic View:

            : Just a quick not to acknowledge your reply and a big thanks for taking the time out to write such a detailed reply. May I write to you directly on one particular issue that I am perplexed about/ It does stem from the belief systems of the West (I dont mean Christianity) vs the Karmic dogmas of India and the Far East. If these belief “complexes” extend to the iconography of the NDE, is the NDE an illusion as well? Happy to share my coordinates through Angelic View if you are so led to accept my request to converse with me privately. ?Thanks again.

            • David, are you on Facebook? You could contact him directly or if you do not want to do that, I’d be happy to let him know that you’re interested in talking with him some more. He went to bed (he’s in Australia – so it’s night-time there) for the night but he would probably get back with you tomorrow.

              Another suggestion that might work for you is to converse with him through his You Tube Channel. I will find it and post the link for you….


              …so you can contact him directly there if you would like 🙂

              • Surprisingly I am a short ways from his time zone and we should be able to share daylight hours. Yes I am on FB. Thanks for y9ur reply and your work on creating this site. Cheers.

                • Excellent! So if you click the link above to the FB group we are in and then request to join, you will be accepted into the group and you can see the thread where we are discussing this and talk with him yourself. He is very open to answering questions. 🙂

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