Just in the Nick of Time

↑That’s my daughter when she was about 3 years old. :)

AngelicView: I was just reading a very short story that I found particularly interesting, where a woman noticed her child was falling down the stairs and suddenly she was there to catch him. I mean, like, she was transported, inexplicably to the bottom of the staircase and caught her child. Here it is in her own words:

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Why Go Wheat-Free?

By AngelicView


Everyone has their own unique take on what is “truth” for them. Some people find truth in the Bible. Some find it in the Evening News. For me, my truth measuring stick is (you guessed it) NDE’s. Check out this excerpt from “An Eyelid Slowly Awakens to Dawn“:

I have lost much of what I saw, but I held onto the main idea of what I was being told while moving over the planet… or rather having a movie OF the planet being shown before me….  There were fields of crops all over, in specific.  As I would zoom in and get close, for instance, to a field of wheat, I would be told, “This has been poisoned.  The food has been altered and poisoned.  It is no longer pure.  The people are consuming impure food.  This is death.”  I felt sad and concerned about this and wondered why… or how it was possible.  How could a field of wheat or corn be “poisoned”… and WHY?!

The above is not a new NDE. It is years and years old, and was submitted to NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) way before any gluten-free “fad” began, and before anyone knew anything about Monsanto.

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Face-Off With A Deadly Predator

Paul Nicklen describes his most amazing experience as a National Geographic photographer – coming face-to-face with one of Antarctica’s most vicious predators.

We often forget animals are unique individuals, much like humans! Species we classify as vicious and predatory are also capable of nurturing, compassion, empathy and love. While leopard seals are notorious for preying on penguins, they also are extremely protective of their young and nurture them until their able to fend for themselves, just like the seal in this story tried to do with National Geographic’s photographer!

AngelicView: This great story was from 2009

Anyone Can See the Light – A Trillion Times Brighter than the Brightest Sun Imaginable


AngelicView: Dr. Dianne Morrissey (now passed on for her final time – 1949-2009) was 28 years old when she was electrocuted and had her NDE (Near Death Experience). She learned many things through her NDE – one being the fact that “I” (and “you”, too) have three facets. The body lives in one dimension, the soul (which is that part of “me” that has consciousness and contains the memories while in this life) that lives in another dimension (the astral), and the third being the spirit (the higher self) which resides in yet another dimension.

She saw the silver cord that we have all heard of – but is rarely found in an NDE. After her experience, she wrote a book called, “Anyone Can See the Light“, which gives an account of her NDE and gives the reader tips on having an OBE (Out of Body Experience). It can still be purchased on Amazon. 

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New NDE & OBE Discussion Group


By AngelicView

I have created a new NDE and OBE Discussion Group on Facebook for anyone who would like to join. Here is the description:

Hello, and welcome! I created this group to initiate and encourage discussion of NDE’s and OBE’s - or a Spiritually Transformative Event of any kind. It is a “closed group” – so that means that whatever is discussed here (either posts or comments) will NOT be seen by all of your Facebook Friends and Family. I hope that by being a closed group, this will encourage much discussion.

Please feel free to post your own experiences of NDE’s or OBE’s, hypnosis, visions, ET visitations, or any event that transformed your life. I encourage asking questions and posting opinions.

If this group seems popular and takes off well, then I will keep it going. If not, I’ll just note that the need is not there at this time and probably just shut it down. We’ll give it a month or so and see how it goes. I’ll start us off by posting some articles from my site – AngelicView.

Thanks for being here! Let’s discuss…

I have joined a few NDE discussion groups on Facebook and here’s my problem with them – they are generally “open” groups. When you join an “open” group, what happens is that all your posts and comments are also displayed for all of your personal Facebook Friends and Family to read. In my opinion, that stagnates any discussion of them or question and answers. So that’s why I created this group.

If you would like to join, just click this link → NDE’s & OBE’s with AngelicView and request to join. I will not deny any requests.

Let’s see it it takes off or not – see you there! (or not) <3



A Cosmic Game of High Karmic Value


While on a hiking & camping trip, John Scott picked a mushroom and ate it without realizing that it was a hallucinogenic mushroom. What resulted from that mistake was his NDE, which would go on to change his life forever. This is not considered simply a drug-induced hallucination because the amount of mushroom he consumed was over-the-top as far as dose, and the experience had the other normal NDE signatures such as leaving the body and traveling through a tunnel to a light, etc. However, I would assume that the experience in it’s entirety had some of each (both NDE and a hallucinogenic experience) because he said that it lasted for three days, and I doubt he was actually “dead” for three days.

I have had the pleasure of being a part of a conversation with John Scott over the last few days in which I and others asked him many questions. I found his information to make a lot of sense to me and I highly resonated with what he has said.

The video below is an interview that Lisa Harrison did with him in June of 2012. I think the information is still just as valid today as it was the day it was done. I have made notes which I will post for you below. This is a two hour interview and they very briefly cover so many subjects. I’m sure if you have a burning question for him, I could pass it along to him for you and get back with you with the answer. Or you can join the Facebook Group Near Death Experiences, and ask him yourself there.

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Go Beyond the Veil with Diane Goble

AngelicView: Diane was rafting with a group of people when they hit a particularly dangerous rapids and she was thrown from the raft. A man reached down from the raft and grabbed onto her arm but she was still caught between a rock face, some waterfalls, and the raft. That begun her NDE (Near Death Experience).

I will paste an excerpt from her story below, but you should know that she has a lot more information on her website including eBooks and a blog you might enjoy. One thing in particular that my readers might appreciate is her extensive work in putting together reference links on a variety of topics that can be found all across the internet. I know I bookmarked a few of those links.

Thanks, Diane, for sharing your story with the world. Let’s peek beyond the veil…

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Nathan Wheeler: Truth Me Free



If you have some extra time on your hands, I think Nathan Wheeler’s story may be one that you’ll really enjoy. There are about an average of 10,000 of us following along in his series “My NDE Testimonial”. At the time of this post, he is currently up to Part 7c. It’s kind of a long story how Part 7 got split up into three parts, but the next one will be Part 8. To those of us that are following along with his testimonial, I think we are all so very fond of him and think of him as our friend. He has a heart-warming personality, he’s witty and smart, and very humerous to boot!

Now, before you go thinking that all these videos are all about his NDE – no. What we’re really experiencing through his excellent story-telling skills is his life story. And let me tell you, it’s all very riveting! I don’t want to give away too much with this introduction because he tells it the best. But just briefly, Nathan has been psychic to a degree since childhood. He tells us of his adventures throughout his life and leading up to his NDE.

Nathan’s has a heart condition (which we call a “dysrhythmia”) where his heart beat is very irregular, and it’s irregular to the point where it stops at times. He had dizziness and fainting spells from it and it took a couple of years before he was finally diagnosed and had a pacemaker implanted. The pacemaker will now “pace” his heart for him if it stops for a set length of time. But just before that is when his heart stopped for long enough for him to leave his body and experience heaven.

Nathan is a very busy man with a full-time job and he is very hard on himself to get these videos “just right” before he releases the next one. The Angel in his NDE encouraged him to tell his story and this is the format he chose to do it with. If you leave a question for him on his You Tube channel or on his Facebook page, you can be pretty sure he’ll answer you. And while we do try not to bug him about it – we all can’t wait for the next video to come out! ;)

You may want to bookmark this page and I will post the next video in the series as they come out, or you can go directly to his You Tube Channel or follow him on Facebook.

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Pets in the Afterlife


AngelicView: This is a 3min and 51sec video which contains quotes from various people who have submitted their NDE to NDERF (Near Death Experience Research Foundation) and who have mentioned seeing their pets there.

I currently have no sound on my computer, but lucky for me it was all written there in the video. I imagine
there is probably a musical accompaniment – someone comment and let me know, k? :)

Video Description: Most of us have had pets throughout our lives. They
were our friends, companions who we cherished in
life. They gave us joy and happiness and asked
nothing in return but to be loved..

Do animals have spirits and do they go
on after death?

Some claim they do and have been reunited with
them after having a Near Death Experience.

The following are excerpts from these
personal accounts:

Morgan A - http://www.nderf.org/NDERF/NDE_Experi…
Mary R - http://www.nderf.org/NDERF/NDE_Experi…
Ray K - http://www.nderf.org/NDERF/NDE_Experi…
Jonathan G - http://www.nderf.org/NDERF/NDE_Experi…
Sandra E - http://www.nderf.org/NDERF/NDE_Experi…
Charmaine M - http://www.nderf.org/NDERF/NDE_Experi…

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