Swedenborg and Life

AngelicView: Emanuel Swedenborg was a scientist (of the natural sciences – anatomy, physiology, and psychology) who lived from 1688 to 1772. According to the story, later on in his life he experienced a religious crisis and began having communications – along with out of body experiences – with spiritual beings. Swedenborg wrote books with the information he gleaned from these connections with the entities and with the other side and the information has very direct confirmations with persons who have experienced NDE’s (Near Death Experiences). But the volumes of information in these books by Swedenborg goes into so much more detail than a short story of someone’s NDE.

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A Capella Science: Eminemium (Choose Yourself)

AngelicView: This guy is so awesome (in a nerdy, sing-y kind of way!) :D

So this guy is called Timblais and he is a Physics Masters Graduate. He also loves making all kind of sounds with his mouth – and this song (in my opinion) is pretty awesome. I think I’m going to have to listen to it once again to take in all it has to offer. Oh, and yes! All those guys singing is all him – one guy.

Also see Bohemian Gravity by A Capella Science

Bentinho Massaro: You Are the Fingertip of God

AngelicView: I believe one can never go wrong with Bentinho Massaro teachings. I have pulled out a sentence here and there from the first 25 minutes or so of this video and I came out with… well, almost poetry. Really! Check this out:

You are The Fingertip of God

You are The Skin of Creation

You are where It expands into new ways, new avenues, new ways of exploring.

You are all (each and every one of you) a fully-fledged Agent of Infinity – of The One.

You are Infinity in Actionable Form. In intelligent, workable form.

You are insanely, indescribably valuable.


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Soulmates – from an NDE Perspective

“I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where. I love you simply, without problems or pride: I love you in this way because I do not know any other way of loving but this, in which there is no I or you, so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand, so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close.”
Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets

Written by Jody Long (NDERF – Near Death Experience Research Foundation)

We never thought we would be talking about soulmates.  We heard of them, but never expected to be in a soulmate relation.  Now we recognize we are soulmates, and are eager to see how our experiences compared with others.  There is surprisingly little on the Internet.  We then started asking people what they thought a soulmate was; the answers were quite varied.  Answers from others suggest the common understanding of a soulmate is the other half of a perceived ideal relationship.  Naturally, this is a highly subjective impression that doesn’t provide much direction.  We will present a remarkable new understanding of SoulMates… and show how ALL of us are involved.

A lame definition of soulmate can be found in Webster’s dictionary as “a person temperamentally suited to another.”  This definition fails to capture the passion one would expect with a fantasy other, or the expected special significance of a soulmate relation.  A better definition results from combining the concept of the component words “soul” and “mate” to come up with “a spiritual companion.”  A more detailed discussion of how we came up with a soulmate definition will be presented later.

The following is a discussion of soulmate understandings from historical concepts (karmic, dharmic and twin flame).  We will later present how NDE truths reveal a new understanding of soulmates.

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Derren Brown: Apocalypse

AngelicView: This was done in Australia. They took a young man of 22 years who was irresponsible, uncaring, took advantage of people, and just basically had a low self-esteem, and they made him believe that the world was ending. This is Brilliantly done! He was absolutely convinced of it. Wait ’til you see how they did it!

In the end, he has discovered how much he values the life he has, how much he loves the people in it, and his own worthiness. 

This is very much how I view life here on Earth! We come here and have some struggles. But then when we’re done with it, we realize that it was only an illusion and that we were never really in any danger. And then we party big-time and give hugs to those who were also actors in the Earth life.


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“Life is a Stage Play” ~Rich Kelley

“All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” ~William Shakespeare

AngelicView: I really enjoyed listening to Rich’s rendition on how everything works around here. He says that the Earth doesn’t really exist and that it’s really just our imaginations. Much of what he says really ties in with what Tom Campbell, Physicist and OBE expert, says. Also, his world view reminds me of the video series “Apocalypse“, which is posted here on AngelicView. (***Update: Revamped and Re-Posted ;)  )  I very much enjoyed how Rich explained “good” and “evil”.

Video Description: Rich Kelley sends us his Near-death experience that occurred at the age of 15 in a drowning incident. He was overcome with a profound sense of peace and calmness came over him.

Rich goes into depth of his thoughts on what life really is about.
Is life really just a stage play we create before we come to earth?
Do we choose the cast and characters?

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“The Earth is Nothing More Than a Dirty Ole Bus Stop Along the Eternal Journey” ~Clint Walker

AngelicView: “Gunslinger” Clint Walker (from “The Dirty Dozen”, and several other movies) had an NDE when a ski pole punctured his heart. But his story begins way before that.

Clint says that he has always had a “still, small voice” in his head that gives him advice when he is in danger. One such example of that was when he was shooting a scene in “Cheyenne” and he was bound hand and foot with piano wire over a fire. The voice told him that the wire was about to snap! They assured him that the wire was plenty strong and that he didn’t need to be untied, but he insisted. They untied his hands and then the line did break – and he would have fallen into the fire.

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