A Few Things You Should Know About Demonstrations

By AngelicView

Hi everyone! This is going to be a short little rant, in light of the demonstrations that are currently going on tonight around the country. There are just a few points that I want to make (or introduce you to – if you are not familiar with them).

#1: Live Stream

People are out there on the streets in droves in this day and age running Live Streaming video of all of these protests. Watch them.

They are volunteers. They get no pay nor benefits. They barely get bathroom breaks or sleep. They are out there to show you first-hand what is (and isn’t) going on in real time. There are no edits – just raw data streaming. They can serve as protection for the people out there as well as the police and other emergency workers.

There are millions of people watching Live Streams of the protests that are going on right now. Are you one of them? If not, and you are interested, all you have to do is to type into your Google Search (or whatever search you use) the words “Live Stream” (or “U Stream”) and the city you want to see. There will be a list of them that come up – you can choose which one you like the best. Or go back and forth between several (that’s what I do).

#2: Agent Provocateurs

They do exist. Keep that in mind at all times.

An agent provocateur (French for “inciting agent”) is an undercover agent who acts to entice another person to commit an illegal or rash act or falsely implicate them in partaking in an illegal act. An agent provocateur may be acting out of own sense of nationalism/duty or may be employed by the police or other entity to discredit or harm another group (e.g., peaceful protest or demonstration) by provoking them to commit a crime – thus, undermining the protest or demonstration as whole.

#3: MSM Spin

Don’t take what you see on mainstream media too seriously. They all have a “spin” to put on the stories (if not out-and-out lies). I think it’s better to get the raw data from the Live Streams.


That’s it! Happy protesting! Let’s stand up for freedom in America, what do you say?

Love! Love! Love!


4 thoughts on “A Few Things You Should Know About Demonstrations

    • Sure thing Laron!

      I just saw on Live Stream they gassed a coffee shop, so people tried to run out the back of the shop, they tear gassed the back, too. People were running into the basement so they could breath. They just got tear gassed again when they tried to come outside.

  1. One thing that I now ‘know about demonstrations’ and protests, (both in the USA and indeed virtually every country world-wide), is that most, if not all protests rarely achieve their goals and intentions, if ever.

    Am I saying that people should not oppose the governments and organizations whenever their (the protesters) rights are violated, denied or rejected) by the very people put in place that supposedly represent them?

    No, not at all!

    But…what I’ve have noticed and continue to notice, is that any and every time protesters gather in anything other than a very small group, is that all that really seems to happen, is that more and more police, law enforcement, security guards and even militia show up on an ever increasing basis.
    They have no interest in, nor are clearly given any instruction whatsoever to listen to or consider the cause, plight or reasons for and about the protest and/or the reasons behind it – but instructed only to oppose, arrest, ‘gas’, (as mentioned above) or even shoot – sometimes completely indiscriminately, the crowds gathered to peacefully protest their cause.

    The end result always seems to be the ‘exact opposite’ of the intent of the protests and protesters – more and more rights being systematically removed, denied, rejected and abolished by the governments, police forces, militia, etc. etc. who know all too well from history that ‘enforced suppression’ of said crowds ‘is absolutely necessary’ from their perspective, to either quell the protesting crowds – or end up having to back down and surrender to them by being literally ‘run over’ by them.

    Consider the old saying, ‘The pen is mightier than the sword’ (even though peaceful protesters only carry signs already) – but results in no physical harm or damage – no tear gassing, no arrests, no shootings.

    If each of, say, 1000 street protesters, wrote a letter or email to their governmental representatives, etc., that my be 1000 more single statements made than that same 1000 street protesters trying to make one single common statement together, which is ‘always ignored and completely disregarded’ in light of their gathering together as ‘a street mob’, which is how the authorities always view such protests and gatherings. They consider that to be the bigger issue to address. Clearing the streets and dismissing the crowds are always job #1 to them – and their only focus.

    Will those 1000 letters or emails do any good?
    Who’s to say?
    But these street protests aren’t doing any good whatsoever, despite the ongoing futile repeated attempts.

    Consider the ‘We are the other 99%’ from just a few years ago, protesting against the 1% who are the wealthy and seemingly in control.

    What did those gatherings and protests solve?

    Did anything change whatsoever?
    No – not at all!

    Only more rights systematically being restricted and taken away, with even more electronic surveillance imposed on people now.

    If governments and authorities don’t listen to and/or respect what is being said, simply because of the method in which it’s being done, than it’s time to try a different way.


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