Why Do Some People Have NDE’s and Others Don’t?

By AngelicView

This question has come up probably four or five times in the last couple of weeks, so I thought I’d write a short article letting you know my thoughts on the question.

It’s possible that many people who were near or at death (or in a coma, etc.) did have a near death experience and just didn’t remember it. It’s not that the experience isn’t memorable – it’s something that you would remember for the rest of your life. I think that if you did have the experience and didn’t remember it in your conscious mind, then there must be a reason. One reason could be that it is only meant for your subconscious mind.

Pondering that possibility for a moment… your Higher Self (or Spirit Guides / God / Angels / etc.) could want you to figure the answers (to life) out on your own, but is sparking your subconscious mind for just a little hint or clue. Possibly in the future something will happen or someone will say something that will ignite those sparks and you will remember bits and pieces – just as you are meant to.

It’s also possible that you actually did not have an NDE of any kind. How could that happen?

Knowing1Well, I think for this answer we need to separate in our minds our body from our spirit. What is the first memory pretty much everyone reports in an NDE? “I was suddenly outside of my body”, or, “the next thing I knew I was standing next to my body” (or “floating on the ceiling and looking down on my body”, etc.). In those cases, the NDE’r (Near Death Experiencer) left their body.

But think about what it would be like if your body was dead (or near death, or in a coma, etc.) and you did not leave your body. You (your spirit) just stayed inside of the body “vehicle”. What would you remember then? Nothing. Blackness. Right?

And so following that thought through, I think that many people who were near death and did not have an NDE just simply stayed inside their bodies while the body was going through – whatever it was that it was going through. Perhaps there was no confusion on the Spirit’s part as to this not being the time of death, or else you were just not meant have this experience at that particular time.

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4 thoughts on “Why Do Some People Have NDE’s and Others Don’t?

  1. Those who remember are the ones who are too stubborn to see the small hints about their true nature and what’s behind the veil given to them in life. It’s also possible that it was a moment of choice for them. They could leave or stay. By giving them this revelation they would be able to make an educated choice.

    The subconscious is pretty much your higherself so I’m leaning against the theory that it’s for your subconscious. An NDE not remembered would seem pointless from my perspective.

    Your spirit can always “See/Sense” no matter where it is located (in body or out). It is a light body which has all it needs to exist on it’s own.

    We all have interesting perspectives on this and it’s great to hear them 🙂

    This was an interesting read Angelic, thank you for posting it.

  2. Hi AngelicView,

    I thought of shimmying about the topic with what I know.

    The NDE experience is almost always profoundly life changing in some way. The person lives through experiences, and receives information, that will profoundly shift his own perspectives about life.

    The occurrence of a NDE is also an opportunity for very serious spiritual work to happen to the person. During the time the person is inactive and/or in a coma, something that is common to happen is that more portions of the person’s Soul are bound to “come in” at that point in the person’s life, from then on allowing the person an easier and more complete connection with Spirit in general, and with his own Higher Self, for the remainder of the lifetime. This then parallels the difference in perspectives the person goes through, and allows him/her.

    When the Soul “coming in” isn’t considered to be the same as the current one, then we use the “Walk In” terminology accompanying the NDE. This doesn’t invalidate the information the person received while he/she was away, only that there was a shift (or an addition/meld) of a different Soul.

    Events that are these significant never happen randomly in a person’s life. There’s careful meaning and arrangement behind them. An NDE was almost always carefully planned by the person’s spiritual team, in a way that would serve the highest purpose in the lessons of the person (and any other Soul involved). Usually this will be an increase in consciousness if the Soul choses to return to the body.

    Even for individuals that don’t experience an NDE, I don’t view ‘accidents’ as being truly random. The more significant an event is, the more it fits within the meaning of the person’s lessons.

    It might be that someone who doesn’t experience an NDE during a life-threatening situation happens to not remember the spiritual experience, or wasn’t ready to. Perhaps some NDEs are uncertain for the individual to remember them, thus they are a test that is offered to the person, that might or might not successfully “connect” with it. But for the most part, when the potential for a significant accident is considered by the person’s guides and spiritual team, it’s known beforehand if it’s realistically feasible for the traditional NDE’s “information upgrade” to happen to the person, or not. If it’s not, then the situation, as it relates to the relevant lessons of everyone involved, won’t involve the NDE scenario, which is very potent and very specific.


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