Eliana’s Angel Diaries

AngelicView:  Here is a case where a baby has had two NDE’s, and when she’s 2 1/2 years old begins to talk about them. Lucky for us, her mother has written down what she has said, word for word in a diary.

I promised to write about Eliana’s “talks” about Heaven.

It is hard to do this objectively, so I will try to literally write down the words she said together with a little context. 

I have been keeping a diary, so it will be easy to quote her verbatim. 

Keep in mind that Eliana hardly has been to church the first years of her life. She had to be isolated in order to prevent getting sick…. 

Here is my first diary entry.

Eliana is 2.5 years old. She just started talking. Being bilingual she has a slight speech delay. Amazingly because she is bilingual NOT because of (AngelicView: In spite of?) her “catastrophic” stroke.

Since I quote her literally her sentences are 75% in English and about 25% in Dutch. 

August 10 2012. 

A few months ago , while taking a shower together Eliana blurts out. 

“The doctor didn’t take my “ouwie” away, but God did!” 

“I was really, really dood (dead) and sick.

The ghost brought me naar jou (to you)

I was in de hemel (in heaven) toen (when) ik (I) was ziekie (sick).

I had “ouwie” on my arm.

She is a nice one, too. And a bad one. (AngelicView: Speaking of the “ghosts” in heaven).

I ate a blauw (blue) cookie in de hemel (in heaven).

You and me and daddy always go in heaven.” 

End quote. 

She kept talking about the “bad” ghost bringing her back. The bad ghost who was nice, too.

I kept asking why she called the ghost bad if she was nice.

Suddenly it dawned upon me. I said, “you wanted to stay, didn’t you?”

Then the weirdest solemn look appeared on her face. It seemed she didn’t want to admit. Slowly she nodded her head in a “yes”.

“Yes, I wanted to stay, but now I am happy to be with mommy and daddy.” 



August 21 2012 

Diary entry. 

Today Eliana and I were looking at pictures in an angel book. (first time ever, never really mentioned nor talked about angels.)

She pointed at one and said, “That’s the wrong color” (it was wearing a brown robe) then she pointed to an angel in white and said. “That’s the right one.”

I asked, “Did you see one like that?”

She pointed to the window.

I asked “Outside?” (didn’t want to put words in her mouth)

She said, “No, in Heaven.”

I exclaimed, “I would love to see an angel, too!”

Eliana in a soothing voice “Dat komt wel mama, als je in de hemel bent” (don’t worry mom that will happen when you are in heaven

Life with Eliana is amazing.

I have never been so whole. 


 August 29 2012 

Diary Entry 

This was in the bathtub of course!

I love how she pronounces believe as “bewieve”! 

Just now Eliana asked, 

“Mum, what do you bewieve?”

Me: “What do you mean?”

Eliana: “What you bewieve is who you are and what you need?”


September  2012  

Diary entry 

Still trembling and shaky and I swear I am speaking the truth although I hardly believe it.

Eliana……just put her down to sleep. 

Sang a Christmas lullaby “Er is een kindeke” for her since she needed calming down. She is still so excited about her pre school (a secular Montessori school)

I sang a song about baby Jesus.

She doesn’t know him in any other capacity than being a baby.

She never went to Sunday school, nor did she ever hear about the crucifixion. (Just checked with G., our very Christian babysitter.)

Suddenly Eliana said,

“Jesus is better now.”

I said, “What do you mean?”

Eliana: “He had blood.”

I asked, “Where?”

Then she told me as serious as she never had been before.

“On his feet.”

“On his hands.”

“Out of his eyes.”

And while touching my cheeks “On his cheeks.”

My heart started beating super fast.

Where did you see that?

Eliana: “In heaven”

I started crying.

Eliana never likes when I cry and almost started crying, too.

I stopped immediately.

She said, “Don’t cry, he is better now!”

I asked, “Why did Jesus have blood?”

Then Eliana got a smirk on her face and said in a very suave tone,

“Oh, he?…  He was run over by a car!”

Me: “Are there cars in heaven?”

Eliana smirking, “Mom, THAT last part was a joke!” 


 Nov 4 2012 

Before this afternoons concert I was showing Eliana my new very shiny golden glittery stockings. They were as shiny as the the sun. I guess, now I think of it, even a little bit too shiny to be on stage ! :0) 

Now I quote. Again totally out of the blue. 

Eliana:  “Mama, zijn je panties dood?”  (Mom? Are your stockings dead ?)

Me: “mmm? Why? Why would they be dead?”

Eliana pointing at the glitter “Because that’s how it is in heaven.”

Then, in a soothing voice.

“Always bewieve mama, always bewieve!”

End quote. 

Isn’t this amazing ? If I had to invent quotes of children about heaven I would never ever even have been able to come up with something like this.

Days/weeks/ months go by without any extraordinary sayings of Eliana.  Then I think it is all over and then “boom” she floors me again.

Eliana just “knows” people. When we were selling our couch a couple came to our door with their 3 year old child. We didn’t know these people and it was winter …( so the child was wearing a warm sweater ….no sign of heart surgery).

When Eliana saw the child and the child saw Eliana they practically ran to each other, hugged, held hands and started dancing and singing. They were so happy to see each other. It was like they recognized each other…..

When I asked the mother if her child also had had heart surgery, she was floored and said “yes”. Her child also had had terrible complications during her heart surgery….

Something similar happened just a month ago when she first started going to pre school. She has no special friends in her class, but during recess she has a super duper best friend. They wait for each other, they play, they give each other hugs, kisses etc.etc.

I found out this child didn’t have heart surgery , but she WAS born with a huge hole in her heart………



11 thoughts on “Eliana’s Angel Diaries

  1. Small children are always a delight to talk to if you listen that is. Even without a life threatening event they can be enlightening in their knowledge. That was a wonderful story as they say ‘ from the mouths of babes comes truth’ and I would add wisdom.

  2. Hi Shannon,

    I’m writing because we need your little help. Yesterday, on top of everything else she has to deal with, DeLynn was diagnosed with liver and colon cancer that is so advanced her doctors don’t know if anything can be done to treat it. The tumor on her liver is huge, like a baseball mitt holding a football. Since it is on the outside of her liver it’s not “liver cancer” per se; the doctor says that it metastasized from cancer in her colon which is, obviously, even more advanced. Only a miracle is going to save her.

    I don’t know a whole lot about your belief system, but I’d appreciate it if you would call on it for us. Would you please do whatever you can to help her? Shannon, almost every single day for the last 25 years her face is the first thing I saw in the morning and the last thing I saw at night. She cared for me when I was ill and I have taken care of her the best I could since she got sick 15 years ago, we’ve raised 5 wonderful kids together, and have been partners in everything we do. I have no idea how I am going to live without her.

    Please help us Shannon, however you can



    • My heavens, Bobby! You and your family sure have been through the wringer, haven’t you? I hope that she has access to the best medical care available. From what I understand about cancer, once it has metastasized, it is very tough to get rid of. Perhaps some of her health problems and discomforts have been related to this all along.

      I have a friend who has breast cancer and she says that the way to kill the cancer is through diet and the use of marajuana. She says (and a lot of people agree) that acidic pH levels in the body is what causes cancer and that an alkaline diet will kill the cancer. Here is a link for more information (and information is available for this all over the internet, as well – this is just to get you started) : http://www.livestrong.com/article/461224-alkaline-foods-that-kill-cancer/

      According to my beliefs, we plan our lives before we come to Earth and that includes our transition back to Home. If someone is meant to go Home, there is nothing that will stop that from happening. Conversely, if they are meant to stay here on 3D Earth, there is nothing that will end their life here, even if that means Divine Intervention is required. See Anita Moorjani’s story: http://www.nderf.org/NDERF/NDE_Experiences/anita_m's_nde.htm
      She was on her deathbed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and her physical body died. After the decision was made for her to stay on Earth, she came back and her body was healed. I think you would like this story very much.

      Unfortunately for us, though, these things are not the norm. We transition exactly when we are supposed to. Although it’s probably not much comfort, there are no mistakes, coincidences, or accidents in the Universe. Everything happens for a reason, or a multitude of reasons, of which we may not understand while in this lifetime.

      I am sending you Love and Light for strength and emotional healing during this trying time in your life. This is really not much different from prayer, and works the same way. And remember, too, that there are Legions of Angels that are just waiting to be called upon. You can surround your wife and your self with hundreds or even thousands of Angels that will certainly help you. Mine have gotten me through every rough patch in my life and even though I may have broken down and felt at rock bottom at times, I bounced back quickly. I think this is what you can expect, too.

      I Love You, my Brother,

  3. THC from Hemp oil yes. Cannaboids will kill cancer. Alkaline diet yes!

    Avoid cell phones! avoid all mobile cell phone towers!

    avoid flouride products! it’s poison. calcium flouride is natural in some products. but most fouride is industrial waste and severly devastating! also, remind your dentist of this, I did, and they were a little startled and shocked

    I realised that x-ray scannings and CT scannings are harmfull, bodyscanners as well. ( but in some cases it may be necessary to get certain information, it’s just as a general rule it should be avoided! and really limited! )

    D vitamin helps prevent cancer. from food is best as far as I know.

    scurvy – vitamin C treatment for this

    Fraxinus excelsior good against pain in the joints. dried leave, Is how I can get it.

    fight against cancer

    (NaturalNews) Though cancer can be seen as a very complex illness, it is important to understand that cancer is simply the “symptom” and the tip of the ice berg. For your body to allow cancer cells to take root and multiply, there had to be a weakened immune system, toxicity of many kinds and nutritional deficiencies.

    Evidence-based research has shown that there are hundreds of known and effective cancer cures. Here are some very simple protocols that will give you an edge if you are afflicted with cancer.

    1. Baking Soda
    1 tsp. of baking soda and the juice of 1 organic lemon in 8 ounces of water several times per day is a very easy way to alkalize the body. Cancer cells can’t grow in an alkaline body.

    2. Blood Root
    Blood root is a perennial plant that contains a plant alkaloid called Sanguinarine. Sanguinarine kills cancer cells only and does not harm your healthy cells. It can be used internally or applied externally in a salve for superficial cancers.

    3. Chaga
    Chaga is a medicinal mushroom that has been studied in laboratories for many years. It has shown much promise as an immune system modulator and has many anti-cancer properties.

    4. Vitamin D
    Checking your blood serum Vitamin D levels could help you prevent cancer and speed up your recovery from cancer.

    A study conducted in 2006 indicated that lower levels of blood serum Vitamin D were associated with a poorer overall survival rate of post-menopausal breast cancer patients.

    5. Essiac Tea
    The original formulation of this tea was actually an old Native Indian recipe that had been used for hundreds of years. A Canadian nurse learned about it and started sharing it with some of her cancer patients and she began to see amazing recoveries. The tea, comprised of several anti-cancer and cleansing herbs, can be consumed several times per day.

    6. Flax Seeds and cottage cheese
    Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist and physicist, is credited for this healing concoction that has seen a 90 percent success rate spanning over 50 years. The combination of these two foods provides essential fatty acids and lipoproteins that reduce tumors and restore health.

    7. Hemp Oil
    The cannabinoids in hemp kill cancer cells. Period. And like all other herbal remedies, the plant chemicals do not harm healthy cells. There have been numerous studies conducted with reported beneficial effects on many types of cancers, including breast cancer.

    8. Iodine
    It is estimated that over 85 percent of the world’s population is iodine deficient. Since estrogen production increases with iodine deficiency, make sure you have your iodine levels tested every year.

    9. Melatonin
    Melatonin is a powerful breast cancer cell inhibitor. In fact, in laboratory studies, it actually put breast cancer cells to sleep and slowed down the growth by 70percent. Melatonin also counteracts the effects of environmental estrogens.

    10. Broccoli Sprouts
    While cruciferous vegetables in general have been promoted for their anti-cancer properties, broccoli sprouts are up to 100 times more potent. The sprouts contain Sulforaphane which not only kills cancer cells, but actually suppresses the growth and spread of many types of cancers.


    out take from discussion

    btw. I saw a health article about prostate cancer, eating organic tomatoes will prevent it. there is something in it which keeps your cells in good order. it’s in danish, but I will get the name of the ingredient. And, a good site for health info is naturalnews com. name of ingredient “lycopen” can prevent prostate, breast and lung cancer. but it does depend on your absorption, and that changes from person to person. it also have shown ability to fight off Large intestine tumors in animals.

    well. ginger, cannabis, Melissa officinalis, broccoli sprouts, tomatoes (because of lycopen ) and having a 80% alkaline diet will take care of your cancer too…. just buy that in organic version and stay away from the usual bad things, like smoke, gluten (bread), sugar etc. then you will be al right! if there ar e really big tumors, they might need surgery though. don’t ever use big pharma drugs. and please, keep your cell at a distance!!! those things are lethal! and don’t live near highly electro magnetic fields either. Love from Europe:)

    Researchers have shown blueberries contain pterostilbene, anthocyanins, proanthocyanidins, resveratrol, flavonols, and tannins, which inhibit mechanisms of cancer cell development. Besides this, blueberry can also alleviate the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, prevent urinary tract infections, and reduce blood sugar.

    A grape is a perennial and deciduous woody vine. Its berries can be eaten raw or be made into juice, jam, jelly, wine, raisins, and others. Grapes are found in almost all parts of the world. Grapes contain phytochemicals such as resveratrol which has been positively implicated to inhibit any type of cancer.

    Dragonfruit is rich in phytoalbumin antioxidants which help carcinogenic free-radical formation in the body. It is also rich in fiber, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins C and B2, as well as its helps excrete metal toxins from the body.

    Citrus fruits include orange, lemon, grapefruit, etc. This kind of fruits contains a large number of bioflavonoids, which can enhance the activity of certain enzymes in human skin, lung, stomach and liver, and change the fat-soluble carcinogenic substance into water-soluble, so as to make them not easy to be absorbed and can be expelled out of the body. At the same time, they can enhance the absorptive capacity of vitamin C by the human body. Vitamin C is an important cancer substance, which can enhance human immunity, prevent the formation of nitrosamines–a strong carcinogen. What’s more, it also has certain effect in the prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal cancer.

    A study published a few years ago in the journal Nutrition and Cancer, for instance, found that people who consume the highest amounts of flavonoids and proanthocyanidins, a subgroup of flavonoids, were 44 percent less likely to develop oral cancer, 40 percent less likely to develop laryngeal cancer, and 30 percent less likely to develop colon cancer compared to others.

    Avocados contain lutein, an anti-cancer carotenoid. Lutein lowers the risk of prostate cancer in men and protects eyes against fatal diseases like macular degeneration and cataracts. Another cancer-fighting component of avocado is glutathione that can significantly cuts the incidence of oral and pharyngeal cancer. Avocados are also rich in potassium, vitamins, and heart-healthy fats.

    Anti cancer action is actually related to the polyphenols contained in the berries, rather than in their antioxidant potential, as is commonly assumed. A diet containing a high proportion of strawberries or raspberries (5% or more of total diet) in animals, has been found to significantly decrease the number of esophageal tumors triggered by NMBA, a known powerful carcinogen. Ellagic acid appears to prevent the activation of carcinogenic substances into cellular toxins, causing them to lose their ability to react with DNA and induce mutations capable of triggering the onset of cancer. In addition, strawberry also contains a kind of amine substance, which has good effect in the prevention of leukemia and other diseases related with blood.

    Laboratory studies have shown that acai berries can kill off cancer cells. Extracts from the berries can induced the death of leukemia cells. Other beneficial contents of acai are its antioxidants (found to be twice than in blueberries), omega fatty acids, protein, vitamins A and C, iron, and fiber.

    According to recent studies, noni has properties that may be beneficial in preventing cancer. The extract from the tropical plant indicates some anti-cancer properties useful for the immune system. Moreover, noni contains carbohydrates, dietary fibers, niacin, calcium, iron and potassium.

    It has been found out that goji berries contain selenium, a trace mineral that acts an antioxidant which can neutralize free radicals that damage cells and cause cancer. Goji berries are also rich in other nutrients and phytochemicals like amino acids, carotenoids like beta-carotene and zeaxanthin, polysaccharides, antioxidants, calcium, potassium, iron, zinx, and riboflavin.

    Mangosteen is anti-cancer and helps cancer prevention.
    Various studies have shown that phytoceuticals in Mangosteen (in some cases known to be its xanthones) have properties such as: anti-tumor (shrinks tumors), anti-leukemia, antifungal (critical for all cancer patients), antibacterial (to protect DNA), antioxidants (at least two dozen different kinds of xanthones are in the mangosteen fruit), antiproliferation, kills cancer cells and causes apoptosis (programmed cell death) for some types of cancer. This is a pretty impressive list of cancer credentials!

    This fruit has countless health benefits like ant-ulcer, anti-aging, antiviral, antibiotic, antifungal, anti-depressant, anti-obesity, anti-allergenic, anti-cataract, and many more.

    Mangosteen also contains: catechins, polyphenols, minerals and vitamins.

    Soursop has anti-cancer characteristics and is best for all types of cancer. The fruit is also anti-stress, anti-bacterial, antifungal, anti-depressant, and anti-worms.

    Studies have reported that the fruits contain phytochemicals that can suppress aromatase, an enzyme which converts androgen into estrogen and which is associated with breast cancer. Furthermore, clinical trials have shown the pomegranate extracts can prevent prostate cancer in men.

    Kiwi contains plenty of vitamins, especially vitamin C, the content of which is 4 to 12 times as that of orange. Through the researches in recent years, it is confirmed that kiwi contains a kind of active ingredient, which can block the formation of carcinogenic “nitrosamines” in the human body. As a result, it has a good effect in preventing cancer.

    Apple peels contain as many as a dozen cancer-fighting chemical compounds, according to a study conducted by researchers at Cornell University and published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

    “We found that several compounds have potent anti-proliferative activities against human liver, colon and breast cancer cells, and may be partially responsible for the anti-cancer activities of whole apples,” said Rui Hai Liu, an associate professor of food science.

    The researchers extracted each individual chemical compound found in the peels of 230 pounds of Red Delicious apples. They then tested these compounds individually against cultures of cancer cells in the laboratory. They identified 12 compounds, called triterpenoids, which inhibited the growth of cancer cells or even killed them.

    Source: pguims-random-science.blogspot.com, lookchem.com, cancertutor.com, valeriebelew.hubpages.com, naturalnews.com — sammen med Dorcas Alexander, Karly Shenell, Michele Carty, Thamar Manuel, Anita Strange-Rebecchi, Ije F Chika, Shinnola Alexander, Elaine Maynard, Anita G Slaughter Lofgren, Gina Russell, Letetia Penn Rodgers og Martha Alexander.


    The top 10 Detox foods:

    1. Fruits, fruits, fruits…
    They’re full of almost all the good things above: vitamin C, fiber, nutritious fluids, and all kinds of antioxidants. Besides, nothing tastes better than a ripe mango, fresh berries, or a perfect pear. Along with the fruits, this Chewable vitamin has the most powerful anitioxidants Fruit ingredients called Acai with Mangosteen, Gogi Berry and Pomegranate plus Resveratrol.
    Click here to learn more

    2. Green leafy vegetables…
    Eat them raw, throw them into a broth, or add them to juices. Their chlorophyll helps carry out environmental toxins (heavy metals, pesticides) and protects the liver.

    3. Watercress…
    Put a handful into salads, soups, and sandwiches. The peppery little green leaves have a diuretic effect that helps move things through your system. And watercress is rich in minerals too.

    4. Garlic…
    Add it to everything — salads, sauces, spreads. In addition to the bulb’s cardio benefits, it activates liver enzymes that help filter out junk.

    5. Green tea…
    This antioxidant-rich brew is one of the healthiest ways to get more fluids into your system. Bonus: It contains catechins, which speed up liver activity

    6. Broccoli sprouts…
    Get ’em at your health-food store. They pack 20 to 50 times more cancer-fighting, enzyme-stimulating activity into each bite than the grown-up vegetable.

    7. Sesame seeds…
    They’re credited with protecting liver cells from the damaging effects of alcohol and other chemicals. For a concentrated form, try tahini, the yummy sesame seed paste that’s a staple of Asian cooking.

    8. Cabbage…
    There are two main types of detoxifying enzymes in the liver; this potent veggie helps activate both of them. Coleslaw, anyone?

    9. Psyllium…
    A plant that’s rich in soluble fiber, like oat bran, but more versatile. It mops up toxins (cholesterol too) and helps clear them out. Stir powdered psyllium into juice to help cleanse your colon, or have psyllium-fortified Bran Buds for breakfast.

    10. Lemons…
    You need to keep the fluids flowing to wash out the body and fresh lemonade is ideal. Its vitamin C, considered the detox vitamin, helps convert toxins into a water-soluble form that’s easily flushed away.

    one more thing, I saw somewhere that noodles, some premade types, maybe all has some weird plastic coating which is very bad and carcinogic

  4. all minerals and vitamins, and essential fatty acids from fish or flax seed oil. is important. I have heard that eggs contain all or almost all minerals.
    soft boiled so they are not damaged, just firm enough.
    in maple syrup there are a lot of good minerals, but it has a high sugar content, and it should only be taken in small doses when it’s 100% pure maple.

    wish you well.

  5. I really like this story angelic view!

    I have had a hard time believing in heaven, mostly because people using religion has twisted truth to serve their power games for so long that I didn’t see heaven and hell as anything else than a tactic to scare people into doing what those people want for themselves.

    so, when a child that age can say these things, I think it must be based on experiences. and then we have it, witness reports! I wonder if this child could know something about other species in our universe or if she has seen any in heaven.

    • There you are – an “eye-witness report”! There are really a lot of NDE’s out there from small children, some of whom have passed over either during the birth process or from choking and have come back to us. 🙂

      • simply amazing yes! and, please do write if this child gets a glimpse of other species 🙂

        I for got to mention to avoid GMO and it’s best to eat organics at all times. I think people know, but just in case.

  6. Watch this documentary for some background knowledge on alternative cures. Surgery is still something that might work if it’s not spreading beyond the local area. from what I understand. but, nutrients is best. I hope things get better!

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