Dr. Alan Hugenot: Science of the Afterlife

AngelicView: Dr. Eben Alexander isn’t the only Doc who has experienced an NDE. Here we have Physicist Dr. Alan Hugenot being interviewed about his Afterlife Experience and what he has taken from it – much of it from a science perspective.

He had a part in “Beyond Our Sight“, but I was glad to see a full interview of just him.

Alan Hugenot was 21 years old in 1970, when he had a near-fatal motorcycle accident. He had a serious head injury, and was unconscious for 8 hours. 

“I went directly into the presence of a brilliant white Light, which radiated a feeling of warmth and unconditional love.  It was a consciousness without form. It was like being Home – I had known this Light Being for thousands of years.  This was the best place I’ve ever been. There was no pain, no anguish, no worries. It was more real than life here – this life is the illusion.” 

The Light told him that as a physics student, Alan was too concerned abouthow things work. “The purpose of life is to understand why, not just how.  Figure it out with your heart, not just your mind.”

Then the Light told Alan he had to return. He was not finished with what he had to do on earth. Alan did not want to come back, but had no choice. “There are things we came here to do. We can’t stay there until we’re finished with what we have to do here.”

Alan says he was profoundly influenced by his NDE, becoming less competitive and materialistic. He went on to earn a Doctorate of Science in Mechanical Engineering, and became a nationally recognized expert in applied physics & engineering science. 

Alan has spent over 40 years collating research onconsciousness  survival and  the afterlife, including NDE’s, reincarnation, past life regression therapy, after-death communications and the supporting theories of quantum mechanics. His research is collected in his new book, The Death Experience: What It Is Like When You Diewhich “provides the lay reader with the underlying principles of physics, postulating a scientific basis for, and location of, the afterlife.”

6 thoughts on “Dr. Alan Hugenot: Science of the Afterlife

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  2. Alan’s NDE is quite unique for several reasons – 1. it suggests that the afterlife is comprised of multiple dimensions as opposed to just a here (earth) or there (heaven/spirit world) 2. it suggests that both the similarities and differences in NDE accounts may simply be a traversing of one dimension to the next (ie some people only see or visit 5D, the immediate opening portal of the spirit world, while others (such as Alan himself) may make it all the way to the 11th dimension (a mathematically supported realm) 3. Alan talks about a “reunion” or homecoming with the other side of himself (my words), which lends support to the astrological/Platonic/Genesis-based theory of creationism where every human being has a “twin flame,” and that the reunion is essentially the apex of our eternal existence. It is synonymous with seeing/knowing God – it was the plane of perfection from which we split in order to descend into the matter universe, leaving us with only a vague memory of “source,” but one in which we are subconsciously on a quest to return to.

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