Wisp Me Away ~ A Secret Place ~ A Sweet Escape


“There’s a place that I go,
That nobody knows.
Where the rivers flow,
And I call it “home”.

“And there’s no more lies.
In the darkness, there’s light.
And nobody cries.
There’s only butterflies.”

~Natasha Bedingfield “Pocketful of Sunshine”

AngelicView: In this epic experience, Leonard takes us through a few experiences that he had with the other side of the veil, including an OBE/NDE during surgery at the age of eight from a burst appendix where his life hung in the balance, harassed by some other-dimensional beings, being taken to a room with a model of the Earth and being told the future, and much more. During his life review, Leonard discovers the situation surrounding his birth – and he explains it to us in great detail. He stated that he believes he had an NDE during childbirth, but I would like to propose that it may have been the normal situation of when the spirit enters and leaves the infant body at will until just around the time the baby’s body is born (which is described in many cases, including regressive hypnosis accounts). Either way, this is a very fascinating story and not to be missed. Thanks, Leonard, for sharing your story 🙂

(These are excerpts from his account. If you want to read the whole account, please click on the source link.)

I suddenly became aware of the root of my existence. It was like I said to myself, ‘I think, therefore I am, and now I must go on.’ Somehow I knew that I was still alive, but I was in a very dark place. All of the events that put me in this quiet place no longer mattered. I couldn’t feel my body because I was separated from it. Eventually I became curious about my surroundings, and slowly my vision returned. I discovered a long thread hanging down from my whitish, wispy existence. It lead down to my body on the operating table. I couldn’t move up or down because of it. Then I spied other wispy people who appeared much older than me, and they seemed to be very happy to be moving up. They were not tethered to their bodies like I was, and somehow I understood that they were dead. I saw a bunch of them move up together after experiencing a car accident. They were going up because they were happy to be free of their bodies, but I didn’t know where they were going. One of them was an old guy who seemed to be concerned that I couldn’t move. He stopped to help me move up, but I couldn’t move, even with his help.  He went on without me.  I was alone, but I wasn’t afraid at first because I felt nothing.

Then I saw some blinking eyes in the distance. First there were just a few, then I was surrounded by many. They were evil, and they hated me. I didn’t understand why. When they realized I couldn’t move away from them they attacked. They could sense my thoughts, and my fear made them more bold. Soon they dove and swooped past me at great speed. It was pure torment, and they taunted me like I was a joke. The only thing they craved was pain and sorrow. Somehow I found my voice, and I called out in my anguish, ‘God, please make them stop!’ I was only repeating words that I had heard when I was alive. The complete concept of God had not formed in me yet. 

Then the hateful wisps suddenly fled when the voice of a man could be heard. He sounded very kind, and he asked what I was doing there alone because he heard me call out. He continued to talk, and I liked him very much because he really seemed to care about me. I showed him my tether, and he understood. He looked down into the operating room and he knew that I was very sick. As we talked I could see him more clearly like he was coming into focus, and he glowed so that I could see him better. He stayed and protected me from the evil wisps, and I knew that as long as he was around I would be safe. I think he was an angel. He wore white garments that hung loose, and he was very humble. I noticed that he carried either a sword, or a long horn. He might have had both, but he didn’t use them, and when I asked what they were for he said someday in the future he would beSweet Angel Boy asked to use them, but not for now.   He had the ability to view some of the previous events in my life, and he was very pleased when he discovered a fun moment. I was very little. I was singing Jesus Loves Me with a bunch of other kids in the front of church. I didn’t know all of the words. It felt like I was there singing again, and the congregation laughed as another kid tried to help me sing it right. 

The angel seemed to be in communication with a higher power. Every so often he paused to listen, or to speak upward. A decision had been made. Apparently he was being called to another place, and my operation down below wasn’t going so well, so the angel put me inside a protective bubble. He told me it would take me up to where the rest of the wisps had gone, and he told me I would be safe inside the bubble. He moved on, and I was carried up. I loved him because he cared. He never told me his name. It didn’t come up.  I was alone in the darkness again, and I sensed that I was slowly moving up. I looked out of my bubble and saw millions of stars. I was floating above the earth and I could see the sparkling of galaxies. Then a circular formation like a spinning whirlpool, or a spinning tunnel, appeared above me. At first it looked huge because it was dotted on the outer fringes with stars that it pulled out of the universe into its circular motion. When I floated closer I realized that the stars were actually wisps, or spirits, like me. Some of them sounded excited like they were happy as they got pulled in, so I was happy too. When we got into the center of the funnel our movement upward became quite rapid, and there were flashes of multi-colored lights that were quite beautiful. Then my bubble stopped moving as it bounced off a soft looking, cloud-like barrier above. The barrier prevented any further movement.

Suddenly two arms reached through the mist. I was grabbed and pulled up by my shoulders. There stood a happy looking guy that I didn’t recognize. He was dressed in modern looking pants, and I remember a leather jacket. I liked him too because he was nice to me. We didn’t know each other, so he led me up a little further where many people were waiting to greet us.   I must have looked confused, but I wasn’t scared because all of the people were very nice, and they all wanted a chance to tell me who they were. Then they asked who I was, ‘I am Kenny L,’ I said. I felt incredibly small and overwhelmed when I spoke my name. None of them seemed to know me at first, and there was some chatting back and forth. Then someone asked who my father was. ‘Lyle’ I said, and many of them seemed to gasp when they realized that they knew my father. I was a little boy, and most of them looked really old, so I didn’t understand all of the sudden communication that flooded my way. Then two of the women introduced themselves as my father’s grandmothers. I knew that my dad had parents, but it took me a while to realize that he once had grandparents too. He had never talked about them, and I guess I was too young to realize that my living grandparents had been young once like me, and they had parents as well.

When the concept finally sank in it was like a big celebration, and I got introduced to a lot more people. Both of my great-grandmothers on my father’s side stayed with me, and they introduced me to my great-grandfathers as well. Both of them were very nice, and the love that we all shared Screenshot 2015-02-04 at 3.12.16 AMtogether was something that is hard to describe in words. It was intense and automatic.  A side note here. The connection of family, the importance of remembering who we are related to, has been instilled in me ever since. Fortunately I had some living aunts and uncles who already did a lot of the important work of preserving old documents and photos that are now in my possession. I can find a member of the family if I need too. I’m rather proud of two old oval framed photos that hang on my walls. They are of the same great-grandparents that I met back in 1963 up in heaven. The pictures were taken around 1900, and I immediately knew who they were when my living grandmother showed them to me many years later. Hansine and Kristen, Kathrine and Michael, I love you very much. Oh, and I must mention Jimmy as well. He was the guy who pulled me up through the cloud barrier. He was my dad’s cousin. Jimmy was killed in Korea in the early 1950’s. I was born in 1955.                                                     

After the introductions and all settled down I spent some time chatting with grandma and grandpa my living grandmother’s parents. They both said that someone very special was coming to greet me. I don’t remember if they mentioned who it was. A very pleasant woman dressed in a tunic that resembled a loose weave type of sack material soon joined us. Her gray hair looked chopped and very uneven. Up until this woman joined us all of my other relatives looked like they wore clothing from the time period they lived in. This special woman explained that she would take me to a place where she could show me something very important. From this point forward I think it would be best if I call her Mother, because that is exactly how she felt to me. It was as if she knew more about me than I did.  I had no problem going with Mother when she asked if I was ready. She possessed a concentration of love in her that I was immediately attracted to. My relatives had the same love, but Mother was stronger. As we moved together she started to glow, and soon we came to a place where Mother explained that I belonged to a family that went back multiple generations. Mother simply waved her arm, and a round, grayish tunnel opened before us. It went very deep, and it went straight back as if we could walk into it if we wished. She pointed out that I could see many generations of my family going back through this opening. I could see people, most of them couples. They went back into the tunnel in steps that represented each generation that had lived before me.

The first person that stood out was a woman sweeping the entrance to her home. I somehow knew that she never married. Some of the previous generations were aware that we could see them, and they appeared to know who we were. I remember one particular couple sitting in some chairs, and the woman smiled as she waved from the distance. It was obvious that she was pleased to see us. I’m not certain, but I think the people in the chairs were my great-great-grandparents from Denmark. I was viewing a heavenly history of my family. It did go back a very long distance like Mother had explained.  Then Mother pointed to the very center of the tunnel, and she explained there was aSweet Angel Boy 2 powerful light at the far end. Suddenly the light was before us. Mother had me stand alone while the light penetrated every part of me. I felt complete and taken apart at the same time. The best simple explanation I can give for how it felt would be like standing in front of a powerful fan while soaking wet. An incredible warm, penetrating wind entered me like life itself. I glowed with the light now, and I was extremely happy. I was in the form of a toddler, Mother and I were laughing together as she held me.

Suddenly, there was a vision in front of us that played like a movie of my life. We could see moments that I had actually lived on earth with my living family. Not only was I viewing those moments, but I was feeling them happen again as if I were there. I was very much loved by the living family members who played with me, and I was blessed with a large family that enjoyed spending time together.  Mother and I could select any part of time in my life that we wished. I know that I witnessed my birth again. Nothing was said or explained about my birth, but I remember seeing something about it that stuck in my mind. More detail will be explained by me later in this story. I could feel myself being pulled out into the world, and I did not like the way the doctor handled me.  One of my favorite visions came at a time when I recognized living members of my family sitting around the kitchen table in my parent’s home. I cried out with joy when I saw my mom’s parents, Steve and Bess L. There were other relatives there as well, but grandpa Steve stood out the most as he played a game with me. I was sitting safe and comfortable in my mother’s arms. I reached my hand out toward grandpa, and he playfully made a face like he was going to gobble down my fingers. He did it in a funny and animated way that made me squeal with delight. I pulled my arm back to hug mom in safety. Then I turned around to stick my arm out again, and grandpa acted like he didn’t see me, but suddenly my fingers were in his mouth, and he pretended to munch on my hand in a silly way. Once again I squealed with delight before retreating to mom. The whole family was laughing, and it was very pleasant to experience it again. Grandpa Steve truly loved to play with his grandchildren, and we all loved him very much. He could get a baby to laugh and play like nobody I have witnessed before, and there were many babies for him to play with because he had 11 kids of his own. One of my aunts is only a few years older than me. 

Mother and I held each other many times as we watched the different episodes of my short life. Then she came to one incident that was pointed out as important because I had done something that she 5fc16-angelpunkboywanted to correct. I lost my temper with my older brother, Steve. I remembered it happening because the high level of anger I felt toward him made it easy to lash out. I hit him on the head with a toy baseball bat. It was made of wood, and it hurt him more than I knew at the time. Mother pointed out that losing one’s temper to the point of hurting another is wrong, and I should never do it again. I understood completely, and I have never hit or injured another human being since. Not on purpose anyway. I mentioned this episode of my NDE to my earthbound mother many years later, and it baffled her because she had no recollection of me hurting Steve that way. Steve doesn’t remember the incident either. I do, however, because I could feel the anger inside me at that moment.   Now I have come to the part of my NDE that is still unclear to me. The strongest memories I have recorded so far revolve around my family, along with the incredible loving warmth I enjoyed with them.

Next, I will attempt to describe some visions that are out of sequence for me because I can’t remember when they happened, or why. One of them I have already mentioned at the beginning of this account, when I saw a vision of the bible, and I heard a voice telling me about some problems with the information it contained. I think I was told some very specific things about the bible, but I cannot remember all of the detail. All I’m willing to add here is that many problems caused by the bible have to do with politics, and how humankind has misinterpreted the meaning of certain parts for a long time. God is love, we are all his children; no faith, religion, government or organization we create on earth has the right to claim their influence and power comes from him. Even more so if they cause our fellow human beings injury. Like I said before, it’s really hard to refrain from sounding preachy when describing a NDE. One more important fact you need to know. Individuals are much more important to God than the organizations they belong to. We are all responsible for our personal actions. No church, government, organization, or whatever has a hold on the keys to heaven. You already possess the key to heaven in your heart simply because you are God’s child. Every religious organization that exists on this earth is flawed in some way. Let the worshiper beware. If you really want God to acknowledge you then find a place to be completely alone, call out to him with all of your personal pride pushed aside, and open your heart. Think about the love you have received from others, and protect that love. It is your most valuable possession.  

Next, is a strong vision I had that completely baffles me. I was brought to a place where I could see a large model of the earth that seemed to be up on a pedestal like it was a machine. It was veryEarthInspiration detailed, and there were specks of light that could be observed glowing on the surface. A being other than Mother explained that all things on earth could be observed as if the globe functioned as a time capsule. I remember being fascinated with it, and the being demonstrated that my personal time period could be found down around the area of the United States. I got the impression that the future could be observed, and I wanted to see it. My time period was identified, and I was told about some disruption that I would observe. I know I was told that something specific would happen, but I cannot recall the exact event. However, I remember asking why would a certain unhappiness be allowed to happen if heaven already knew it was going to happen? I wanted to know why it wasn’t going to be prevented. I was simply told, ‘You should not care about the events of the world. What you have seen will happen, and it will happen because it must.’ In other words, I was told that during my life I would not play a role in that particular event, and that any future event would be something I could not prevent. I saw them because they were supposed to happen. I believe now that I was initially shown the great sadness that would take place because of JFK. He only had a few more weeks to live.

I mentioned before that the person, or entity, who described the function of this globe was not Mother. I do not recall what they looked like, but I’m rather certain it was female. This entity was more of a teacher than a loving being. I also believe that this is the part of my NDE where I was told that much of what I was experiencing in heaven would not be remembered clearly during my youth as a means of protecting me. I was also told that everything would come into focus and be understood as I got older. They told me the truth. Just like all humans, however, it’s easier for me to determine what others should do over what is best for me. I’m flawed like everyone else.  I’m much older now, and I sometimes have powerful dreams that warn me of an important world event when it is about to happen. I don’t always understand what they mean. For example: I saw an image of a very large city. Two tall buildings were burning. Then a plane, a large jet, fell out of the sky before crashing far away in an open field. The crash made a loud booming sound that woke me. I had no idea what it meant until September 11th, 2001. That dream happened several months before the event.  Here is another example: I saw a map of the ocean around some islands. It was the part of the globe around India. There was a bright star emanating out of a location in the ocean. I was floating over the earth, and thousands of bright lights jumped off the surface of nearby islands before flying up past me at high speed. They all made the same wailing sound as they flew past. A few weeks later the destructive tidal wave of 2004 happened. The center of the earthquake that caused it was located where I saw the star on the map. There have been other dreams, but I don’t want to be identified as someone who can predict the future. I never know what my dreams mean Screenshot 2015-02-04 at 3.32.46 AMuntil the real event takes place. I also have a recollection of hurricane Katrina, and a subway train explosion in Spain in about the same time period. Before these more current events I remember seeing a soldier stepping on broken colored glass inside a damaged church. That dream came to me just before the Bosnian war. 

Mother and I were together again, and she brought me back to my relatives. I rushed up to Michael and Kathrine like the little boy I was, full of excitement. I told them how happy I was to see how our family was connected. They were very happy to see me come back that way. My great-grandparents were there too, and happy as well, but they talked less. I think some language difficulty existed that prevented them from saying more. I found out later in my family research that Hansine had never learned to speak English, and Kristen had died at the early age of 50 back in 1920. We could communicate, but with fewer words.  Mother came to me again and explained that a decision must be made very soon. She asked me if I wanted to stay in heaven, or if I wanted to return to my life on earth. When great-grandpa first appeared to me he was sitting in a nice looking, high-backed chair. He was out of it now, and he invited me to sit in his chair if I liked. I did, but to me it was just a chair. Then Mother pointed to another chair that was very nice, and she told me it would be mine if I wanted it. She had me sit in it as well, and she explained it would be mine forever like a place of honor if I chose to stay in heaven. Honor was not something I could relate to because I was little, and I didn’t understand. I liked being around my great-grandparents very much, and we loved each other on a high level. I did understand that staying in heaven meant I could spend forever with them.

Then I asked about my living mother. I wanted to know if I would be allowed to talk to her again so I could tell her about this wonderful place. Mother told me that if I stayed in heaven my living mother would be very sad to lose me. I saw no reason for sadness, and I loved my living mother very much, so I decided that I wanted to go back to earth.  Mother and my great-grandparents began talking back and forth very fast. Hansine especially did not like the idea of sending me back. She told me that my life down here would be very hard. I think what she meant to say was that life on earth is difficult compared to existence in heaven. Again, I think there were translation problems. Then Hansine protested to Mother by claiming that being sent back to earth could ruin me. She simply wanted to Little-Angel-Wallpaper-angels-8047805-1024-768protect me. Mother had authority, and she ended the pleading by stating that I had made my decision. There was no more discussion, and my great-grandparents began giving me some last minute instructions. They said, ‘Go to school, read your books, do your studies, be a good boy. We love you.’ I heard a brief description of what my life would be like because I asked a lot of questions, and a book was mentioned.   Jimmy was with me again, and he took me back to the opening in the cloud-barrier where he pulled me up earlier. I said goodbye to everyone, and Jimmy gave me a good shove downward. I found myself going down at great speed inside a tight tube that flashed with many bright colors. It wasn’t particularly pleasant this time because it felt unnatural to go down instead of up. I hovered over my body briefly.

I had been returned to my hospital bed.

AngelicView: Below is where he talks about meeting another spirit who he believes could have been his sister (who was miscarried) prior to his own birth.

Then it was just a few months before mom died that I spent a lot of time with her in the nursing home, and she told me about the many things in her life that she regretted. She had always respected my absolute belief that NDEs are real, and it seemed to soothe her to talk about it when we chatted. Mom apologized for my birth episode many times, and I forgave her. Why wouldn’t I? I loved her. But then she told me that the fear of me being brain damaged was very real, and I did not act like a normal baby so she treated me different than my siblings. It was the cause of some resentment my siblings felt against me. She thought I needed the protection. She went on to tell me that she lost a baby once due to miscarriage, and that she thought it must have been a girl. Mom had never mentioned it to anyone before, and she felt guilty because she flushed it down the toilet. I think dad knew about the whole affair, but that was as far as it went in my family. Suddenly I recalled my birth as I experienced it for a second time during my NDE. I did almost die during my birth. I recalled the sensation of being pushed into the birth canal head first, and the natural movements of the process were suddenly stalled. Mom’s muscles relaxed to the point where I could back up to relieve the squeezing that was killing me. Then I left my infant body where I suddenly became the form of a glowing ball of energy. I met another ball of energy, and it wanted to play. We liked each other, and we flew around in wild patterns while flashes of color exploded before us. It was very beautiful, and the sensation of flying around was very real. I somehow knew this other ball of energy was a girl. We had become steadfast friends. She was more wild and erratic with her flying than I cared to go. I held back from flying too fast because I sensed that something else was supposed to happen. Then a man joined us, and we communicated with him. He explained to the girl that I was intended to move on. I guess what he meant was that I was still expected to be born. The girl, however, was not. She protested because she liked me, and she wanted to continue to play. I listened to the man, and I was sent back to my infant body. The girl continued to fly around without me. I was eventually born when mom got clear of the laughing gas. She had trouble controlling her muscles, and the doctor used tongs on my head to pull me out. Like I said before, it felt like he was being rough. I believe now that the other ball of energy that I flew around with was my sister who had miscarried years before. She was very happy and fun, but kind of wild though. 


3 thoughts on “Wisp Me Away ~ A Secret Place ~ A Sweet Escape

  1. Reblogged this on Intuitive Voyage and commented:
    This NDE has got me thinking about how much of a co-creator I am. How much I am actually able to have a part in changing an outcome. In this NDE, he is told that he will not have a part in the bad events happening, and he cannot change them. If we are co-creators then we each would have had a part.

    After watching Bentinho’s last weekly video, I went to sleep. Bentinho had particularly focused on the importance of dancing like no one is watching because it doesn’t matter what others think. I have noticed a tendency of his to bounce between the Individual being a God(dess) who can create their OWN Reality, and that we are here to work within a collective to create Reality together. In the videos I’ve watched he tends to focus on the Individual God(dess) aspect a bit more.

    The moment I woke up, the next day, in my mind I heard the words, “But it is a collective.” Along with the sound of something blowing, or popping… I guess a ballon popping.

    I understand the concepts taught by Bentinho, and his teachings tend to aline with my current understanding that many of the things that happened to me in life, I allowed to happen. Yet, I do not know to what degree the things have happened due to a collective, vs I created them to learn.

    In this NDE, again, we have the concept of evil beings. While reading about the child being attacked by Wisps, I remembered what the Shaman had told me. She said, “The problem with the New Age is that they don’t believe in evil.” I think back to my old fears, remembering when I was Manic and convinced I could hear the cries of Souls in Hell. The fear of, “What if I am wrong to follow my own path, turning my back to my childhood religion, and end up in Hell.”

    I could be completely wrong about everything. I know very little, and everything I pieced together, has been secondhand.

    Yet, when it comes down to it. I don’t want to live my life based on the fear of what could happen to me when I die. I prefer the adventure of finding my own path, over the one that was handed to me. Because the one I was given, was a bad fit.

    I tend to go on spiritual journeys without doing anything to purify the space from evil first. I might attract evil spirits to me in the process so much that when I die they will attack. Just like this child being attacked by the Wisps. Yet, I do not think I will be trapped in hell forever. I think it will be scary, but during scary times in my life, (like when Manic) I knew how to reach out for help. When I get scared, I am able to send a clear psychic message for help, just like the child in this NDE.

    Just because I choose not to live in fear, doesn’t mean that there are no bad things out there. Yet, I believe the Universe is set up to help those who cry for help. Even if I land in Hell beings, we know as Angels, can save me.

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