New York Times (1910): Illiterate Man Becomes A Doctor When Hypnotized

700th Post

AngelicView: I came across this picture (above) and was so interested to see what they were saying about Edgar Cayce at the time when he was living and at his prime. Squinting and struggling to read the words, I thought to search for the article online and found it at and have reprinted that article below for you to read if you are interested. Edgar Cayce has blown my mind so many times, I’ve lost count! It is particularly amazing to me to see the (honest) reporting that was done back then on one of my favorite people of all time. Too perfect for my 700th post!

Now, Edgar Cayce wasn’t “illiterate” in the same terms that we think of an illiterate person today. When I think of someone who is “illiterate”, I think of one who cannot read or write. Mr. Cayce did complete his 8th year at (public) school and was in his 9th year when the family no longer had the funds necessary to keep sending him to school. It was said that he read the Bible once a year, every year. So he could read and write a little bit. However, he was certainly not educated in the types of things he would give readings on. 

After the article I’ll post a link to the page on where you can go and see what Edgar Cayce recommended for people with certain common illnesses. Just keep in mind that they were recommendations that were hand-picked for that individual and you may not necessarily see the same results (although you might) if you were to try the same things.

At the time of this article in 1910, Cayce had done about 1,000 readings. By his death, he had done well over 14,000 readings that are on the books. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a stenographer to capture the readings until 1923.

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Tom Campbell: The Way Forward

Eye Light

AngelicView: Let me start off by saying, “I love listening to Tom Campbell!”

If you are not familiar with him, he is a scientist – a physicist. He is retired from NASA. Tom was a remote viewer with the Monroe Institute in the 1970’s.

Here’s the thing about Tom – he became a scientist, discovered the esoteric as he easily and quickly went into deep meditation with no “practice” in this lifetime (he says this himself that he must have taken those steps to perfect meditation before he came here – meaning before this lifetime. If you know scientists, you know this is unusual for them to think this way). Then he decided to try to figure out the science behind what he had discovered.

Sometimes someone with an open mind comes along and makes an observation. Let’s say that observation is that we are really Beings of Light and that our real home is not here on Earth, but we come to Earth to evolve. Then let’s say that that person comes up with a theory on how this all works. The scientist then tests that theory, and then another, then another, then another until eventually he (or she) is able to come up with a working hypothesis. That’s what Tom Campbell has done! It’s called, “My Big T.O.E.” or “My Big Theory of Everything”.

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Why Do Some People Have NDE’s and Others Don’t?

By AngelicView

This question has come up probably four or five times in the last couple of weeks, so I thought I’d write a short article letting you know my thoughts on the question.

It’s possible that many people who were near or at death (or in a coma, etc.) did have a near death experience and just didn’t remember it. It’s not that the experience isn’t memorable – it’s something that you would remember for the rest of your life. I think that if you did have the experience and didn’t remember it in your conscious mind, then there must be a reason. One reason could be that it is only meant for your subconscious mind.

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Sea Plankton Found Living on the Exterior Surface of the ISS

AngelicView: This is a very interesting article from Mail Online. There are many preliminary conclusions we can draw from this little discovery by a Russian Cosmonaut. One thing that comes to my mind is the possibility of this pointing towards the theories of Panspermia possibly being right. There will, of course, be more studies needed. This article was put out yesterday.

PLANKTON found in space: Sea creatures are discovered living on the exterior of the ISS

  • Russian space officials confirmed the plankton were living on the ISS 

  • Sea plankton were not carried by the craft as they aren’t native to Baikonur in Kazakhstan, where the Russian modules of the station blasted off

  • Plankton may have been blown there by air currents, Russia claims

  • Organisms were able to survive without oxygen in sub zero temperatures

  • Discovery made during a routine space walk to clean the ISS’ windows


Plankton  have been found living on the exterior of the International Space Station (pictured), according to Russian space officials. They think the microorganisms could have been blown there by air currents on Earth

Plankton have been found living on the exterior of the International Space Station (pictured), according to Russian space officials. They think the microorganisms could have been blown there by air currents on Earth


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My Task is to be Worthy of the Gift

Moon in Gratitude

AngelicView: This NDE is from a man who’s experience was brought on by Pneumonic Tuberculosis when he was 27 years old. At least, that is how it looks to us here on Earth. He had been sick for six weeks with this illness. But to me, it seems that his higher self or spirit guides may have manifested this illness as a wake-up call for him. See, he had been unhappy with his life and only had complaints up until this point. He wasn’t fulfilling his mission or goals that he had set out for himself prior to incarnation. Thanks to Leonard for sharing your experience so that many other people can learn from it.

I had been sick for six weeks and was in a lot of emotional pain. I was exhausted after nightly nocturnal sweats where I was losing a large amount of water each night and had lost about 40 pounds. I was a very unhappy person and didn’t like my life. I wanted to die and was praying for death for a few days before the incident. I was actually complaining to God that the service was terrible in that I was begging for death and felt that I was being ignored.

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Some People are Here on Earth Only to Benefit Someone Else’s Evolution

AngelicView: I think this is one of the most un-selfish things for a spirit/soul to do – to come to Earth for an incarnation only to benefit the evolution of another. This NDE (Near Death Experience) is one such case. Gary says that he was given the option to stay on Earth or go on, and the choice he made wouldn’t affect him at all. But if he decided to leave Earth, it would mean the mission failure of someone else.

I was taken in to surgery for routine spinal reconstruction after sever injury. I was prepped, made small talk with anesthesiologist, nurses and surgeon. Was given an IV, then gas. Counted backward to ten and then was out. At some point, while still unconscious, I heard the surgeon telling the staff to get me going again “What happened? Why does he not have a pulse? Is he getting oxygen? Where is his pulse? Get him going again.” 

Then….I got up off the arena operating table and stepped around my surgeon to his left, looking over his shoulder, at my draped body and the opening in the surgical drape surrounding my incision, running down my lower back to my coccyx. A nurse was handing the anesthesiologist a syringe with what I heard was adrenaline. He injected it into the IV over my left arm. I saw the monitor and it was flat lined. Then things got busy.  

But…at that moment…all of the drama and apparent life saving activity became unimportant. I walked toward the Operating Room Door and I stopped. I looked back over my right shoulder, saw the staff preparing more aggressive instrumentation to get “the body” to respond and I felt bored by their activity.  Continue reading

Infant NDE’s are Remembered for a Lifetime

AngelicView: According to Harvard Scientists, long-term memory is impossible before the age of one, when the brain is developed enough to hold a memory for longer amounts of time. This article from Harvard titled, “Long-Term Memory Kicks in After Age One: Human Brain Not Sufficiently Developed“, might upset some people who remember their NDE’s from infant-hood – or even from before they were born. Here is an excerpt from that article:

In subsequent months [after birth], cells in the frontal lobe of the brain and in the hippocampus, two regions necessary for long-term memories to form, undergo a spurt of growth. The hippocampus, a small S-shaped area deep in the brain, sends long extensions of its nerve cells to the front of the brain, and cells in the frontal cortex reach out to the hippocampus. “These circuits must be mature before long-term memories can be recorded and retrieved,” Kagan maintains.

(AV) What this proves to me is not that the Harvard Scientists are wrong, but that memories (and consciousness for that matter) are not stored only within the brain. Because of the life review process demonstrated in the vast majority of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences), we know that life from birth until death is reviewed and therefore those memories are definitely not stored in the brain. However, the recall of memories from infancy while within a human body are not normally possible – unless they are supposed to be recalled.

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