I Command the Universe

AngelicView:  I’d like to share with you today this NDE in which the experiecer tells us that she is one of the Beings that helped to Create the Solar System that we now find ourselves living in. (I imagine that many of us may be in the collective of the group who helped to birth our Solar System, and many other Cosmic Places). 

Find out her interesting way of using the Law of Attraction, knowing as she does, that she helped to create the Universe from which the Law is spawned.

I found myself floating, like in a cloud.  There were no buildings, no structures, just light and love. I was so wonderfully well!  All of my pain and worries just melted away. I was being bathed in love.  All of a sudden, I noticed movement to my left.  It was a light coming towards me. As I looked at it, I noticed that this light was a being, a Being of Light!  As this Being of Light was approaching me I started experiencing all kinds of images in my mind.  At first I thought he/she was communicating with me telepathically but then I realized, all these images were memories, my memories.  I was remembering who I really am.  (It was like an amnesiac who regains his/her memory).  I had total recall of who I really was.  I was this old, old being, who had always existed.  I was wise and loving.  I remember knowing everything.  Not so much from an intellectual point of view.  I knew what it was like to be a flower, to be an animal, to be an insect.  All the knowledge of the universe was inside my being. I no longer felt as a separate individual.  I felt as if I was part of a collective consciousness.  I sense billions and billions of beings and we were all One.  The feeling of oneness on the other side is amazing!

I remember distinctively how we created the solar system.  I was part of this collective consciousness who had “willed” it into being. I remembered we had done so for the purpose of experiencing mortality.  It was so important to my soul to come to earth and experience mortality.  I then remembered asking to be born.  The moment this memory came to mind, I also remembered having agreed to accomplish a mission.  I came to earth to accomplish a mission.  All of a sudden, I realized that I had not accomplished this mission.  My joy and serenity turned into anguish… I had failed to accomplish this mission.  I never felt so sad. Sad is not the word, I felt anguish, I felt like a failure.  Nothing else I had accomplished while in this life mattered to me, I felt like a failure. The Being of Light, sensing my anguish, asked me:  “Would you like to stay or would you like to go back?”  I immediately replied (with thought as our communication was by thought).  “I must go back, I have not accomplished my mission”.  In that moment, I sensed I was going backward into a tunnel and I found myself back in my body. 


The first thing I remember is hearing the words: “she is coming back, she is coming back” uttered by a nurse.  I opened my eyes and could see 3 nurses and the doctor that I had seen at the emergency. I was hooked to machines.  The doctor came to me, put his hand on my forehead and said:  “don’t worry, we are not going to lose you again.  You are a very sick girl but we will not lose you again.  We will transfer your to Lethbridge (bigger hospital in another city nearby) and you will remain in intensive care until we find out what is going on”.  “I won’t die , don’t worry” I said. 

They put me in an ambulance and sent me to Lethbridge.  The poor EMS(in the ambulance) was afraid I would die on her.  She kept checking my vitals.  I assured her that I was not going to die.  It is during the ambulance trip that I realized that I could no longer remember my mission.  I had forgotten!  I came back from a heavenly state to accomplish this mission and I forgot what it is shortly after re-entering my body!   

Needless to say, this was a life transforming event and I thought it was over but I was wrong.  It seems that once the door between both worlds is open, it never closes again.  I started experiencing all kinds of paranormal activities after this.  It started with my sense of sight, it would change and I could see the matrix of all life.  Then it moved to my sense of hearing, I started hearing a voice.  I was instructed to build a Temple and I was given the vision on how to build it.  In this Temple, I get visions and I am developing very unusual abilities.   I won’t go any further here.  Suffice to say that my life has been transformed by the NDE experience and by the abilities I have developed as a result of it.

 How do you explain Oneness to someone? How do you explain that you are really not the person you think you are, that you have a present personality and a permanent personality. While I was in a state of total recall.  I was One with all life and I knew everything.

When in the state of total recall, I remembered everything about the life of Chantal (me) but I also became aware that I was not really Chantal.  It was like a role I had played.

My being always existed.  This life is a just a play I am acting in.  A small part of me has taken physical form.

In the state of total recall, you understand everything. Everything makes sense.  Words like difficulties, challenges and hardships reflect a lack of understanding of the purpose of life.  Those in the know, do not use these words.

I used to think that when I get to the other side, I will ask God or angels a lot of questions.  Little did I know that, when you get to the other side, the veil of forgetfulness is removed and you remember everything and know everything.  You don’t need to ask questions.

It used to intrigue me as to why I remembered so clearly having been part of the collective that created the solar system.  Why would that one memory be so strong in my mind?  When I was instructed to build a Temple and felt the energy in it, I knew.  When I go in my Temple, I command the Universe;  I say:  “Universe, hear my voice and know that I am the physical extension of the creator who willed you into being”. I say these words with total confidence because I do remember willing the solar system into being. I command the universe and things manifest.  I never use my ability to hurt anyone, just to edify, to relieve suffering and to help. Women who were not able to conceive find themselves pregnant, people find the right job, they heal mysteriously.  I even released my sick father from this life because I felt it was his time to go. He died (in otherwise excellent health) 3 weeks after I did the manifestation.   Needless to say, I do not advertise these abilities.  I am telling you because I feel guided to do so.  Something is coming and I feel the need to connect with others like me.

When you know you have a purpose in being alive, you live life differently. I am amazed at the guidance that I am receiving. I feel so connected to my divinity. This may sound like blasphemy, but I feel that I have divine powers and abilities. I no longer feel like a victim.  I create my own reality and I can improve it at will.   I can even influence the reality of others.  My sense of power is mixed with a sense of humility.  I feel a sense of responsibility towards my fellowman and towards all living creatures for I have the power to influence things into being.  I feel that I will play a part in what is coming.

 I left my church, I developed my own spirituality. I value all life, even that of insects (I no longer kill flies and spiders, I catch them and release them outside).  Because I know that I came to earth for a purpose, I believe that others have too. I have developed more respect and love for people. I have developed an insatiable thirst for knowledge, how things work.  I am most interested in energy, quantum physics, the zero point field, etc.

~ When asked: Do you have any psychic, non-ordinary or other special gifts after your experience that you did not have before the experience? Answer: Yes   ahhh, my life has totally changed in that respect since my NDE.  Actually, when these paranormal activities started occurring they scared me.  I felt uneasy about them so I repressed them.  They finally stopped after a while. 7 years after my NDE I started getting sick.  This unknown illness caused me to lose my job, the relationship I was in. I went through all of my savings and got so far in(medical)debt that I had to file bankruptcy.  I lost everything I had worked for. I was totally depressed, in pain and on disability. At one point, I started contemplating suicide.  I could not stand the pain anymore and I had lost everything I had worked for in my life.  The thought of committing suicide and returning to this heavenly state was very appealing to me but then I suspected I still had not accomplished my mission.  The thought of standing in front of that Being of Light and telling him I had still not accomplished my mission, the sense of anguish I knew I would feel was more than I could accept.  So I went on my knees and prayed like I never prayed before.  I told God that I was willing to accept any paranormal gift he saw fit to send me.  That I would not only accept them but also develop them, all I asked was to be healed.  That is when I was instructed to build a Temple and was given a vision on how to build it (4 layers a canvas hanging from the ceiling in the basement).  Within days of the vision, the Temple was ready.  I entered the Temple and asked to be guided to a doctor who could diagnose me and treat me.  The next day I received an e-mail from the daughter of a friend telling me about the amazing doctor who treated her.  I went to him, he quickly diagnosed me with Lyme Disease and treated me.  I totally recovered and have been symptom free for 8 years.   Then I came across a book providing information on how to manifest and the rest is history.  I go to my Temple and manifest all kinds of things.  They usually manifest within a month.  I would say that about 90% of the things I ask for do manifest.  When things don’t manifest I know that what I am asking for is not meant to be.  I sometimes get visions in my Temple.

Not sure why I was given the opportunity to go through this experience. I believe it is linked to my mission.  Without it, I would be like everyone else, lost in this world of illusion.

You know, it is all a matter of vibrations.  Right after you go through this experience, your vibrations are so high, that you cannot be exposed to violence or lies.  You are filled with love.  But then the vibrations slow down bit by bit and you start re-integrating this world.  All of a sudden you become desensitized to violence again.  You no longer recognize truth from falsehood. That was the sad part, losing the connection.  All you are left with are the memories.  Trying to regain that connection requires some work.  I am still not fully there yet but I am confident that it is possible to live in this world without being at its vibrational level.  Everything is vibration.

You either think me crazy or you believe me.  I suspect that others have told you about paranormal abilities they have developed as a result of their NDE.  In a sense I feel I am betraying the trust that the Universe has placed in me in telling you of my abilities.  I don’t want to exploit them in any way, they are too sacred for that.  But they have come to me for a reason and it has something to do with my mission.  And making sure I accomplish that mission is the most important thing to me.  This is why I want to connect with others who have also developed similar abilities.  We are being called into action and time is of the essence.



16 thoughts on “I Command the Universe

  1. There is a concurrent theme that always appears in the cases of NDE’s and that is the sense of ‘MISSION ‘ to the soul this appears as an imperative reason to return from a beautific state into the world where pain, frustration and eventual amnesia returns. It seems illogical to take on such a burden but most are willing to do this. This mission is often one that does not on the face of it become notable or even initself Earth changing. In fact it is often personal and of such a low key that it is virtually invisible to others within the world.
    Testimony of itself, revealing the existence of a greater reality is perhaps the most powerful.
    The amnesia of our greater existence allows for the entity to act within an honest and free environment where choice and descision become powerful and actively creative.
    People who are aware realise that something called ‘Assension ‘ is taking place. What is this? Some imagine it is to be a bodily raising into a beatific state of higher state, one that is reserved for perhaps a chosen few. Yet if it is seen as a general raising of the bar of consciousness most if not all will partake of this event. Even those who have never even heard of such a thing have within them (hidden to their senses) that same sense of mission and the likely hood is that they are living that mission in their own humble ways. The creative process continues moment by moment not just at the beginning of the universe each and every being contributes. The light that guides, is one of stability that gives the power to be and receives that which returns to extend its own experience. That is the revelation contained within the NDE .
    There is a great effort of many entities each performing their various missions all for the sake of a new aspect of creation.

  2. Thank’s for sharing that AV. One of the questions that still remains in my mind, after learning so much, is how our over-soul/higherself actually works in relation to what we are here.

    Do we exist at this one moment in many places at once? In many other spiritual bodies either on earth currently, or in past and future lives… all at the same moment or time period… and therefore they are all us, they not all individual’s, but they are being controlled by us, each and every one of them. Not all beings, but those in our higher self’s group. The little sparks of energy that goes out from the higher self.

    So when we do return, we don’t have to worry about loosing out freedom, our individualism, or our control, because we are our higher self, we are each and every one of those sparks? Perhaps this is the answer, or perhaps it’s a bit different. Maybe each of those sparks are really separate and are not us, they are individuals.

    So this still bothers me as I am yet to understand it properly, where with so many other things, I have a very good understanding of it all.

  3. Dear Angelic View, I am so excited, I DObelieve You!!! Everything You have written in this article, so resonated with me!! Always have know I have a mission(Don’t know what it is ), but I do know it is with energy work! I love anything to do with energy work, and Zero Limits!, Am reading the book, “Zero Limits” by joe Vitale!, Lol!!! Also, what attracte me to Your post is the picture of the spiral galaxy! Had a vision back in 2005, My spirit guide, or angel showed me this spiral as we were standing in space! She then said, “This is it”, and drew the spiral in my hand, along with a heart, and star in the palm! Can actually see the star and heart! Can You please e-mail me, cptmccoy@bellsouth.net, so We can talk further! Blessings and Light, Frannie!

    • Welcome Frannie! I’m glad this resonated with you so much. And that you were shown a similar picture is really awesome!

      Just so you are aware, though, this isn’t my story. Most of the articles of NDE’s on this site are re-printed from other sites. I know that NDE’s were not meant to be stacked in a pile and forgotten. They were meant to be shared, and most experiencers will tell you this. They say that they felt a strong need to share their story. And so here is where I have tried to assemble the best ones to share with others, as I think we can learn a lot from them. 🙂

      If you would like to contact the original poster of this story, I can probably facilitate that for you.

      • Thanks for pulling out the extra special ones.

        I haven’t been commenting as much lately, sorry.

        I find this NDE beautiful for some reason. A lot of them are, but this touches on manifestation, which I have been thinking about lately. I was thinking about working on manifesting a book… I’d write it, but manifest it at the same time. It’d be like writing, but maybe end up with a different result. This way I’d be adding action to finding my place in life.

        It’d be awesome to be able to manifest, and actually get results. I wonder if I could actually manifest books good enough to pay the bills.

        • I hope so PNF! THat would be great for you! Back in 2012 I posted a group of videos by Lilou Mace on Manifestation (or, the Law of Attraction, I suppose). They made a lot of sense to me at the time. 🙂

          • Something gives me the feeling that I’ve made my last comment on this site before, but I have gotten that feeling about a lot of things I have said in the last months.

            There was a philosopher who said we repeat the same life, endlessly. I always remember that in times like this, wondering could it be true?

            More likely I have a bad memory and came to the same conclusions repetitively, only to forget, and come to that conclusion in the future. My memory…. not so good anymore.

  4. Maybe people choose to come back because they think when they are in their body they will still know everything. haha.

  5. Hello Shannon,
    My Cosmic – Universal name is Mik-Ki-Ilu (Mikal )
    I came from the Universe of Dahl.
    I Belong to the Creators of Universes called “The Michaels”
    I need to contact Chantal about her mission and future developments about the global process on Earth.
    The same to you soon Shannon.
    Can you give me the contact of Chantal ??
    It´s very important also because of major changes in this Solar System as well.
    No need to post this comment after your validation.
    Thanks & blesssings !!!
    Mik -Ki-Ilu (Mikal)

    • Hi Mikal! I’m sorry but I cannot contact Chantal directly. If you would like to try, then click the link to go to the original source of the account and try from there. Blessings 🙂

  6. Very interesting NDE account. I’m curious if she remembered “before” coming into duality to assist in the creation of the solar system? Outside of duality, there are no “collectives”

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